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446085000 CONSTRUCTION TOY 187
446397000 SOUNDING 53
446220000 INFLATABLE 44
446484000 ELECTRIC 34
446153000 AQUATIC 32
446082000 TOY THEATER 9
446024000 SMOKING 8
446008000 TOY MONEY BOX 7
20130217301SCENTED STUFFED TOYS AND A METHOD OF MAKING - A scented stuffed toy includes a body having an internal cavity that is filled with filler material that has absorbed a fragrance substance. The filler material is grain or pellets that are capable of absorbing the fragrance substance, such as an oil-based fragrance liquid. The fragrance substance is mixed with the filler material and then inserted into the body of the stuffed toy to provide a scented stuffed toy. A unique identifier is attached to the stuffed toy to differentiate the stuffed toy from other stuffed toys. The unique identifier comprises at least one indicia that corresponds to one or a combination of a type of fragrance substance and a type of stuffed toy. A method of making the scented stuff toy is provided.08-22-2013
20090253350Moving toy - Disclosed is a moving toy including: a shell body including a plurality of shell pieces placed side by side adjacent shell pieces of which are connected with each other to be capable of bending and stretching, the shell body being configured so as to capable of being both in a shrinking state in which the shell body curls up and in a unfolding state in which the shell body is released by bending and stretching; and a forcing member to allow the shell body to be in the shrinking state by an urging force, wherein the shell body includes an unfolding member on one surface side of the shell body, and the unfolding member is configured to push the shell body from the one surface side against the urging force by the forcing member to allow the shell body to be temporary and intermittently in the unfolding state.10-08-2009
20100029175HANDLE WRAP ASSEMBLY - A handle wrap assembly decorates a handle. The handle wrap assembly includes a wrap adapted to be secured around the handle. A decorative item is fixedly secured to the wrap to cover a portion of the wrap and a portion of the handle.02-04-2010
20130017758PLAY TOYS AND TECHNIQUES FOR FABRICATING PLAY TOYS - A play toy has strands of different materials braided together to form at least one braided body having a pre-selected cross-sectional shape and arranged in a pre-selected structural configuration.01-17-2013
20130102225PRINTABLE PRE-SEWN STUFFED TOY COMPOSITE SHEETS - Embodiments of the invention provide a composite sheet for creating a customized design. The composite sheet includes a first fabric portion, a second fabric portion, and a membrane portion disposed between the first fabric portion and the second fabric portion, where the first fabric portion is sewn with stitching to the second fabric portion. One advantage of the composite sheet and related systems and methods is that users can create customized designs conveniently on their own home printer.04-25-2013
20100099326TOY WITH AUDIO AND VISUAL FEEDBACK - A toy vehicle is disclosed. It has a main vehicle body portion and a display device rotatably mounted to the main body portion, the display device being configured to create a plurality of images via a persistence of vision effect. A mechanism is also present for rotating said display device. An actuator is included and is attached to a sensor for determining when the actuator is depressed. A microcontroller is in operable communication with the sensor and the display device; the microcontroller changing the appearance of at least one of the plurality of images when the sensor determines the actuator has been depressed.04-22-2010
20110159776Velocity Feedback Control System for a Rotor of a Toy Helicopter - There is provided a method and apparatus for controlling a toy helicopter in flight. The toy helicopter is powered by a first rotor and a second rotor. A target speed ratio is determined for the speed of the first rotor and the speed of the second rotor. The speed of the rotors is adjusted incrementally until the target ratio is achieved06-30-2011
20100167622Expanding toy space shuttle - An expandable toy space shuttle that employs a detachable cabin which allows a telescoping inner fuselage to extend from inside of the main fuselage thereby doubling the interior volume of the toy space shuttle. The toy can be customized to individual missions by the use of different inner fuselages of different sizes, different cabins, and different main fuselages all of which fit together and work with each other.07-01-2010
20130217298Reconfigurable Toy Vehicle - A toy vehicle is disclosed. The toy vehicle includes a body and portions or mechanisms that are movably coupled to the body. The movable portions are repositionable with respect to the body. The toy vehicle includes an actuator that can be moved relative to the body. Movement of the actuator causes at least one of the movable portions to be repositioned or moved relative to the body. The repositioning of the movable portions results in the toy vehicle having different configurations. The actuator can be placed in one of several positions relative to the body. The movement of the actuator from a first position to a second position causes a movable portion to move from a first position to a second position. The movement of the actuator from its second position to a third position causes another movable portion to move from its first position to its second position.08-22-2013
20130157541TOY VEHICLE - A reconfigurable toy vehicle is provided, the toy vehicle having: a first configuration and a second configuration; a main body portion, having a forward end, a rearward end and a pair of side members extending from the forward end to the rearward end; at least two telescopic wings attached to the main body portion; a retractable canopy movably secured to the main body portion, the retractable canopy being configured to cover a portion of the main body portion when the toy vehicle is in the second configuration; and a folding rear portion pivotally mounted to the main body portion, wherein movement of the folding rear portion causes the toy vehicle to transition between the first configuration to the second configuration.06-20-2013
20100273389Collapsible PINATA - The present invention discloses a collapsible piñata, it comprises a first panel, a second panel and a strip-shaped enclosure board that connects the first panel with the second panel so as to form a closed integral body, an opening hole is provided on the first panel or second panel; the enclosure board is a collapsible flexible board or flexible membrane; inside the enclosure board, the upper portion and the lower portion between the first panel and second panel are respectively provided with an upper supporting plate and a lower supporting plate, the one ends of the upper supporting plate and lower supporting plate corresponding to the second panel are respectively movably connected to the upper portion and the lower portion of the second panel, the middle sections of the upper supporting plate and lower supporting plate are respectively connected to the upper portion and the lower portion of the first panel by means of an elastic cord, moreover, the one ends of the upper supporting plate and lower supporting plate corresponding to the first panel are respectively connected with a pulling rope extending outside of the opening hole. During packaging or before transportation of the product according to the present invention, what is needed is merely pulling the upper and lower supporting plates into the state of being collapsed, then both panels being superimposed one upon another. Thus, the thickness of piñata becomes the combined thickness of the both panels and the upper supporting plate (or the lower supporting plate) in a state of being superimposed together. Compared with the current skill, the transportation volume is greatly reduced, thus the cost of transportation is lowered, so that the market competitive power of the product is enhanced.10-28-2010
20090325454Pinata expandable to a plurality of positions - Expandable piñata is a decorative container constructed from sheet materials connected at the edges, which can be shipped and stored flat. An internal expandable brace is activated by pulling external cords that draw brace into the expanded position, causing piñata body to flex into a three-dimensional body with fillable chamber. Score lines optionally direct flexing into a faceted shape. Lock mechanism holds brace in the erect configuration, with adjustable degree of expansion. Piñata body is resilient and compresses brace, to engage lock automatically and maintain expanded configuration.12-31-2009
20080268740COLLAPSIBLE PINATA DEVICES AND METHODS FOR MAKING SAME - Collapsible piñata devices and methods to manufacture collapsible piñata devices are provided. According to some embodiments of the present invention, a piñata can comprise an exterior shell and one or more internal support frame members. The internal frame members can support the exterior shell when the exterior shell is fully expanded in an uncollapsed position to form a piñata. The internal frame members can also support the exterior shell during transition from expanded to collapsed position and from collapsed to expanded position. The piñata can also be collapsed into a state for storage, travel, and to preserve the exterior appearance of the piñata. Other embodiments are also claimed and described.10-30-2008
20120028531INFLATABLE PINATA - An expandable piñata including a body having a front wall, a rear wall, a left side portion, a right side portion, a top portion, and a bottom portion that define an interior cavity of the piñata; one or more pouches coupled to each of the front wall, back wall, left side portion, and right side portion; and a valve coupled to the body and configured for selectively inflating and deflating the interior cavity, the body being inflatably and deflatably adjustable between a first, substantially flat configuration, and a second expanded configuration.02-02-2012
20100273388Toy tools and cutting surface - A kit with toy tools for cutting a foam surface is described. The kit includes at least one foam piece for constructing an item and a plurality of fasteners (e.g., plastic nails and plastic screws) for fastening foam pieces together. Each foam piece can include markings that provide a cut-pattern for a user to cut the foam piece into a plurality of foam pieces. At least one tool is included for cutting the foam pieces. An example of such a tool is a curved-blade saw with a curved blade edge. The foam piece is a foam board or boards and a foam dowel. Collectively, the foam pieces comprise a plurality of foam pieces that, when assembled, are operable for constructing a desired item. The foam board can be formed to include a wood grain pattern and pine scent to simulate an appearance and smell of wood.10-28-2010
20090280716Fabric Decorating Kit with Washable Coloring - A fabric decorating kit with washable coloring. The kit comprises a fabric piece, such as an article of apparel, and/or a plurality of washable markers, paints, and crayons, for decorating and creating artwork on the fabric piece. The fabric piece may be washed repeatedly and re-decorated.11-12-2009
20090253341HEATED DRAWING BOARD - A drawing board for use with a drawing media and a drawing sheet. The drawing media becomes softer upon being heated above an ambient temperature. The drawing board includes a board substrate having a drawing surface and an opposing backing surface. The drawing surface defines a first region and a second region. Each of the first and second regions is sized to substantially overlap with an entirety of the drawing sheet. The drawing board includes a heating element disposed adjacent the first region with the backing surface facing the heating element. The heating element and the first region is sized and configured to heat the first region above the ambient temperature. The drawing board includes a support housing supporting the drawing surface and the heating element.10-08-2009
20120171921Child's Activity Toy and Disc Dispenser Therefor - A child's activity toy comprises a plurality of dispensers which will dispense circular discs onto a flat magnetic surface. The circular discs are of different colours, each colour having its own respective diameter, with the colour being applied to each side of the discs. Each dispenser is specific to its own colour, and is biased to its closed, non-dispensing condition. Pressing the dispensing end of a dispenser against the flat magnetic surface will dispense a circular disc; and moving the dispenser while it is pressed against the flat magnetic surface will dispense a series of circular discs. A frame is provided for the flat magnetic surface, and includes a graduated sorter so as to separate the discs of one colour from the discs of any other colour. The respective dispenser for each colour can be filled with the discs from the respective sorter chamber.07-05-2012
20100248585DRAWING TOY AND DRAWING TOY SET USING THE SAME - An drawing toy 09-30-2010
20120329360MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY FOR CONTROL OF MULTIPLE ORBITING BODIES - A mechanism allowing the control of multiple orbiting bodies comprising: a bearing surface (12-27-2012
20080233834Portable Religious Shrine - A religious display structure includes two or more removably interconnected wall panels forming a freestanding enclosure for accommodating one or more users. Each wall panel includes a 3-dimensional visual image formed on the front surface of the wall panel where the images on all of the wall panels form religious scenery depicting a place of worship for the one or more users. The 3-dimensional visual images of the wall panels include one of still photographic images and video images. In one embodiment, the religious scenery is selected from a church, a chapel, a temple, or a synagogue. In one embodiment, the religious display structure is made of plastic and the structure is made for easy assembly and disassembly. The religious display structure can be used in various settings, such as a home or an office, to provide a place of worship for the user.09-25-2008
20090325462TOY GRILLING APPARATUS - A toy grilling apparatus including 12-31-2009
20120225605COLLAPSIBLE TOY KITCHEN APPARATUSES AND METHODS - A collapsible toy kitchen apparatus and method, an embodiment including a back support including a backsplash, a kitchen counter including a countertop and a range and being pivotably connected to the back support, a base pivotably connected to the back support, and two side walls that are each foldable. The pivotable connections and foldable side walls allow the toy kitchen to collapse, such as for storage.09-06-2012
20130171909Imaginative Play Furniture Cover - The Imaginative Play Furniture Cover transforms existing furniture into immersive imaginative play environments. It is made of flexible material, folding away into a small volume for storage or transport. It is easy to travel with, allowing parents to take play structures to other locations and eliminate the need for additional structures at visited locations. It can be machine washable to prevent the spread of germs in public play areas, such as schools or waiting rooms, and to keep it looking clean and neat. The main play elements are panels that are surrounded by a margin of background indicia, allowing the cover to fit furniture of various sizes. The main play element panels can be placed on the cover in such a way as to utilize the empty space within the furniture as multiple imaginative environments, maximizing creative play space in a small footprint.07-04-2013
20080207086Children's toy, particularly children's vehicle with bucket - The children's vehicle comprises a bucket which is held on two arms arranged side by side, which are pivotably fastened about an axis to the vehicle body and can hold the bucket in a raised position, in which the arms are locked on the toy body, and can lower the bucket upon release of the lock. The axis is formed by two pins put through holes in bearing sections of the arms. In the inserted state the pins are in a non-screwed state and are held with a slight press fit, so that they can be detached easily and removed. Disassembly of the bucket with the associated arms and its renewed assembly do not require any tools.08-28-2008
20120196505TOY TRAILER - The toy trailer comprising a chassis and a loading trough arranged thereon is characterized in that the loading trough is both detachable from the chassis and tiltable about an axle extending in a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis of the chassis.08-02-2012
20090233520TOY VEHICLE - A boom assembly for a bucket of a toy vehicle comprises at least one bucket bearer, which is articulated to a frame of the toy vehicle by a first swivel joint, and at least one telescopic support with two telescopic elements, which can be displaced in telescopic manner with respect to one another. One of the telescopic elements is articulated to the bucket bearer by a second swivel joint, the other telescopic element is articulated to the frame by a third swivel joint. Furthermore, at least one latch mechanism is provided, the latch mechanism having a latch body which is provided on one of the telescopic elements, and a counter body which is provided on the bucket bearer. The bodies of the latch mechanism are positioned with respect to one another such that when the bucket bearers are moved from a lowered basic position into a raised position, the latch body comes to rest against the counter body before the raised position is reached, the telescopic support being bent with the production of a bending tension. As the bucket bearers are moved further into the raised position, the latch body latches with the counter body so that the boom assembly is fixed in the raised position.09-17-2009
20120129423TOY PLAYSET WITH SOCKETS - A toy playset is provided. The toy playset may include a base having a first play surface and may further include a first socket attached to the first play surface. The first socket may include a central detent configured to releasably retain a toy wheel with a portion of the toy wheel held inside the central detent. The first socket may include a pair of lateral detents configured to releasably retain a toy axle. The lateral detents may extend across the first socket and may intersect the central detent. The lateral detents may be narrower than the central detent.05-24-2012
201000355083D Locking Mechanism - A three-dimensional puzzle and interlocking system having a set of interlocking elements capable of being joined together to form a piece of a puzzle game that constitutes a three-dimensional pictorial representation of a structure or object. In one embodiment, the set of interlocking elements comprises a first element that interlocks with another matching piece. The first and the second elements are provided with image-bearing surfaces that constitute individual pictorial entities contributing to a complete representation of the structure or object.02-11-2010
20090053967SET OF BUILDING COMPONENTS FOR BUILDING A PLURALITY OF PREDEFINED STRUCTURES - A building set includes a plurality of building components. The components may be configured so that one or more predefined structures may be constructed with a set of the components. For example, the set of components may be configured any number of predefined structures may be constructed, such as a table and chairs, a boat, a plane, and so on. The components may be made from a composition including polyolefin. The polyolefin may have a density in the range of about 1 pound per cubic foot (lb/ft02-26-2009
20100068967APPARATUS COMPRISING THREE DIMENSIONAL SHAPES ROTATABLY SUPPORTED IN ONE ANOTHER - Apparatus including at least three 3-dimensional shapes, a first one of the 3-dimensional shapes being rotatably supported within a second one of the 3-dimensional shapes, the second one of the 3-dimensional shapes being rotatably supported within a third one of the 3-dimensional shapes, at least one of the 3-dimensional shapes including an opening capable of connecting at least one of the shapes to another one of the shapes.03-18-2010
20080299868MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING BLOCKS - Block pieces are capable of combining with other, basic geometric building block pieces to form three-dimensional models. The basic building block piece has alternating offset layers of a flat, geometric member with uniform thickness, to form a plurality of ridges and grooves to enable the desired variety of connection configurations with other, basic geometric building block pieces, to form various three-dimensional structures. The variety of geometric shapes and corresponding interlocking joint surfaces provide for increased structural possibilities over the prior art. In addition, the plurality of ridges and grooves provide for unlimited combinations of slidable connecting interlocking joints. In one embodiment, completed structural forms use the various geometrically angled pieces to create unique aesthetic patterns and relationships.12-04-2008
20100240278SLIDING IMPULSE DEVICE - An apparatus and method for an impulse-driven sliding device primarily for use by young children to simulate desired attributes of ball or puck games while adapting specified attributes to promote safe, effective use for those having reduced training and/or motor-skills. The apparatus includes a structure motivated by an impulse to slide over a surface, including: an impulse-receiving portion for receiving the impulse, the impulse-receiving portion defining a section of a generally semi-hemispherical structure and produced from a foam material patterned to represent at least a portion of a sports ball; and a sliding portion, coupled to the impulse-receiving portion, for sliding contact with the surface on a contact surface of the sliding portion responsive to the impulse the contact surface having a generally planar smooth surface having a periphery surrounded by an extension of the impulse receiving portion, wherein a tumbling of a coupled combination of the impulse-receiving portion and the sliding portion is inhibited by shifting a center of gravity downward by a greater weighting of the sliding portion relative to the impulse-receiving portion. The method includes a) receiving an impulse at a top portion of a device including the top portion coupled to a bottom sliding plate and converting the impulse to a non-tumbling, non-rolling, non-launching translating force; and b) sliding, responsive to the non-tumbling, non-rolling, non-launching translating force, the device over a generally planar surface.09-23-2010
20110045738Handheld swiveling toy device - A handheld swiveling toy device consisting of a lightweight solid bobble component affixed to one end of an elongated, semi-rigid, elongated, lightweight rod unit being bent near the second end thereof with the bent portion thereof insertable within and through a smooth walled bushing unit press fitted onto a centrally positioned through hole within a handle component held in a person's hand, and; with the bobble component, rod unit and handle component being monoplanarly positioned at all times relative to one another.02-24-2011
20110136404Handheld Toy - A handheld, bead-play toy includes a plurality of hub aspects, a plurality of rail aspects, and one or more beads. Each rail aspect interconnects two different hub aspects. Each bead is slideably connected to a rail aspect.06-09-2011
20100178845JOINT APPARATUS FOR A TOY - A joint apparatus for a toy is provided that, by changing the planes of motion of the rotating members, enables one toy to be moved in many ways in order to move the rotating members, and provides various forms that can be simulated.07-15-2010
20090098800Novelty spy kit - A novelty spy kit for the enjoyment of children and adults that includes an electronic spy safe, a mobile fingerprint analyzer, and a covert messaging system. The safe is bifurcated with a first section that features a central processing unit and a pivoting door panel that provides the user access to a simulated palm scanner which facilitates access to the storage area of the second section. A mobile fingerprint analyzer embodied as a wristwatch with a face that displays a working digital clock and is pivotally attached to expose a secret compartment used for analyzing fingerprint samples. The covert messaging system teaches a pair of eyeglasses having red LEDs incorporated therein and stationery that bears alphanumeric indicia randomly arranged thereon. Using a special pen, the user can secretly transcribe a message that can only be viewed under the illumination of the red LEDs projected from the eyeglasses.04-16-2009
20080248717Zen Stick - A Zen Stick manufactured from a wood selected from the group consisting of Black and White Ebony, Olivewood, Bocote, Cocobolo, Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Tulipwood, Kingwood and a blend of Ebony, Olivewood, Cocobolo and Bocote., having a length of approximately eleven inches and a cylindrical outer surface of approximately one and a quarter inches, the cylindrical surface being highly polished.10-09-2008
20090305607Apparatus and Method for a Rolled Roadway - The present disclosure discloses a rolled roadway apparatus, a method for making the rolled road way apparatus and a method for using the rolled roadway apparatus.12-10-2009
20110306271Swimming Pool Water Toy - A toy for receiving and shooting a constant stream of water is comprised of a tubular connection port or mounting means, and a hollow foam tube. The hollow foam tube is connected to a return line of a swimming pool circulation system via the tubular connection port, wherein a first end of the connection port is sized to connect to the return line and a second end of the connection port is sized to connect to the proximal end of the hollow foam tube, and wherein water flows from the return line, through the connection port and the channel of the hollow foam tube, and then out of the distal end of the tube when connected, to provide a constant flow of water shooting out of the toy.12-15-2011
20080311822 Party Popper - The party tape popper of the present invention, which is designed to discharge the multi-colored tapes and paper powders using the pressurized gas inside it, consists of a gas-generating part onto which a closing plug with a screw-type firing pin is attached, and inside of which a pressurized gas injection hole is installed, and into whose interior diameter a pressurized gas cartridge is inserted. The popper also includes a tape branch pipe closing part with an insertion groove at the end of a pressurized gas discharging hole and a hanging pin whose elasticity is controlled by a spring at the other end of the gas discharging hole. On the closing part of the said tape branch pipe is a small, paper-based cylinder whose both ends are closed by sponge or paper boards. Inside the cylinder is a tape roll containing a multiple number of multi-colored tapes and paper powder.12-18-2008
20120264352NOVELTY FISH MEASURING DEVICE - This disclosure describes systems and methods for purposefully introducing error into a measurement of distance. In some embodiments, a system and method for purposefully introducing error into a measurement of distance may include a novelty measuring device. A novelty measuring device may include an elongated member. The elongated member may include a first set of indicia. The first set of indicia may be positioned on at least a portion of a first side of the elongated member. The first set of indicia may accurately measure a distance. The elongated member may include a second set of indicia positioned on at least a portion of a second side of the elongated member. The second set of indicia may inaccurately measure a distance.10-18-2012
20130052906Toy Car Wash Play Set - A toy car wash play set includes a toy vehicle having a thermochromic material, a track configured for receiving the toy vehicle, and a bubble producing device located proximate to the track. The bubble producing device generates and directs bubbles toward the toy vehicle located on the track. The toy vehicle changes color when contacted by the bubbles from the bubble producing device. In one embodiment, the play set includes a dump tank containing liquid that can be dumped onto the toy vehicle.02-28-2013
20080293323THERMALLY MOVABLE PLASTIC DEVICES AND TOYS - In accordance with the invention, thin bodies of plastic, such as sheets or strands, with substantially different thermal coefficients of expansion are laminated together to make plastic bodies which move in response to heat. The movable plastic bodies can be secured to a suitable base to make a variety of devices for amusement, temperature monitoring and display. Applications for amusement include a thermally blooming flower, a solar activated butterfly, and curling hair for a doll. Applications for temperature monitoring include safety lids for drinking cups, sunlight blockers and ventilators.11-27-2008
20120220183TOY VEHICLE PLAYSET - A toy vehicle playset having a toy vehicle and a vessel holding a body of water is provided. The toy vehicle traverses a gap above the vessel when a toy creature is in a first position and the toy vehicle is launched from one of first and second track segments into a gap. The toy vehicle is captured by the toy creature and subsequently lowered into the vessel and the body of water when the toy creature is in a second position and the toy vehicle is launched from one of the first and second track segments into the gap. A thermochromic paint on the toy vehicle changes from a first color to a second color when it is lowered into the body of water by the toy creature.08-30-2012
20100248581Castle and Moat Beach Toy - A beach toy kit that presents a compact unit with everything a child needs to have fun at the beach. The beach toy kit includes a castle, a ramp, a bridge, a moat, a sand sifter, a shovel, a boat, and a vehicle. The castle can be used as a play unit, a sand mold, or a storage unit, and is provided in multiple pieces that are capable of stacking and nesting. The ramp is provided in multiple, connected pieces that can be disassembled to allow for compact storage. The ramp is multi-functional in that it can be used as a play vehicle driving surface, a shovel, and a closure device for the castle to retain items inside the castle. The bridge is also multi-functional, in that it can be used as a bridge to span the width of the moat and can be connected to the castle to serve as a handle. The moat is a water resistant or impervious sand liner that can be recessed into the sand to provide a water channel for the boat. The moat is constructed of a flexible material which allows the moat to be compactly stored within the castle. The sand sifter also is multi-functional, and can be used simply as a sand sifter and also as a closure device for the castle to retain items inside the castle.09-30-2010
20080254706Systems for Constructing Sand Structures - Systems for constructing sand structures. The system comprises a plurality of mold blocks that can be assembled together such that their inner surfaces combine to form a internal cavity in the shape of a desired sand structure. There is also an external support used to retain the mold blocks in their assembled position. Sand is packed into the internal cavity formed by the collective internal surfaces of the mold blocks to form the sand structure. There may be a plurality of tiers of assembled mold blocks for constructing complex sand structures and there may be a mechanism to aid the user in grasping a mold block to facilitate the removal of the mold block to uncover the completed sand structure and there may also be some interlocking of adjacent mold blocks together. Once filled, the mold blocks are removed, thus creating the sand structure. A package contains all of the mold block and external supports necessary to construct various sand structures and may include weapons used to destroy a completed sand structure in playing a game.10-16-2008
20120156958Apparatus and Method for Digging and Lining a Moat - A beach toy is provided to make a moat that is shaped and dimensioned to correspond with an impermeable moat liner. The beach toy includes a shovel, a cord, and a stake. The cord interconnects the shovel and the stake. In use, the stake is inserted into a porous medium. Next, the shovel is pulled away from the stake until the cord is taut. The blade of the shovel is inserted into the porous medium and moved about the stake while keeping the cord taught to remove material and form a annular-shaped moat.06-21-2012
446423000 GARAGE 2
20110230117Operation unit for toy parking tower - A toy parking set includes multiple floors and a tower is connected to the toy parking set. The tower includes an opening which is located corresponding each of the floors. A slot is defined through a wall of the tower. A box is received in the tower and a frame is fixed on the top of the box. A shaft extends through the frame and the slot of the tower. A spring is biased between the flange of the shaft and the inside of the end of the frame. The shaft extends through the box and the slot and is connected to an end member. The end member includes an engaging portion which is removably engaged with the slot. The players pull shaft to remove the engaging portion from the slot to move the box to desired floor.09-22-2011
20110117813Toy Vehicle Play Set - A car wash play set for toy vehicles includes a frame including a base, a lift coupled to the frame and movable toward and away from the base, and a first roller coupled to the frame. The first roller is engageable with and pivotally movable by the lift when the lift is moved away from the base.05-19-2011
20130130586TETHER ASSEMBLY FOR A RADIO FREQUENCY CONTROLLED AIRCRAFT - A tether assembly for a radio-controlled model aircraft, including: a bracket arranged for fixed connection to the radio-controlled model aircraft and including a stop portion; and a bar with a first end pivotably connected to the bracket, and a second end arranged to connect to a flexible wire for a model aircraft anchoring system. Pivoting of the bar in a first rotational direction with respect to the bracket is limited by contact of the bar with the stop portion.05-23-2013
20090176434Method and Apparatus for Near-Invisible Tethers - One or more ready-to-use near-invisible fixed-length tethers are provided on a carrier such that each tether can be removed from and reattached to the carrier without tangling. Most typically, such attachment is facilitated by modifying the ends of the tethers with a low tack adhesive and by winding the tether around a spool portion. Especially preferred low-tack adhesives provide adhesion of the tether ends to a user, the carrier, and the toy. In particularly preferred aspects, the tether is attached such that one end is removable while the other end remains attached such that the tether can be unwound from the spool by inverting the carrier.07-09-2009
20090075549Infant Entertainment Device - The present invention relates to an infant entertainment device with a movable object. In one embodiment, the infant entertainment device is a toy aquarium. The infant entertainment device includes a drive mechanism that is operably coupled to the movable object to move the object.03-19-2009
20090311941Portable Device - A portable device comprises a motor for providing vibration, a power source for powering the motor, a switching device for controlling the direction of the motor, propelling means for engaging a surface and for propelling the device when the motor is vibrating, the propelling means extending downwardly at an angle to the vertical, and an input device connected to the switching device, the switching device arranged to switch the direction of the motor when the input device receives a predetermined signal. Advantageously, the propelling means comprise a set of bristles. By using angled bristles, this increases friction in the backwards direction and so causes the device to move forwards when vibrating. The bristles dig into surface when vibration tries to move the object backwards, and the bristles slide over surface when vibration tries to move object forwards.12-17-2009
20080248714Fan Attachment Arrangement - An attachment arrangement for use in connection with an existing ceiling fan having a plurality of rotatable fan blades. The arrangement includes a connecting arrangement for attaching an object to at least a portion of at least one of the fan blades, such that, as the fan blade rotates, the object rotates via the connecting arrangement.10-09-2008
20100261404Fan Attachment Arrangement - An attachment arrangement for use in connection with an existing ceiling fan having a plurality of rotatable fan blades. The arrangement includes a connecting arrangement for attaching an object to at least a portion of at least one of the fan blades, such that, as the fan blade rotates, the object rotates via the connecting arrangement.10-14-2010
446141000 TELEPHONE 1
20090111352Interactive Doll - An interactive doll is disclosed where the doll is controlled by a remote control. When the user pushes a button on the remote control, it can cause the doll and the remote control to interact via electromagnetic transmissions where both emit sounds simultaneously or at different times. The remote control can represent various items, including mobile phones and birthday cakes.04-30-2009
446029000 STRADDLED 1
20100190410INFANTILE RIDING PLAYING NINE - A riding apparatus for children is disclosed. The riding apparatus of the present invention includes a main body (07-29-2010
20100029174IMAGE REPRESENTATION VIEWER AND METHOD OF VIEWING - A kit for viewing a combined image including a user's reflection, the kit having a number of facial feature elements and/or a number of adornment elements that are removably mountable to a reflective surface using electrostatic or cohesive force, the user being able to view a combined image of the user and appropriately placed elements.02-04-2010
446002000 DOMINO EFFECT 1
20100173557Toppled Domino Resettable Track and Attachable Domino - A toppled domino resettable track is a beautiful luxury to have when those not prone to patience are engaged in setting up domino sequences for toppling. Resettable tracks are also useful for less than capable individuals, e.g. children; when they want to create topple sequences, as the tracks keep the dominos fixed to the track in their configurations. With the push of a button or puff of breath, the entire toppled sequence stands to life, ready for another run.07-08-2010
20130084765NOVELTY VEHICLE SIMULATION SYSTEMS - Novelty vehicle simulation systems including computing devices, including processors configured to execute processor executable instructions and computer readable media encoded with processor executable instructions for executing novelty vehicle simulators on the computing devices, and supports defining vehicular appearances. In some examples, supports may be configured to seat computing devices and include vehicular appearance signifying mechanisms configured to communicate encoded representations of the vehicular appearances. In some examples, computing device include vehicular appearance sensing mechanisms operatively paired with the vehicular appearance signifying mechanisms to detect the encoded representations of the vehicular appearances of the supports. In some examples, the computer readable media include processor executable instructions for translating the encoded representation of the vehicular appearances of the support to produce vehicle parameter sets corresponding to the vehicles reflected by the vehicular appearances of the supports and modifying operating parameters of the novelty vehicle simulators according to the vehicle parameter sets.04-04-2013
446233000 GYROSCOPIC 1
20130102223SPINNING TOY APPARATUS - A toy apparatus having a lower base, an upper base and a doll cover for the upper base where the lower base and the upper base attach and detach with an easy twisting motion. The lower base encloses a flywheel on a shaft, and a passageway for a rack and includes a cover with an outside screw thread. The upper base is either empty or encloses three switches, a sound generator, a light source, a controller printed circuit board, and a battery chamber and includes a cover with an inside screw thread that mates with the screw thread of the lower base. The toy apparatus has two primary play modes, a first mode where the lower base, the upper base and the cover are connected and a user uses the rack to spin the flywheel.04-25-2013
20130210317Protective Case for Portable Electronic Device - A protective case for a portable electronic device includes a cover having an aperture and sidewalls defining a cavity configured for releasably receiving a portable electronic device. A back plate is removably disposed within the cavity of the cover. The protective case contains at least two supports movably coupled to the protective case, enabling the protective case and electronic device to be positioned in various orientations. The supports pivot independent of each other into deployed or stowed positions.08-15-2013

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