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Road structure, process, or apparatus

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404083000 APPARATUS 254
404017000 PAVEMENT 194
404072000 PROCESS 190
404002000 DRAIN OR GUTTER 34
20130058716Air-blowing-type Road Surface Snow-melting System - Provided is an air-blowing-type road surface snow-melting system which makes it possible to reduce the height of a hollow roadbed body while also making the amount of air blown out from an air-permeable structure substantially uniform. An air-blowing-type road surface snow-melting system (03-07-2013
20110250015SECTIONS OF TRAFFIC INFRASTRUCTURES INCLUDING MULTIPURPOSE STRUCTURES - The present invention discloses sections of highway traffic infrastructures, including multipurpose structures, for best combining renewable energy and traffic assistance systems along the highway. According to a first innovative aspect, the distribution of structures accounts for aspects such as driving comfort, (urban) landscape integration and adjustment to energy demand and traffic circulation conditions. According to a complimentary innovative aspect, ample elevated constructions, as required by solar and wind energy systems, combine with certain dimensional dispositions, as required by different traffic assistance means, in view of enhanced energy distribution and traffic safety.10-13-2011
20100272511COMPOSITION AND METHOD FOR STABILIZING ROAD BASE - A road base made from an existing roadbed material and a coal-combustion by-product comprises: a tilled roadbed soil, a coal-combustion fly ash blended into the tilled roadbed soil at 5 to 50 percent by weight, and a site-specific quantity of an emulsion blended into the tilled roadbed soil after the coal-combustion fly ash. The emulsion includes a resin base, and the site-specific quantity ranges from 0.5 to 2.5 gallons per square yard, depending on a type of the tilled roadbed soil, and further depending on a type of the coal-combustion fly ash.10-28-2010
20120321383Structurally Integrated Electric/Heat Generating Energy Recovery (SIEGER) - A structurally integrated modular system for energy recovery from vehicular traffic as further disclosed. The system comprises an “X” & “Y” axis horizontal array of Linear Electromagnetic Generators, (LEGs), in a close packed hexagonal or other shaped structural grid, as further disclosed. Each LEG is spring-less, using a high strength main core magnet, and a fixed lower magnet to repel the main core magnet at a designed coercive restoring force. The plurality of LEGs are contained within Modular Prefabricated Structural Sandwich Composite Panels, (MPSSCPs), designed to be placed upon a roadway surface, (whose upper surfaces are flexible and lower surfaces semi-rigid). The resultant energy recovery is thereby converted to electric power and heat. The MPSSCPs, and their accessory panels are thereby installed upon a roadway bearing surface to generate clean electric power and heat, which thaws ice and snow, when and where necessary.12-20-2012
20090317189PROTECTION SYSTEM FOR SURFACES OF INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS IN A CONSTRUCTION ENVIRONMENT - A protection system comprises a body section and optional ramps for facilitating travel over the body section. The protection system may comprise base and arm members, which have bottom surfaces at different elevations to fit over an elevation change. In use, the protection system is installed over a surface to be protected, which may be a portion of an infrastructure improvement, such as a sidewalk, curb, gutter, or other structure. Traffic crossing the surface of the infrastructure improvement is then directed over the protection system, where the topical load from the traffic is distributed across the surface. When the use is complete, the protection system may be removed from the surface.12-24-2009
404136000 ROAD CHAIR PER SE 1
20110255920Dowel sleeves - A dowel sleeve has a tubular body with a mounting assembly at one end for releasable connection to a construction plate, and a leg support engagable at the other end for adjustable support. The construction plate has spaced non-circular holes. A first flange of the mounting assembly has a complementary profile, of smaller dimensions, to the non-circular holes, while a second flange has a similar profile, of larger dimensions, with its major-axis non-aligned with the major-axis of the first flange. The first flange is inserted through one of the non-circular holes, and the tubular body is rotated so the first and second flanges engage opposed faces of the construction plate.10-20-2011

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