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384091000 ROTARY BEARING 1770
384007000 LINEAR BEARING 409
20080240643HOOD FOR A PRESSURIZED BEARING ASSEMBLY - A hood for a bearing assembly isolates lubricants or gases expelled from the bearing assembly. The hood may include lower, middle, and upper portions that substantially form a funnel. The hood covers at least a portion of a bearing seal of the bearing assembly and extends from the bearing assembly and out of a galvanizing bath. The hood may be formed from one or more sheets of material. Mounting brackets are provided to secure the hood to the bearing.10-02-2008
20110206312ENDCAP FOR WHEEL BEARING ASSEMBLY - A wheel bearing assembly endcap 08-25-2011
20090103849Shaft bearing arrangement - A gas turbine engine (04-23-2009
20080219612Shielded bearing and method - A method and system for shielding bearings from foreign materials such as soil, weeds, plant residue and moisture during the operation of farm equipment. A rotating bearing shield for a bearing includes a cover member having a first end shaped to match the external shape of a bearing housing, including a means for coupling said cover member with an inner race of said bearing and a means for accepting an axle there through. The rotating bearing shield can be pressed onto the inner race of the bearing assembly to form a shielded bearing assembly. Additionally, the shield can be sized to maintain an appropriate press-fit that does not compress the inner race beyond an acceptable inside diameter.09-11-2008
20080219613BEARING HOUSING - A bearing housing is disclosed herein. The bearing housing includes a chamber with out-take for oil scavenging. The out-take extends across a chordal arc of the chamber. A portion of an outer wall adjacent to the out-take has a spiral divergence.09-11-2008
20080232734BEARING STRAP ASSEMBLY - A bearing strap assembly includes an elongated strap of flexible material and a plurality of insert bearing buttons affixed to one side of the strap. The inserts extend transversely from the one side of the strap and are spaced apart along the length of the strap. In one use, an inner and an outer circular cylinder are concentrically positioned for relative movement therebetween. The outer cylinder has a plurality of holes extending transversely therethrough from an outside surface to an inside surface and the holes are spaced apart coextensive with the bearing buttons. The elongated strap is engaged about the outside surface of the outer cylinder with the bearing buttons extending through the holes and into engagement with an outer surface of the inner cylinder.09-25-2008
20100098371LOAD-BEARING PRODUCTS AND METHOD FOR MAKING SAME - A method for the construction of load-bearing products. Load-bearing and substantially fluid impenetrable products are constructed for protection against leaks and provide for simple and efficient transportation and set-up. Also disclosed is a load bearing product having a substrate such as an expanded polystryrene encapsulated by an elastomer such as a polyurea.04-22-2010
384626000 SHIM FOR BEARING 3
20130163912COLLAPSIBLE TOLERANCE RINGS WITH WEAK POINTS - In certain embodiments, a method includes positioning a tolerance ring between a bearing assembly and an actuator arm. The tolerance ring is compressed so that the tolerance ring buckles at predetermined weak points to position the bearing assembly relative to the actuator arm.06-27-2013
20100129024Vending Shim - A shim for use in retrofitting a vending machine for dispensing products is provided. The shim has at least two spaced arms each having a first end and a second end, the arms capable of supporting products to be dispensed, and a transverse member joining the arm second ends. The transverse member is arranged to be attached to the vending machine housing such that the arms are disposed in proximity to the dispensing mechanism of the vending machine for dispensing products.05-27-2010
20120039559APPARATUS INCLUDING AN ASYMMETRICAL WEDGE-LIKE MEMBER FOR CONTROLLING DEFLECTION IN SMALL DIAMETER ROLLS OF AN OPEN WIDTH STABILIZER SO AS TO CREATE A STRAIGHT LINE NIP WITH UNIFORM PRESSURE ACROSS THE NIP - An improved apparatus for correcting deflection in small diameter feed and retard rolls of an open width stabilizer so as to create a straight line nip with uniform pressure across the nip. The improved apparatus provides apparatus for adjusting deflection of the rolls to thereby maintain a desired size to a passageway between them so as to optimize compaction of a fabric web material. A wedge-like member is disposed between, and in moving relationship to, feed and retard roller bearings. The wedge-like member is asymmetrical, has feed and retard sides that engage the feed and retard roller bearings, respectively, and exerts reaction forces against each of the respective bearings. Improvement resides in the reaction forces causing the rolls the rolls to not deflect downwardly.02-16-2012
20100278463SWASHPLATE-TYPE PIVOT BEARING AND AXIAL PISTON MACHINE - A swashplate-type pivot bearing, or an axial piston machine that has the swashplate-type pivot bearing, which ensure reliable operation. The swashplate-type pivot bearing for a hydraulic axial piston machine has a housing section, a swashplate section and a multiplicity of rolling bodies. The swashplate section is pivotably mounted in the housing section by the rolling bodies and the rolling bodies are arranged in a full-roller configuration and/or without a cage in at least one rolling body row. The swashplate-type pivot bearing also has at least one follow-up device for follow-up adjustment and/or synchronization of the rolling bodies, which is arranged and/or formed at an end of the rolling body row. The follow-up device is controlled by a slotted guide.11-04-2010
20110150372BEARING ASSEMBLY - The present invention relates to a bearing assembly (06-23-2011

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