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Industrial electric heating furnaces

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20130044784TILTING FURNACE02-21-2013
20120140786Method and furnace for melting steel scrap - A melting furnace for smelting scrap includes a heating device extending through a wall of the furnace in order to supply melting energy, wherein the heating device including a tubular body, which encloses a flow channel. Further, the furnace includes a heating zone formed by a longitudinal section of the tubular body configured as an electrodeless plasma torch including an inductive heating coil which encloses the flow channel coaxially. An injection pipe is disposed in a central manner in the flow channel extending up or into to the heating zone, wherein the injection pipe is enclosed by a gas guiding pipe coaxially and at a radial distance. An annular channel is arranged between the injection pipe and the wall of the flow channel for supplying a cooling gas.06-07-2012
20120201266PLASMA REACTOR FOR THE SYNTHESIS OF NANOPOWDERS AND MATERIALS PROCESSING - A process and apparatus for producing nanopowders and materials processing is described herein. A plasma reactor comprising a torch body comprising a plasma torch for generating a plasma; a reactor section in fluid communication with the torch body for receiving a plasma discharge and further being in fluid communication with a quench section; and at least one heating element in thermal communication with the reactor section and wherein the at least one heating element provides for selectively modulating the temperature within the reactor section is described herein.08-09-2012
20090116532Reactor Vessel for Plasma Gasification - Disclosed herein is a reactor vessel for plasma gasification reactors employing a DC graphite electrode, AC graphite electrodes, AC plasma torches or DC plasma torches to create a high-energy plasma are for the pyrolytic decomposition of feed materials. The vessel is configured with an upper portion and a lower portion, where the lower portion is for the containment of a layer of molten metal (iron) and a second layer of slag and having a substantially uniform width, while the upper portion being for the containment of gas and having a varying width. The reactor vessel comprises a steel shell housing a multi-layered wall that defines a chamber where the multi-layered wall includes a first layer high-density refractory material, a second intermediate layer of a insulating material, and a third outer layer of high-density refractory materials. The vessel also includes a multi-layered bottom a first bottom layer comprised of one or more layers of high-density refractory material, and a second bottom layer comprised of insulating materials. The vessel has at least one opening in the wall of the vessel for the introduction of feed material located just above the slag layer.05-07-2009
20100086002Heating Furnace System for Hot Stamping - Disclosed is a heating furnace system for hot stamping. A first heating furnace has a plurality of pairs of upper and lower rolls arranged in a lengthwise direction thereof in order to transfer a steel plate, and high-frequency coils alternately arranged with the pairs of upper and lower rolls in the lengthwise direction thereof. A second heating furnace continuously transfers the steel plate from the first heating furnace during heating the steel plate at temperature of A04-08-2010
20130142212GRAPHITIZATION FURNACE AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING GRAPHITE - Graphite is produced from powder as a carbon source by means of a graphitization furnace. The graphitization furnace is comprised of: an electrically conductive crucible including a hollow configured to house the powder; an electrode including a columnar shaft and a head provided at an end of the shaft, the head having a shape selected from the group consisting of a sphere, a hemisphere, a column with a rounded edge, a cone, and a cone with a rounded tip; and a power source configured to apply electric current to the powder through the crucible and the electrode.06-06-2013
20120263207METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MANUFACTURING THERMOELECTRIC CONVERSION ELEMENT - The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for manufacturing a thermoelectric conversion element. The present invention provides an apparatus for manufacturing a thermoelectric conversion element that can easily realize a high-density array of thermoelectric conversion elements and secure connection reliability. This is an apparatus for manufacturing a thermoelectric conversion element that sucks a p-type or n-type thermoelectric conversion material into heat-resisting insulating tube 10-18-2012
20100208765FURNACE DAMPER CONTROL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A furnace damper control system and method thereof including a furnace having at least one opening through which electromagnetic radiation from within the furnace may be sensed, an exhaust duct capable of receiving an exhaust gas stream emerging from the furnace, and a controllable damper capable of adjusting the pressure in the exhaust duct. A sensor is capable of sensing electromagnetic radiation through one or more of the openings of the furnace and generating a sensor signal corresponding to the electromagnetic radiation, and a processor is capable of processing the sensor signal and generating a monitoring signal responsive to a parameter of the electromagnetic radiation indicative of furnace emissions. A controller is capable of controlling the damper responsive to the monitoring signal indicative of the furnace emissions.08-19-2010
20090161719LINEAR ELECTRON SOURCE, EVAPORATOR USING LINEAR ELECTRON SOURCE, AND APPLICATIONS OF ELECTRON SOURCES - An evaporation apparatus for evaporating a material to be deposited is described. The evaporation apparatus includes at least one evaporation crucible having a body with an area for receiving the material to be deposited at one side; a linear electron source being positioned adjacent to the evaporation crucible for impingement of an electron beam on another side. The linear electron source includes a housing acting as a first electrode, the housing having side walls; slit opening in the housing for trespassing of a electron beam, the slit opening defining a length direction of the source; a second electrode being arranged within the housing and having a first side facing the slit opening; and at least one gas supply for providing a gas into the housing, wherein the first electrode is the anode and the second electrode is the cathode.06-25-2009

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