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Electric power conversion systems

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20080291698Control Method and Controller for Pwm Cyclo-Converter - A control method for a PWM cyclo-converter is provided in which a voltage can be accurately generated even when a voltage command is small.11-27-2008
20090067198CONTACTLESS POWER SUPPLY - A system includes a first device configured to receive a first wireless power associated with a first electromagnetic wave from a wireless power source. The first device is configured to convert the first wireless power to a first DC power, store the first DC power, and convert the first DC power stored in the first device to a second wireless power associated with a second electromagnetic wave. The system includes a second device configured to receive the second wireless power from the first device. The second device is configured to convert the second wireless power to a second DC power. The first device can receive the first wireless power at a first location and can convert the first DC power stored in the first device to the second wireless power at a second location different from the first location.03-12-2009
20090147540METHOD FOR OPERATING A CONVERTER CIRCUIT - A method and arrangement are disclosed for operating a converter circuit. Such a converter circuit has a converter unit having a multiplicity of drivable power semiconductor switches. The converter unit is connected to an electrical AC voltage supply system on the AC voltage side. The drivable power semiconductor switches are driven by means of a drive signal formed from reference voltages (u*Na, u*Nb, u*Nc). The reference voltages (u*Na, u*Nb, u*Nc) are formed from a periodic modulation index and from a periodic modulation angle.06-11-2009
20110103096THIRTY-SIX PULSE POWER TRANSFORMER AND POWER CONVERTER INCORPORATING SAME - Embodiments of the present invention provide novel techniques for using multiple 18-pulse rectifier circuits in parallel. In particular, each rectifier circuit may include an autotransformer having 15 inductors coupled in series, joined by 15 nodes interposed between pairs of the inductors. The inductors may be represented as a hexagon in which alternating sides of the hexagon have two and three inductors, respectively. Each rectifier circuit may also include three inputs for three-phase AC power coupled to alternating vertices of the hexagonal representation and nine outputs for AC power coupled between each node that is not a vertex of the hexagonal representation and a respective diode bridge. Outputs of the diode bridges for the rectifier circuits may be coupled to a DC bus. In addition, a means for reducing circulating current between the parallel rectifier circuits and for promoting load sharing between the parallel rectifier circuits is also provided.05-05-2011
20080278967AC TO DC POWER CONVERTER FOR AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS - Three coils, each having several serial windings, have selected windings connected in a delta. Input AC power is applied through outrigger windings at the delta apices. At least two strategically located, direct tap, natural output points are provided at each side of the delta. For 6-phase output, only the six natural output points are required. For 9-phase output, an additional central output terminal connects to each side of the delta through a stub winding. The 6-phase or 9-phase output is passed to a rectifier circuit.11-13-2008
20090323382ADAPTER CONNECTION STRUCTURE - The present invention discloses an adapter connection structure, which comprises a first converter and a second converter. The first converter is connected to at least one input terminal to receive an input power and converts the input power into a transitional power. The second converter is connected to the first converter via a transit cable to transmit the transitional power, converts the transitional power into a DC output power and outputs the DC output power via a DC power cable. As the transitional power transmitted from the first converter to the second converter is in form of a high-voltage and high-frequency AC power or a high-voltage DC power, the power transmission loss in the transit cable is reduced. Therefore, the present invention not only can reduce transmission loss but also can adopt a less expensive cable. Thus is reduced the total cost of buying and using the adapter.12-31-2009
20110305056DESK TOP ITEM WITH LED MEANS HAS USB-UNIT(S) OR USB-MODULE TO CHARGE OTHER ELECTRIC OR DIGITAL DATA DEVICE(S) - The Desk Top items with LED means has USB-unit(s) or USB-Module to charge other electric or digital device(s) which offer people to charge smart phone or electric & digital data device from near by place items to quick charge other device(s) while people work, rest, stay. The said desk top items with LED means offer people including illumination, visual effects, smell, airflow, liquid, food, sound, music, digital data outputs and put items near by people stay or locations so add the said USB-unit(s) or USB-Module on the said Desk Top items with LED means will easily to allow people to get desired power source from USB-unit(s) or USB-Module's output end(s) to charge the items at most convenient near-by place than before. The said items may in group of combination selected from LED lamp, light fixture, air freshener, air fan, liquid device, food device, radio, music device, sound device, clock, weather station, electric photo frame, or any conventional available electric items with LED means. Same as desk top items with LED means has Outlet-unit(s) or Outlet-modules to supply the electric power to other electric or digital data device(s).12-15-2011
20120026771VEHICLE-USE POWER SUPPLY CONTROL APPARATUS AND CONTROL APPARATUS FOR CONTROLLING ELECTRIC ROTATING MACHINE MOUNTED ON VEHICLE AS MAIN ENGINE - The vehicle-use power supply control apparatus is for controlling transmission of electric power between a vehicle-mounted power supply apparatus including switching elements turned on and off in accordance with manipulation signals and an external power supply located outside the vehicle. The vehicle-use power supply control apparatus includes a control section to output an electric power transmission command signal depending on an electric power transmission request signal received from an external device, and a manipulation signal generating section to generate the manipulation signals based on the electric power transmission command signal received from the control section. The control section is configured to operate in order that noise sound generated due to switching operation of the vehicle-mounted power supply apparatus is within an audio frequency range.02-02-2012

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