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338322000 WITH TERMINAL 12
20100039210QUICK CONNECT FITTINGS - A resistor assembly and method of assembling a resistor to a coupling, comprises providing a resistor having a first end and a second end, the resistor being tubular in shape and providing a coupling housing having an open end for receiving the first end of the resistor, the coupling housing including a sealing member, a retainer, and a support washer. The retainer is interposed between the support washer and sealing member. The first end of the resistor is inserted into the open end of the coupling housing. The tube is rotated within the coupling housing so that the resistor is in sealing engagement with the sealing member and retained by retaining member.02-18-2010
20130120103Liquid-Cooled Resistor Device - A liquid-cooled resistor device including a block having a liquid inlet, a liquid outlet, and a cavity. The cavity is provided with a liquid flow path between the liquid inlet and the liquid outlet. The cavity can have an open side which is closed by a thermally conductive, electrically insulating flat layer. The flat layer can further support a flat resistor, the main plane of each being in parallel. The device can further include an electrically insulating blocking plate, fastenable to the block. The blocking plate can face the resistor to block the resistor on the flat layer. The device can also include a elastic pressing device positioned and configured to force the flat layer against the resistor.05-16-2013
20080266046Phase change cooled electrical resistor - A technique is disclosed for cooling resistive elements, such as brake resistors used in motor drives, as well as other resistors. A phase change heat spreader is thermally coupled to the resistive element and a continuous phase change cycle takes place in the heat spreader to extract heat from the resistive element. The element and heat spreader may be packaged as a modular unit or may be integrated into a system.10-30-2008
20110012706Smart link coupled to power line - A smart link in a power delivery system includes an insulator, which electrically isolates a power line, and a switchable conductance placed in parallel with the insulator. The switchable conductance includes switchgear for sourcing, sinking, and/or dispatching real and/or reactive power on the power line to dynamically in response to dynamic loading, transient voltages and/or currents, and phase conditions or other conditions on the power line.01-20-2011
20120126933High power water-cooling resistor of converter valve for high voltage direct current transmission - This present invention provides a high power water-cooling resistor used for high voltage direct current converter valve, which adopts water-cooling directly. It is characterized by that there are four resistance films, the resistance layer with required resistance, wherein the power of each resistance film can be up to 1500 w at least to form high power resistor. The water flows through one side of resistance film-substrate to take away the heat produced by resistor. The resistor adopts insulated cooling. The thermal resistance between resistor and water is extremely low, and the heat transfer area is also large, the temperature of the resistor declines greatly at the same power. It makes the high power water-cooling resistor have high power to volume ratio; its power can be up to 6 kW under adequate water flow condition. It is suitable for high power condition. The inside space of resistor body is large, so there are some advantages when water cut off is test. The case of the resistor is made of white high strength pps engineering plastic, and it can bear 2 Mpa water pressure, which is better than PVDF material. The inlet and outlet are all the bottom of the resistor, and the wire terminals are the top.05-24-2012
20100156588RESISTOR STRUCTURE OF PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL AND TRIMMING METHOD THEREOF - An embodiment of a resistor formed by at least one first portion and one second portion, electrically connected to one another and with different crystalline phases. The first portion has a positive temperature coefficient, and the second portion has a negative temperature coefficient. The first portion has a first resistivity, and the second portion has a second resistivity, and the portions are connected so that the resistor has an overall temperature coefficient that is approximately zero.06-24-2010
20100052840LOW VARIATION RESISTOR - This document discloses low variation resistor devices, methods, systems, and methods of manufacturing the same. In some implementations, a low-variation resistor can be implemented with a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistor (“MOSFET”) operating in the triode (e.g., ohmic) region. The MOSFET can have a source that is connected to a reference voltage (e.g., ground) and a gate connected to a gate voltage source. The gate voltage source can generate a gate voltage that varies in proportion to changes in the temperature of an operating environment. The gate voltage variation can, for example, be controlled so that it offsets the changes in MOSFET resistance that are caused by changes in temperature. In some implementations, the gate voltage variation offsets the resistance variance by offsetting changes in transistor mobility that are caused by changes in temperature.03-04-2010
20090179730Resistor Element with PTC Properties and High Electrical and Thermal Conductivity - A resistor element with a ceramic body that has PTC properties is specified. At least one main surface of the ceramic body has an arrangement of depressions.07-16-2009
20110273263Near Zero TCR Resistor Configurations - A microchip resistor device is disclosed in which first and second resistive elements are formed on a substrate. The first resistive element has a first resistance value and a positive temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) over a selected temperature range. The second resistive element has a second resistance value and a negative TCR over the selected temperature range. The first and second resistive elements do not overlap each other. The first and second resistive elements are operatively connected with one or more conductors to provide a current path between the two elements. The product of the first resistance value and the positive temperature coefficient of resistance is substantially equal in magnitude to the product of the second resistance value and the negative temperature coefficient of resistance.11-10-2011
20130181807CURRENT-SENSING RESISTOR - The invention relates to a current-sensing resistor (07-18-2013
20100117783CHIP RESISTOR AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A chip resistor (A05-13-2010
20090021342Thick Film Layered Resistive Device Employing a Dielectric Tape - A resistive device for use in providing a resistive load to a target under the application of power from a power source is provided, the resistive device being adapted for electrical connection to the power source through a pair of terminal wires. The resistive device includes a thick film material, and the thick film material defines at least one layer of tape. The resistive device can be, by way of example, a heater or a load resistor, and can also include a substrate onto which a layer of dielectric tape is disposed, a resistive layer disposed on the layer of dielectric tape, and a protective layer disposed on the resistive layer.01-22-2009
20100039211RESISTIVE COMPONENT AND METHOD OF MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A resistive component suitable for detecting electric current in a circuit and a method of manufacturing the resistive component are provided. The resistive component includes a carrier, a resistive layer, an electrode unit, an upper oxide layer and a protective layer. The resistive layer comprises copper alloy and is disposed on the carrier. The electrode unit is electrically connected to the resistive layer. The upper oxide layer is disposed on a part of a surface of the resistive layer and includes oxides of the resistive layer. The protective layer covers at least a part of the upper oxide layer.02-18-2010
20100097172LAMINATED BODY AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A laminated body and fabrication method thereof, which allow space saving and control of variation in internal layer resistance, are provided. When forming an internal-layer resistive element 04-22-2010
20120212317Tunable Resistance Conductive Ink Circuit - The method and system of high-resistance, multiple-conductor flat cables which contain integral tunable resistance sections suitable for fine tuning the resistance of a conductor to match the resistance of the conductors to one another within a specified target value. The method involves the design and creation of the high-resistance, multiple-conductor flat cables and the tuning of the resistance of the conductor.08-23-2012
20090179731Resistor Arrangement - According to a first preferred embodiment, a resistor arrangement with resistor elements is specified whose first electrodes are conductively connected to each other by means of a flexible, conductive connection element that is curved. The connection element has changes in curvature in the regions arranged between two adjacent resistor elements. According to a second preferred embodiment, a resistor arrangement with resistor elements is specified that are connected to each other by a flexible connection element. The resistor elements each have an arrangement of slot-like recesses.07-16-2009
20100171583BI-DIRECTIONAL BEND RESISTOR - A system and method for a bi-directional bend resistor are disclosed. The bidirectional deflectable resistor has a variable resistance stack on a top surface of a substrate having a resistance that changes predictably when an electrical signal is applied thereto. The change of resistance of the variable resistance stack reflects an amount of deflection of the bi-directional bend resistor. The variable resistance stack allows for the measurement of deflection of the bi-directional bend resistor in all directions.07-08-2010
20120293298MULTI-TOUCH PANEL INCLUDING EQUIPOTENTIAL LINE DISTORTION CORRECTOR - There is provided a multi-touch panel that includes equipotential line distortion correctors each for realizing an equipotential line with no distortion in a simple structure, even in a case where drawing wires have different length for respective input areas. The multi-touch panel includes a first conductive film and a second conductive film that are formed respectively on a first substrate 11-22-2012
20080303627RESISTOR FOR MICROWAVE APPLICATIONS - A resistor assembly for use at microwave frequencies, has a substrate with first and second contacts or metalizations at either end of the substrate. A third contact or metallization is provided on one side of the substrate generally in the middle thereof. First and second resistors, as thin film resistors, are provided on the substrate extending between the first and second contacts and the third, central contact. A third resistor is provided on the other side of the substrate, connecting the first and second contacts, so as to form a delta configuration of three resistors. This then provides a resistor configuration that can be used to implement a three port Wilkinson splitter or combiner.12-11-2008
20120223806INSULATION STRUCTURE FOR RESISTOR GRIDS - An insulation board for a resistor grid and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The insulation board consists of a plurality of longitudinal voids. One or more longitudinal structural members are disposed in the longitudinal voids. The longitudinal structural members may be shaped to conform to the shape of the longitudinal voids. The method of constructing the insulation board includes providing a profiled block and inserting one or more longitudinal structural members in the longitudinal voids. Alternatively, the insulation board may be constructed by providing one or more longitudinal structural members and molding a profiled block over the longitudinal structural members. One or more rows of transverse pin holes may be provided along the length of the insulation board for engaging pins of resistive elements of the resistor grid.09-06-2012
20090212900SURFACE MOUNTED CHIP RESISTOR WITH FLEXIBLE LEADS - A chip resistor having first and second opposite ends includes a rigid insulated substrate having a top surface and an opposite bottom surface, a first electrically conductive termination pad and a second electrically conductive termination pad, both termination pads on the top surface of the rigid insulated substrate, a layer of resistive material between the first and second electrically conductive termination pads, and a first and a second flexible lead, each made of an electrically conductive metal with a solder enhancing coating. The first flexible lead attached and electrically connected to the first electrically conductive termination pad and the second flexible lead attached and electrically connected to the second electrically conductive termination pad. Each of the flexible leads has a plurality of lead sections facilitating bending around the end of the chip resistor.08-27-2009
20090102599Duplex-attachment of ceramic disk PTC to substrates - This is a ceramic disk PTC and heater assembly, and a method for attaching one to the other, the combination useful in the heating elements of solid ink printing apparatus. The ceramic disk PTC attachment method is made up of a low melting temperature solder and a high operating temperature adhesive. The solder attaches the disk to a substrate, and provides a low resistance electrical and thermal bond to the substrate. The adhesive is used to substantially completely encircle the solder, containing the solder when melted, and keeping the PTC attached when the solder is melted. The adhesive can also partially encircle the solder to a degree sufficient to substantially prevent substantial escape of molten solder from the attachment area.04-23-2009
338215000 WITH SWITCH 4
20080278277Digitally controllable on-chip resistors and methods - A digitally controllable resistor includes a substrate and at least one digitally controllable resistance stage formed on the substrate. Each of the stage(s) can include a first resistor connected in series with a switch and a second resistor connected in parallel with the first resistor and the switch. Each stage can also include a control line connected to the switch for opening and closing the switch in response to a control bit associated therewith. Multiple resistance stages can be connected in series and the digitally controllable variable resistor can be integrated onto a substrate.11-13-2008
20110109422Impedance Calibration Circuit with Uniform Step Heights - An integrated circuit includes a first connection line; a second connection line; a plurality of tuning resistors with each having a sequence number and being coupled between the first connection line and the second connection line; and a plurality of switches, with each being coupled in series with one of the plurality of tuning resistors. The sequence numbers of the plurality of tuning resistors are continuous. The resistance values of the plurality of tuning resistors are a function of the respective sequence numbers.05-12-2011
20100194521OPERATING DEVICE FOR AN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE AND OPERATING METHOD - An operating device for an electrical appliance has a control panel and an operating element for rotary actuation arranged thereon and a controller, wherein said operating element is mounted in a receptacle arranged behind said control panel and comprises on a front a touch-sensitive switch with a sensor element being connected electrically conductively to said controller. Said operating device comprises a retraction device for retracting said operating element into its recessed position in said receptacle by pressing. Said retraction device is configured in such a way that said knob can only be retracted into its recessed position in a single retraction rotational position, said touch-sensitive switch being deactivated by said controller in said retraction rotational position.08-05-2010
20080197966Pulse Resistor (Brake Resistor) For A Frequency Converter In The Higher Voltage And Capacity Range - The invention relates to a pulse resistor for a frequency converter in the higher voltage and capacity range. The inventive pulse resistor is characterized by comprising at least two bipolar subsystems (08-21-2008
338049000 SHUNT TYPE 3
20090174522ARRANGEMENT COMPRISING A SHUNT RESISTOR AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING AN ARRANGEMENT COMPRISING A SHUNT RESISTOR - The invention relates to an arrangement comprising a shunt resistor with at least an electrically conductive first connecting leg and an electrically conductive second connecting leg. A resistance area of the shunt resistor is electrically connected to the first connecting leg and to the second connecting leg. The arrangement further comprises a circuit carrier with a first metallization and a second metallization. The first connecting leg is directly joined to the first metallization and the second connecting leg is directly joined to the second metallization. The resistance area of the shunt resistor is in thermal contact with the thermally conductive substrate by use of a thermal filler arranged between the resistance area and the substrate, and/or by directly contacting the resistance area with the substrate.07-09-2009
20120154104Electronic component and corresponding production method - The invention relates to an electronic component (06-21-2012
20120229247SHUNT RESISTOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - Provided is a shunt resistor which has an excellent accuracy of current detection and a small temperature drift as well as a compact structure, and improves the operability. The shunt resistor is provided with a resistance body (09-13-2012
20130120104CURRENT SENSING RESISTOR AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The present invention relates to a current sensing resistor made by an electrically conductive metal plate, and the current sensing resistor comprising: a middle portion; a first portion with a first slot located at one side of the middle portion; and a second portion with a second slot located at the other side of the middle portion opposite to the first portion; wherein each of the first and second portions is divided into a current terminal and a sensing terminal by the first and second slots respectively, and the current terminals of the first and second portions have a length greater than that of the sensing terminals of the first and second portions; characterized in that the middle portion has a middle slot and the length of the middle slot can be used for controlling the stability of resistance for the current sensing resistor.05-16-2013
20100194523ELECTRICAL RESISTOR STRUCTURE - This electrical resistor structure which includes a frame (08-05-2010
20090174523THICK FILM RESISTOR - In a flat plate type thick film resistor, an insulation performance is improved by excluding the nonuniformity of potential distribution on a wiring plane, which is generated when electric current flows in a resistance wire. Simultaneously, generation of noise depending on potential distribution and variation of stray capacitance around a resistor is suppressed. When the resistance wire having a constant thickness and uniform resistivity, which is formed on an insulating substrate, is connected to a pair electrode conductors that face to each other, in the way that the resistance wire is repetitively bent to the alternate side in zigzags, a potential gradient on the wiring plane, which is generated when electric current flows in the resistance wire, is constant by properly selecting the line width, the bending angle, and the spacing between bending vertexes of a resistance wire.07-09-2009
20120013433ELECTRIC LINE - The present invention concerns an electric line (01-19-2012
20080258861Switching Resistor for an Electric Switching Device - A switching resistor for an electric switching device having an electrically conductive resistive material. The resistive material is a resistive material on a synthetic material basis.10-23-2008
20080258860Universal Light String Lamp Bypass Device - A universal light string lamp bypass device is comprised of a plug and a resistor. The plug is shaped and sized to releasably fit within the base of a lamp assembly. The plug encapsulates the resistor with the resistor leads extending from the bottom end of the plug. When the encapsulated resistor is inserted into a lamp base it can be electrically connected to the lamp socket terminals. The impedance of the resistor substantially matches the impedance of an operating lamp within a lamp socket of the light string. Most lamp bases have a standard configuration for receiving a lamp. This device fits within a lamp base after the lamp has been removed. A section of a light string may be darkened by replacing its lamps with the device. A typical use is for the darkening of a section of a light string connecting two decorated bushes.10-23-2008
20100127818HOISTING MACHINE - A hoisting machine is provided that is capable of efficiently dissipating heat generated from an inverter incorporated in the hoisting machine main body into the surrounding air with a simple structure and hence capable of performing high-frequency operation.05-27-2010
20080297303ELECTRICAL DISCONNECT SYSTEM - The disclosed embodiments include an electrical disconnect system and method for a vehicle having a high voltage electrical system. In one embodiment, the system includes a service disconnect base being electrically coupled to the electrical system. A service disconnect plug is attachable to the service disconnect base and has a resistive device integrally formed therein. Current within the electrical system flows through the service disconnect base and the service disconnect plug when the service disconnect plug is connected to the service disconnect base. The current is limited to a current level no greater than a predetermined current level.12-04-2008
20110128115Non-Inductive Resistor and the Manufacturing Method Thereof - A non-inductive resistor and a method of manufacturing a non-inductive resistor are disclosed. The non-inductive resistor comprises a resistance rod, a conductive layer, a clockwise cut mark, and a counterclockwise cut mark. The resistance rod comprises a first end and a second end, and a cutting center is established between the first end and the second end. The conductive layer is used for covering the resistance rod between the first end and the second end. The clockwise cut mark is situated on the conductive layer between the first end and the cutting center. The counterclockwise cut mark is situated on the conductive layer between the second end and the cutting center, wherein the clockwise cut mark and counterclockwise cut mark are used for counteracting an inductance effect of the non-inductive resistor.06-02-2011
20120007710CARBON FIBER ELECTRICAL CONTACTS FORMED OF COMPOSITE MATERIAL INCLUDING PLURAL CARBON FIBER ELEMENTS BONDED TOGETHER IN LOW-RESISTANCE SYNTHETIC RESIN - An electrical contact device, configured for electrical signals to be transmitted therethrough and for movable contact with an electrically conductive track, includes a composite carbon fiber material including plural carbon fiber elements aligned in substantially the same direction. At least a portion of the plural carbon fiber elements is bonded together in a semi-conductive (low-resistance) synthetic resin compound.01-12-2012
20090243788Fan Resistor - A fan resistor is formed with a resistive pattern of electrically conductive material sandwiched between two panels of thermally conductive material. An insulating barrier on each surface of the resistive pattern electrically insulates it from the thermally conductive panels. The resistive pattern is cut from a sheet of metal using a stamping machine and the cut resistive pattern is dropped on one of the panels, a surface of which has an electrically insulating barrier thereon.10-01-2009

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