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Electricity: single generator systems

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20090096431Optimal load controller method and device - A method and device for optimizing power output of a power generation system having a load engaging system, a load optimizing system, a load selection system, a motive driver and one or more loads or power transfer parameters. The power generation system is configured using an electrical generator to consume system power out. The load engaging system decides when and how the load or power transfer parameters are applied to and removed from the system. The load selection system enables multiple power transfer parameters to be optimized by selecting and isolating one power transfer parameter at a time to be optimized. The load optimizing system optimizes system power output by manipulating the selected power transfer parameter, dynamically in response to change in power output.04-16-2009
20080203978Frequency converter for a double-fed asynchronous generator with variable power output and method for its operation - A frequency converter circuit for a double-fed asynchronous generator with a variable power output, which can be connected to a voltage network contains a rotor rectifier, which can be connected to the rotor of the asynchronous generator, a network frequency converter, which can be connected to the voltage network, and an intermediate circuit. The intermediate circuit contains a semiconductor switch arranged on the rotor rectifier, an intermediate circuit capacitor arranged on the network frequency converter, and a diode arranged between the semiconductor switch and the intermediate circuit capacitor. According to a method for operating such a frequency converter circuit, the semiconductor switch is kept closed during the sub-synchronous operation of the asynchronous generator, and during at least some periods of synchronous or super-synchronous operation of the asynchronous generator the semiconductor switch is opened.08-28-2008
20120262128CONTROL DEVICE FOR VEHICLE AC GENERATOR - In a control device for a vehicle AC generator, a voltage control includes target voltage adjusting means for adjusting a target voltage value in response to a target change command from an external control unit and a gradual excitation control circuit that controls an excitation duty to increase according to an excitation duty control characteristic when a vehicle load increases and when the target voltage adjusting means varies the target voltage value to a lower value. The gradual excitation control circuit includes duty characteristic varying means for varying the excitation duty control characteristic. The duty characteristic varying means varies a rate of increase of the excitation duty in a predetermined region of the excitation duty control characteristic in comparison with its other region.10-18-2012
20080224670ELECTRICAL POWER GENERATION SYSTEM - An electrical power generation system and method for generating electrical power are provided. The electrical power generation system utilizes a master controller for controlling operation of devices coupled to an AC electrical grid and DC electrical grid based on parameter values associated with a renewable power generator.09-18-2008
20100289459POWER SUPPLY DEVICE - Provided is a power supply device including: a magneto generator (11-18-2010
20120206112High voltage oscilloscope - The invention described above is a method of producing high voltage alternating current electricity for use in the electrolysis of liquid. The advantages of using high voltage alternating current over just direct current are that there are resonant frequencies for functional groups in any chemical. By using high voltage alternating current instead of just direct current new pathways might be found to produce chemicals. Possibly even the production of synthetic fuels. My invention is a tool for use in this experimentation. The high voltage oscilloscope provides for means of controlling both frequency and voltage at a specific test site.08-16-2012
20130181687FAULT TOLERANT ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEM - A fault tolerant electric drive system comprises an alternator, a motor controller and an electric motor, wherein the alternator and motor each have a plurality of corresponding independent phase windings, the motor controller having a plurality of independent phase drives corresponding to the phase windings, and a plurality of independent electric drive phases is defined by connecting each corresponding phase winding of the alternator and motor to a corresponding phase drive of the motor controller.07-18-2013
20090243559UNIVERSAL, FAIL-SAFE, COMMON CONTROL OF MULTIPLE ALTERNATORS ELECTRICALLY CONNECTED IN TANDEM PARALLEL FOR PRODUCING HIGH CURRENT - Two or more alternators—each typically of an economical cost and of any mixture of types and capacities—are turned by a single power source—normally the engine of a large commercial truck or bus burning fuel so as to produce minimum emissions and thus operating at such higher combustion temperature as does raises the ambient temperature of the engine compartment to 125° Celsius. The several alternators are electrically connected in tandem-parallel across a battery/load. A corresponding number of identical electronic voltage regulators, preferably of the type described in U.S. Pat. No. 5,723,972 modified according to the present invention, respectively individually control the alternators. One electronic voltage regulators externally programmed to become a designated “master” produces a “universal” control signal in response to variations in a voltage across the battery/load. This “universal” control signal is used (1) in the “master” electronic voltage regulator itself to provide regulation to an associated alternator, and is wired to all other voltage regulators externally programmed as “followers” to (2) produce in each of these voltage regulators produces a signal for the regulation control of its associated alternator not by reference to the battery/load voltage (as would be normal), but rather by reference to the “universal” control signal.10-01-2009
20120001597ELECTRIC POWER CONVERTING APPARATUS - A microcomputer that exercises driving control and power-generation control over a motor generator unit and a power-generation maintaining unit that, separately from the power-generation control exercised by the microcomputer, maintains a power-generation process performed by the motor generator unit are provided. While the microcomputer is operating normally, the power-generation maintaining unit allows the microcomputer to exercise the power-generation control. When an abnormality has occurred in the microcomputer, the power-generation maintaining unit maintains the power-generation process performed by the motor generator unit, in an autonomous manner independently of the microcomputer.01-05-2012
20100097037POWER GENERATION CONTROL METHOD OF HYBRID CONSTRUCTION MACHINE AND HYBRID CONSTRUCTION MACHINE - A power generation control method of a hybrid construction machine capable of maintaining voltage of a capacitor in an appropriate range while minimizing capacitance of the capacitor and of surely preventing a system from being rendered inoperative, and the hybrid construction machine are provided. For this purpose, swing power corresponding to electric power consumed by a swing motor for swinging a part of a body relative to other parts is sequentially calculated, a value of the calculated swing power is converted to a smaller value, a power generation command of a generator motor is sequentially generated using the converted value, and the generated power generation command is output to an inverter for driving the generator motor.04-22-2010
20090200992U-POWER Portable Entertainment Center and Power Supply - A self contained unit to provide portable electrical power consisting of a generator, storage battery, power inverter, and AC/DC power outlets. The case provides mounting for various electrical and electronic entertainment equipment including but not limited to a LCD video monitor, CD/VCR player, MP3 docking station, and audio speakers. Power is generated by pushing, pulling, or turning the generator by provided pedals.08-13-2009
20080265844STARTER SYSTEM FOR PORTABLE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE ELECTRIC GENERATORS USING A PORTABLE UNIVERSAL BATTERY PACK - A portable power driven system has a manually movable frame. In one example, an internal combustion engine and a generator device that generates AC power are supported on the frame. The internal combustion engine drives the generator device. An electrically powered starting device is coupled to the internal combustion engine and is controllable by a remote ignition system to enable the start-up of the internal combustion engine from a remote location. A control panel is coupled to the frame and includes at least one AC outlet and a battery receptacle that is electrically coupled to the starting device. The battery receptacle is materially the same as a foot of a cordless power tool that receives a battery pack.10-30-2008
20080218131No emission portable generator - A generator without emissions that portably temporarily and quietly is capable of producing electrical power for household appliances in the event of a blackout. The generator has a power source such as a battery and on/off switch operably connected to an electrical motor. The motor is connected to an alternator that is operably connected to at least one outlet. The generator is contained in a housing that may be moved by the user.09-11-2008
20080231239Generator Set with Dual Mounting Capability - A generator set is provided with both a pin-on mount mechanism and a clamp-on mount mechanism for mounting the generator set to a container. Both the pin-on mount mechanism and the clamp-on mount mechanism are selectively positionable in either a deployed for use position or a stowed position. When the clamp-on mount mechanism is in the deployed for use position, the pin-on mount mechanism is positioned in a stowed position. When the pin-on mount mechanism is in the deployed for use position, the clamp-on mount mechanism is positioned in the stowed position.09-25-2008
20090251113CORDLESS POWER TRANSFER - A system for cordless transfer of power for appliances or electronic devices 10-08-2009
20120235648GENERATOR ROTOR AND BLEED RESISTOR ASSEMBLY - A generator includes a rotor structure has a rotor frame that supports a rotor circuit. The rotor frame is electrically connected to the rotor circuit via a resistive element.09-20-2012
20120074912INVERTER GENERATOR - A control circuit (microcomputer) is provided in each of two inverter portions. Magnitude of a target waveform signal corresponding to a voltage to be output by each of the inverter portions is varied according to an operation state. The number of revolution of the engine is adjusted according to the larger one of the effective powers output from the two inverter portions. To cope with a temporary output shortage from the AC generator, the output voltage is temporarily lowered and then the output voltage is restored after waiting for the number of revolution of the engine increases.03-29-2012
20090134848ELECTRONIC CONTROL FOR A HYDRAULICALLY DRIVEN GENERATOR - Hydraulic system for driving an auxiliary power source is provided, which is specifically adapted for use with a system for controlling hydraulically driven AC generator. The system includes a hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor that are connected by a fluid circuit. The hydraulic motor drivably connected to an AC generator and is operated in a manner to generate a stable AC power output. The system may include a valve which bypasses fluid around the motor or a variable displacement pump so that the fluid flow rate through the hydraulic motor is controlled in a manner to maintain the desired AC generator output level. Sensors are further provided measuring operating parameters of the system so that the controller can maintain desired operating condition limits05-28-2009
20080197815Vehicle electrical system having a reverse polarization detector - A vehicle electrical system includes an alternator, a rectifier connected to the alternator, a battery which is connectable to the output connections of the rectifier, and a reverse polarization detector connected to the battery. The reverse polarization detector includes a diode. In addition, the reverse polarization detector has a threshold-value element connected in series with the diode.08-21-2008

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