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312228000 WITH BASIN OR TUB 122
312237000 COMBINED 85
312114000 SHOW-CASE TYPE 52
312700200 TELEVISION TYPE 33
312140100 COUNTERS 19
312224000 WITH MIRROR 11
312100000 OUTDOOR TYPE 10
312205000 EXPANSIBLE 6
20090121597FOOD DISPLAY WITH SHELVING SYSTEM - A food storage device for storing a food product, a shelf positioned at least partially within the housing, and a coupling assembly coupling the shelf to the housing and adjustable (e.g., infinitely) to position the shelf in one of a plurality of different angles relative to the housing. Preferably, the housing comprises a frame creating a surface coupled to the coupling assembly, and a translucent panel coupled to the frame to facilitate viewing food product positioned in the housing. In one embodiment, the coupling assembly comprises a magnetic assembly including a magnet secured to the shelf and magnetically coupled to the housing. Preferably, the magnetic assembly further comprises a magnet holder secured to the shelf, wherein the magnet is secured to the holder. In this embodiment, the magnet can be secured to the magnet holder by an intermediate material (e.g., plastic) positioned between the magnet and the magnet holder. The coupling assembly preferably includes a bracket that is positioned in an opening in the shelf. For example, the bracket can include an upper protrusion that engages an upper surface of the shelf and a lower protrusion that engages a lower surface of the shelf.05-14-2009
20100060122REMOVABLY SECURED, FLUSH-MOUNTED PANEL SYSTEM AND CABINET INCLUDING THE SAME - A panel system is provided that may be used to access underlying apparatus, such as utility lines underlying a dental or medical cabinet. The panel system may connect to a frame via, for example, a magnetic element. The panels may include substantially planar or smooth outwardly facing surfaces that may be readily cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected to provide an aseptic surface. The frame may be a support member on, for example, a cabinet, a cart, or a storage devices used in a dental or medical office.03-11-2010
20090108723HOLDER - A holder for holding an object in a storage position against the underside of a shelf that includes an upper arm adapted to engage an upper surface of the shelf and a lower arm maintained in spaced-apart relation to the upper arm by a body for engaging and supporting the object against the underside of the shelf. The space between the upper and lower arm is predetermined to be approximately equal to the combined thickness of the shelf and the object.04-30-2009
20100052490INSERT FOR TRUCK BOX - An insert is provided for the hollow interior of a trick tool box including one or more rails having mounting structure for supporting bins, trays, tool racks, tool holders, hooks, pegs and other means for storing items within the box interior.03-04-2010
20120091873FURNITURE SYSTEM - A furniture system which is readily reconfigurable into a variety of work surface configurations and shelving configurations as well as additional component configurations associated therewith so as to readily adapt the furniture system to the specific needs of an office area. The system includes a system of brackets which readily accommodates mounting of work surfaces at a variety of elevations, and a shelving system which maintains shelves of different materials and thicknesses so that the top surfaces thereof align in a common plane.04-19-2012
20100295431Writing desk of drawer connecting with the arms support board - A writing table having elbow supporting plate connected with drawer includes a push-and-pull big drawer arranged under a desktop, an elbow supporting plate is hinged at the top horizontal edge of the inner face of the drawer's faceplate. Or alternatively, a left small drawer and a right small drawer are arranged under the desktop at the left side and at the right side respectively, a left elbow supporting plate and a right elbow supporting plate are hinged at the top of the inner faces of the left and right small drawer's lateral plates, with the inward arc edges opposite.11-25-2010
20110080077Storing Apparatus for Use with Tool Cart - A storing apparatus includes an attaching portion, a handle and at least one storing portion. The attaching portion is used for attaching the storage apparatus to a drawer of a tool cart. The handle is operable for moving the drawer. The storing portion is used for storing small stuff such as screws and nuts.04-07-2011
20120176013Natural Scent Storage System - A storage cabinet for disguising a hunter's gear with a natural, outdoor scent. The device is an upright locker with a hinged door and a plurality of hooks and shelves for storing hunting clothing and gear. A removable scent tray is provided under a lowermost shelf. The tray holds natural items, such as leaves, twigs, dirt and other outdoor odorous material that have been provided to cloak a user's garments in a natural scent for disguising the user's presence in the wild. The tray and its contents are easily removed and dumped once depleted of their natural scent. Storing hunting gear in the locker for prolonged periods allows the gear to soak up a natural scent from the items below. The hunter or outdoorsman then dons the naturally scented apparel to conceal any unnatural or noticeable odors, allowing the user to blend into the natural environment of a prey habitat.07-12-2012
20130127317ROTATABLE BALL CART - A ball cart comprising a removable and rotatable ball basket having a plurality of separated chambers that are each able to hold a different kind of ball. Thus, whenever a particular type of ball is desired, a user is able to rotate the basket and lock it in place such that a lid of the chamber that holds balls of that type is accessible to the user. As a result, the user is able to easily select that type of balls desired from the ball cart without sifting through all of the balls in the ball cart.05-23-2013
20110115351Modular Case Goods and Components - The present disclosure provides modular case good apparatus including a base unit having a shell including a back panel with a lower edge, two side panels each with a rear edge, each side panel joined to the back panel on opposite ends of said back panel, a front panel joined to the one or more sides opposite the back panel, a top surface and a bottom surface, wherein said back panel does not extend to the surface upon which said base unit is placed, and one or more alignment dowel receiving elements; a chase including: a front panel which does not extend to the surface upon which the base unit is placed, two side panels, each having a front edge which do not extend to the surface upon which the base unit is placed, at least one alignment dowel receiving element and a top panel, wherein said base unit and said chase unit are reversibly connected through inserting the alignment dowel into the alignment dowel receiving elements on the back panel of the base unit and one or more alignment dowel receiving elements on the front panel of the chase and the insertion of one or more fastener assemblies through the front panel of the chase and the back panel of the base unit.05-19-2011
312238000 ROOM CORNER TYPE 5
20100084952Fitting for a corner cupboard comprising a pull-out, single-part shelf - A fitting for a corner cupboard, comprising a side wall and an access opening which borders the side wall and gives access to an interior of the corner cupboard over just a part of its width, has at least one single-part shelf, which in the work position of the fitting extends horizontally, two supporting arms, which in the work position of the fitting extend horizontally and which are mounted on the underside of the shelf, at two mutually spaced points, pivotably about vertical axes, a first support bearing for one of the two supporting arms, which has at least one linear guide defining a horizontally running pull-out direction for one of the two supporting arms, and a pivot bearing for defining a vertical pivot axis for the other of the two supporting arms.04-08-2010
20110193456Fitting for Corner Cabinets - A fitting for a corner cabinet has a support with a guide member supporting and moving a shelf on a path from inside the corner cabinet into a position in front of a door opening. The guide member is pivotably connected to the shelf bottom and to a part of the corner cabinet. A follower device couples door and shelf during opening of the door. The follower device has a follower body connected to the door and a coupling member connected to the shelf. A follower pawl of the follower body, during opening of the door, is secured in coupled position on the coupling member and is decoupled from the coupling member as the shelf moves farther after the door has reached an open position. The follower pawl, after transfer of the shelf into an intermediate pivot position and/or into a closed position, is re-coupled to the coupling member.08-11-2011
20110193455Fitting for a Corner Cabinet - A fitting for a corner cabinet accessible through a door has a support arranged stationarily in the interior of the corner cabinet for securing a shelf. The support has a guide member supporting the shelf and moving the shelf on a predetermined movement path from an inner position inside the cabinet into an outer position in front of a door opening of the corner cabinet. The guide member is pivotably connected to a bottom side of the shelf and pivotably connected to a corner cabinet wall. A pull-in device is operatively connected to the shelf and the guide member and automatically pulls in by an automatic pull-in action the shelf into the interior during a closing movement from the outer position into the innerposition. The automatic pull-in action begins at a predeterminable intermediate pivot position of the shelf during the closing movement.08-11-2011
20130063010Lower Corner Cabinet - A lower corner cabinet includes front and rear frames, front panel, first and second lateral panels, and a door panel. The rear frame is separated from the front frame. The front panel extends from the front frame. The first lateral panel includes an end pivotally joined to the front frame and another end pivotally joined to the rear frame and is foldable. The second lateral panel includes an end pivotally joined to the front panel and another end pivotally joined to the rear frame and is foldable. The bottom panel is selectively abutted against the front and rear frames and the first and second lateral panels and pivotally movable. The door panel extends from the front panel to the front frame. Moreover, the lower corner cabinet is operable in an extended position and a collapsed position and able to be changed therebetween without the aid of a tool.03-14-2013
20120306335Corner-Mount Electronics Cabinet - A cabinet for holding electronic equipment includes a first rear frame, a second rear frame, and a front frame. The second rear frame is oriented substantially orthogonal to the first rear frame. The front frame is secured to both the first rear frame and the second rear frame. The front frame includes an electronic equipment mounting element for mounting at least one of electronic equipment or a support for holding electronic equipment.12-06-2012
312700100 RADIO TYPE 5
20100109493AUDIO/VIDEO ELECTRONIC APPLIANCE, IN PARTICULAR A CAR RADIO, HAVING A REMOVABLE FRONT PLATE - The appliance comprises a casing, a removable front plate, an electrical connector, and mechanical means for assembling the front plate on the casing and for fastening it thereto. The mechanical means comprise, at a first end, means that form a separable hinge comprising at least one pair of respective magnetic elements such as permanent magnets disposed in the region of the connector and facing one another on the casing and the front plate, and the opposite end, means for locking the front plate to the casing. Mechanical coupling of the front plate on the casing at the location of the separable magnetic hinge results solely from the mutual attraction of the facing magnetic elements.05-06-2010
20130214652ADAPTABLE REMOTE RADIO UNIT MOUNTING FRAME - A prism-like frame for mounting telecom equipment made of a prism-like skeleton, which in turn is made of at least three vertical members coupled with at least six horizontal members, and at least one open panel connected to at least one lateral side of the skeleton, wherein the panel includes at least two horizontal members arranged apart from each other and away from the bottom and top of the skeleton.08-22-2013
20120091866SUBWOOFER MOUNTING BRACKET - Disclosed herein are embodiments of a speaker mounting assembly. In one such embodiment, the speaker mounting assembly comprises a speaker housing having a housing support surface, a speaker mounting bracket having a base surface, a projection extending from one of the speaker housing and the speaker mounting bracket and a mounting structure formed on the other of the speaker housing and the speaker mounting bracket. The mounting structure is configured to receive the projection such that the housing support surface contacts the base surface when the projection is received in the mounting structure. The mounting structure has an anti-rotation structure configured to prevent rotation of the speaker housing with respect to the speaker mounting bracket.04-19-2012
20120068582JEWELRY CABINET - A jewelry cabinet and system for storing and concealing jewelry are provided, which may include a foundation element and a frame affixed to it, which together define a compartment. The frame extends a distance outward beyond the compartment, and has a depth at least equal to a sum of the compartment depth and the foundation element thickness. A door is coupled to the frame with a hinge, movable between closed and open positions. The frame distance, the frame depth, and the door in the closed position substantially conceal the presence of the compartment. A plurality of jewelry holders may be affixed to the foundation element.03-22-2012
20120313493MEDIUM PROCESSING APPARATUS - A medium processing apparatus comprises a casing surrounded by a partitioning wall with an opening; a reel on which tape is wound; a fold-back section provided on an opposite side of the medium processing apparatus to the reel, so as to folded back the tape pulled out from the reel; a drum in the casing to be rotatable such that a rectangular shaped medium fed in the casing is wound onto the drum together with the tape that has been folded back on itself by the fold-back section; a winding guide provided further to a drum side than the tape, the winding guide closes off an internal space of the casing from the outside and presses the tape and the medium against a peripheral face of the drum; and an opening and closing section configuring a portion of the winding guide and opening or closing off the internal space.12-13-2012
20090236955HANGING FILE BAR AND METHOD FOR USING SAME - A bar for suspending a document between two parallel rails includes a substantially rectangular body having an upper edge, a lower edge, and a plurality of spaced apart holes centered about a midpoint of said body, said lower edge defining first and second integral hook members disposed at opposite ends of said body portion including a downwardly directed leg member on respective distal sides of the hook members.09-24-2009
20090066202HANGING FILE FOLDER RETAINING DEVICE - An exemplary hanging file folder retainer is provided that, in one embodiment, includes a first attaching member, a second attaching member, and a retaining member. The first and second attaching members couple to a hanging file drawer rail in order to secure the hanging file folder retainer to the hanging file drawer rail. The second attaching member is linearly disposed from the first attaching member such that the hanging file folder retainer is secured to the hanging file drawer rail in at least two locations. The retaining member has a length sufficient to at least span the distance between said first and second attaching members. The retaining member can also be increased or decreased upon installation along the hanging file drawer rail depending on the length of the hanging file drawer rail. In at least one functional position, the retaining member inhibits hanging file tabs from disengaging from the hanging file drawer rail.03-12-2009
20080252185File storage system for hanging files - A sliding file storage frame for mounting in a cabinet having a front opening door includes a rectilinear brace frame that is affixed to left and right drawer slides for longitudinal translation in and out of the cabinet. The drawer slides have a fixed section and at least one sliding section wherein the sliding section is affixed to the respective sides of the rectilinear brace frame. A hanging file support grid is supported intermediate to the front and rear braces and intermediate to the left and right sides of the rectilinear brace frame between the left and right drawer slides.10-16-2008
20130088129Laboratory Climatic Cabinet Having Improved Interior Humidification - The present invention relates to a laboratory climatic cabinet, in particular, a gassed incubator, having an interior enclosed by a housing and a steam generator arranged outside the interior, which has a heating device for heating a water reservoir and for generating water steam and is connected to the interior via a steam feed line. The steam generator is connected via a water feed line to an unpressurized water container and the water container is arranged in such a manner that the water level in the water container is above the water level in the steam generator during the steam generation.04-11-2013
20110234058APPARATUS FOR STORING HAZARDOUS MATERIAL - Disclosed herein is an apparatus for storing hazardous material. The apparatus includes storage containers each of which stores a hazardous material storage box containing hazardous material. The hazardous material storage box is extracted from or retracted into the storage container by a transfer means. A fire sensor is provided in each storage container to detect a fire occurring in the storage container. A temperature sensor is provided in each storage container to sense a temperature in the storage container. An injection nozzle is provided in each storage container. The injection nozzle injects nitrogen into the storage container from a nitrogen supply unit when a fire is detected. An outlet pipe connection passage and a flexible outlet pipe connection tube are provided to exhaust gas from the storage containers. A collecting container is provided in the lower end of the apparatus to collect and store leakage liquid of hazardous material.09-29-2011
20130162117COUPLING TRANSFER SYSTEM - In a transfer system for wafers, etc., a coupling chamber corresponding to a port is formed only when a transfer box comes in tight contact with an apparatus as a transfer target in the transfer box is transferred into the apparatus, so that the transfer target will be transferred together with the coupling chamber into the apparatus by means of magnetic attraction forces exerted between the transfer box, transfer box door and apparatus door, thereby simplifying the structures of the transfer box and apparatus and also allowing the transfer target to be transferred into the apparatus without fail.06-27-2013
20090015114Gas Filled Art Encasement System - An encasement system for a display article comprising a transparent top section, a bottom section, a side section disposed directly adjacent the transparent top section and bottom section, the side section having an extending arm, the extending arm having a top segment and a bottom segment and a channel defined there between, whereby a cavity is defined between the transparent top section, bottom section and side section for receiving the display article and whereby the channel is in communication with the cavity, an inert gas injected into the cavity through the channel. A valve system is provided to allow gas to fill the cavity.01-15-2009
20120169195Closure Device for a Housing, Sealed Off From the Environment, and a Housing - A closure device provides an emergency degassing function, pressure equalization and condensate removal for a housing sealed off from the environment. The closure device has a frame, fastenable to a housing opening and having a frame opening, as well as a closure element, for closing the housing opening. The closure element is configured or arranged relative to the frame such that a path is formed in or through the closure element in a first closure position by the gravitational force acting on the closure element. The path enables an exchange of air between the housing interior and the environment as well as a discharge of condensation water. A second closure position, in which the path is sealed closed is producable by water impinging on the closure element from the environment. If a specified overpressure is exceeded, the closure element is detachable from the frame opening.07-05-2012
20080224581Cabinet liner - A cabinet liner for a vanity or kitchen cabinet or any other similar cabinetry located in these areas. The cabinet liner comprises of a tapered wall around its entire perimeter and a lip with grooves that can be trimmed or flexed along the sides and back. The cabinet liner consists' of a liquid impervious, flexible and shape retaining, rubberized plastic. The cabinet liner is molded of a simple one piece design that can be contorted to fit through a door of any existing bathroom and kitchen base or wall cabinets. The cabinet liner can be manipulated into place an covers the entire inside floor of said cabinets forming a tray for receiving goods and protecting cabinet from small plumbing leaks and spills from goods stored thereon until realized.09-18-2008
20110304248ELECTRIC CONTROL DEVICE - An electronic control device includes: an accommodation element; a cover element; a connection element for fixing the cover element to the accommodation element; an extending protrusion extending and protruding to an outside from a contact portion between the cover element and the accommodation element; and a control element formed in the accommodation space. The extending protrusion includes a protrusion portion, which protrudes toward a bottom side or a cover element side and is formed to cover the contact portion. A clearance having predetermined dimensions is formed between the protrusion portion and one of an outer wall of the cover element and an outer wall of the accommodation element, which is near the contact portion.12-15-2011
20130187523HOUSING STRUCTURE FOR SOUND GENERATOR - A housing structure for a sound generator includes a base portion having a separation wall; a case portion that defines a first space with the base portion; a covering portion that defines a second space with the base portion; a frame portion that projects toward the second space from the separation wall; a screen wall disposed on an outer side of the frame portion to define a groove between the screen wall and the frame portion; and a screen board arranged on an inner side of the screen wall. The screen board is distanced from the frame portion and the screen wall.07-25-2013
20120217850Multi-position rotating cabinet for the storage and deployment of power tools - A multi-position cabinet for use with machine tools which provides a solution to the problem of limited shop space in which to install bench type power tools is provided. The invention comprises a rotating rectangular cabinet which contains workstations from which bench type power tools can be deployed from a stowed position to a working position. The invention includes means for raising the cabinet off its base so that the cabinet can be rotated to bring each workstation to the topmost position from which the power tool associated with that work station can be deployed. In one exemplary embodiment, the workstations include a drill press, table saw, miter saw and belt sander. The invention is not limited to use with power tools, but rather is suitable for use in any application where it is desirable to provide multiple workstations in a comparatively compact package.08-30-2012
20120187807SELF-GUIDING INSERTION AND BIAS MECHANISM - A drawer assembly is disclosed that includes a removable container ad a receiving tray. The container has a housing having at least one shaped surface and at least one horizontal alignment element coupled to and projecting from the housing. The receiving tray has a base having a redirection feature and at least one horizontal alignment hole in the base that is configured to accept the horizontal alignment element. The container and receiving tray are configured such that downward motion of the container with the shaped surface of the housing in contact with the redirection feature of the base induces a lateral motion of the container according to the engagement of the shaped surface and the redirection feature that causes the horizontal alignment element to slide into the horizontal alignment hole.07-26-2012
20100164336RECEIPT TYPE DISPLAY DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a receptacle display device. According to this invention, a first rotary panel is mounted to a display panel support unit in such a way as to rotate about a rotating shaft, and a display panel is secured to the first rotary panel. Thus, when the first rotary panel rotates about the rotating shaft at about 90 degrees, the length of the display panel is changed to the width, and the width of the display panel is changed to the length, thus being capable of storing a large display panel, which is larger than the width of a receptacle housing, in the receptacle housing.07-01-2010
312235200 WITH SEAT OR REST 3
20090184612DOUBLE BENCH WITH CABINET - A wooden piece of furniture for changing shoes has a cabinet with two parallel benches upon the sides of the cabinet. Each bench has a seat and storage rack beneath the seat. At the end of each bench, a cabinet stores slippers, footwear, and outerwear upon shelves behind doors and within a drawer. This furniture also includes a compartment within the cabinet for hanging storage of items, hooks within the compartment, seats stiffened by rails and a beam, and a cabinet stiffened by panel diaphragm action. This furniture can store both footwear and articles of clothing temporarily placed thereon by guests and other visitors.07-23-2009
20090127989Tool Chest Creeper Seat With Trays - A mobile apparatus includes a storage unit on a movable base and includes a seat for supporting the user. The user has access to desired articles contained in the storage unit.05-21-2009
20120001527Sensory, motor, individual language and educational assessment and training unit - An instrument for assessment and intervention in the areas of sensory, motor, language, and the educational requirements of the children at-risk, developmentally delayed, and disabled. The devise is constructed on a base board with four sides. Its front side has one in-built height adjustable chair bar with chair, and adjustable visual stimulating roof. Its back side has height adjustable parallel bars and one mirror. On right and left side it has two height and length adjustable hands in addition to that right side have height measuring scale on the wall and extended space to stand and to keep weighing machine. On the top it has space for two sided video display frame and two stands for video cameras.01-05-2012
312100100 FOR PROJECTOR 3
20080218037Holding structure and projection display device - A member to be held is held in an external cabinet having a combination of a first cabinet and a second cabinet. A first supporting section is provided in the first cabinet and a second supporting section is provided in the second cabinet. A section to be sandwiched is provided in the member to be held, and the member to be held is held in the external cabinet by sandwiching this section to be sandwiched by the first supporting section and the second supporting section.09-11-2008
20120133252DEVICE HOUSING - A device housing includes first and second cases, a first magnetically sensitive positioning pin, and a first compressible member. The first case has a first protruding block having a first positioning hole. The second case has a first groove having a second positioning hole. When the first protruding block is disposed in the first groove, the first positioning hole is aligned with the second positioning hole. The first magnetically sensitive positioning pin runs through the first and second positioning holes to position the second case on the first case. The first compressible member is disposed in the first positioning hole and between an inner wall of the first positioning hole and the first magnetically sensitive positioning pin. When a first magnetic force acts on the first magnetically sensitive positioning pin, the first magnetically sensitive positioning pin compresses the first compressible member and moves away from the second positioning hole.05-31-2012
20120256525PROJECTOR SUSPENSION DEVICE - A projector suspension device includes a casing and a suspension mechanism. The casing defines a space for accommodating an optical projection engine, and the casing has a trough extending into an inside of the casing. The suspension mechanism includes a fixed rod and a movable rod, and the fixed rod is disposed inside and fixed to the casing. One end of the movable rod is connected to the fixed rod, and another end of the movable rod is fixed to a stationary object. The movable rod is slidably coupled to the fixed rod and slides relative to the fixed rod so as to be stored inside the trough or to stick out from the trough.10-11-2012
312240000 CONVERTIBLE 3
20120074823HYBRID MODULAR FURNITURE AND STORAGE CONTAINER UNIT - In accordance with an embodiment, a hybrid modular furniture and container unit includes a base shell, a base core layer, and a set of base inner panels. The base shell has a shell bottom, a first shell wall, a second shell wall, a third shell wall, a fourth shell wall, and upper flaps associated with each of the respective walls. The base core layer has a core bottom, a first core wall, a second core wall, a third core wall, and a fourth core wall. The core layer is disposed within the base shell. The base inner panels include a first inner panel wall, a second inner panel wall, a third inner panel wall, and a fourth inner panel wall. The inner panel walls disposed within the shell and each upper flap is folded over a respective core wall and inner panel wall.03-29-2012
20120187813Cabinet Conversion Panels - A panel for converting a cabinet (07-26-2012
20130093304ACCESSORY FOR A MOBILE ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD OF PROVIDING AND USING THE SAME - Some embodiments include an accessory for a mobile electronic device. Other embodiments of related accessories and methods are also disclosed.04-18-2013
20100096957BAMBOO FRAME STRUCTURE-BASED WARDROBE - A wardrobe includes two rectangular open side frames respectively made from a bamboo material, a top panel and a bottom panel respectively formed of a rectangular bamboo open frame and a number of bamboo slats and horizontally connected between the side frames at the top and bottom sides, an intermediate panels horizontally connected between the side frames and spaced between the top panel and the bottom panel and formed of a rectangular bamboo open frame and a number of bamboo slats, two supplementary bamboo frames respectively fastened to the side frames in vertical with horizontal pegs for hanging things, and a fabric covering surrounding the side frames, the top panel and the bottom panel with a roll-up shade on the front side for access control.04-22-2010
20080197756Tool Bag with Attached Compartment - A bag for carrying tools and a multitude of accessories is disclosed. The bag includes an open top, a fabric bottom panel, two spaced, rigid, fabric covered end panels, and two spaced fabric side panels as well as two carrying straps and a handle. At least one tool mat for storing small tools and accessories extends from the bottom of the tool bag and attaches to one of the panels for versatile and organized tool storage.08-21-2008
20120274187LIBRARY APPARATUS - A library apparatus includes cartridges each including a first fitting portion formed on a first surface and a second fitting portion formed on a second surface, a storage unit, and a transporting unit including a pulling unit to pull out a first cartridge from the storage unit, a first supporting unit provided under the pulling unit, having a tapered first distal end unit, and to insert the first distal end unit between the first cartridge and a second cartridge positioned under the first cartridge to release the fitting between the first cartridge and the second cartridge, and a second supporting unit provided above the pulling unit, having a tapered second distal end unit and to insert the second distal end unit between the first cartridge and a third cartridge stacked on the first cartridge to release the fitting between the first cartridge and the third cartridge.11-01-2012
20130049554DIFFERENTIAL RACK AND PINION STORAGE MEDIA MOVER ASSEMBLY - A combination comprises a first rack (02-28-2013
20090267469Outdoor furniture - An outdoor furniture includes a main body with at least one compartment and one door to close the compartment. The main body has at least one transverse recess intended to hold an organ for moving the furniture. The recesses have longitudinal parallel and/or perpendicular axes to allow the outdoor furniture to be handled from at least one side of the main body or from at least two contiguous sides of the main body. The main body can be in one block made of molded plastic material.10-29-2009
20080203871Door Insert Spacer - A door is provided, comprising one or more frames with grooves, one or more insert panel spacers comprising a foamed adhesive, and one or more door insert panels. Also, a method for centering a door panel is provided, comprising the steps of applying a foamed hot melt adhesive to the groove of a door frame component and inserting the door panel into the groove. Further, a system for centering a door panel is provided, comprising a hot foam melt adhesive, an apparatus for applying the hot foam melt adhesive to the groove of a door frame component, and an apparatus for inserting the door panel into the groove. The foamed hot melt adhesive may be formulated by aerating the hot foam with a gas, which may be an inert gas, such as nitrogen. Benefits of the invention include centering a door insert panel and allowing room for the panel to expand and contract with changes in moisture content of the panel.08-28-2008
20080272676Boltless cabinet assembly - A boltless panel assembly for use in constructing a boltless cabinet comprises a panel having exterior and interior faces and side edge portions. At least one slot engaging member is attached to and extends interiorly from each side edge portion of the panel for insertion into slots of boltless support post. A releasable retaining member prevents disengagement of the slot engaging member from a slot once it has been inserted into and seated in a slot of a boltless support post.11-06-2008
20100314978Tool box storage assembly - A storage assembly 12-16-2010
20110133616Food service bus cart - This Food Service Bus Cart is designed to maneuver around tight space found in most full service and buffet style restaurant. Since space are premium in most restaurant, operators usually try to fit as much seating as possible and turn over these seating as quick as possible to be profitable. Most dine-in customers do not like to see dirty dishes nor do they like to hear the sound of dishes being bussed. This equipment saves a lot of running around and time to turn over a table for next seating. People that dines out wants a clean, quiet and service-oriented environment. The bus cart can handle 3 full dish tray, 4 half size glass tray as well as having the function to hold the necessary equipments needed to turn around a seating area in the least amount of time. The trays are designed to stack on top of one another, using coil springs/gravity to handle the collection of numerous dishware and glassware. The other benefit is avoiding the breaking of dishes to disrupt the guest dinning experience and the loss of revenues by the food service operator.06-09-2011
20110175506OVERBED TABLE - An overbed table having a double-sided cabinet with a flexible sliding door that is movable to selectively open either side of the cabinet. The flexible sliding door is movable through a range of motion that allows it to selectively close the openings in both sides of the cabinet or to provide access to the interior of the cabinet through one opening or the other. The door may be a single tambour door. The tambour door may be into fitted into a track that extends substantially around the front, top, rear and bottom of the cabinet. The tambour door wraps around only portion of the cabinet and is movable within the track. The cabinet includes a base with a rack for storing, among other things, shoes or slippers. The base may include outer feet that support the outer wheels. The rack may be mounted to the outer feet.07-21-2011
20090322190TOOTHBRUSH STERILIZER - A toothbrush sterilizer includes a housing having an opening. A door opens and closes the opening. A sterilization element sterilizes a toothbrush. A toothbrush holding portion holds the toothbrush. The sterilization element and the toothbrush holding portion are accommodated in the housing. The toothbrush holding portion moves out of the housing through the opening in cooperation with an opening operation of the door. Further, the toothbrush holding portion moves into the housing through the opening in cooperation with a closing operation of the door.12-31-2009
20130043776OPENER FOR EXTREME ULTRA VIOLET LITHOGRAPHY RETICLE PODS - A two stage opener (02-21-2013
20090102341CABLE MANAGEMENT APPARATUS, SYSTEM, AND FURNITURE STRUCTURES - A one-piece unitary easily manufactured and economical product that both facilitates the routing of cable and the storage of extra lengths of cable is provided in one embodiment by a cable management apparatus including at least two longitudinally extending cable guide members forming a channel therebetween. In various exemplary non-limiting embodiments, the innovation provides multimedia furniture that includes structure for supporting an entertainment device, at least one outwardly facing rear section, wherein the at least one outwardly facing rear section includes an opening through which a cable is receivable and a cable management apparatus disposed on the outwardly facing rear section, the cable management apparatus includes at least two longitudinally extending cable guide members forming a channel therebetween.04-23-2009
20110187248TOOL CABINET - A tool cabinet has a hollow body and a hanging assembly. The hanging assembly is mounted on one side wall of the body and has a connecting board and two suspending rods. The connecting board is mounted securely on the side wall. The suspending rods are mounted securely and parallelly on the connecting board. Each suspending rod has a U-shaped cross section and has a base plate, two wings and multiple hanging holes. The wings are respectively formed on and protrude from the sides of the base plate toward the body. The hanging holes are defined in the base plate, and each hanging hole aligns with one of the hanging holes in the other suspending rod. Accordingly, multiple tool racks with tools mounted thereon can be hung between the suspending rods, such that the space for holding tools on the tool cabinet is enlarged.08-04-2011
20100187959 IMPACT-RESISTANT FURNITURE ITEM AND A METHOD FOR ITS MANUFACTURE - An impact-resistant furniture item includes a load-bearing structure (07-29-2010
20080272675NETTING ASSEMBLY FOR USE WITH SHELVING ASSEMBLIES - A netting assembly includes a netting panel sized to span at least a majority of a shelving assembly's storage space. An adjusting member is capable of being positioned in three configurations and is operatively connected to the netting panel proximate at least two spaced apart portions of the adjusting member. The adjusting member is operatively connected to the netting panel such that gaps are created between the adjusting member and the netting panel proximate between the at least two spaced apart portions when the adjusting member is in the first and second configurations. The netting panel has a first size when the adjusting member is in the first configuration and is expandable to a second size when the adjusting member is in the third configuration. The netting panel is adjustable in size between the first size and the second size, and the adjusting member tensions the netting panel.11-06-2008
20130181586ROTATING DEVICE FOR RECEIVING AND HANDLING GOODS - The present invention relates to a rotating device (07-18-2013
20090096334Behind The Board Storage Product - An organizing product that includes a storage compartment comprising front and rear walls each having inwardly and outwardly facing surfaces, a dry erase board attached to the outwardly facing surface of the storage compartment, and a calendar removably mounted in overlying relation to the dry erase board. A septum divides the storage compartment into upper and lower sections and adds rigidity to the organizing product. A magnet attached to the outwardly facing surface of the rear wall and/or a pair of openings formed through the rear wall permit the organizing product to be mounted to a vertically oriented surface.04-16-2009
312235100 WITH STEP 1
20090153005CABINET FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICES - A cabinet is provided for electronic devices. The cabinet includes a rack receiving a plurality of electronic device, and a climbing platform. The climbing platform includes a receiving member installed in the rack, and a folding stepladder slidably received in the receiving member. The folding stepladder is pulled out from the receiving member and unfolded to become a ladder.06-18-2009
312210500 WITH SIFTER 1
20110006646MOUNTING INTERFACE FOR A HOUSING OF A FILTRATION MODULE - A mounting assembly is described that has an interface designed to increase the stress margin of at least the module side of the assembly, for example in a liquid filtration module, and to increase ease of assembling its mounting components. The interface reduces the failure of the mounting assembly at least on the module side, so that if failure of the mounting assembly occurs, such an occurrence is less likely to be at the interface and on the module side, thereby reducing the need to replace more complex and expensive components that may be on the module side. Generally, the mounting assembly includes a mounting interface and a mounting bracket connectable to the mounting interface. A retention component is configured to maintain connection of the mounting interface to the mounting bracket.01-13-2011

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