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Land vehicles: wheels and axles

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301500100 WHEEL 740
301124100 AXLE 81
20130076103Support wheel assembly for a pick-up of an agricultural machine - The assembly comprises a beam, a support wheel rotatably mounted on an axle carried by the beam with a stub shaft. A hole in the frame of the baler which receives the stub shaft includes at least one radial recess dimensioned to permit the radially projecting arm to pass through the hole when aligned with the recess, the arm preventing the stub shaft from moving axially relative to the frame when misaligned with the recess.03-28-2013
20090236901ECCENTRIC WHEEL APPARATUS FOR ROCKING BICYCLE - The eccentric wheel apparatus includes a rotating frame, a wheel frame, and a circular adjustment member. Here, the inner portion of a cylindrical body is isolated by an isolation plate and an axial tube to which a driving shaft is fixed is eccentrically formed via the isolation place, in the rotating frame. Accordingly, the rotating frame and the wheel frame are combined with or released from each other. In the case that the rotating frame and the wheel frame are released from each other, the wheel frame can be freely eccentrically adjusted.09-24-2009
20090140570REMOVABLE WHEEL SYSTEM - The present invention is directed to devices having wheels, and more specifically, a method and device for making the wheels readily detachable and interchangeable by users. The removable wheel system comprises a removable axle, a wheel, an optional shield, and a hangar to be assembled in connection with a skateboard. The present invention provides a wheel and hangar using a removable axle for a removable wheel system that is easily removable, replaceable, durable, and protectable against dust accumulation while providing the strength necessary to withstand the rigors and stresses imposed on the system during use.06-04-2009
20110148180BEARING ASSEMBLY FOR WHEEL BASED SENSOR - A wheel and sensor assembly includes a U-shaped bracket assembly mounting to and moving with a wheel assembly. One or more sensor device(s) such as camber angle and slip angle sensors mount to the bracket assembly for operatively measuring one or more wheel assembly parameter(s) during vehicle use. The bracket assembly mounts to the wheel assembly and turns therewith. The bracket assembly positions the sensor device(s) in operative optimal proximity to the road surface during vehicle use under actual operating conditions.06-23-2011
20130181502WHEEL LOCK - A wheel lock configured for use in a movable apparatus is disclosed herein. In various embodiments, the movable apparatus can include a leg structure and a wheel rotatably mounted with respect to the leg structure. A wheel lock can extend through the wheel. The lock can have a first position in which the lock prevents rotation of the wheel from rotating and a second position in which the lock does not prevent rotation of the wheel. The second position can be axially displaced relative to the first position.07-18-2013

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