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Prime-mover dynamo plants

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290007000 ELECTRIC CONTROL 1035
290001000 MISCELLANEOUS 680
290053000 TIDE AND WAVE MOTORS 297
290050000 BATTERY 55
290002000 HEATING PLANTS 42
20090302610Multipurpose Engine - A multipurpose engine having an improved wiring structure between the generator (12-10-2009
20090309363Electric wheel - An electrical generating system. A wheel that is eight feet in diameter is turned with a motor that is powered by battery. The battery is charged by a battery charger that supplies power to the battery twenty four hours a day. The size motor needed to turn the wheel will depend on the size of the generator that is needed to supply the electricity to a particular size building. The wheel has a built in shaft in the center of the wheel. The shaft sits on a pair of burring rings that are held up by a steel frame. The wheel can spin freely.12-17-2009
20110175357REDUNDANT COMBUSTION ENGINE STARTING SYSTEMS FOR EMERGENCY GENERATORS - The present disclosure relates to an engine-generator having an engine, an electrical generator and a control panel configured to control the engine-generator. The engine-generator includes a first electrical starter having a first battery, a first solenoid configured to receive a starting signal from the control panel and a first starter motor configured to crank the engine when the first solenoid receives the starting signal from the control panel. The engine generator also includes a second electrical starter including a second battery, a second solenoid configured to receive a starting signal from the control panel and a second starter motor configured to crank the engine when the second solenoid receives the starting signal from the control panel.07-21-2011
20090212569STARTING DEVICE FOR AN INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE - The present invention relates to an electric starting device (08-27-2009
20130193688BEVEL GEAR ARRANGEMENT FOR AXIAL ACCESSORY GEARBOX - An accessory box for a gas turbine engine has an input gear to be driven by an input shaft. The input gear is engaged to drive a first driven gear on one radial side of a drive axis of the input gear. The first gear drives at least a second driven gear on one radial side of the drive axis, with at least one accessory driven by one of the first and second driven gears. The second driven gear drives a bevel gear arrangement to drive a third driven gear on an opposed side of the drive axis of the input gear. The third driven gear drives at least a second accessory. The accessories are associated with a gas turbine engine.08-01-2013
290051000 ENGINE CONTROL 4
20130043680CONTROL OF LOAD REJECTION - A control system is provided for a power generating system having a gas turbine, a flue gas exhaust stage and a blow-off valve assembly. The gas turbine includes a compression stage, a combustion stage and a driveshaft. The blow-off valve assembly is configured to selectively provide fluid communication between the combustion stage and the flue gas exhaust stage. The control system includes a controller configured to output a signal causing the blow-off valve assembly to provide the fluid communication in response to a sudden de-loading of the gas turbine.02-21-2013
20090194996Water combustion technology - methods, processes, systems and apparatus for the combustion of Hydrogen and Oxygen - This invention presents improved combustion methods, systems, engines and apparatus utilizing H08-06-2009
20110074156Spark suppression for a genset - A method for operating a four-stroke internal combustion engine including a crankshaft coupled to a piston, which includes moving the piston in accordance with a sequence of four different strokes; mechanically driving an electric power generator with the crankshaft during the operating of the engine; generating a first sensor signal indicative of each revolution of the crankshaft with the crankshaft rotating twice during the sequence of four different strokes; providing a second sensor signal corresponding to a working fluid characteristic of the engine, the working fluid characteristic changing during the sequence of four different strokes of the piston; and timing ignition of the engine as a function of the first sensor signal and the second sensor signal.03-31-2011
20100327587FUEL GAS GENERATOR - A fuel gas generator includes: a combustion chamber generating thermal energy through combustion of air and fuel gas therein, and supplying the thermal energy to a thermal engine such that the thermal engine is driven to generate kinetic energy that is converted into electrical energy by an electric generator; a temperature sensor for generating a sensing signal indicative of a temperature in the combustion chamber; and a controller for controlling a flow valve coupled to the combustion chamber based on the sensing signal such that the flow valve is switched to an OFF state upon detecting that the temperature is higher than a first temperature, thereby supplying the air and the fuel gas to the combustion chamber therethrough, and to an OFF-state upon detecting that the temperature is lower than a second temperature lower than the first temperature, thereby ceasing supply of the air and the fuel gas to the combustion chamber.12-30-2010
290045000 TRACTION 4
20130049364Hybrid electric power for vehicular propulsion - This invention relates to a hybrid gas turbine (HGT) engine powerplant having electrical output power and as a system independently or in combination with electrical energy storage means, supplies electrical power to at least one electric motor for vehicular propulsion.02-28-2013
20090267348ALTERNATIVE ENERGY GENERATION SYSTEMS FOR VEHICLES - A system for generating energy using the rotating wheels of a vehicle and for collecting such energy is provided. An alternative system for powering vehicle engines using relatively inexpensive fuel sources is also provided.10-29-2009
20120280502POWER TRANSMISSION TRAIN - A power transmission train for a range extender module, including an internal combustion engine, an AC generator which is mechanically driven by the internal combustion engine, and a rectifier which is electrically connected to the AC generator and has a unidirectional DC/DC converter connected downstream for the purpose of feeding an electrical load, with the internal combustion engine being equipped with its own electric starter motor.11-08-2012
20130154264VEHICLE CONTROL DEVICE AND DIESEL HYBRID VEHICLE SYSTEM - A vehicle control device includes a diesel engine, a motor configured to drive a vehicle, a generator configured to generate alternating-current power with an output of the diesel engine, a power storage device configured to charge and discharge direct-current power, a converter configured to convert the alternating-current power generated by the generator into direct-current power and output the direct-current power, and an inverter configured to convert the direct-current power discharged by the power storage device or the direct-current power output by the converter to drive the motor. The converter operates as an inverter during a breakdown of the inverter and drives the motor.06-20-2013
290003000 TRAIN 3
20080238098DISTRIBUTED ARCHITECTURE FOR A GAS-TURBINE STARTER/GENERATOR - A gas-turbine starter/generator comprises: a generator module comprising a first casing, a generator housed in the first casing, and a first shaft constrained to rotate with the rotor of the generator, projecting from the first casing, and carrying a first mechanical coupling member; an exciter module, comprising a second casing, an exciter housed in the second casing, and a second shaft distinct from the first shaft, constrained to rotate with the rotor of the exciter, projecting from the second casing, and carrying a second mechanical coupling member; and an electrical connection comprising a rectifier and at least one connector for connecting the secondary circuit of the exciter to the primary circuit of the generator. The mechanical coupling members are coupled to a common gearwheel or to respective different gearwheels of a gearbox of the gas turbine.10-02-2008
20100032946Motion Induced Electrical Generator - A motion induced generator is mounted to a vehicle or conveyance to harness the oscillatory motion generated during travel of the vehicle or conveyance, and may be coupled to at least one device or system, such as an external rail car lighting system, a global positioning device, a diagnostic device, or a combination thereof. Once the motion of the vehicle is harnessed and translated into usable and/or storable energy, the current or voltage is transmitted directly to the units for immediate consumption or for storage in a battery, capacitor, or a combination thereof.02-11-2010
20080309084Circuit and Method for Reducing a Voltage Being Developed Across a Field Winding of a Synchronous Machine - In an electrical power system of a diesel powered system having at least one diesel-fueled power generation unit, the electrical power system having a synchronous machine including a field winding being coupled to the diesel-fueled power generation unit, a battery for selectively providing a starting current during a starting mode of the electrical power system, and an inverter receiving the starting current for driving the synchronous machine and generating an inverter current, a circuit and method for reducing a voltage being developed across the field winding is described. The circuit includes a current conditioner for conditioning the inverter current and a parallel circuit interposed between the inverter and the current conditioner comprising a first branch including a resistance and a second branch including the field winding of the synchronous machine so that the parallel circuit is isolated from a voltage developed across the current conditioner during cranking.12-18-2008
20080303279Generating Unit and Method For Producing a Current With a Predetermined Network Frequency - According to the invention, a drive is embodied to drive a rotor at a variable rotational frequency; the rotor has a winding that is embodied to produce a rotary field magnetomotive force of a generator, with a rotor rotary field frequency which is variable in relation to the rotor; the frequency converter is electrically connected to the rotor winding; a regulating device comprises a recording element for measuring values of the generator, a calculating unit for a generator simulation, and a transmitter for transmitting a control signal to the frequency converter; and, on the basis of the control signal, an electrical excitation of the rotor winding can be triggered by the frequency converter in such a way that a pre-determined stator rotary field frequency is present in the event of a variable rotational frequency of the rotor and a variable rotor rotary field frequency12-11-2008
20110221191MECHANICAL REGULATION OF ELECTRICAL FREQUENCY IN AN ELECTRICAL GENERATION SYSTEM - There is provided an electrical generation system for producing an alternating electric current with a regulated frequency from motive power with variable speed. The rotor of an alternator is mechanically coupled to the motive power and thus rotates with a variable speed. In order to compensate for the rotor speed variation, the alternator stator is rotated about the rotor such that the relative speed between the stator and the rotor is regulated. The stator speed is controlled such that the frequency of the produced alternating current is regulated.09-15-2011
20080315587PYRAMID ELECTRIC GENERATOR - A pyramid electric generator for harvesting the vibrational energies of Earth's atomic oscillators according to the present invention comprises: (1) an antenna/waveguide that is geometrically optimized; (2) a secondary coil wound with an insulated conductor on a nonconductive coil form, the coil being attached electrically to the conducting surface of the antenna/waveguide such that the secondary coil is attached near the point at which the electric field contacts the antenna/waveguide; (3) the antenna/waveguide connected with the secondary coil serving as a quasi-capacitive series element to provide a specific resonant frequency; and (4) a primary coil of a few turns wound around the secondary coil, the secondary coil being positioned coaxially within the primary coil and acting as a resonant step-up transformer winding, inductively coupled with the primary coil. The generator resonantly couples into specific frequencies of Earth's atomic oscillators and extracts electric energy therefrom.12-25-2008
20100060004Frictionless Generator - New design of generator and or generators, which creates electricity. Using a sphere shape design compared to the traditional generator designs already in use today. Using a sphere shape design for the placements of the magnets and coil, triangular shape of the magnets, and a glass sphere filled with a gas, should allow for increase power output. This also allows for multiple layers to be used, dependent on power needs.03-11-2010
20090261586Dual Channel Power Generation System - A dual channel power generation system comprises: a prime mover; a permanent magnet (PM) dynamoelectric machine that has a PM rotor coupled to the prime mover, two multiphase alternating current (AC) stators that develop electromotive force (EMF) in response to rotation of the PM rotor due to the magnetic flux linkage between the PM rotor and the stators, two control coils that each change the magnetic flux linkage of a respective stator in response to the level of a control current that passes through the control coil; a multiphase AC rectifier for each stator that receives AC power from its respective stator to supply DC power on a respective rectifier bus; a current feedback loop for each rectifier bus; a voltage feedback loop for each rectifier bus; a load-sharing controller responsive to both current feedback loops to develop a voltage regulator reference signal for each rectifier bus that is representative of the value of voltage that its corresponding stator should produce to maintain equal values of current for both rectifier buses; and a voltage regulator for each rectifier bus responsive to its respective voltage feedback loop and voltage regulator reference signal to produce the control current for its respective control coil that changes the magnetic flux linkage of its respective stator to maintain the value of voltage that its corresponding stator should produce to maintain equal values of current for both rectifier buses.10-22-2009

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