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285335000 PACKED 298
285305000 ESSENTIAL CATCH 175
285238000 NONMETAL TO METAL 84
285405000 FLANGE 52
285125100 FOR BRANCHED PATH 46
285382000 DEFORMED 44
285285100 MOLDED JOINT 40
285420000 CLAMP 32
285272000 SWIVEL 31
285390000 SCREW 21
285399000 SOCKET 20
285119000 COMBINED 17
285386000 SCREW THIMBLE 16
285080000 WITH LOCK OR SEAL 16
285261000 BALL AND SOCKET 15
285417000 SLEEVE 14
285015000 REPAIR 14
285179000 ELBOW 13
285061000 WITH SUPPORT 12
285298000 VARIABLE LENGTH 10
285012000 CONVERTIBLE 6
285008000 FAUCET TYPE (E.G., SLIP-ON) 5
20110266789Interactive Systems for Consumers and Associated Methods - A method of interacting with a component of a product at a display location is provided. The method includes moving a moveable assembly comprising a filtration device along a track component toward a stationary assembly mounted to a base. The track component guides the moveable assembly toward the adapter. The filtration device is connected to the adapter.11-03-2011
20090015003Sanitary Fitting Comprising A Connecting Device Which Is Used To Connect A Water Outlet Housing To A Functional Component - The invention relates to a sanitary fitting (01-15-2009
20090230671JET DIFFUSOR COMPRISING A WITHDRAWL MECHANISM - A sanitary outlet fitting including a water outlet (09-17-2009
20130020794QUICK CONNECTOR FOR FAUCET - A quick connector assembly for a faucet is provided. The quick connector assembly includes a hose fitting having a longitudinal axis, a lock tab coupled to the hose fitting and having at least one projection extending radially therefrom, and a connector body having at least one slot extending from an opening to a locked position, the at least one slot configured to receive the at least one projection of the lock tab. Moving the projection of the lock tab from the opening of the slot to the locked position connects the lock tab to the connector body.01-24-2013
20100314862Quick tap connector - For combination with a faucet having an upper surface, and a downward water outlet below the upper surface, the combination comprising a cup shaped flexible gasket that opens upwardly, the gasket having an annular wall adapted to interfit the faucet outlet, the gasket having a lower portion defining a discharge outlet and which is downwardly urged in response to water pressure entrains into the gasket via the faucet outlet, and means for releasably holding the gasket upwardly in annularly interfitting relation with the faucet outlet whereby the gasket annular wall seals against the faucet in response to the downwardly urging of the gasket.12-16-2010
20120146324Watertight, Expandible and Contractible Pipe Joint for High Temperature Insulated Piping - An expansion joint is shown for an insulated pipeline used to convey high temperature fluids such as steam. The expansion joint uses a flexible bellows and additional insulating and joining components to provide a watertight encasement for a traditional metal expansion joint. The bellows arrangement compensates for any relative movement of the inner fluid conveying pipes with respect to the outer layers of insulating material and outer jacket in order to protect the integrity of the assembly and prevent the intrusion of water or other contaminants which could lead to corrosion or early failure of the piping system.06-14-2012
20100289258METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ASSEMBLING PRESSURE REDUCING FUEL REGULATOR - An apparatus and method of assembling a thermally responsive fluid coupling of a pressure reducing fuel regulator is provided. The fuel regulator includes an inlet conduit having a longitudinally extending ridge. A generally annular bushing is positioned over the inlet conduit. The bushing includes a plurality of circumferentially spaced figures and a cutout dimensioned to receive the ridge of the inlet conduit. A fluid-carrying member is positioned at least partially within the inlet conduit. A collar is positioned over the inlet conduit. The collar includes a first end adapted to be releasably connected to a cooperative fluid coupling and a second end. The second end of the collar is secured between the plurality of fingers of the bushing and the inlet conduit for preventing axial movement between the collar and the fluid-carrying member.11-18-2010
20120299289NOVEL EXPANSION COMPENSATION DEVICE AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURE THEREOF - New expansion compensating device and manufacturing method of the same, of those used in solar power absorber tubes featuring a dual bellows design where the height of the waves of the bellows is not regular, but the second wave is greater (where it supports more load) and diminishes towards the ends. With this design improving the performance of the receiver is achieved because it shortens the length of the device and consequently there is more surface area receiving solar radiation as well as it decreases the necessary diameter of glass tube and therefore its cost.11-29-2012
20130093181Stacked Washer Slip Joint Seal - Slip joint having a stacked washer seal, a male part and a female part. The female part has a small and a large inner diameter. The male part has substantially constant inner and outer diameters and a ring on the outer diameter. A gap is located between the male and female part. At least two washers and a flat shim are located in the gap. Each washer and flat shim has a first side, a second side, a first end and a second end. The first side of a first washer abuts an end of the male part. A second side of the washer contacts a first side of a flat shim. The second side of the shim contacts the first side of a second washer. The second side of the second washer contacts a first side of a second flat shim or an end of the female part.04-18-2013
20100314865JOINING METAL PIPES - A metal pipe 12-16-2010
285010000 LIQUID SEAL 5
20110012338FLANGE CONNECTION STRUCTURE - A flange of a first pipe and a flange of a second pipe are connected via the flanges. An annular seal groove is formed in the flange surface of the flange. A sealing liquid is poured and placed in the seal groove from a sealing liquid pouring section via a pouring passage. The sealing liquid placed in the seal groove forms a seal groove forms a liquid seal structure to improve sealing ability. Further, the sealing liquid is placed also in a discharge passage and a discharge pipe. When gas in the pipes enters the seal groove, the gas can be discharged from a discharge device and detected by a gas sensor to enable the user to take safety measures.01-20-2011
20090273180Pipe Connector - A plumbing connector for connecting plumbing pipe includes a housing having an inner surface substantially conforming to an outer surface of a plumbing pipe. A glue channel is formed within the housing, near to its open end, and located along the inner surface of the housing. A glue filling inlet is formed through the housing and accessible from the outside of the housing in fluid communication with the glue channel, the glue filling inlet being adapted to allow glue to pass therethrough and into the glue channel. Preferably, at least one air escape outlet is formed through the housing and in communication with the glue channel. When the housing is mounted on a pipe segment and glue is introduced via the glue filling inlet, air trapped inside the glue channel exits via the air escape outlet. A transparent section of housing or a window is preferably provided above the glue channel.11-05-2009
20080272588Retaining Member of Small Size for Anchoring a Tube in a Circuit Element, and a Corresponding Circuit Element - A retaining member (11-06-2008
20100244431HYDRAULIC COUPLING MEMBER WITH BIDIRECTIONAL PRESSURE-ENERGIZED PROBE SEAL - A female hydraulic coupling member includes a bidirectional, pressure-energized probe seal for sealing between the body of the female coupling member and the cylindrical probe section of a male coupling member seated in the receiving chamber of the female member. In one embodiment, the pressure-energized seal comprises a first curved section which is oriented towards the external end of the receiving chamber in which it is installed and a second curved section oriented towards the interior end of the receiving chamber. The two curved sections are joined by a substantially straight back section. When the pressure of fluid within the coupling member is above the ambient fluid pressure, the first curved section is pressure-energized so as to increase its sealing effectiveness. When external pressure (e.g., the hydrostatic head) exceeds the pressure of fluid within the coupling member, the second curved section is pressure-energized so as to increase its sealing effectiveness. In another embodiment, the pressure-energized seal comprises a curved back section joining the first curved section and the second curved section. When the curved back section moves radially outward against a circumferential wall under the influence of fluid pressure within the seal, it effects a slight rotation of the first and second curved sections, thereby increasing their sealing effectiveness.09-30-2010
20090058074Blocking device - The present invention relates to a device for blocking liquid and/or vapour flow from a hose and positioning of a hose breakage to a coupling in the hose, for example the end of the hose, at a nozzle, for example a pump nozzle, the coupling comprising a female part (03-05-2009
20090250924Anti-kink hose support sleeve for garden hoses - The present invention is directed toward an anti-kink support sleeve for flexible hoses such as garden hoses. The construction of the device permits flexation of the hose while preventing the hose from kinking or collapsing in proximity of the support sleeve and most particularly near the hose bib. The anti-kink support sleeve includes a plurality of interconnected section members. Each interconnected section member includes a ball end and a socket end. The socket end being constructed to cooperate with the ball end of an adjacently positioned section to construct a universally swiveling connection having an inner diameter of sufficient size to pass the hose member therethrough. A plurality of sections are interconnected to assemble the anti-kink hose sleeve having a sufficient length to support the desired section(s) of hose.10-08-2009
20110291405Connecting System for a Line Tube, Which Can Be Pivoted About a Rotation Axis, of a Solar-Thermal Installation - A connecting system is accordingly provided for a line tube, which can be pivoted about a rotation axis of a solar-thermal installation, which line tube is filled with a carrier fluid, wherein the line tube extends between two ends and is connected, for transportation of the carrier fluid, at a first end via a flexible tube connection to a fixed-position fixed line and at its second end via at least one connection means to a further line tube. According to the invention, the line tube is supported such that the flexible tube connection experiences only forces acting at right angles to the rotation axis, and the connection means experiences only forces acting parallel to the rotation axis.12-01-2011
20090026759CRYOGENIC GIMBAL COUPLING - Coupling structure includes: 01-29-2009
20120175870FLUSH VALVE PIPE STABILIZER - A bracket assembly for stabilizing the connection between a pair of joined pipe segments includes a bracket element attached to each pipe segment, and a yoke element connecting the brackets and reinforcing the connection between the pipe segments. The pipe segments may be in a linear arrangement or may have an angular arrangement. The bracket may be a collar, a split ring, or a pair of joined arcuate pieces. The yoke element may be straight or curved.07-12-2012
20130015653SCISSOR DUCT FLEX JOINT DAMPERAANM Cipra; Dale O.AACI ChatsworthAAST CAAACO USAAGP Cipra; Dale O. Chatsworth CA US - A flex joint assembly includes a damper mounted to a first scissors linkage and a second scissors linkage.01-17-2013
20100109322Shape Memory Alloy Reinforced Hoses and Clamps - Reinforced hoses and clamps generally include a shape memory alloy material configured to provide tangential forces to the generally circular hoses and clamps. The shape memory alloy can be in the form of a ring embedded within the hose or may be in operative communication with the clamp such that a phase change in the shape memory alloy upon thermal activation provides the tangential forces.05-06-2010
20090021009SYSTEM, METHOD, AND APPARATUS FOR JOINING COMPONENTS WITH SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS - A rod formed from a shape memory alloy is stretched under load to reduce its diameter. The rod is positioned in a boss formed in a head gimbal assembly and actuator comb assembly. The rod is heated above its transition temperature such that the diameter of the rod expands to plastically deform and swage the assembly and form a joint. The rod is then cooled to return to its nominal diameter and removed from the swaged assembly.01-22-2009
20120001422FLUSH JOINT - A device including a first part made of ceramic material shrink fitted with a first shrink ring, in which an edge of an axial end of a cylindrical portion of the first part to which the first shrink ring is fitted and an edge of an axial end of the first shrink ring belong to one and the same transverse plane.01-05-2012
20120001421JOINING DEVICE - A device having a first part shrink-fitted with a first shrink ring, the first shrink ring being shrink-fitted with a second shrink ring exhibiting a lower thermal expansion coefficient than a thermal expansion coefficient of the first shrink ring.01-05-2012
20110084474HIGH RETENTION MAGNETIC COUPLING DEVICE FOR CONDUIT ATTACHMENT - A magnetic coupling having two or more elements for providing a conduit. The coupling provides high retention of conduit elements with minimum size magnetic components, while also providing for intentional detachment of the magnetically coupled elements. The coupling is configured to facilitate detachment with applied loads that are substantially less than operational retention force (i.e., breakaway force) of the magnetically coupled elements. The magnetic coupling device includes a connecting male element and a female element and at least one internal conduit integral to at least one of the connecting male and female elements. Magnetic attraction is accomplished via a magnetic circuit where the magnetic circuit includes ferromagnetic material and at least one permanent magnet.04-14-2011
20120013117MAGNETIC AIR HOSE CONNECTOR - A magnetic air connector (01-19-2012
20090146412MAGNETIC QUICK DISCONNECT FITTING - A fitting for releasably coupling two structures and for maintaining fluid communication between the two structures has a first and second fitting member. The first fitting member includes a first ferromagnetic coupling element, and the second fitting member includes a second ferromagnetic coupling element. The first and second fitting members are constructed and arranged so as to be moved into engaged relation with one another and to be moved apart from on another so as to be separate from one another. Magnetic attraction between the first and second fitting members maintains the fitting members in engagement, and the fitting members are decoupled by applying force sufficient to overcome the magnetic attraction.06-11-2009
285325000 SIDE SLIDE 3
20130056977Connection Assembly for Tubular Goods - A mating connection assembly of the present invention permits quick and efficient connecting and disconnecting of tubular goods. A female box-end connection member has an inner body defining sockets; ball bearings held within such sockets with an outer sleeve. A male pin-end connection member is inserted within the box end connection. By moving the outer sleeve axially, the ball bearings are urged inward toward the male pin-end connection, creating a frictional locking relationship between the female box-end connection member and male pin-end connection member.03-07-2013
20100264648CONNECTION METHODS AND SYSTEMS - Various novel connectors are provided. In one embodiment, the connector includes a collar configured to receive first and second components. In this embodiment, the connector may also include a load ring configured to be received in a groove of the second component and to move into and out of engagement with the collar when the second component is received by the collar. The connector of this illustrative embodiment may also include a cotter configured for installation to the second component and to inhibit disengagement of the load ring from the collar. In some embodiments, engagement of the load ring and the collar effects securing of the first and second components to one another. Other devices, systems, and methods related to connectors are also disclosed.10-21-2010
20080252072Hose Connecting Device - The invention provides a hose connecting device that is suitable for high-pressure applications. The connecting device including a retainer for connecting a hose end to a hose connecting device element. The retainer may be secured or anchored to a flange of the hose connecting device element. In an embodiment, the retainer includes at least two retaining limbs that are secured on the outside of the hose by a tension means, such as by tightening straps. The retaining limbs may be provided between the outside of the hose and the tension means, and may be clamped therein. In an embodiment, the retaining limbs include recesses with flanges or stepped edges to support the limbs. In an embodiment, tightening straps may dig into the outside of the hose and rest against the hose.10-16-2008
20110006520CONNECTORS - A connector for the connection of a plurality of conduits is described, the connector comprising: a male connector portion (01-13-2011
20090289453Pipe coupling - A pipe coupling connecting and disconnecting media conducting pipes, hoses or like conduits, which comprise two coupling halves situated at ends of the conduits; and a connector and a socket end having shutoff sleeves in both coupling halves.11-26-2009
20100276927FLOW RESTRICTOR COUPLING - The present invention provides a flow restrictor coupling (11-04-2010
20090267341Hexpipe barbed fitting - The present invention relates to an improved barbed fitting for use with low density polyethylene irrigation pipe and the like. A combination barbed fitting is provided with a drive cap for cooperating with a compatible tool, such as a socket or nut driver. The drive cap may be configured as a hexagonal cap, square cap, star cap or other common driver shapes. The drive cap is positioned on a fitting opposite the opening to the barbed end, but aligned coaxially with the barb. Common fitting types include ells (90° or 45°) and Tees. Alternatively, combination barbed fitting is provided with a drive recess for cooperating with a compatible driver. The drive recess may be configured as a hexagonal recess, slotted recess, cross point recess, square recess, star recess or other common driver shapes.10-29-2009
20090051159FLUID FITTING FOR AN AGRICULTURAL DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM - An agricultural irrigation assembly includes an irrigation hose, a drip tape, and a fluid fitting interconnecting the irrigation hose with the drip tape. The fluid fitting includes a tab fitting and a swivel fitting. The tab fitting has a tab and a threaded collar. The tab is insertable into an opening formed in the irrigation hose and held in place using the collar. The swivel fitting is fluidly coupled to the tab fitting. The swivel fitting includes a threaded fitting defining a longitudinal axis. The threaded fitting is rotatable about the longitudinal axis and substantially immovable in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis.02-26-2009
20110057435Diversion Conduit - This utility model relates to a diversion conduit, comprising of a water intake connector, a water output connector and a conduit body. The said water intake connector and water output connector each include a detachably connected external cap and internal calipers. The end of the conduit body is clamped between the external cap and internal calipers. This utility model makes only slight improvement to the prior art, being structurally simple and convenient to use. The connections between the conduit body and connectors are detachable. Use can be restored once the conduit body is fractured, greatly avoiding waste, which, consistent with cost effectiveness, is suitable to be promoted to wide application.03-10-2011
285134100 U-TYPE (E.G., RETURN BEND) 3
20130038052PIPE AND SIPHON RECEPTACLE APPARATUS COUPLING ADAPTOR - An adaptor for coupling pipes together that has a pair of spaced apart pipe members disposed parallel to each other, with each of pair of pipe members including an opening at a top and at the bottom for receiving an additional pipe, and a bridging member connecting the pair of pipe members and defining a passage between the pipe members. Methods suitable for non-industrial use by a common person of limited skills to assemble various piping arrangements from common parts and a kit including an adaptor and one or more additional pipe members also are provided.02-14-2013
20100219628Pipe and Siphon Receptacle Apparatus Coupling Adaptor - An adaptor for coupling pipes together that has a pair of spaced apart pipe members disposed parallel to each other, with each of pair of pipe members including an opening at a top and at a bottom for receiving an additional pipe, and a bridging member connecting the pair of pipe members and defining a passage between the pipe members. A kit including an adaptor and one or more additional pipe members also is provided.09-02-2010
20100187810ARRANGEMENT FOR CONNECTING TUBE ELEMENTS IN A VENTILATION DUCT SYSTEM - In an arrangement for connecting tube elements of a ventilation duct system, the inner tube (07-29-2010
285188000 SIDE TO PIPE SIDE 3
20110049868CLAMPS FOR MUSICAL INSTRUMENT STAND - A clamp for a musical instrument stand is equipped with a pipe retaining section having a metal base section formed with an abutting surface having a cylindrical inner peripheral surface, and a metal fastening section formed with a fastening surface having a cylindrical inner peripheral surface that is opposite to the abutting surface of the base section, wherein the abutting surface and the fastening surface hold an outer peripheral surface of a pipe from one side and another side to retain the pipe, and the clamp comprises a pipe sleeve in a semi-cylindrical shape that is made of a resin material, and has an outer peripheral surface to be abutted to the abutting surface or the fastening surface so as to be mounted on the abutting surface or the fastening surface; and a recessed section that is provided in a concave shape in a portion of at least one surface among an outer peripheral surface of the pipe sleeve, the abutting surface and the fastening surface, wherein a predetermined space surrounded by the recessed section and a surface opposite to the recessed section is formed between the abutting surface and the outer peripheral surface of the pipe sleeve opposite to the abutting surface or between the fastening surface and the outer peripheral surface of the pipe sleeve opposite to the fastening surface.03-03-2011
20110049867PIPE HOLDER - Pipe holders retain a first pipe and a second pipe having a connector cable extending through the second pipe. The pipe holder has a first retaining section that detachably holds and fixes the first pipe and a second retaining section that detachably holds and fixes the second pipe. A second retaining chamber is surrounded by an internal surface of the second retaining section. A guide section communicatively connects the second retaining chamber to outside of the pipe holder, wherein the first retaining section, the second retaining section and the guide section are made of metal, and the connector cable that extends through second pipe and has at least one end to be connected to an electronic musical instrument is guided through the guide section to the outside. A coupling section couples the first retaining section and the second retaining section, wherein the guide section is formed in the coupling section.03-03-2011
20120280490Tube Interconnection System - A tube interconnection system is disclosed that includes multiple interconnection components having base portions and one or more band connection systems. The interconnection components can be configured to interact to be in a coupled state. To this end, a ratcheting mechanism can be configured to releasably hold the first interconnection component and the second interconnection component in various rotated positions relative to one another in the coupled state.11-08-2012
20120013118CONNECTOR ASSEMBLIES FOR FLOW RESTRICTING APPARATUSES - A connector assembly for a flow restricting apparatus is disclosed. The flow restricting apparatus comprises an outlet configured to be in fluid communication with an outlet conduit. The connector assembly comprises a first member configured to be engaged with the flow restricting apparatus at least partially about the outlet. The first member comprises a first face, a second face, and a bore defined through the first member. The connector assembly comprises a second member comprising a first side, a second side, a bore defined through the second member, at least one projection extending outwardly from the first side of the second member, and sealing means for sealing positioned intermediate the first member and the second member. The at least one projection forms a receiving portion configured to receive a portion of the first member.01-19-2012
20100123307Extendable Flange Apparatus and Methods - The present disclosure generally relates to an extendable flange apparatus having an inner member slidably coupled to an outer member. The outer member includes a first flange portion and an outer tubular body with a central opening defined therethrough. The inner member includes a second flange portion and an inner tubular body operable to be at least partially disposed within the central opening of the outer tubular body of the outer member.05-20-2010
20130161943SANDWICH COUPLING MECHANISM - A sandwich mechanism is disclosed that has to opposing members that form a pocket into which material such as downspout sheet metal can be inserted. The opposing members clamp onto the downspout and can be secured into place using a screw that passes through the opposing members and the inserted downspout. Two sandwich mechanisms may be coupled together using a brace or a hinged member. The hinged member will permit a user to independently articulate the coupled pieces of downspout or downspout extension.06-27-2013
20130161944DOWNSPOUT HINGE SYSTEMS AND METHODS - A downspout hinge system where a plurality of downspout hinges are used as a one-size-fits-all solution for downspouts of a variety of sizes. The system of hinges utilize a first downspout hinge and a second downspout hinge coupling a downspout to a downspout extension. The downspout hinges are coupled to opposing surfaces of the downspout, including opposing sides of the same horizontal surface. Alternatively the downspout hinge may be coupled to opposing lateral sides of a downspout. Alternatively a downspout hinge may couple to more than one surface of the downspout.06-27-2013
20120223522High Pressure Fitting with Self-Releasing Ferrule - A fitting assembly is provided having a nut and a self-releasing ferrule, which in certain embodiments may be assembled by an operator. The fitting assembly includes a nut with a first end, and a second end that defines a slot, and a ferrule with a first end that defines one or more slots, and a second end, with the second end of the nut adapted to receive the first end of the ferrule, the second end of the ferrule adapted to be received in a component or fitting of a liquid chromatography system. The nut and ferrule of the fitting assembly have passageways therethrough for receiving and removably holding tubing.09-06-2012
20090295156HYBRID FERRULE - A ferrule for use in a fluid transfer assembly having a fluid conduit includes a frusto-conical seal portion having a first cylindrical bore sized and configured to slidably receive a fluid conduit. The seal portion is formed from a first material suitable to seal the fluid conduit within a first fitting without substantially deforming the fluid conduit.12-03-2009
20110042941CONNECTING PIECE FOR A CLAMPING CONNECTOR - The invention relates to a polymer connecting piece (02-24-2011
20120025519PLASTIC MALE SCREW CONNECTOR USING INJECTION MOLDING - An embodiment of the present invention relates to a connector used to connect pipes for conveying a fluid, and more particularly, to a plastic male screw connector which is manufactured through injection molding to replace a conventional screw connector made of a costly metallic material with an injecting-molded plastic screw connector so that the manufacturing costs can be reduced. According to the plastic male screw connector manufactured through injection molding according to the embodiment of the present invention, advantages are provided in that, since a screw connector for connecting pipes is manufactured through injection molding of a plastic material, mass production of the screw connector becomes possible and the manufacturing costs can be significantly reduced. Also, because the screw connector is made of the plastic material, excellent pressure resistance with respect to a high pressure, corrosion resistance with respect to a fluid used, and friction resistance can be accomplished.02-02-2012
20130076019CONNECTOR AND CONNECTOR ASSEMBLY - A first connector has a first connector main body configured from an outer tube having a cylindrical shape, an inner tube having a cylindrical shape and a hub, a hollow needle supported on the hub, a first sealing member supported on the inner tube, a coil spring serving as puncturing portion biasing means for biasing the first sealing member in a direction toward the distal end thereof, and a clamping member disposed on the outer tube. The hub is disposed at a proximal end portion of the outer tube. The hub is disposed such that, although the hub is initially connected to the outer tube by a breakable welded portion, when the welded portion is broken, the hub is permitted to rotate around an axis of the outer tube with respect to the outer tube.03-28-2013
20080309069External Protection for Expandable Threaded Tubular Connections - A female element of a threaded tubular connection that is fitted to undergo diametrical expansion in a plastic deformation region. The female element is disposed at one end of a tubular component and includes on its external periphery a mechanism that absorbs scratch energy of a scratching body that may come into external contact with the female element and a mechanism that retains the scratch energy absorption mechanism. The retaining mechanism is configured to prevent release of debris from the scratch energy absorption mechanism during expansion of the threaded tubular connection.12-18-2008
285001000 SAFETY RELEASE 2
20120153608WET DISCONNECT SYSTEM WITH POST DISCONNECTION PRESSURE INTEGRITY - A wet disconnect system with post disconnection pressure integrity includes a bridge tube. One or more seals on the bridge tube that seal the bridge tube to one or more conductors passing through the bridge tube. A defeatable seal/anchor at the bridge tube sealing an outside surface of the bridge tube to an inside surface of a separate structure. The defeatable seal/anchor being defeatable upon application of an axial load above a threshold.06-21-2012
20130093179ELETRONIC COMBINED LOAD WEAK LINK - A safety device and method for protection of the integrity of well barrier(s) or other interfacing structure(s) at an end of a riser string or a hose includes a releasable connection in the riser string or hose, the releasable connection arranged to release or disconnect during given predefined conditions in order to protect the well barrier(s) or other interfacing structure(s). The safety device safety device includes at least one sensor to monitor at least one of tension loads, bending loads, internal pressure loads and temperature. The sensor provides measured data relating to at least one of tension loads, bending loads, internal pressure loads and temperature. An electronic processing unit receives and interprets the measured data from the sensor. An electronic, hydraulic or mechanical actuator or switch is arranged to receive a signal from the electronic processing unit and initiate a release or disconnect of the releasable connection.04-18-2013
20100007136NOVEL LOCKING PIPE JOINT AND A METHOD OF MAKING THE SAME - The present invention provides a novel locking pipe joint for use in fluid-carrying pipe systems. The locking pipe joint of the present invention provides a system of joints that will withstand the stresses and forces imposed on a pipe system carrying fluids during filed conditions. The joint is constructed on a push-fit principle. Sealing rings are used to make the joint leak-proof. Splines are provided to sustain the longitudinal forces imposed on the joint, and longitudinal ribs are provided on the outer surface of the jointed pipes to withstand the torsional loads. The joint is simple in its construction, easy to assemble in field and cost effective.01-14-2010
20090008935PIPELINE BREAKAWAY COUPLING - A pipeline breakaway coupling (01-08-2009
285422000 MATERIALS 1
20110156387DUCT AND THE MANUFACTURING METHOD - A duct is provided which there is no need to attach any reinforcing material to. This duct has a hollow 06-30-2011

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