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283067000 METHOD 125
283056000 ADVERTISING 21
283036000 INDEXED 10
283002000 CALENDAR 10
283057000 BANKING 8
283115000 CHART OR GRAPH 6
283630100 BOOK 6
283071000 STAMP 5
20100127490POSTAGE SHEET PRODUCT - A printable postage sheet includes a plurality of substantially equally sized preprinted postage labels arranged in a matrix of n rows by m columns, where n and m are integers. The plurality of preprinted postage labels are symmetrically arranged in the printable postage sheet with respect to a first axis and a second axis perpendicular to the first axis. Preprinted indicia on each of the preprinted postage labels are preprinted on generally the same location on all of the preprinted postage labels. The preprinted indicia are all oriented in a same orientation relative to the sheet. A printable area of each preprinted postage label is positioned on the label such that when indicia are printed on one or more of the preprinted postage labels, the indicia are positioned within the printable area irrespective of a right side up or upside down feeding orientation of the printable postage sheet into a printer.05-27-2010
20080265560Postage stamp with stored information - A postage stamp includes digital information that can be played by the recipient of the letter or parcel bearing the stamp. The information can be digital in format and can be pictures, audio and/or a video presentation that the country issuing the stamp wishes to disseminate.10-30-2008
20090243277Stamp, envelope and meter in sticking, printing and cancelling - The present invention is directed to a system for thermally cancelling postage and a thermally cancellable picture postage stamp for use therein. A picture postage stamp is disclosed wherein the design and postage information are affixed on thermally reactive paper. Alternatively, the indicia may be comprised of thermally reactive inks or dyes. Cancelling a thermally cancellable picture postage stamp is accomplished with a heat source such as a cancellation write head. Hidden text of code can be embedded in the thermal paper and the cancellation mark can be any indicia or information that can be generated by a thermal print head. Cancelling the thermally cancellable picture postage stamp may also be accomplished manually with a pointed instrument or any semi hard edge such as a pen cap, ring or fingernail. Cancellation of the present thermally cancellable picture postage stamp can be further verified by placing the stamp on a presently described envelope or mailer having a thermally reactive area for receiving postage and cancellations. Using an envelope with a thermally reactive area allows for thermal cancellations that extend beyond the boundary of the thermally cancellable picture postage stamp, thereby effectively matching the thermal cancellation of the stamp to the cancellation on the envelope. The present thermally cancellable picture postage stamps may be manually applied using a cancellation gun that simultaneously applies postage and cancels same on a mailer.10-01-2009
20110133442METHOD FOR INCREASING ADHESION BETWEEN A SECURITY ELEMENT AND A FIBROUS SHEET MATERIAL - A method for increasing adhesion between a security element (e.g., a security strip or band) and a fibrous sheet material such as paper is provided. Also provided by way of this invention is a security element laminated to one or more activatable adhesive films, a fibrous sheet material having such a laminated structure contained on or within a surface thereof, or at least partially embedded therein, and a document (e.g., a security document such as a banknote) made from such a fibrous sheet material.06-09-2011
20100181753Intaglio Printing Inks - The present invention relates to printing inks for the intaglio printing process, also referred to as engraved steel die printing process. In particular, oxidatively curing inks comprising a combination of fusible wax and a UV curing binder component are disclosed. These inks can be printed on a standard printing press, and, through a short UV irradiation after printing, allow to significantly reduce or eliminate the undesired set-off which can occur after printing and stacking the printed sheets. Using the inks of the present invention results in less set-off contaminated printed sheets, allowing for a higher pile-stacking of the printed good, for the use of increased engraving depths, of a more challenging intaglio design, and for the printing on less porous substrates, whilst enabling the printing on a standard printing press, and offering the possibility of using a lower printing plate temperature.07-22-2010
283034000 MAPS 5
20100225103Road map with indicated road segments - One embodiment is to visually direct the focus of the user to specific road segments on a road map surface by the use of colors or symbols overlaid on certain roadways shown on a road map. In numerous embodiments, it will provide the user with a quick visual reference to the location of certain road segments which meet the map designers pre-requisite criteria which would vary for different types of maps, and which would visually indicate different levels of enjoyment that could be anticipated or expected along these certain road segments by the use of various colors or shades of colors, or the use of symbols of various sizes such as dots or stars. Our application would respond to the unfulfilled needs of certain segments of the travelling public such as motorcyclists and RVers, their desire often for enjoyment more than expediency.09-09-2010
20110095517Strategic Planner - A strategic planner has a roadmap, a tabbed planning section, tabbed dividers, a calendar section and a notebook divider. The roadmap has a planning matrix of rows and columns displayed according to planning categories and planning concepts. The tabbed planning section has planning pages. One set of tabbed dividers is interleaved with the planning pages and are labeled according to the planning categories. The calendar section has calendar pages interleaved with a second set of tabbed dividers labeled according to months of the year. The notebook divider is located within the calendar pages according to the current month and the current day of the week and displays cells listing the planning concepts. The cells are organized according to the planning categories and have blank areas for recording planning objectives derived from the planning concepts and planning categories.04-28-2011
20130088005ATHLETIC INFORMATION DISPLAY - A product and method for displaying athletic data and certain information on skin is described. Said information being, but not limited to, an athlete's pacing goals for an athletic event, a course map, or other event information helpful to an athlete while competing in an athletic event. Said information preferably being displayed in the form of a temporary tattoo that can be applied to an athlete's skin so that the information is readily available and convenient to use during the event.04-11-2013
20090058071TRAVEL GUIDE BOOKLET WITH REMOVABLE CARDS - A booklet with removable cards, together with a variety of systems, methods, and applications associated therewith. Embodiments can be incorporated into books, booklets, maps, catalogs, travel guides, schedules, and other printed information and materials. In one embodiment, the booklet comprises a travel guide having a plurality of information cards as pages. Each information card can provide information about a travel destination, language translation, cultural pointers, or other information. The cards are bound using a first ring fastener that can be opened by the reader so that one or more cards can be removed from the booklet, and carried in a wallet, on a second ring fastener, or as a second booklet, distinct from the main booklet.03-05-2009
20120104740Enhanced Scorecard System For Golf - A scorecard for use when playing a game of golf, or a simulated golf game at a practise facility, wherein the scorecard comprises a series of maps depicting each golf hole on the course, and wherein a grid system overlays the maps of the golf hole. The grid lines on each map for each hole provide an indication of yardages so that the golfer can determine strategies for playing the hole, and then record the outcome of each shot. The same scorecard can be used in playing a simulated golf game at a driving range which is marked with a grid system which correlates to the grid system depicted on the scorecard.05-03-2012
20090146411Combinational articles as a pair - Provided are combinational articles comprising, as a pair, a depiction of the front side of an object, the depiction being on a planar body and a depiction of the rear side of the same object, the depiction being on a separate planar body, and provided are also an ornament obtained by working the combinational articles into a form suitable for decoration as well as a card, a picture book, a room divider, an article of clothing and a painting each comprising the combinational articles.06-11-2009
20110031736METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR REPURPOSING CONSUMER MATERIALS - A method and apparatus for repurposing consumer materials. A user may repurpose an article of consumer material by reusing, recycling and sharing the consumer material with another subsequent user. A user of repurposable consumer material may track the transmission of the consumer materials by using information and resources provided and enterable into a tracking system and the process may be substantially repeated with subsequent users.02-10-2011
20090001710DOCUMENT CONTAINING SECURITY IMAGES - A document containing security images which enable original documents to be distinguished from copies of the originals. The document may include a background of a first color and an image formed of a second and third color which appear to be the first color when viewed together, providing a hidden image which does not appear in reproductions of the document. The document may contain a background of a first color printed with lines at a first angle, and an image of the first color but having lines printed at a different angle, providing a hidden image which does not appear in reproductions of the document. The document may contain a background of printed with lines at a first angle and a predetermined line frequency, and an image printed with lines at a second angle and at a line frequency less the one half of the line frequency of the background, providing a substantially hidden image which appears in a reproduction of the document. A document may be authenticated as an original document by detecting the presence of a predetermined hidden security image and/or by determining the layout of the document to be the same as the expected layout of an original document01-01-2009
20100213699Thematic paper napkin set - Various thematic sets of paper napkins are comprised of individual napkins, each of which is imprinted with different question or group of questions relating to a specific subject, theme, age group, interest and/or social setting. The questions are imprinted on an outer ply of the napkin, while answers and/or hints to the questions can be imprinted on the inner plies of the napkin.08-26-2010
283062000 STRIPS 3
20110025039 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR MAKING A SECTIONED TAB PRODUCT - A sectioned, folded tabloid paper product having a plurality of sections, the sections each having an independent number of pages. The paper product includes a mechanically formed first fold perpendicular to web travel, and a mechanically formed second fold parallel to web travel. The paper product includes a tabloid format that is formed on press. An apparatus for forming a sectioned, folded tabloid paper product is also disclosed.02-03-2011
20120319393FORM WITH INTEGRATED FOLDING CARD, LAMINATE FOR PRODUCING THE FORM AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING A FOLDING CARD - A form with an integrated folding card produced using two core parts which can be removed from the form and two covering parts which can be removed from the form. The two core parts have a flat substrate and a first adhesive layer. The two covering parts have an at least partially transparent top layer and a second adhesive layer. The form has a first punch which forms the two core parts. The form has a second punch which forms the two covering parts. The core parts and the covering parts are coextensive. The form has a first and a second page. The first page, as viewed from the front, comprises the flat substrate, the first adhesive layer, a first dividing layer and a first carrier layer and contains the two core parts formed by the first punch. The first punch is made from the front as far as the first carrier layer at the most. The second page, as viewed from the front, comprises the top layer, the second adhesive layer, a second dividing layer and a second carrier layer and contains the two covering parts formed by the second punch. The second punch is made from the front as far as the second carrier layer at the most. A laminate for producing the form and a method for producing a personalised folding card which is plasticised on both sides is also provided.12-20-2012
20130127149DEINKABLE PRINT - A printed article includes a receiver having an image-bearing surface, the image-bearing surface having substantially no human-visible colorant thereon. A pattern of toner is deposited on the image-bearing surface and covers less than 100% of the image-bearing surface. Colorant is absorbed into or adsorbed onto the toner to provide a human-visible image.05-23-2013
283480100 TALLY 3
20110227325All - Day Sports Playbook - a) The method of making these playbooks would depend on the sports league marketing/printing department. I would sell the idea and a sample coupon booklet along with coupon verbiage and their art department (or their outside contractor) would design the perforated coupon booklet (which will be color coordinated with their team colors and logo) and placed out on display at sports, department, and card stores all year long. Once their design template is created, it will be easy for them to produce each year by just changing the year. This is a new gift idea and there are currently no sports playbooks in stores. This new and unique idea is aimed at pleasing the sports enthusiast in a very satisfying way by eliminating stress and tension on game day and so the enthusiast can sit back and enjoy the sporting event.09-22-2011
20110049861MOUNTABLE COUPON CARD ASSEMBLY - A coupon card assembly for attaching to a support structure is disclosed. The assembly includes a hinge partially cut through first and second layers of material and a liner to define a first and second card portion movable about a pivot axis. The first card portion includes a score line disposed along a width and cut through the first layer of material to define a segment of the first layer of material removable from the first card portion to expose one of a first and second layer of adhesive remaining on the first card portion for attaching the first card portion to the support structure. The score line is spaced from the pivot axis with at least a portion of the hinge continuing to include both of the first and second layers of material such that the hinge remains functional after removing the segment.03-03-2011
20090058072Record sheets with integrated themes - A recording tool is provided for tracking absorbent article use, the tool including an ordinal number for each absorbent article for a given day; associated with each absorbent article, a non-alphanumeric health condition graphical representation of whether the absorbent article indicates the health condition, wherein the health condition graphical representation is thematically related to the health condition; and associated with the given day, a health condition assessment summarizing the absorbent articles indicating the health condition, wherein the health condition can be wetness. The recording tool can also include, associated with each absorbent article, a fecal content graphical representation of whether the absorbent article includes fecal content, wherein the fecal content graphical representation is thematically related to the fecal content.03-05-2009
283045000 WRITING 3
20090066074LETTER GUIDE SHEET - A sheet assembly including a sheet and sequential instruction indicia on the sheet. The sequential instruction indicia includes discrete ordered steps that cue a user in proper writing strokes to write an associated letter or number. The sheet assembly further includes narrative indicia on the sheet having discrete portions that correspond to the discrete ordered steps of the sequential instruction indicia.03-12-2009
20090096204Pocket Isometric Pad - A notepad includes a sheet in the notepad having a first line in a first direction, a second line in a second direction, and a third line in a third direction. The first line, the second line and the third line may form an isometric pattern, and the first line is in a first direction. The second line may be in a second direction, and the third line may be in a third direction. The first line may be substantially perpendicular to the second line, and the third line may be substantially perpendicular to a edge of the sheet. The notepad may include a cover having indicia, and the indicia may include special offset solutions, and the indicia may include conversion constants. The indicia may include decimal equivalents to a fraction chart, and the indicia may include piping angles and solutions to the piping angles. The indicia may include pipe circumferences divided into equal parts, and the indicia may include dimensions and formulas for welded fittings.04-16-2009
20100140915WRITING PAPER - The writing paper with lines has a paper area with one or many reading or writing lines wherein the paper has a main area with a first degree of color difference and one or many lines with a second degree of color difference, that visibly contrast the degree of color difference of the main area, characterized therein that the lines have a lower degree of color difference than the main area. The degree of color difference between the lines and the background area, defined as delta E in (CIE)-Lab space, is in the interval 1-18, preferably 2-10.06-10-2010
283005000 BALLOTS 2
20090322070Method and system for hiding information - A printed indicium comprising a first section comprising a first ink having a first color under normal daylight; and a second section comprising a second different ink, wherein the second different ink comprises a photochromic or thermochromic ink which is not visible under normal daylight, the second section further comprising a third different ink which comprises a photochromic or thermochromic ink which is visible under normal daylight.12-31-2009
20090160174SECURE VOTE BY MAIL SYSTEM AND METHOD - A method of enabling a voter to vote by mail by using a secret vote code (SVC) that includes translating the SVC into a one-time code (OTC) valid only for the election, storing the OTC, and mailing to the voter a ballot, a return envelope, and a mechanism for enabling the SVC to be translated into a translated format. Further, the method includes receiving the return envelope from the voter that includes a completed ballot, the voter's signature, and the translated format, determining whether the signature obtained from the envelope matches a stored signature for the voter, obtaining a second one-time code based on the translated format and determining whether the second one-time code matches the stored one-time code. The ballot is counted only if it is determined that: (i) the signatures match, and (ii) the second one-time code matches the stored one-time code.06-25-2009
20100148486Sheet articles - The invention provides a sheet article comprising a cover (06-17-2010
20120274059THERMOSENSITIVE MULTIPLE RECORDING SHEET AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME - The present invention provides a thermosensitive multiple recording sheet characterized in that a second base material having light transmission properties is attached to the side of a first thermosensitive recording layer of a first thermosensitive recording sheet comprising a first base material and the first thermosensitive recording layer formed on one surface of the first base material, through a temporary adhesive layer, the second base material is composed of an information disclosing portion and an information non-disclosing portion, a shielding layer is formed at the position corresponding to the information non-disclosing portion on the second base material, and an ultraviolet curable resin layer are formed as an outermost layer of the sheet.11-01-2012
20090212551DATA STORAGE DEVICE AND METHOD FOR DETERMINING THE DEPENDENCY OF THE RISK FOR PROSTATE CANCER, DEVICE AND METHOD FOR INDICATING A RISK FOR A DISEASE OF AN INDIVIDUAL - A data storage device comprises a memory in which a collection of prostate cancer screening data is stored. The screening data is obtained from a selection of the general male population without medical pre-selection. A device for indicating a risk for a disease of an individual, comprises an indicator for indicating a determined value for said risk. The indicator comprises a risk scale representing a range of values of said risk, and at least one dialler for entering a value of a diagnostic parameter of an individual. The dialler comprises a parameter scale representing a range of values of said diagnostic parameter. The dialler is movable with respect to said indicator such that when a parameter value on said parameter scale is selected, an associated risk value is indicated on said risk scale according to a predetermined mathematical relationship08-27-2009
20100156086INFORMATION PROVIDING APPARATUS, RECORDING MEDIUM AND INFORMATION PROVIDING METHOD - An information providing apparatus includes a leaflet obtaining section, a leaflet analysis section that extracts information on the leaflet obtained by the leaflet obtaining section and updates leaflet list data, the leaflet list data being a list of the information extracted from a plurality of the leaflets, a preference analysis section that calculates the number of appearances of information of the same keyword in the leaflet list data and generates preference data in which a correspondence between the keyword and the number of appearances thereof has been recorded, a recommendation information generation section that selects a keyword based on the number of appearances in the preference data, extracts information including the selected keyword from the leaflet list data, and generates recommendation information based on the extracted information, and a recommendation information providing section that provides the recommendation information to a user.06-24-2010
20110278833Structure of a Ticket, Particularly for the Entrance to Events and Shows, for Contests, Promotional Operations or Similar - An admission ticket, having a main body and a stub, is formed of two superimposed sheets coupled to each other by at least two bands of adhesive arranged along lateral edges which are parallel to each other and also parallel to the separation line between the main body and the stub. A weakening, such as a punched perforation, forms the separation line in order to facilitate the detachment of the stub from the main body. At least one of the sheets carries control data on its inner side, referring to a contest, promotional operations, dynamic advertising, anti-counterfeiting or other information.11-17-2011
283046000 LANGUAGE 1
20100096847Pre-Printed Sticky Notes and Methods of Use to Send Messages or Expressions, Decorate, Provide Interactive Learning or Playing Environments, and for Scrapbook and Calendar Uses - This invention is directed toward packs, pads, sheets or rolls of repositionable and reusable sticky notes that are pre-printed with one or more themes, thereby enabling a user of the invention to decorate a home, office, or other structure with the sticky notes to convey a message or expression. The sticky notes are complied in the traditional fashion, with each note having a portion near the top, side, center or bottom or all over if on a roll or sheet which has removable, semi-sticky glue which allows it to stick to a wall. Because the sticky notes are easily removed from the pack, and are pre-printed with the desired message, they are easily placed in large or small quantities on a mirror, wall, floor, ceiling, car, seat, file folder, scrapbook or other hard or soft surface in a decorative manner to send a bold message.04-22-2010
283116000 ENVELOPE 1
20110248493FOLDING MAILER - Embodiments of the present invention provide a folding mailer that can provide one or more of the following advantages: accommodate pictures or other printed material extending across multiple portions of the item, be folded into a minimal thickness for efficient mailing, be unfolded into a relatively large continuous display surface, and be folded and mailed without external packaging or adhesives that can mar or damage portions of the item when opened.10-13-2011

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