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Spring devices

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267002000 VEHICLE 231
267113000 FLUID 81
267166000 COIL 55
267154000 TORSION 22
267080000 SPRING PANEL 20
267153000 RUBBER 14
267151000 COMPOUND 7
267131000 SEAT SUPPORT 7
20110031668Vibration Isolation System - According to one embodiment, a vibration isolation system includes a heater element thermally coupled to a damping element formed of an elastomeric material having an elasticity that varies as a function of its temperature. The damping element physically couples a first structure to a second structure. The heater element selectively heats the damping element to regulate its temperature for controlling the elasticity of the damping element.02-10-2011
20100264572SHOCK MOUNT ASSEMBLY AND DETECTOR INCLUDING THE SAME - A shock mount assembly includes a base member, a top member, and an isolator disposed between the base member and the top member, the isolator providing a dynamic stiffness in three different directions to limit the movement, deflection, and/or acceleration of a detector array with respect to a casing surrounding the detector array in three dimensions. A detector array including the shock mount assembly is also described herein.10-21-2010
20110163487LINEAR FILAMENT COMPRESSION AND TORSION SPRING - A spring including a wire having an elasticity by which the wire is compressible by an external force to a first position at which first and second ends thereof of are separated by a first distance and when the force is removed or an electrical current applied, the wire is extensible in response to an internal spring force to a second position at which the wire is substantially straight. A spring assembly is disclosed including a plurality of inventive wires cross-coupled with a support structure consisting of a plurality of coaxial rings. In the assembly, the wires extend parallel to an axis through a center of the rings.07-07-2011
20100320661THERMOCOMPENSATED SPRING AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - The invention relates to a method (12-23-2010
20110148019PUSH-PUSH TYPE STYLUS EJECT MECHANISM - A push-push type stylus eject mechanism includes a rail disposed on a substrate, a hook disposed on the substrate, a slide device sliding relative to the substrate, an elastic device connecting the slide device and the hook, and a guide arm having an end pivoted on the slide device and another end having a pin. The slide device could couple to a stylus. The slide device has a pressing element. The rail has a first positioning point and a second positioning point. The pin is moved between the first positioning point and the second positioning point when the stylus is pushed, and the guide arm is pressed by the pressing element to prevent the pin releasing from the rail.06-23-2011
20090267276Vibration Reducing Bracket - Problem: To reduce vibration and noise of a bracket and the like, and also to save a work for manufacturing and shorten manufacturing time, in the case that a forced-excitation of a vibrating apparatus is a cause.10-29-2009
20090212475Fastening Means Preventing The Transmission of Shocks and Vibrations - In an apparatus for connecting a structural member (08-27-2009
20090039575Vibration Control Mass Body - Provided is a vibration control mass body, as a mass body used for controlling with a high accuracy a vibration associated with high-speed movement of a movable body such as a stage, which is large-sized and to which a complicated shape can be imparted. The vibration control mass body (02-12-2009
20090108510Screw type inerter mechanism - A screw type inerter mechanism includes a screw with a limit portion and a thread portion with threads; a screw cap engaged with the thread portion of the screw; an inertia body fixed to the limit portion of the screw; and a connection body engaged with the limit portion of the screw wherein an axial of the screw serves as a rotation axial for the screw to rotate relatively to the connection body. Thus, when a non-zero external force is applied to the inerter mechanism to generate relative horizontal displacement between the screw cap and the connection body, the screw cap brings the screw to rotate, which further brings the inertia body to rotate, thereby achieving the inerter features.04-30-2009
20080237947Actuator Arrangement for Active Vibration Isolation Using a Payload as an Inertial Reference Mass - System for and method of active vibration isolation to isolate a payload (10-02-2008
20130069290SPRING DEVICE FOR DOOR HANDLE - The spring device contains an upper plate, a lower plate, and a base sandwiched between the upper and lower plates. The base has a major opening and a side opening for accommodating a first elastic element and a second elastic element, respectively. The first elastic element has its two ends fixed to two positioning posts on the lower plate. A rotational seat also positioned in the major opening of the base has an arm fixed to a central part of the first elastic element. The upper and lower plates are then riveted together to house the other components inside to form the spring device. After the spring device is configured with a door handle, the door handle can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise to open/close a door and the door handle is then automatically restored to its original position after turning.03-21-2013
20130214465SPRING BOX FOR DOOR HANDLE - The spring box contains a base piece, a front plate, a back plate, a rotational piece, and a torsion spring. The base piece and the front and back plates have aligned through holes. A radial gap is configured on the rim of the base piece. The rotational piece has a curved sliding element along a section of the circumference. The sliding element has a groove, a weight block configured at one end of the sliding element, and a notch at the other end. The rotation piece is placed in the through hole of the base piece. The two ends of the torsion spring are embedded in the gap and the notch. The rotational and base pieces are sandwiched between the front and back plates. Then, by the weight of the weight block and the resilience of the torsion spring, a door handle is restored to its default position after being turned.08-22-2013
267148000 FIBROUS 2
20080203635Textile Spring - A textile spring that comprises a textile core (08-28-2008
20100090379SPRING LATCHING CONNECTORS - A spring latching connector includes a housing having a bore therethrough, a piston slidably received in said bore, a circular groove formed in one of said bore and piston and a circular coil spring disposed in said groove for latching said piston and housing together. The groove is sized and shaped for controlling, in combination with a spring configuration, disconnect and connect forces of the spring latching connection.04-15-2010
20130168906Helical Compression Spring for an Oil Scraper Ring of a Piston in an Internal Combustion Engine and Method for Coating a Helical Compression Spring - A helical compression spring, preferably of steel, in particular CrSi steel or CrNi steel, comprises a coating which has at least one a-C:H: Me coating or a plurality of layers of CrN (07-04-2013
20130015612RIVETED DIAPHRAGM SPRING HYSTERESIS PACKAGE - A hysteresis assembly, including: first, second, and third plates; at least one fastener connecting the first and third plates; and, at least one resilient element. The resilient element is: disposed between the first and second plates; disposed about the fastener; and arranged to urge the second plate into frictional contact with the third plate. A damper assembly, including: first and second cover plates arranged to receive torque; a flange axially disposed between the cover plates; at least one first resilient element engaged with the cover plates and the flange and arranged to transmit the torque to the flange; at least one fastener connecting the cover plates and passing through the flange; and at least one second resilient element. The resilient element is: disposed between the first cover plate and the flange; disposed about the fastener; and arranged to urge the flange into frictional contact with the second cover plate.01-17-2013

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