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256059000 RAIL 170
256024000 PANEL 109
256130100 HIGHWAY GUARD 80
256032000 WIRE 42
256001000 MISCELLANEOUS 38
256073000 PANELS (E.G., GATES) 23
256021000 METALLIC 17
256010000 ELECTRIC 9
256014000 TRACK GUARD 7
256011000 TOP GUARDED 5
20080265230Animal Barrier Device - An animal barrier device comprising one or more rotating bodies and fixture means, in which in use the fixture means rotatably supports the one or more rotating bodies on a construction with which the animal barrier is used, in which each rotating body is an elongate body which rotates in use about a longitudinal axis, and in which the longitudinal axis is located at any point on a line between a centre of the rotating body and a point below the rotating body.10-30-2008
20110215287SECURITY BARRIER - A security barrier (09-08-2011
20110272658PIVOTING FENCING APPARATUS AND FENCING SYSTEM - A fencing apparatus for preventing animals from climbing over a fence, which includes a plurality of first and corresponding second elongated members, is provided. Each of the first and second elongated members pivot relative to each other from a first stationary position to a second variable position. A flexible plastic netting is connected to and extends across the plurality of first and second elongated members. When connected to a vertically extending fence, the fencing apparatus extends from the vertically extending fence such that the second elongated member pivots downwardly upon being subject to a load e.g., by the weight of a climbing animal.11-10-2011
20080277638CAT CONFINEMENT FENCE - A cat confinement fence for limiting a cat from escaping from a confinement area includes a plurality of posts spaced apart and mounted in the ground to define the confinement area. Each of the posts includes a main section and a pivoting section. A first end of each main section is mounted in a ground surface and a second end of each main section is secured to the pivoting section. The pivoting section is pivotable between an upright position and an extended position. Upper fencing is mounted to and between the plurality of posts and extends across at least a portion of the main section and at least a portion of the pivoting section of each of the plurality of posts. A resilient member is mounted proximate to the second end of the main section of each post and biases the pivoting section of the respective post toward the upright position.11-13-2008
20090032788CLIMB RESISTANT SAFETY SECURITY FENCE - A large, hollow cylindrical top rail is installed along the top surface of a security fence. The rail has a lengthwise groove and fence post holes cut from the bottom of it. The hollow round rail is placed over the fence and fence posts and secured to the fence by removable fasteners. A spacer may also be inserted between the top of the fence post and the top of the rail to increase the height of the security rail. Lights, security cameras or motion detectors may be placed inside the hollow top rail. Once the top rail is in position, expandable foam is injected into the hollow area of the rail. The foam adheres to the fence and posts and the top rail is permanently attached to the fence. The fasteners may then be removed. The rail is slick, round and approximately a foot in diameter. This precludes anyone attempting to scale the fence from obtaining a handhold on the top of the fence. The top rail is weatherproof, electrically insulated and immovable and not only prevents anyone from scaling the fence but also protects the fence from the elements, vandalism and damage. The top rail may be applied to existing security fences or may be a new installation. The top rail makes the security fence virtually impossible to breach but is not as dangerous as barbed wire or razor wire topped fences.02-05-2009
256002000 BARBED 4
20090050862Security fence spike - The security fence spike is attached to the upper rail of a chain link security fence or the like, to project generally diametrically through a coil of razor wire or concertina wire strung along the upper rail of the fence. The security spike is a rigid metal projection, and resists collapse when a heavy sheet of material or blanket is tossed over the coiled wire atop the fence by a person(s) attempting to scale the fence. A row of spikes is preferably installed along the upper rail of the fence, threatening injury to anyone attempting to scale the fence even after covering a coil of razor wire or the like atop the fence. The security spike is formed of sheet metal bent to form a triangular cross section for rigidity and strength. The spike is attached to a brace band, which, in turn, is clamped to the fence.02-26-2009
20120126191BARBED TAPE WITH SENSOR CONDUCTOR AND REINFORCEMENT WIRE - The present invention provides a fencing system having interconnected tubular elements comprised of longitudinally extending conductor wires and reinforcement wires. Said conductor wires are conventionally disposed in an outer casing's cavity with an open round or rounded section. Said outer casing is formed by a crimping process such that said conductor wires are reinforced by parallelly extending reinforcement wires, the latter wires being disposed in a separate partition of the longitudinal inner volume of said outer casing. Said partition assigned to said reinforcement wires provides that said reinforcement wires does not damage said conductor wires during the final stage of crimping process in which barbed tapes with pointed and/or cutting barbs are transversely folded around the interconnected tubular elements.05-24-2012
20130062584ACTIVE SECURITY SYSTEM - An active security system with a rotating spoke and hub apparatus with razor wire, barbed wire or other types of sharp objects affixed to the spokes that is free standing or on top of an existing fence or wall and mounted to stationary columns. A motor and linkage provide for the active rotation of the rotating spoke and hub structure. The motor is activated by sensors that detect a presence of an intruder.03-14-2013
20090140224Universal fencing stake - A fencing stake for securing a cord. The fencing stake of the present application creates a more usable and robust fence. The fencing stake has a shaped cross-sectional portion. The fencing stake also includes an anchor, wherein the anchor is formed from at least one shaped aperture having an insertion aperture for inserting the cord and at least two vertical apertures connected to the insertion aperture for securing the cord. The fencing stake further includes an end portion for placing the stake into the ground.06-04-2009
256023000 SUSPENDED 2
20080283809Ball game fence system - A fence system for quickly establishing an outfield fence and possibly a back stop for a ball game uses a series of bases with a post receivable within each base. A section of tarp extends between adjacent posts such that clips are attached to each corner of the tarp and two clips at an end of the tarp are attached to a post. The clips are received within slots at the top and bottom of each post with the top capped to prevent clip discharge. Bulbous ends of the clip prevent lateral discharge of the clip from the slot. Alternately, a single section of tarp is removably attachable to each end post via cooperating hook and loop material with the tarp passing through slots on interior posts. An end brace may be used to stabilize end posts of the fence as well as to act as a visual aid for determining what constitutes a foul ball.11-20-2008
20120211712ROCKFALL PROTECTION SYSTEM - A rockfall protection system may include a plurality of supports that each have a support head, along with a catch net, an upper support cable guiding an upper edge of the catch net at the support heads, and an upper central cable and a lower central cable guiding the catch net in a central support area of the supports. The lower central cable may be tensioned using side anchors provided with at least one braking element. The system may also include a lower support cable guiding a lower edge of the catch net and being guided together with the lower edge of the catch net on the downhill side of and separated from the supports. The braking element may be connected to the side anchor and to the central cable by a cable loop. The side anchor and central cable may be connected via a predetermined breaking point.08-23-2012

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