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Railway switches and signals

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246415000 SWITCHES 32
246473000 SIGNALS 7
20130032675LOCKING DEVICE FOR CROSSINGS WITH MOVABLE FROG POINT - Locking device for crossings with movable frog point, including a cradle support with a central recess into which a movable frog point with transverse displacement in order to place thereof in two steady end positions is housed; characterized in that it comprises a pair of side left (02-07-2013
20110011986SWITCH WITH MOVABLE FROG POINT - In a switch including a switch frog (01-20-2011
20110042527SWING NOSE CROSSING - A swing nose crossing has the swing nose (02-24-2011
20080245931RAILWAY DIAMOND CROSSING - A modular railway diamond crossing incorporates sets of acute and obtuse angle castings. The rail connections to the castings have a fine taper to minimize joint impacts. The castings are spaced apart with a combination of rails and cast blocks. The outside block is a tapered design that maintains the flangeway and holds the castings and rails together. The inside block comprises a tapered common center casting. This unit also maintains the flangeway and a longitudinal distance between the castings. The center casting is a common part to all such crossings regardless of the crossing angle.10-09-2008
20120261524ADJUSTABLE GUARD RAIL SYSTEM FOR RAILROAD TURNOUTS - A structure and counter system for railroad switching, characterized by a base support plate with a lower flat surface which on its upper side includes a first flat section with two protruding hooking elements that hold the skid's inside tab on the rail where the wheels roll on, and also includes an outer section of greater thickness that defines a stopping device that ends on the border of the skid's outer tab within the same rail. This base plate includes a wall perpendicular to the upper surface, covering its width, with a flat internal surface adapted to receive a fixing plate that receives the outer side of a counter rail arranged over the first flat section and separated from the hooking elements; thus being parallel to this rail.10-18-2012
246393000 SWITCH STANDS 5
20100025546Modular Railroad Switch Stand - A switch stand for a railroad switch permits the switch to be locked against unauthorized movement of the switch. The switch stand permits trailing operation, even if locked. Passage of the rolling stock through the locked switch is permitted by allowing temporary movement of switch points of the switch when contacted by wheels of the rolling stock. The switch stand can also be unlocked and the position of the switch points changed manually to an alternate position from the normal or set position and then locked against unauthorized movement of the switch.02-04-2010
20100270436ADJUSTMENT DEVICE IN RAILROAD SWITCHES - The invention relates to a device for shifting switch rails (10-28-2010
20120286104HAND THROW MECHANISM FOR IN-TIE SWITCH MACHINE - A hand throw mechanism for an in-tie switch machine having a drive element which serves to move switch points from a first end point to a second end point. The mechanism includes an elongated hand throw arm having a first coupling element that includes a first lower mating surface and a first upper mating surface. The mechanism also includes a gear set having an output shaft for moving the drive element. The gear set additionally includes a second coupling element having a second lower mating surface for engaging the first upper mating surface and a second upper mating surface for engaging the first lower mating surface to thus couple the first and second coupling elements. Rotation of the hand throw arm through an angle of approximately 180 degrees then causes rotation of the output shaft to thus move the driving element and ultimately the switch points. The mechanism also includes a thrust element having a raised portion wherein rotation of the thrust element urges the raised portion against the first coupling element to separate the first and second coupling elements and disengage the throw arm.11-15-2012
20100072326INTEGRATED LOCKING CONTROL AND STATUS INDICATOR FOR MANUALLY OPERATED RAILWAY SWITCH STAND - The invention relates to a device to be integrated with to a manual switch stand, particularly for use in dark territory. The device secures the spindle of the switch stand against rotation, thereby preventing authorized throwing of the switches. The device also contains sensors that will clearly indicate to an external observer both the position of the switch points and the locked or unlocked status of the switch stand. A particular sequence of steps must be taken before an operator will be able to unlock the switch stand and throw the switch, and further steps are required before he can secure the switch stand and remove his key. The switch stand must therefore be left in a locked state, and it continuously indicates the status of the switch stand to a remote monitor.03-25-2010
20110155864DEVICE FOR FIXING A SWITCH SETTING DEVICE ON STOCK RAILS OF A RAIL SWITCH - In a device for fixing a switch setting device (06-30-2011
246131000 INTERLOCKING 4
20100051757LOW PROFILE DERAIL - This invention relates to a derail assembly used in the railroad industry for derailing the wheel of an undesirably moving railed vehicle and, in particular, relates to derailing a moving locomotive having a pilot at the front of the locomotive. The derail assembly includes a full rigid derail plate which is in direct contact with the entire upper surface of the rail. An upright derail bar is securely mounted on the derail plate and the derail bar is angled outwardly for engaging a wheel of the locomotive when moving undesirably for causing a desired derailment. The derail includes longitudinally spaced rigid hooks at opposite ends of the derail. The hooks secure one side of the derail assembly to the rail. On the opposite side of the rail, a clamp assembly is provided on the derail shoe from the hooks. The hooks and the clamp cooperate to secure the derail assembly to the rail. The derail has an overall height which is less than three inches measured from the upper surface of the rail to the highest point of the derail assembly so a clearance is always provided between the pilot of the moving locomotive and the highest point of the derail assembly.03-04-2010
20120097802DERAIL ASSEMBLY - This invention relates to a derail assembly used in the railroad industry for derailing a wheel of an undesirably moving railed vehicle. The invention particularly relates to derailing a moving locomotive having a pilot at the front of the locomotive. The derail may be a single ended derail or a double ended derail. The derail includes a rigid derail plate which is in direct contact with the upper surface of the rail. An upright derail bar is securely mounted on the derail plate and the derail bar is angled outwardly for engaging a wheel of the locomotive or other railway car when moving undesirably for causing a desired derailment. The second derail bar may be provided in the case of a double ended derail. The derail includes longitudinally spaced rigid hooks at opposite ends of the derail to secure one side of the derail to the rail. The opposite side has a clamp mounted on the derail for securing the derail to the rail. A pair of rigid upright members are longitudinally spaced from each other on the underside of the derail plate. An open space is provided between the upright rigid members. A railroad tie is snugly received between the spaced upright rigid members to longitudinally secure the derail against longitudinal movement caused by an undesirably moving railway car or a locomotive.04-26-2012
20090256030Lock extension for train derail - The present disclosure relates generally to an improved safety device for use in the railroad industry. Specifically, the present disclosure relates to an above ground lock extension for train derails. Train derails are used in the railroad industry for derailing and therefore effectively stopping trains or unattended rolling stocks which rolls over said derail. The lock extension device comprises a locking device allowing an individual to lock said lock extension device to a derail while standing in an upright position, thereby diminishing injuries that may occur with prior art locking devices that are at ground level.10-15-2009
20110198448LINKAGE ASSEMBLY FOR OPERATIVELY CONNECTING A BLUE FLAG TO A DERAIL - An improved linkage assembly for operatively connecting a derail to a blue flag assembly to cause the blue flag assembly to be raised from a horizontal position between train track rails to a vertical position substantially perpendicular to the train track when the derail is manipulated into an operative mode for derailing a train, train car or similar type wheeled vehicle, and further provided with a stop device to inhibit accidental raising of the blue flag assembly until it is desired to do so. The linkage assembly is constructed having a support plate also mountable on adjacent cross ties, and further includes a blue flag mounting assembly to permit the blue flag signal to pivot between horizontal and vertical positions. The linkage assembly further including a spring loaded tensioning device attached at one end to the blue flag mounting assembly and attached at its opposite end to a cam assembly also mounted on the support plate. The cam assembly is operatively connected to a linkage arm which in turn is connected to the derail whereby the manipulation of the derail from its non-operative position to its operative, derailing position causes the blue flag signal to be pivoted from the horizontal to the vertical position and which locks out any change in the derail position by manipulation of the blue flag signal.08-18-2011
20090308986HYDRAULIC MOTOR FOR RAILWAY SWITCHES - A control mechanism for a railroad switch machine, the mechanism including a hydraulic circuit operable to move a rail end point of a switch point assembly of the railroad switch machine, a pump to hydraulically operate the hydraulic circuit, and a motor to operate the pump, wherein the only electromechanical parts of the control mechanism are within the motor.12-17-2009
20110049308Hydraulic switch machine for railroads - The invention provides a hydraulic railroad switch machine. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract that will allow a searcher or other reader to quickly ascertain the subject matter of the technical disclosure. It is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope or meaning of the claims.03-03-2011
20120018592HYDRAULIC OIL CONTROL UNIT FOR SUPPLYING HYDRAULIC OIL ACTUATORS IN SWITCH MACHINES OF RAILWAY POINTS - A hydraulic oil control unit for supplying hydraulic oil actuators in switch machines of railway points or the like is described. The control unit comprises a closed circulation circuit of a hydraulic oil fluid with delivery and return lines. These lines are connected to a hydraulic oil actuator translating point blades of the railway point for moving the point blades from a normal end position to a reverse end position or vice versa. The control unit also includes: electrical means for monitoring the movement of the point blades and/or reaching of the end position, timing means for stopping an actuating stroke of actuators moving the point blades, and means for switching the direction of the actuating stroke. The electrical means comprise switches reversing the power supply signal of an electric motor driving the pump for reversing the rotational direction of the motor and the pump. The switches are driven when the point blades reach a proper end position to reverse the circulation direction of the hydraulic oil fluid flow in the circulation circuit.01-26-2012
20120074267RELAY FOR TOY TRACK SET - A relay for a toy track set, the relay having, a first actuator in a first plane; a second actuator in a second plane vertically elevated from the first plane; a conduit fluidly coupling the first actuator to the second actuator; and a release mechanism moveably secured to the first actuator for movement between a first position and a second position wherein movement of the release mechanism from the first position towards the second position causes the first actuator to force a fluid through the conduit, wherein the fluid forced through the conduit by the first actuator causes the second actuator to actuate a second release mechanism, wherein the first actuator is coupled to a first vehicle track segment and the second actuator is coupled to a second vehicle track segment.03-29-2012
20110095139METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR BI-DIRECTIONAL DOWNSTREAM ADJACENT CROSSING SIGNALING - First and second crossing predictors communicate with each other, and each predictor transmits signals to instruct downstream adjacent predictors to activate their warning devices at a constant warning time (referred to as DAXing) by using train detection information from the other predictor. The communications between the predictors may be rail based, wireless or wired using conductors other than rails. Multiple predictors may be present between the first and second crossing predictors, and each such predictor may be DAXed by one of the outer predictors based on the train's direction. The predictor also transmits a signal to inform the other predictor of the presence of the train so that the other predictor may determine whether to suppress DAXing. Also disclosed is a method for detecting an incoming train direction at a predictor by utilizing a second receiver attached to the track rails at a location offset from the first receiver.04-28-2011
20080290223Railroad switch stand having flood protection structure - A flood protection structure for supporting a switch stand comprises a flood protection base, and at least one flood protection prop upstanding from the flood protection base. The flood protection prop is sufficient to extend above a level of expected standing water. The flood protection structure further comprises an interface mounted over the at least one flood protection prop for attachment to a base of the switch stand.11-27-2008
20090020655MACHINE FOR RAILWAY SWITCHING - An in-tie machine for moving the movable elements of a switching device, such as the switch points of a switch point assembly or the moving V-point of a movable point frog, with a sliding device which selectively engages a control rod with either a fixed seat or a moving seat, to shift the movable elements and lock them in place.01-22-2009
20120001029TRAIN INFORMATION DISPLAY SYSTEM AND TRAIN INFORMATION DISPLAY DEVICE - In a train information display system that displays an operation information on each train in a train, a ground system adds the information on the degree of influence on the passengers of each train to the operation information, and transmits the resultant operation information to a transmission-reception device. A content data server stores in advance, as normal-time display information, at least one of advertisement information and destination guidance information that are to be displayed during normal operations. Instruction output devices instruct content display units to display the operation information and normal-time display information in a display sequence corresponding to the influence information received by the transmission-reception device.01-05-2012

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