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Railways: surface track

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
238310000 FASTENINGS 47
238002000 ROADBED 31
238029000 TIES 31
238122000 RAILS 20
238010000 PORTABLE TRACK 20
238264000 RAIL SEATS 19
238151000 RAIL JOINTS 18
238287000 TIE-PLATES 8
238017000 GUARDRAILS 7
20120111957CONDUCTIVE RAIL JOINT - A conductive rail joint comprises a left conductive rail (05-10-2012
20100187322STRIKE ATTACHMENT RAILROAD SIGNAL LINE CONNECTOR - A system and method for non-invasively attaching components to railroad track rails. More specifically, a connector is provided that can quickly and effectively electrically connect one or more signal lines with a surface of the track rail. In one embodiment, the non-invasive connector utilizes a spring clamp to form an electrical connection with a flange portion of the track rail. First and second opposing members of the spring clamp include teeth that mar the surface of the flange to form an electrical connection between the track rail and the spring clamp when the flange is forced between these opposing members. A signal line is electrically connected to the spring clamp.07-29-2010
20100170955Concrete Tie Fastener - This invention addresses issue of rail seat abrasion by completely removing all elastomers from directly contacting the rail by utilizing a shoulder post with a lower portion that is coated or encapsulated with a nonconductive material and a rolled or cast tie plate design that introduces a tie plate to the rail seat of the concrete tie. The coated or encapsulated lower portion of the shoulder is then cast into the concrete. By having the pad between the plate and the tie, it is subjected to vertical compression only with no rubbing action.07-08-2010
20100219256MAGNETIC RAIL BOND - Magnetic means and apparatus for implementing rail bonds and rail feeds. A rail bond embodiment comprises an electrical conductor. Mechanically and electrically coupled to each end of the electrical conductor is a magnet that comprises a magnetic material that is plated with an electrically conductive material. In an alternative embodiment, the magnet comprises a magnetic material that is disposed between two pieces of steel or other metal. In operation, the two magnets are attached to two rail sections, across a joint separating the rails, via the attractive magnetic force between each magnet and its associated rail. In this way, the electrical circuit comprising the rails is maintained.09-02-2010
20120261482TRACK FOR A TRACK BOUND VEHICLE - A track for track bound vehicles, in particular for light rail vehicles. Includes a support element for supporting an electric conductor arrangement, which is adapted to produce an alternating electromagnetic field and—thereby—to transfer electromagnetic energy vehicle on the track. The support element confines spaces for receiving lines and/or wires of the conductor arrangement. An electrically conductive shield for shielding the alternating electromagnetic field extends along a plane below the spaces. A housing for receiving a power supply device for supplying electric power to the conductor arrangement is also provided.10-18-2012
238109000 PEDESTALS 4
20100308122CONCRETE SLEEPER AND METHOD FOR REGULATING THE POSITION OF RAILS - Concrete sleeper with fixing elements incorporated, insertable or inserted into a sleeper body for fixing rails, wherein the sleeper body of the concrete sleeper (12-09-2010
20110220730PREFABRICATED PLINTH FOR SUPPORTING A RAILWAY TRACK - A precast plinth for supporting an associated object, such as a rail of a railway track, includes an elongated body made of a material including concrete. The plinth includes an upper face, a lower face, a first side face, a second side face and first and second end faces. The first and second side faces taper away from each other from the upper face to the lower face. A leveling hole can extend from the upper face to the lower face with a threaded leveling insert located in the leveling hole. A grout hole can extend from the upper face to a lower face in a spaced manner from the leveling hole.09-15-2011
20130161405SUPPORT STRUCTURE FOR A SECONDARY LIM RAIL PORTION - A support system for a linear induction motor (LIM) rail portion that comprises a plurality of support structures that are attachable at a variety of positions along a length of the LIM rail portion. Each support structure comprises a raised portion that defines a platform for receiving a selection of back-iron component thicknesses or types of the LIM rail portion, and first and second fastening flanges that extend outwardly from respective upper sides of the raised portion. The first and second fastening flanges are attachable to a top cap extrusion of the LIM rail portion. Each support structure further comprises first and second supporting flanges each extending outwardly from respective bottom sides of the raised portion for contacting a surface of the guideway to which the LIM rail portion is to be secured and adjusted for height.06-27-2013
20110036918METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING A RESILIENT RAIL SUPPORT BLOCK ASSEMBLY - A rail support block assembly includes a resilient member and a moulded block having a top, a bottom and peripheral wall. The block is adapted for fastening one or more rails on the top. The prefabricated resilient member has an outer tray and inner tray arranged within the outer tray, and includes a resilient intermediate structure between the trays. The block is moulded. The block is fixed in the inner tray to extend under the bottom of the block and along a lower region of the peripheral wall. The resilient member may form a part of the block mould, so that a mould member combined with the resilient member delimit the mould for the block. The mouldable material is introduced and adheres directly to the inner tray of the prefabricated resilient member.02-17-2011
238024000 STRINGERS 3
20120024970Supporting arrangement - Supporting arrangement intended to be arranged in a shoring zone of railway lines (02-02-2012
20080230621Track System and Concrete Slab of a Fixed Track - The invention relates to track system having two substantially parallel tracks (09-25-2008
20090206169SELF-CLEANING ASSEMBLY EMPLOYING A GAP FILLER FOR A GUIDANCE OR RUNWAY RAIL ON THE GROUND - A self-cleaning assembly employing a gap filler for a rail on the ground which guides or in which there runs rollers or wheels with lugs housed in a groove so as to lie flush with or protrude only slightly from the ground and which has a gap on the side of the rail corresponding to the passage of the lug. A filling substance is placed in the gap outside of the dynamic footprint of the lug and at least partially lines the gap, at least partially filling it. The filling material has properties of compressibility and is positioned in such a way that under all normal conditions of use or normal environmental conditions, the gap remains filled outside of the dynamic footprint of the lug.08-20-2009
20100258647Tunable Vibration Absorbing Device - A Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) for reducing vibration and noise radiation from rails incorporates a series of oscillation mass (10-14-2010
20120312887TRACK DEVICE - An improved track device includes rail tubes and rail tube supports forming tracks separated by cross members and joined at ferrules in embodiments having offset ferrules and embodiments having staggered ferrule joints.12-13-2012
20080315001Residencial and industrial smooth rail extension - A rail that requires minimum force to slide an object. It can be assemble by rail pieces until obtaining the desired length.12-25-2008

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