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226001000 PROCESSES 76
226196100 PASSIVE GUIDE 11
226102000 COMBINED 4
20100224665THERMALLY ISOLATED LIQUID SUPPLY FOR WEB MOISTENING - A system, in certain embodiments, includes a manifold including an air tube disposed about a water tube. The system also includes multiple nozzles coupled to the manifold, where each nozzle is coupled to the air tube and the water tube.09-09-2010
20110127310Recording Device And Recording Medium Supply Mechanism For A Recording Device - A recording device and a recording medium supply mechanism for a recording device can reverse the transportation mechanism and rewind and take up the recording medium when a recording medium that is wound in a roll is conveyed by the transportation mechanism for use. A roll paper holder supplies roll paper to a printer assembly. The roll paper holder supports the roll paper on a support shaft, and has a roll paper take-up knob affixed to an end of the support shaft for manually taking up the roll paper. The roll paper take-up knob is disposed on the opposite side of the recording device as the side on which is disposed a paper feed knob that manually reverses the transportation mechanism that conveys the roll paper in the printer assembly, or a display and operating unit for automatically reversing the transportation mechanism.06-02-2011
20100252602CONTINUOUS PROCESSING SYSTEM WITH PINCH VALVE - A pinch valve includes a valve body having a slot which is configured to allow a web of substrate material to pass therethrough. The valve body has a sealing surface which includes a first curved portion with a first radius of curvature. A dynamic seal element is configured to engage the valve body and includes a second curved portion having a second radius of curvature which is larger than the first radius of curvature. An actuator is operable to selectively bias the dynamic seal element into and out of engagement with the valve body so that when it is biased into engagement with the valve body the web of substrate material is engaged between the sealing surfaces of the dynamic seal element and the valve body. Also disclosed is a processing system which includes the pinch valve.10-07-2010
20110114691SHEET-SUPPLY DEVICE AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS INCORPORATING SAME - A sheet-supply device internally defining a supply route through which to supply a sheet. The sheet-supply device includes a supply member to supply the sheet from a rolled long sheet, a guide member to guide the sheet to the supply member, provided upstream in a direction in which the sheet is moved to the supply member and, movable between a guide position at which the sheet is guided to the supply member and an escape position at which the guide member is away from the supply route of the sheet.05-19-2011
20090140025FEED MECHANISM FOR A MACHINE - A feed mechanism includes a feed slide movable between a retracted position and an advanced position. The feed slide is configured to feed a product strip during a feed stroke as the feed slide is moved from the retracted position to the advanced position and the feed slide is movable with respect to the product strip during a return stroke as the feed slide is moved from the advanced position to the retracted position. The feed mechanism also includes feed fingers pivotally coupled to the feed slide at corresponding attachment points. The feed fingers are movable between an engaged position and a released position, wherein the feed fingers are configured to contact the product strip in the engaged position and the feed fingers are configured to be positioned away from the product strip in the released position. The feed fingers are moved to the released position prior to the feed slide moving along the return stroke.06-04-2009
20090014493WINDOW COMPONENT STOCK TRANSFERRING - An apparatus for automatic feeding of elongated sheet stock from a stamping station into a roll forming station in a window component production line includes a transfer mechanism, a feed mechanism and a controller. The transfer mechanism is between the stamping station and the roll forming station. The feed mechanism is positioned at an entrance to the roll forming station. The controller is in communication with the stamping station, the transfer mechanism and the feed mechanism. The controller is programmed to engage stock material that extends from the stamping station with the transfer mechanism, transfer the stock material paid out by the stamping station to the feed mechanism, and drive the feed mechanism to feed the elongated sheet stock into the roll forming station.01-15-2009
20100276466PROCESSING APPARATUS - A processing apparatus includes: a processing section that is provided at the processing position Pn and that performs the processing on the work while the work is being halted; an entering-side buffer mechanism that is provided on an upstream side of the processing section in the predetermined direction and that can accumulate the work carried from upstream; an exit-side buffer mechanism that is provided on a downstream side of the processing section in the predetermined direction and that can accumulate the work having been processed and to be carried downstream; and a sending section that is provided between the entering-side buffer mechanism and the processing section and that sends out the work accumulated by the entering-side buffer mechanism to the processing section.11-04-2010
20090039131Adjustment Device with a Dual-Guiding Structure - An adjustment device with a dual-guiding structure has two worm wheels respectively meshed with two coaxial worm rods (the worm wheel and worm shaft structure is an application of gear and threaded rod). Two worm rods are pivotally and longitudinally fixed by a driving shaft in line. An adjacent end of each worm rod has a locking recess to receive a locking head mounted on the driving shaft. Thereby, the locking head is selectively engaged with one corresponding locking recess to drive the corresponding worm rod when the locking head on the driving shaft moves in reciprocation. Then, one worm wheel engaged with the corresponding worm rod is rotated to make the wires on the work wheel to rewind or release.02-12-2009
20120037680TRANSPORTATION DEVICE AND RECORDING APPARATUS - A transportation device includes a first roller that transports a sheet-shaped medium from an upstream to downstream in a transporting direction; a guide member that has a guide section extended along the transporting direction and is arranged upstream of the first roller in the transporting direction; and a second roller that is movable between a correcting position where the second roller pinches the sheet-shaped medium with the first roller and corrects a curl of the sheet-shaped medium, and a standby position where the second roller separates from the transporting passage further than the correcting position, wherein the guide member is movable to an escaping position that is separated from a moving passage that is from the correcting position to the standby position of the second roller if the second roller moves to the correcting position.02-16-2012
20080203130EXPANDER ROLLER - A roller for a web-processing machine, the roller having a support core, which is braced in the region of both its ends via a respective bearing arrangement, and an outer covering, which in its axially central region is mounted in a radially fixed manner in relation to the support core and in the region of its two ends is braced in a radially displaceable manner in relation to the support core by a respective additional bearing arrangement, whereby the outer covering is displaceable in the region of its two ends respectively by an actuator arranged within the outer covering, the actuator being adjustable and including two inter-mounted eccentrics to which is assigned respectively one pivoting device, whereby the two pivoting devices are controllable such that the size of the resulting eccentricity and the position of the resulting eccentricity are adjustable preferably separately from each other.08-28-2008
226970100 BY FLUID CURRENT 3
20080237289WEB TRANSPORT APPARATUS AND SOLUTION CASTING PROCESS - A pin tentering apparatus as web transport apparatus includes a tentering mechanism for transporting self-supporting cast film by retaining web edge portions of the cast film. A gas flow device blows evaporative gas to the cast film being transported, to float the cast film. A static pressure adjuster lowers static pressure of the evaporative gas to a web middle portion with respect to a web width direction of the cast film, to regularize distribution of the static pressure in the web width direction. In the gas flow device, a blower duct introduces the evaporative gas. A nozzle plate is positioned at a front end of the duct, and has nozzles which blow the evaporative gas. Preferably, the static pressure adjuster includes an exhaust device, disposed to face the web middle portion between the plural nozzles, for exhausting the evaporative gas.10-02-2008
20090065547CABLE INSTALLATION - A method, for use in connection with installing a cable into a conduit (03-12-2009
20090188961CONVEYING UNIT AND VACUUM DEPOSITION DEVICE - The conveying unit conveys a long sheet-like subject in its longitudinal direction. The conveying unit includes a stepped roller which has large-diameter portions spaced apart from each other in a direction perpendicular to a direction of conveyance of the sheet-like subject and having a larger diameter than a remainder of the stepped roller being a small-diameter portion of the stepped roller, the large-diameter portions supporting and conveying the sheet-like subject, a closed space forming subunit between the small-diameter portion of the stepped roller and the sheet-like subject and a gas supply subunit for supplying a gas to the closed space. The vacuum deposition device forms a film on a surface of a long substrate by vacuum deposition. The vacuum deposition device includes a vacuum chamber, a conveying device which includes the conveying unit and a film forming unit.07-30-2009
20090261140PRINTER - In a printing device recording images on a recording paper being fed backward, bight portion of recording paper generated due to backward feeding contacts with machine components and generates scratches on the recording paper surface. A break unit may be provided on a dancer roller and a recording paper roller only with a complex mechanism and uneven conveying load resulting in a poor printing quality10-22-2009
20130161369AUTOMATIC DOCUMENT FEEDING MECHANISM ADAPTED TO A PAPER ROLL AND THERMAL SUBLIMATION PRINTER THEREWITH - An automatic document feeding mechanism adapted to a paper roll is disclosed. The automatic document feeding mechanism includes a first pivotal member, a document pressing module, a driving member and a document guiding module. The document pressing module is pivoted to the first pivotal member for pressing the paper roll. The driving member is for driving the document pressing module, such that the document pressing module respectively presses the paper roll in a first position and a second position. The document guiding module is connected to the document pressing module. The document guiding module is driven by the document pressing module to move from a first guiding position to a second guiding position when the document pressing module is moved from the first position to the second position, so as to adjust a gap between the document guiding module and the paper roll.06-27-2013
20100219225MEDIUM CONVEYING DEVICE AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A medium conveying device includes: an inclined roller that feeds a recording medium in a direction that is inclined from a conveying direction of the recording medium; and a counter member disposed at such a position as to be opposed to the inclined roller with the recording medium interposed in between and having a curved surface on a side of the inclined roller, and one of an outer circumferential surface of the inclined roller, a rotation axis of the inclined roller, and the curved surface of the counter member is inclined according to an angle between a feed direction of the inclined roller and the medium conveying direction and a radius of curvature of the curved surface so that the outer circumferential surface of the inclined roller and the curved surface of the counter member contact each other approximately in line contact.09-02-2010
20130056513PRINTER - A printer comprises a paper holding section, a conveying section, a printing section and a buffer section. The buffer section, which is arranged at the downstream side of the paper conveying direction of the paper holding section and the upstream side of the paper conveying direction of the conveying section, extends in the width direction of the paper orthogonal to the paper conveying direction and has a propping member that is propped against the paper surface of paper and a pair of elastic support sections that are connected with the two ends of the propping member in the width direction and press the propping member on the paper surface of the paper using an elastic force, wherein the pair of elastic support sections are connected with the propping member in such a manner that each of the elastic support sections can act separately.03-07-2013
20110253763MEDIUM SUCTION SUPPORT DEVICE AND MEDIUM CONVEYING DEVICE - A medium suction support device includes a medium support table, a suction unit, a plurality of flexible tube members and a sliding member. Through-holes are formed in the medium support table to pass through the medium support table. The suction unit is disposed on a side of the back surface to suction the recording medium disposed on the medium support surface via the through-holes. One opening end of each of the flexible tube members surrounds a corresponding one of the through-holes on the back surface. The sliding member is configured to move in parallel along the back surface. The sliding member has openings formed in an opposing surface facing the back surface with each of the openings being configured to respectively accommodate the other opening end of a corresponding one of the flexible tube members. The openings have different lengths in a parallel movement direction of the sliding member.10-20-2011
20110049210PROCESSING APPARATUS - A processing apparatus includes: a work carrying section that carries a continuous belt-like work; and a processing section within a travel path and processing while the work is being intermittently halted. The work carrying section includes an entering-side buffer mechanism within the travel path on an upstream side of the processing section; an exit-side buffer mechanism within the travel path on a downstream side of the processing section; an interlocking section that moves first and second moving elements for performing a reciprocating movement in an interlocked manner; an intermittent sending section that comes into contact with the work; an endless annular element that is wrapped around the carry rolls and the first and second moving elements; and a first drive roll that applies a rotational force to the carry rolls and a moving force to the first moving element and the second moving element.03-03-2011
20120018484SHEET FEEDING APPARATUS - The present invention provides an inexpensive and compact printing apparatus. The printing apparatus includes a sheet feeding mechanism configured to convey a sheet in an orthogonal direction to a loading direction of a cassette, and moves between a press-contacting position and a retraction position, an urging member configured to urge the cassette in a drawing-out direction, a locking member configured to abut against the cassette at a locking position opposed to the urging member, to regulate a movement of the cassette, and to enable draw-out of the cassette at a release position, and an interlocking member configured to regulate the movement of the locking member when the sheet feeding mechanism is located at the press-contacting position, and to release the regulation of the movement of the locking member when the sheet feeding mechanism is located at the retraction position.01-26-2012
20080296336Wire Guider of Air Guide Type - A wire guider includes a guiding unit having an inner path extending along the running direction of the wire to guide the running of the wire and an air supply unit for supplying air into the inner path to form a spiral air flow having a current rate faster than a running rate of the wire between an outer surface of the wire and an inner surface of the inner path. Wire Vibration resulting from a thrust force of mill rolls can be damped to more stably carry out one-direction running of the wire and minimize contact between the wire and a guide path. This reduces surface defects of the wire and abrasion of the guide system and protects a sensor unit from damage.12-04-2008
20100243697MEDIUM CONVEYING APPARATUS AND IMAGE FORMING APPARATUS - A medium conveying apparatus includes: a conveying mechanism that conveys a recording medium that extends long continuously in one direction, a conveying direction of the recording medium being the same as the one direction; a detecting unit that detects a detection subject mark formed on the recording medium; and a moving mechanism that moves the detecting unit in a direction that crosses the conveying direction, and a plurality of detection subject marks are formed on the recording medium in such a manner that they are arranged in the direction in which the recording medium extends long continuously and that a mark width in the direction that crosses the conveying direction changes as the position goes along the conveying direction.09-30-2010
20090108044Web-Guiding or Sheet-Guiding Machine, and Method of Operating the Same - The invention relates to a web-guiding or sheet-guiding machine, in which webs or sheets are transported along a transport path (z), and which has at least one roller nip, it being possible for at least one of the rollers, which delimits the roller nip or is located downstream of the roller nip on the transport path, to be driven by an electric drive. A power controller is assigned to the electric drive, and the web-guiding or sheet-guiding machine is equipped with a safety device, which makes it possible to monitor whether foreign bodies are penetrating into the roller nip and/or whether a specified torque for the drive is being maintained. The safety device here comprises a first measuring device, which can monitor at least one first electric variable of the power made available to the drive by the power controller.04-30-2009

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