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223085000 GARMENT HANGERS 181
223037000 FOLDING 10
223007000 HAT MAKING 5
20090166388CAP DRYING APPARATUS - A cap drying and shaping apparatus includes a substantially planar base, an inflatable bladder disposed proximal one end of the planar base, and a ribbed cage member. The ribbed cage member includes a domed portion having a predetermined radius to the apex and a predetermined diameter parallel to the planar base, and a planar portion at least as long and wide as a bill on a typical ball cap. Attachment means are disposed on top of the planar base for removably clamping the ribbed cage member to the planar base.07-02-2009
20100193550Hat Display Device - The Hat Display Device comprises an adjustable spacer, and two shaped blocks. The spacer may include one or more apertures to permit attachment of the Hat Display Device to a support stand.08-05-2010
20090145935Device and Associated Methods for Storing, Displaying, and Shaping Hats - The technology described herein provides a device and associated methods for storing, displaying, and shaping hats, caps, or the like. This device includes multiple rings of the same diameter and multiple rings of varied diameters to provide for the storing and displaying of a multiplicity of hats while simultaneously maintaining the curvature of the brim portion of the hat. This device provides for the training of the brim of a hat to a particular degree of curvature as desired by the wearer and as selected from the multiple rings of varied diameters of the device. Other comparable uses are also contemplated herein, as will be apparent to those of ordinary skill in the art.06-11-2009
20090188951HAT BRIM PROTECTOR AND SHAPER - A hat pallet for use in a printer which prints an image onto a hat of the type having a cap and a brim attached thereto includes a bottom plate and a top plate mountable in a closed position over the bottom plate. The bottom plate includes a printing plate and a brim support fixedly mounted thereon. The top plate has an opening exposing at least a portion of the printing plate when the top plate is in the closed position. The brim support is positioned relative to the printing plate such that when the hat is mounted in the pallet with the top plate in the closed position, a portion of the cap on which the image is to be printed is supported on the printing plate and exposed through the opening of the top plate and the underside of the brim of the hat is supported by the brim support.07-30-2009
20090184140Device For Manufacturing Seamless Hat - A device for manufacturing a seamless hat comprises an assembling cutting device and a layer connecting device, wherein the assembling cutting device comprises an ultrasonic metal wheel, an ultrasonic metal platform, a feeding rubber wheel, and a feeding metal wheel; the ultrasonic metal wheel and the feeding rubber wheel are concentric and closed each other, a metal wheel is disposed at the bottom of the feeding rubber wheel, the ultrasonic metal platform is disposed at the bottom of the ultrasonic metal wheel, a top end of a cone peripheral surface of the ultrasonic metal wheel has a sharp edge and a platform portion, which is disposed at a side away from the rubber wheel. Accordingly, the seam allowance cut pieces of the hat may not be initially connected to the edge of the hat. And, the assembling cutting device simultaneously proceeds the ultrasonic connection of the seam allowance cut pieces and the cut to the residue of the cloth in order to uniform the connection so as to get more efficient.07-23-2009
20090266852Pin Moor - A moor or anchor (10-29-2009
20110101045Pin moor - A moor or anchor (05-05-2011
20130037584STORAGE CHEST - A storage chest for sewing materials comprises a plurality of tiers (02-14-2013
20090020569Ribbon And Yarn Dispensing Carrying Case - A series of shaped apertures are cut or stamped through the walls of a carrying case. Individual strands of elongated flexible material extend from organized rolls or spools of the material stored inside the case out through each of the apertures. The high friction rubberized wall material surrounding each aperture holds the extending strands for selecting and cutting a desired length.01-22-2009
20110049199Portable hand-held pleating apparatus for creating pleats in any fabric material - A portable hand-held pleating apparatus for fabric material consisting of two halves containing a total of ten to twenty fingers adapted to allow fabric material to be pleated into numerous uniform pleats, specifically accordion pleats. The pleating apparatus can hold fabric material to allow for pleating by any user weaving said material through said fingers and then being removed by a simple upward motion. The pleating apparatus can be adjusted to enable variable pleat widths in a facile way.03-03-2011
20120012620MACHINE AND METHOD WITH MAGNETS FOR PLAITING THREADS - The present invention provides a machine and method wherein there is no physical contact between one or more thread or filaments reels and the element that generates the movement of said reel or reels in such a way that the thread or filament provided by said reel or reels can form a braid. The element that generates the movement of the reel or reels have a magnetic constituent, wherein the magnetic constituent remotely pulls into moving the device or devices holding the reel or reels.01-19-2012
20080302837Method for Forming Pleat on Fabric Composed of Polylactic Acid Yarn, and Pleated Fabric - A method for forming stable pleats on a fabric composed of a polylactic acid yarn of 100 mass% without causing decrease in physical properties of the polylactic acid yarn, is provided. A fabric composed of a polylactic acid yarn of 100 mass% is prepared. The fabric ,ay be raw such as a woven raw fabric or sewed product may be on in which part of clothing is sewed, or a final product. The fabric is folded up, and imparted a pressure in the folded state. Specifically, the folded fabricis passed under a suitable line pressure between a pair of rolls whose surfaces are heated in atmospheric ambience. The surface temperature of the rolls is about 100 to 130+ C. As described above, a pleated fabric such as pleated clothing whose folded-up portion becomes stable pleats can be obtained.12-11-2008
20110259925Pleat Making Device and Methods Thereof - The present disclosure pertains to a pleat making device used to create pleats of fabric while the pleat making device is mounted to clothing. The pleat making device can have a frame for supporting the fabric, a fabric securing member for securing the fabric to the frame, and a segment frame hinge that allows for the rotation of a plurality of segment frames around an axis.10-27-2011
223102000 NEEDLES 3
20090039117Eyeless Sewing Needle and Fabrication Method for the Same - In an eyeless sewing needle, a periphery of an axial hole at the base end is heated to make a fibrous structure be a granular structure without directionality, and at least a part of a heat-affected zone made between the fibrous structure and the granular structure due to the heating is within a range that is three times the diameter of the sewing needle and that extends from an effective base of the axial hole towards the needlepoint. This allows provision of a flexible sewing needle so that the hole periphery can be processed while keeping a hard state at the position of the needlepoint slightly away from the axial hole.02-12-2009
20110253756THREADING DEVICE FOR A MESH STYLE EQUIPMENT VEST - The disclosed invention is a threader for use with various modular tactical vest systems. The particular modular vest systems have a weaving interface with attachable storage modules. A strap on a module is attached to the threader and the threader is woven through the support web on the vest. As the threader is pulled through the support web, the module is secured to the vest. Two embodiments for attaching the strap to the threader are disclosed.10-20-2011
20120012622NEEDLE - A needle preferably intended to penetrate fabric, includes a blunt nose portion (01-19-2012
223039000 TURNING 2
20090026233Glove inverter II - In accordance with the present invention, my glove inverter/reformer is a manual non-mechanized device that comprises a base and a guide. This is a device for inverting/reforming gloves expeditiously; especially suited for however not limited to substantially thick material gloves including industrial-heavy duty-lined-rubber gloves, ski gloves, leather gloves, heat resistant gloves, multi layered gloves etc. The present invention facilitates efficient cleaning and/or rapid drying of the lining and quick reformation to the proper side with a proper fit. The main objective of the present invention is to promote healthy, morbidity free hands in the workplace and at home.01-29-2009
20120312845Hosiery manipulation apparatus - An apparatus to manipulate hosiery includes a curved plunger, the curved plunger being curved about a pivot point and a curved hollow tube, the curved hollow tube being curved about the pivot point, and configured to internally receive the curved plunger.12-13-2012
223050000 TAPE INSERTING 2
20110240690DRAWSTRING RESTRINGING APPARATUS AND METHOD - An apparatus and method for restringing a drawstring through a drawstring reception channel includes a semi-flexible elongated main body and a drawstring coupling structure. The coupling structure is located at a trailing end of the main body so that a drawstring can be pulled through the drawstring reception channel behind the apparatus. The coupling structure has a first slotted opening, a second slotted opening behind the first slotted opening, and a third opening between the first and second slotted openings. The third opening has a round shape with a diameter substantially the same as a width of the first and second slotted openings. A drawstring can be coupled to the coupling structure by passing the leading tip end of the drawstring through the first slotted opening and either the second slotted opening or the third round opening depending on whether the leading tip end has a protective plastic covering.10-06-2011
20110101042Systems and Methods of Drawstring Restringing and Recovery - A drawstring recovery and restringing device that includes a leading edge, a flexible cylindrical mid-portion, and a grab scoop member. The device may be used in various methods of restringing drawstrings through articles having a drawstring channel, the methods comprising securing a drawstring end within the device's grab scoop member, inserting the leading edge of the device into a drawstring channel of an article, pushing the device through the drawstring channel until the leading edge protrudes from the other end of the drawstring channel and pulling the leading edge of the device until the entire device exits the drawstring channel. The device may also be used in methods of recovery of a drawstring that is fully enclosed in a drawstring channel, the methods comprising feeding the grab scoop member of the device into the drawstring channel, placing the drawstring within the grab scoop member, and pulling the leading edge of the device through the drawstring channel.05-05-2011
20090277934METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THREADING NEEDLES - A method and device for inserting a strand of a selected thread or yarn through the eyelet of a needle, in which the device is made from an elongate, unitary non-metallic monofilament having end zones and an intermediate central zone forming a closed strand-carrying loophole; and the method including the steps of forming the device by bringing the end zones into a parallel relationship and bonding them together to form a threading stem and also form the central zone into the closed loophole, placing an end portion of the selected strand through the loophole, inserting the stem into the needle eyelet, and pulling the threading stem to draw the loophole and strand entirely through the needle eyelet.11-12-2009
20100294814METHOD FOR CREATING GARMENT CUFFS WITH STRETCH AND RECOVERY CHARACTERISTICS - A method for creating garment cuffs includes applying a high-polymer heat-sealable material on a cuff area of the fabric used for the garment. The heat-sealable material and the fabric underneath are then cut with an ultrasonic cutter to form the cuff and concurrently finish the lower edges of the cuff. The heat-sealable material has properties that allow it to stretch from an equilibrium point in response to tension applied on the material, and recover back towards the equilibrium point in response to release of the tension on the material. Reinforcing the cuff area with the heat-sealable material allows the cuff area to maintain its stretch and recovery properties even after the fabric has degraded after extended use and washing of the fabric. Furthermore, the ultrasonic cutting causes some of the heat-sealable film to melt into the cut edges of the fabric at the cuff to create substantially sealed edges at the cuff.11-25-2010
20130193171SYSTEM FOR STEAMING CLOTHES - A system for steaming clothes is disclosed. A steamer is connected through a hose to a human torso device. The human torso device includes a plurality of holes, wherein a plurality of steam air jets are located in the plurality of air holes. This human torso device is configured to be encapsulated in an article of clothing, where the human torso device is configured to receive steam from the steamer then utilize the plurality of steam air jets to simultaneously expel the steam through the plurality of air holes to entirely steam an entire portion of the article of clothing.08-01-2013
20090108035Garment carrier and support device - A garment carrier and support device is provided for collecting, carrying, supporting, and transporting dry cleaning or other clothing hung on hangers.04-30-2009

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