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Bottles and jars

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215200000 CLOSURES 581
215040000 NECK 121
215006000 COMPARTMENT 51
215010000 NESTING 13
20080314861Bottle for beverages - A bottle for alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages has a hollow body part defining an inner space for filling an alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage, at least one electrical/electronic device integrated in the hollow body part without interfering with a content of the bottle and having a light generating unit and a sensing unit selected from the group consisting of a contact sensor, a movement sensor, and both operative for activating the light generating unit for producing light in response to an action selected from the group consisting of a contact, a movement, and both in a vicinity of the device.12-25-2008
20120234790BABY BOTTLE - A baby bottle (09-20-2012
20120193319Feeding bottle & nipple with ounce/milliliter indicators for filling measurements, and ounce/milliliter indicators for amount remaining measurements that takes into consideration the volume of liquid in the nipple - This feeding bottle is a bottle that has both filling measurements and amount remaining measurements marked on the sides of the bottle. This bottle takes into consideration the volume in the nipple when feeding so you can accurately view the amount remaining. This feeding bottle allows the user to view how much fluid is remaining in the bottle without stopping the feeding process.08-02-2012
20090218307Label for Removable Attachment to an Article - A label for removable application to an article such as a beverage bottle includes a backing layer (09-03-2009
20120279941Reclosable Baby Bottle Liner Kit - The present invention includes a kit for a baby bottle liner constructed and arranged to fit into a cavity of a baby bottle. The baby bottle liner includes a continuous, profiled, elongated reclosable fastener with a first and a second continuous elongated profile strip that are dimensioned to provide an airtight and/or watertight seal upon interconnection thereof. The baby bottle liner further comprises an airtight and watertight side seal at each end of the reclosable fastener. Each side seal connects an end of the reclosable fastener to an inside surface of a front wall and an inside surface of a back wall of the liner. The baby bottle liner can be constructed from a microwavable plastic and also visually indicate that a predetermined safe temperature range has been reached.11-08-2012
20100018940ANTI-REFILLLING DEVICE FOR THE NECK OF A CONTAINER, TYPICALLY A BOTTLE, AND A COMPOSITE STOPPER CAP INCLUDING SAID DEVICE - An anti-refilling device, designed to be fixed irreversibly to the neck of a container containing a liquid and to be closed by a stopper cap. The device has an axis coinciding with the axis of the neck when it is fixed on the neck, and has an axial dispensing duct for the liquid through which a transverse wall extends, fixed irreversibly to the anti-refilling device and provided with a plurality of traversing channels, each of the channels connecting an external opening, directed towards the outside of the container, to an internal opening, directed towards the inside of the container. The smallest dimension of the external opening is less than a critical dimension determined according to the critical surface tension of the material making up the transverse wall, typically about 0.7 mm, and the smallest dimension of the internal opening is greater than the critical dimension.01-28-2010
20110006029ANTI-FILLING ANTI-SPILL DEVICE FOR BOTTLENECK, COMPOSITE SEALING CAP INCLUDING SAID DEVICE - Anti-filling device to be attached to the neck of a bottle to be closed by a sealing cap, including attachment means for attachment to the bottleneck, a chamber including a lower lip surrounding a lower orifice and confining a moveable part which forms a valve in conjunction with the lower lip, and an axial distribution duct. The device further includes a moveable axial rod, secured to the anti-filling device, the axial movement of which relative to the device is limited between a low position and a high position, and at least one stopper which is in engagement with the moveable axial rod such that, when the moveable axial rod is located in the low position, the stopper shuts an orifice which is arranged in the chamber. The low position is imposed by a projection attached to the cap, which comes into contact with the moveable axial rod when the cap is attached to the bottleneck.01-13-2011
20080197099Non-removable closure - The present invention is a non-removable closure.08-21-2008
215002000 BOTTOM FILLED 2
20110192817BOTTLE ASSEMBLY HAVING BOTTOM VENT - A bottle assembly including a bottle, a top closure member adapted for releasable engagement with a top portion of the bottle, and a bottom closure member adapted for releasable engagement with a base portion of the bottle. The bottom closure member has a base panel with at least one aperture therein. A diaphragm is positionable between the bottom closure member and the base portion. The diaphragm has at least one sealing element for sealingly engaging the base panel of the bottom closure member and an air passage extending through the at least one sealing element. The diaphragm is moveable between a sealed position and an unsealed position. The air passage is configured to inhibit liquid contained within a liquid chamber of the bottle from entering the air passage when the diaphragm is in its sealed position by trapping air within the air passage.08-11-2011
20100237033BOTTOM FILLABLE BOTTLES AND SYSTEMS FOR CHARGING THE SAME - A bottle assembly is provided having a body portion defining a cavity therein, a top lid assembly connectable to the body portion, which includes a selectively deployable and retractable spout, a spout bottom lid; and a resilient tube having a lumen therethrough, wherein the lumen is occluded when the spout is retracted and the resilient tube is kinked, and wherein the lumen is opened when the spout is deployed and the resilient tube is not kinked; a trigger assembly for selectively moving the spout between a deployed and a retracted condition; and a bottom lid assembly selectively connectable to a bottom end of the body portion, the bottom lid assembly including a valve assembly to open and close a fluid path into the cavity of the body portion.09-23-2010
215003000 EJECTING 2
20110290752INVERTED BOTTLE ASSEMBLY - An inverted bottle assembly includes a bottle, a tip insert, and a cap. The bottle may include: 1) a rounded top portion engaged with or adjacent to a sidewall portion, 2) a base portion engaged with or adjacent to the sidewall portion, 3) a conical flange engaged with or adjacent to the base portion, and 4) a neck portion engaged with or adjacent to the conical flange. Additionally, the bottle may include a non-round cross-sectional shape. The tip insert may engage with the neck portion of the bottle. The tip insert may also have a nozzle with a nozzle passageway with an opening. The cap may cover the tip insert and the neck portion. The bottle assembly may also include first and second sealing structures within the cap.12-01-2011
20080203048ADJUSTABLE CONTAINER - An adjustable container is disclosed, wherein a plunger assembly disposed the container body cooperates with a support formed on an interior of the body to force the contents of the container upwardly towards a top thereof and to militate against the downward movement of said plunger assembly.08-28-2008

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