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211130100 SPECIAL ARTICLE 1196
211134000 SHELF TYPE 215
211183000 ELEMENTS 64
211126100 TRAY 53
211004000 ARTICLE LOCKING 49
211189000 KNOCKDOWN 45
211100510 POWER OPERATED 31
211162000 WITH TRACKWAY 15
211175000 ADJUSTABLE 12
211010000 SORTING TYPE 10
211181100 OF WIRE 6
211163000 ROTATABLE 4
20110315648Storage carousel - A storage carousel is disclosed which includes multiple vertically displaced carousel frames (12-29-2011
20110089128SAMPLE STORAGE APPARATUS - Disclosed is a sample storage apparatus in that a multilayered rotary table is formed in a liquid nitrogen vessel, so that a plurality of sample storage boxes is stored in the multilayered rotary table, whereby it can effectively and maximally ensure the space for storing the samples. The sample storage apparatus includes: a rotating axis 04-21-2011
20110089127Article organizer system - An article organizer providing a plurality of hanger elements coupled to one or more hanger supports each rotatably coupled to a corresponding one or more members one of which mounts in fixed relation to a support surface.04-21-2011
20100282699Rotary Display Rack - A rotary display rack having at least one hub disposed on a support column and a means for selectively positioning the hub on the support column.11-11-2010
20090152224Plate Carrying Apparatus - A plate-carrying apparatus comprises a base, an adjusting rack assembly, a telescopic supporting rack and a bearing seat. The base is connected to the adjusting rack assembly and the telescopic supporting rack, respectively. The adjusting rack assembly is pivotally connected to the bearing seat. A height adjusting mechanism formed by the base and the adjusting rack presses against the bearing seat to fix it, such that the carrying height of the bearing seat can be easily controlled. In addition, the bearing seat is pivotally connected to the adjusting rack assembly, so the bearing seat can be collected by rotating the bearing seat relative to the adjusting rack assembly, so as to reduce the storage space.06-18-2009
20080237166GLIDE RACK - A rack for an appliance includes a main section having a support frame, and an arm coupled to the support frame and movable relative to the support frame between a first position and a second position. In one example, the arm is movable towards the first position and is configured for engagement with a stop portion of an appliance cavity for inhibiting removal of the main section therefrom. In another example, the appliance cavity includes at least one stop portion, and the arm is movable towards engagement with the stop portion for inhibiting removal of the main section from the appliance cavity.10-02-2008
20110240579SUPPORT MECHANISM FOR INSPECTION SYSTEMS - A support mechanism includes a first work frame to provide a first scanning area for a first scanner, a first frame to support a first panel, the first frame pivotably coupled to a first side of the first work frame so that the first frame is rotatable about the first side of the first work frame between a folded position that the first frame is folded toward the first scanning area and an unfolded position that the first frame is away from the first scanning area, and a second frame to support a second panel, the second frame pivotably coupled to a second side of the first work frame so that the second frame is rotatable about the second side of the first work frame between a folded position that the second frame is folded toward the first scanning area and an unfolded position that the second frame is away from the first scanning area, wherein the first scanning area allows the first scanner to scan across one of the first and second frames when the one of the first and second frames is at the folded position while the other one of the first and second frames is at the unfolded position.10-06-2011
20110068073Tool-less Metal Filler Panel for a Data Rack - A tool-less metal filler panel for a data rack includes: a main panel; a slide latch on the main panel; and a plurality of pivot legs on the main panel. The pivot legs retain the main panel against the data rack.03-24-2011
20080277358HOUSING FOR A DRYING DEVICE - A housing for a drying device which can be folded in and folded out comprises a base which is situated on the rear side and can be attached to a vertical support, such as a wall, and with respect to which the drying device can be folded in to form an elongate unit, wing means which are suspended on the base and can be pivoted along a pivot axis directed in the longitudinal direction of the unit between a closed position for covering the folded drying device and an open position in which the drying device can be folded in and out, as well as supporting means for supporting the drying device with respect to the housing. The wing means, in the closed position, extend forwards with respect to the base.11-13-2008
20100065515VOTING BOOTH - A voting booth (03-18-2010
20090289017Transportable folding display rack - A transportable merchandise display system comprising a plurality of vertically hinged display wall elements which are supported by on the bed of a truck, trailer or other vehicle. For transport, the wall elements are carried in a collapsed configuration occupying little space. The system is deployed for display by opening the wall elements into an expanded configuration to selectively form either a three-sided display enclosure or flat display panel. Roof elements hinged to each wall element swing upwardly with pneumatic struts to form a three-sided enclosure which is protected from above. Alternatively, the wall elements may be swung fully open to form a vertical display wall, with the roof elements forming a protective horizontal awning-like cover. In one embodiment, the system is carried within an enclosed truck body on a sliding base which extends rearward in cantilever fashion for supporting the display structure in open configuration.11-26-2009
20080308508Dual purpose rack and divider assembly - The dual purpose rack and divider assembly of this invention has a base, wings, base slats, and cross slats which can be assemble in either a rack or a divider configuration. A mortise on the base and tenons on the wings and base slats provide an interlocking mechanism that allow transformation from a divider to a rack and to provide stability when in the rack configuration.12-18-2008
20120138547Guitar Case Rack - This application is for guitar case rack or stand that can compactly hold a plurality of guitar cases, can roll, spin, or remain stationary. Case lids can be left open or closed, but the guitars remain substantially protected even with the lids left open. The case rack can transform into a dolly, and in this configuration, it stores extremely compactly.06-07-2012
20100133207Outboard Motor Transportation, Storage and Maintenance System - A cart for an outboard motor allows the motor to be installed on the cart, raised into a vertical position, and transported with relative ease. A storage, transportation and maintenance rack is also provided. The outboard motor cart fits into the storage, transportation and maintenance rack. When secured therein, the cart and rack, with the outboard motor installed, can be easily transported and/or stored. The cart and rack include additional features that fit within the profile of the cart and/or rack and allow for storage and transportation of fuel, oil and other components required for operation and maintenance of the motor. Methods for installing an outboard motor to an outboard motor cart and for installing the outboard motor cart and outboard motor into the storage, transportation and maintenance are also described.06-03-2010
20090134104ROTARY CLOTHES LINE COVER - According to the present invention, there is provided a cover (05-28-2009
20090039040Product Display System for Packaged Products and Method of Use Thereof - This invention relates to a product display system for packaged products, also known as a merchandiser, for storing and displaying products, and more particularly, to a merchandiser with extendible product drawers that can be pulled out and tilted downwards without the back product pusher to facilitate restocking of products in the merchandiser. The merchandiser includes a pull-out drawer or product holder secured to the shelf and capable of downward rotation in a restocking position by a restrictor means in the form of a U-shaped ring located either on the product pusher or the product holder. The display system further includes a nesting tab for securing the display in the display position on the shelf, and a product pusher in biasing relation with the front edge of the shelf for improved access in the restocking position.02-12-2009

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