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Conveyors, chutes, skids, guides, and ways

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
193002000 CHUTES 54
193035000 ROLLERWAYS 41
193044000 ORIENTER 2
20090211873Disc Turning Device - A disc turning device is formed with at least one support portion at one side of a center of gravity of the disc to make a disc turn over automatically by gravity by turning about the support portion, thus achieving the objectives of automatically turning over a disc by gravity, and saving energy.08-27-2009
20110031089TWISTING CONVEYING DEVICE FOR PREFORMS - The device consists of several rails supported by a frame (02-10-2011
20090020390CONVEYORS - An indexing conveyor 01-22-2009
193041000 SKIDS 1
20080302630Loading ramps structure - The loading ramps structure of the present invention includes: the first and the second ladder structure, respectively including two parallel side racks, several fixed crosswise racks set between said two side racks and pivotally-connecting section set on one end of said side rack, and one pivotally-connecting structure including one pair of the first pivotally-connecting pieces set on the side racks of the first ladder structure and one pair of the second pivotally-connecting pieces set on the side racks of the second ladder structure. The first and the second pivotally-connecting pieces jointly connect with the pivots fixed on both ends of the pivotally-connecting sections of the second ladder structure.12-11-2008

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