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Trunks and hand-carried luggage

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190001000 CONVERTIBLE 29
190019000 TRUNKS 2
20100270115Expandable luggage armor - A protective luggage cover having a tailored shape approximating, in overall dimension, a piece of luggage. The cover has a front and rear panel of essentially the same shape and size, connected to one another by an intermediate/perimeter panel of resilient fabric, e.g. Spandex, such as is typically used in fabrication of a diver's wet suit. In the preferred embodiments of this invention, both the front and back panel are fabricated from the same resilient fabric, as this intermediate panel; and, the front panel is fitted with a zipper, or a hook and loop-like fastener, to permit direct access to the luggage contents without removal of the protective cover from the piece of luggage.10-28-2010
20120024649FIBERGLASS FRAME - A fiberglass frame, serving as trunk frame, comprising: round rods; connection pieces; lateral rods; a handle rack; and fastening pieces. Wherein, on said connection piece is provided with three connection ends, and each connection end is provided with an insertion slot; said round rod is inserted into said insertion slot in said connection piece, to form a frame with said connection piece; said handle rack is located on a side of said frame, and is provided with an upper fixing stand and a lower fixing stand, such that said upper fixing stand is connected to two said connection pieces on two sides through an upper lateral rod, and said lower lateral rod runs through said lower fixing stand, and is connected to two said connection pieces on two sides.02-02-2012
190016000 SAMPLE CASES 1
20090101460Luggage Case - A luggage case is disclosed including a plurality of walls connected together to define an internal space for receipt of items to be retained in the luggage case. The luggage case including an elongate support structure connected to at least one of the walls. The support structure extending adjacent to at least two edges of the at least one wall. The elongate support structure comprising at least one elongate element and at least one fixation member to fixedly connect the at least one elongate element to said at least one wall.04-23-2009

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