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181157000 DIAPHRAGM 43
181142000 WAVE GENERATION 12
181141000 COMBINED 9
20090236170OPTICAL AXIS ORIENTATION MEASURING DEVICE, OPTICAL AXIS ORIENTATION MEASURING METHOD, SPHERICAL SURFACE WAVE DEVICE MANUFACTURING DEVICE, AND SPHERICAL SURFACE WAVE DEVICE MANUFACTURING METHOD - The optical axis orientation measuring device according to the present invention is a reflective optical axis orientation measuring device for a spherical member made from a single crystal of an optically uniaxial crystal having birefringence, comprising: illuminating means for illuminating the spherical member through a polarizer; and isogyre observing means for observing the isogyre that is structured by the light that is reflected from the bottom surface of the spherical member and emitted from the spherical member through an analyzer that has a cross-nicol relationship with the polarizer.09-24-2009
20120061173ACOUSTIC WAVE GENERATION DEVICE AND EQUIPMENT INCLUDING A PLURALITY OF SUCH DEVICES - Device for generating acoustic waves comprising an assembly of substantially parallel deformable walls, made of a conductive elastomer material, the series of walls delimiting contiguous spaces therebetween alternately leading over two opposite surfaces of said assembly into two cavities, that are sealed relative to one another; and a rigid revolving chamber containing the assembly and having two sealed cavities opposite two surfaces. Two circular screened slots formed in the chamber define two vents that ensure communication between the cavities and the external acoustic medium. Means are also provided for applying, in a controlled and variable manner, a set of electric potentials to the walls in order to induce an electric field between the walls, consecutively active, and inactive for a control polarity, and inactive and active for the opposite polarity, so as to decrease the space covered by the field, i.e. and in series, and to thus equally increase the contiguous space.03-15-2012
20120279795ACOUSTIC WAVE DEVICE - An acoustic wave device includes a piezoelectric substrate, a first wiring disposed on an upper surface of the piezoelectric substrate, an organic insulator covering at least a portion of the first wiring, a second wiring disposed on a first portion of the upper surface of the organic insulator, and an inorganic insulator covering at least a second portion of an upper surface of the organic insulator. The second portion of the upper surface of the organic insulator faces an oscillation space across the inorganic insulator. The acoustic wave device has preferable high-frequency characteristics and high long-term reliability.11-08-2012
20110209940SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING HIGHLY NONLINEAR ACOUSTIC WAVES OR PULSES - Systems and methods for creating sound bullets are described. Such sound bullets are created by controlling and/or redirecting highly nonlinear acoustic waves or pulses propagating through an array of actuators. The controlling and/or redirecting of the acoustic waves or pulses is achieved though methods such as applying pre-compressive forces to the array of actuators or by selection of size, shape and/or material of the actuators.09-01-2011
20110272207METHOD OF ACQUIRING VIBROSEISMIC DATA CONCERNING A ZONE OF THE SUBSOIL, AND SEISMIC EXPLORATION METHOD INCLUDING SUCH A METHOD - The invention concerns a method of acquiring vibroseismic data concerning a zone of the subsoil. This method comprises the following steps: —operating a vibroseismic source so that it transmits a first vibroseismic signal having a first amplitude (11-10-2011
181123000 ECHO SYSTEM 5
20080283332METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DETECTING AN ANOMALY AND DETERMINING ITS SIZE - A method for detecting an anomaly and measuring its size may include generating a wave signal into a structure being evaluated and collecting at least one of any front and back scattered wave data and any side scattered wave data caused by the wave signal impacting an anomaly. The method may also include processing the at least one front and back scattered wave data and side scattered wave data to measure a size, location, and shape of the anomaly.11-20-2008
20090032329IMAGING AN ANOMALY USING BACKSCATTERED WAVES - A method for generating an image of an anomaly may include generating a pulse wave into a structure being evaluated from each of a plurality of sensors and collecting any scattered wave data caused by the pulse wave impacting an anomaly. The scattered wave data may be collected by the same sensor that generated the pulse wave or by a different sensor. The method may also include identifying any backscattered wave data from a distal edge or border of any anomaly relative to a location of the sensor collecting the scattered wave data. The method may additionally include processing the backscattered wave data from each of the sensors collecting the scattered wave data to generate a two dimensional image of any anomaly. The method may further include presenting the two dimensional image of any anomaly.02-05-2009
20100288578Hybrid level measurement system - A measurement instrument comprises a sensor circuit comprising a drive circuit for transmitting a pulse signal at a target of interest and a receive circuit receiving reflected echoes of the pulse signal and developing an analog signal representative of the reflected echoes. An analog processing circuit is operatively coupled to the sensor circuit for receiving the analog signal and comprising a gate for selectively transferring the analog signal to a comparator that compares the gated analog signal to a select threshold level to develop a data signal representative of location of the target of interest. A programmed digital processing circuit is operatively coupled to the sensor circuit and the analog processing circuit and comprises a measurement module to control the drive circuit and evaluate the data signal to determine material location. An echo processing module periodically evaluates a digital representation of the analog signal to determine an expected window time and expected amplitude of a reflected echo representing the target of interest and developing a gate control signal to control the gate based on expected window time and developing the select threshold level based on the expected amplitude.11-18-2010
20110139538Tracking Objects in Conduits - Methods and apparatus for tracking objects in conduits, especially for tracking the movement of a pig in a pipeline, are disclosed. Distributed acoustic sensing is used to obtain signal returns from a plurality of discrete longitudinal sensing portions of a fibre optic cable which is laid along the length of the conduit. The method involves detecting an acoustic signature corresponding to the object moving in the conduit. The acoustic signature may comprise a series of pressure pulses caused by the object traversing joints etc. in the conduit. Preferably the method involves detecting pressure waves caused by the object as it moves through the conduit. Detecting the characteristic pressure wave signal provides discrimination of the object from other acoustic disturbances. In pipeline applications a pig can be tracked in real time, if the pig stops moving an alert can be generated and the location of the pig will be known.06-16-2011
20090308684ECHOLOCATION DEVICE - A device and method of using the device for the detection of objects within structures or environments of interest is disclosed which utilizes ultrasonic signals and echoes for said detection.12-17-2009
20130043089SPEAKER ENCLOSURE - A loudspeaker enclosure accommodates at least one speaker. Sound waves emanating from the rear of the speaker exit through a port in the enclosure. The interior of the enclosure contains at least one partition to lengthen the acoustic path from the rear of the speaker to the port and to cause alternating expansion and contraction of the sound waves emanating from the rear of the speaker. The partitions are arranged in relation to the speaker(s) so as to reduce sound wave reflections that would create non-linearities in the frequency response.02-21-2013
20090277712Acoustic energy projection system - The sound generating and transmitting apparatus is based on a radiator including at least a first, and possibly two or more, shaped reflecting surface(s) having a forward radiant axis. Each of the shaped reflecting surfaces defines sets of equivalent acoustic input locations, with each set being a ring of non-zero circumference centered on the forward radiant axis. The sound source is a distributed, functionally continuous sound source adapted to exploit this feature. In its preferred form the sound source is a sort of closed line array of loudspeakers providing a torodial shaped acoustic source to direct at the hyperbolic cone, the transducers being disposed in a circle with all of the loudspeakers oriented inwardly toward or outwardly from the forward radiant axis.11-12-2009
181140000 WITH VESSEL 2
20090008184MARINE ACOUSTIC SENSOR ASSEMBLY - A marine acoustic sensor assembly includes an acoustic panel having a forward surface and an after surface, a laser scanner oriented so as to project a laser beam onto the acoustic panel after surface, and a sensor oriented so as to receive reflections of the laser beam off the acoustic panel and to transmit data from which a position of a sound generating source can be determined, wherein the acoustic panel is provided with an absorber layer extending over the after surface thereof, and the absorber layer is provided with holes extending therethrough, the holes being of a size sufficient to permit passage of the laser beams to the acoustic panel after surface and the reflections to pass to the sensor, whereby to minimize reflections and noise originating from aft of the after surface, while permitting sound incoming from forward of the acoustic panel to be measured.01-08-2009
20120234625ACOUSTIC TREATMENT VESSEL AND METHOD FOR ACOUSTIC TREATMENT - Methods and systems for acoustically treating material using a continuous process in which material may be caused to flow in a continuous or intermittent fashion into/out of an acoustic treatment chamber where the material is exposed to focused acoustic energy. The methods and systems may be arranged to permit continuous processing for extended periods while an acoustic energy source operates at a relatively high power output. Treatment chambers may include features such as an acoustic window and/or a chamber wall which may comprise an acoustically reflective material or a gas/wall interface that serves to reflect acoustic energy to form one or more secondary focal zones. Treatment system configurations relating to arrangements of a treatment chamber relative to an acoustic source and coupling medium, material flow paths, and others are provided.09-20-2012
181125000 SOUND LOCATION 2
20120267187System for targeting directed acoustical energy - A system for targeting directed acoustic energy comprises a directed acoustic energy source. The system provides for locating a target relative to the location for the directed acoustic energy source and for aiming the directed acoustic energy source relative to the target to account for at least the effects of wind drift on the sound field generated by the directed energy source. Further sources of atmospheric data may include wind direction and speed and temperature, both at surface levels and at altitude and at a plurality of location including the locations of the target, the directed acoustic energy source and intermediate points.10-25-2012
20110232989ESTIMATING A SOUND SOURCE LOCATION USING PARTICLE FILTERING - A sound source location is estimated by particle filtering where a set of particles represents a probability density function for a state variable comprising the sound source location. The method includes determining the weight for a particle in response to a correlation between estimated acoustic transfer functions from the sound source to at least two sound recording positions. A weight update function may specifically be determined deterministically from the correlation and thus the correlation may be used as a pseudo-likelihood function for the measurement function of the particle filtering. The acoustic transfer functions may be determined from an audio beamforming towards the sound source. The audio weight may be combined with a video weight to generate a multi-modal particle filtering approach.09-29-2011
181030000 AUDITORIUM 2
20090314574MOVABLE ACOUSTIC SHELL ASSEMBLY - A movable acoustic shell assembly comprises a ground-supported crane and an acoustic shell mounted on the ground-supported crane. The crane is configured to move in a self-propelled and self-directed manner between a storage position and an in-use position within a performing arts venue. When the crane is in the in-use position, the sound shell substantially encloses a rear portion of a stage within the performing arts venue.12-24-2009
20110024225SOUND SHELL - A performance shell for outdoor music performance comprises a platform providing a performance area for receiving at least one sound source, the platform combining unitarily with a rear wall reflectors, side wall reflector and a canopy reflector to define an enclosure having a front opening for communicating acoustically with an open air audience area. The canopy reflector comprises a main portion extending above the performance area and a projecting portion projecting forwardly of a front edge of the performance area, the canopy reflector further comprising sound diffusion formations on an underside of the main portion and the projecting portion and adapted to provide non-specular reflection of sound from the at least one sound source for enhancing sound received both in the performance area and the audience area.02-03-2011

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