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177001000 PROCESSES 91
177250110 COMPUTER 83
177245000 COMBINED 20
177238000 WITH CASING 8
20100089667MICROMETERING DEVICE - A micrometering device for metering and weighing free-flowing bulk materials, such as, for example, flour, powder or fine-grain granules, is described. A reliable weighing with small batch sizes may be achieved, by arranging a weighing container for the weighing device separate from a reservoir for the product for weighing.04-15-2010
20090229890TRANSPORTATION DEVICE AND COMBINATIONAL WEIGHING APPARATUS INCLUDING THE SAME - A transportation device capable of smoothly transporting even an object having a sticky surface or the like and a weighing device including the same are provided. A transportation device (09-17-2009
20100212973WEIGHT CHECKING APPARATUS - An object of the present invention is to provide a technology capable of easily changing a position of a measuring portion which measures a weight of a check object in accordance with a change of specifications or addition of specifications. In order to achieve the above-mentioned object, a weight checking apparatus (08-26-2010
20100219002MEASURING DEVICE - A measuring device is arranged to store a block or group of a plurality of objects in a state where the objects are congested in the block, to suppress the scattering magnification of the objects when the objects are dropped off to prevent failures such as seal bite in a filling device disposed below the measuring device, to shorten the dropping length of the objects, and to reduce the contact resistance of the objects to a receiving opening of the filling device during the objects are dropped off to attain the discharging speed of the objects. The shapes and opening degrees of a gate unit can be changed so that a lower opening of a hopper is disposed inside the receiving opening of the filling device in a top plan view.09-02-2010
20110079448Automatic Weight Scale Machine with Unalterd Primary Product Feed Rates and Diverter System - An automated weighing and filling station that operates without slowing the primary feed transfer. The system includes a bulk product supply, such as a hopper. A primary feed system delivers the product from the bulk product supply to the weighing station which includes two or more independent scale weigh hoppers with a diverter system operating between the two scale weigh hoppers. Each of the scale weigh hoppers empties into a discharge hopper. The primary feed system delivers the product to the diverter system at a constant speed. The diverter system delivers the product from the primary feed system to a first of the scale weigh hoppers until the scale weigh hopper anticipates that the determined weight will be achieved. At that time, the diverter moves the product from the primary feed system to the second of the scale weigh hoppers. The flow of product from the primary feed system is not slowed or stopped, but continues to operate at a constant speed.04-07-2011
177002000 WITH RECORDER 5
20110147094WEIGHING SCALES - Weighing scales include at least one load cell, a weighing base configured to act on the at least one load cell and having a platform for a person, and a pillar having a pillar head disposed on the pillar, wherein a display device including an operating unit and a power source is disposed in the pillar head. The scales also have a measuring device for body-specific information and having at least one electrode, wherein the at least one electrode is disposed in at least one of the pillar head and a connecting piece between the pillar head and at least one of the weighing base, an associated frame and an associated base plate. A processor is included that is configured to process at least one signal measured from the at least one electrode.06-23-2011
20120073882WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATICALLY WEIGHING AND COUNTING INDIVIDUAL PARTS - A warehouse management system for automatically weighing and counting parts includes a management computer and a weighing device. The management computer communicates with the weighing device. The weighing device includes a base, a tray for carrying a parts bin, and a weighing module. A track is mounted to the base. A roller is mounted on the bottom of the tray and rides on the corresponding track. The tray can move over the track by the roller. The weighing module is attached to one end of the track. The tray together with the parts bin can be actuated to move to the weighing module so as to weigh and count the parts within the parts bin.03-29-2012
20120055718ELECTRONIC SCALE FOR RECORDING HEALTH ADMINISTRATION DATA - An electronic scale for recording health administration data comprises: a micro controller, a food database module, a weight sensing device, an identification module, the food database module, and the user database module. The micro controller has at least an embedded application for processing data input, output, analysis, and calculation. The food database module is provided for storing detailed food data item. The weight sensing device comprises a weight platform for receiving the food for weight measuring and sensing the food weight. The identification module is provided for identifying the data in an identification tag of the food for weight measuring. The data identified by the identification module is used to map to the corresponding food and the associated data in the food database module for performing analysis and calculation in the micro controller. The nutrition information such as nutrition components, calories of the food for measuring is displayed on a screen so as to provide recommendation intake quantity and warnings to user, and stores the recorded data of user diet in a user database module.03-08-2012
20130126248WEIGHING DEVICE - A weighing device includes a weighing unit, a camera, an identifying unit, a product weight calculation unit, a label printer unit, a person sensor and a shopper-side notification unit. The weighing unit measures weight of a container and a product therein selected by a shopper to produce a weight value. The camera detects the size of the container. The identifying unit identifies the container based on size. The product weight calculation unit subtracts weight of the identified container from the weight value to calculate the weight of a product. The label printer unit prints a label displaying the price of the product based on the weight of the product. The person sensor detects whether or not the shopper is present at the weighing device. The shopper-side notification unit guides the shopper through purchasing and label printing in response to the person sensor detecting the presence of the shopper.05-23-2013
20130118815TOWER CASSETTE - A printer cassette device is arranged to be removably mounted to or inserted into a printing device of a weighing scale. The printer cassette device comprises a rotatable locking mechanism for rotational engagement with the printing device.05-16-2013
177253000 LOAD HOLDER 4
20090152021PLATFORM SCALE - It is disclosed a balance or platform scale consisting of a main body (06-18-2009
20090173551Support Structure of Mass Sensor Used in Scales - The present invention protects a mass sensor from an overload in any direction. A support structure is accommodated in a case, has a floating frame provided on one end side and a fixed portion provided on the other end side, receives a load of an object to be weighed placed on a scale pan with the aid of the floating frame part, and supports the mass sensor used in scales to detect the mass of the object to be weighed. The support structure has a spring member for supporting the mass sensor, and is interposed between the fixed portion and the case, which are structural members. The spring member is elastically deformed in advance to thereby press/urge on the fixed portion of the mass sensor and cause the portion to come into contact with the structural member side. The spring member deforms elastically so that the fixed portion separates from the contact location when a force greater than the pressing/urging force is applied.07-09-2009
20080257612Scale accessory - A scale accessory 10-23-2008
20100181120METAL RACK AND PLATFORM SCALE WITH THE METALRACK - A metal rack and a bearing platform scale with the metal rack are both disclosed. The bearing platform scale includes a bearing base, a weight sensor and two metal racks. The bearing base forms a bearing surface on a top thereof, and defines a receiving space in a bottom thereof. The weight sensor is received in the receiving space and substantially deviates from peripheral sides of the receiving space. The metal racks correspond to the receiving space for supporting the bearing base, and are overlapped vertically and parallel to each other for accommodating the weight sensor therebetween. Each metal rack includes a first post at a side of the weight sensor, and a second post at an opposite side of the weight sensor. The first post and the second post are spaced apart from each other a distance smaller than width of the receiving space.07-22-2010
177050000 WITH TESTING 3
20120181092SYSTEM FOR INSPECTING AND WEIGHTING OBJECTS, PARTICULARLY PREFORMS - The present invention relates to a System for automatic evaluation of preforms, characterized in that it provides an inspection system, to which preforms are supplied, a weighting system, downward the inspection system, and a selection system, downward the weighting system, said preforms being transferred from the inspection system to the weighting system with a set orientation.07-19-2012
20100181118BUILT-IN WEIGHT LIFTING AND LOWERING DEVICE - A device that adds and removes a load of a built-in weight to and from a load measuring mechanism of a weighing apparatus built-in weight latched in a weight holder that performs a lifting and lowering operation to a fixed portion. During calibration, gas is supplied from a gas supply and exhaust portion to a bag to increase volume of the air bag. At this point, the weight holder is lowered against the repulsive force of a coil spring, and the built-in weight is latched in the load receiver, thereby performing the calibration. After the calibration, an electromagnetic valve is opened to exhaust the gas from the bag. As a result, the weight holder is lifted by the repulsive force of the coil spring, and the weighing apparatus enters a usual weighing mode.07-22-2010
20110278076BABY SCALES - Baby scales include a housing, a weighing tray associated with the housing and configured to hold a baby, a display and a measuring device configured to support the weighing tray and to determine a weight of the baby. The measuring device includes an electric length measuring device configured to measure a length of the baby. The display is disposed on the housing and configured to show the determined weight of the baby.11-17-2011
177177000 ILLUMINATED 3
20120111645APPARATUS FOR WEIGHING A PERSON - An apparatus for weighing a person has an at least partially transparent platform, at least one weight sensor connected to the platform for producing an output corresponding to a weight applied to the platform, and a plurality of light sources for emitting respective beams of light. A controller is connected to the sensor and to the sources for controlling the beams. Respective light guides reflect the beams of light onto a lower face of the platform so as to be visible from above the platform.05-10-2012
20090071731Analytical Scale - The invention relates to a bathroom scale for a person to be weighed to step on. Said scale has at least one handle to which the person to be weighed can hold on while stepping onto the scale and an electric and/or optical measuring sensor arranged on the handle.03-19-2009
20130112488WEIGHING SCALES - A weighing scales includes a step-on surface, on which a person to be weighed stands, and a plurality of artificial gemstones arranged beneath or in the step-on surface. At least some of the artificial gemstones are adapted for illumination from below so as to produce information, such as a weight indication, which is readable visually from above.05-09-2013
20090139776Scale - The scale may include a base supportable on a surface, a measuring mechanism supported by the base and operable to measure a characteristic of an object, the measuring mechanism including a measuring platform on which the object is supportable, and an indicator supported by the housing, the indicator being operable to provide feedback to a user relating to a measured characteristic of the object. In some aspects, the scale may include a housing supported by the base, the housing cooperating with the base to cover at least a portion of the measuring mechanism, and a connecting assembly operable to removably connect the housing to the base. In some aspects, the scale may include a resistance device coupled to at least one of the indicator and the measuring mechanism and operable to resist oscillation of the indicator at least one of during a measurement and after a measurement. In some aspects, the scale may include a cylinder supported by the housing, and a piston connected to the platform for movement with the platform, the piston engaging the cylinder to provide a piston and cylinder assembly, the assembly being operable to resist movement of the platform at least one of during a measurement and after a measurement.06-04-2009
20120085586COMPONENT FORCE DAMPING DEVICE AND PLATFORM SCALE USING SAME - The present invention is to provide a platform scale including a plurality of component force damping devices assembled therein for making high precision weighing. The platform scale for weighing an object to be weighed by supporting a support member that supports the object to be weighed by a plurality of load detection units 04-12-2012
20100078229Water Resistant Quick Stop Scale Damper - A water resistant scale damper has a damper sleeve with an interior passage, an open top, and an open bottom. A piston is received in and axially slidable along the interior passage and has a top surface, an underside, and a piston rod extending from the underside toward the open bottom. A top cap is fitted over the open top of the sleeve and an air chamber is created between the top cap and the top surface of the piston. An air passage is formed through the top cap to permit air to enter and exit the air chamber. A portion of the top cap can create an elongate, non-linear air channel between the air passage and a port remote from the air passage and formed through the top cap. A bottom cap can also be fitted over the open bottom of the sleeve. The bottom cap has an annular flange that extends radially inward from a skirt of the bottom cap. The flange is funnel-shaped so as to direct liquid from beneath the underside of the piston toward a central opening in the flange. The piston rod extends through the central opening in the flange and a liquid drain gap is formed between the piston rod and the flange at the central opening.04-01-2010
177246000 BEAM 3
20110147099FORCE-TRANSMITTING DEVICE WITH A CALIBRATION WEIGHT THAT CAN BE COUPLED AND UNCOUPLED - The disclosed embodiments describe force-transmitting devices for use in gravimetric measuring instruments. The force-transmitting devices scale the force from a calibration weight to facilitate calibration and weighing. The devices comprise unidirectional coupling elements. The unidirectional coupling element comprises coupling element parts. The elements may be adapted to transmit only a tensile force or only a compressive force to a measurement transducer. Adapting the unidirectional coupling element to transmit one type of force or the other may be done by selecting an appropriate arrangement of coupling element parts. The coupling element parts are adapted to transmit force along a midline axis by either a projection and v-shaped groove coupling or projections on the first part mated with surfaces on the second part adapted to receive and guide the first part.06-23-2011
20110186358Weighing Device - The invention relates to a device for continuously weighing powdered media in a tank, particularly paint powder in a storage tank, comprising a weighing unit having a measurement field on which a compressive force can be exerted, and by which an output signal representing the compressive force exerted on the measurement field can be generated. A guiding device allows forced motion of the tank having a vertical directional component. The tank can further be coupled to the weighing unit by forces by means of a coupling device, so that a compressive force that is dependent on the weight of the tank acts on the measurement field of the weighing unit when the tank is coupled to the weighing unit.08-04-2011
20080223624Bulk Material Storage Container - The invention relates to a storage container for granular or powdery bulk material. Said container comprises a lower, generally conical discharge element which is provided with a discharge opening for the bulk material, a controlled cut-off device being provided on the discharge opening. In order to allow the discharge quantity of the bulk material to be detected as simply as possible, a weighing module is provided at a discharge end of the cut-off device in relation to the direction of discharge of the bulk material, the flow of bulk material flowing through the weighing module. The weighing module continuously detects the weight of the bulk material discharged through the cut-off device and transmits control signals representing the weight to a control. The control initiates closure of the cut-off device once the added up control signals exceed a defined limit.09-18-2008
20090078472CALIBRATION WEIGHT ARRANGEMENT FOR AN ELECTRONIC BALANCE - A force-measuring cell is designed for a receiving structure having multiple force-measuring cells of the same type. Each cell in the receiving structure occupies a design space whose dimensions, projected into a plane orthogonal to the load direction, is delimited by the design spaces of neighboring and/or is equal to the largest dimension of the cell in the plane. The cell has parallel-guiding diaphragms arranged on upper and lower surfaces thereof. The cell includes a calibration weight arrangement with a calibration weight which can be coupled to the cell, as well as a drive mechanism and a transfer mechanism for guidedly moving the calibration weight. An actuator works together with the transfer mechanism and a piezoelectric element that drives the actuator. The actuator has at least two interacting elements to repeatedly engage and release each other by frictional contact force which occurs during the travel movement in one direction.03-26-2009
177161000 LOAD GUIDE 1
20100200307ELECTRONIC WEIGHING SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR RAILCARS - A railcar has an on-board system for weighing a load of the railcar. A center plate load cell is attached to the bottom of the railcar body and supports the first end of the railcar body on a truck assembly via the center bowl of the truck assembly. A pair of side bearing load cells are mounted to the bottom of the railcar body so as to flank the center plate load cell. A pair of side bearings are positioned on the top surface of the truck assembly bolster in alignment with the pair of side bearing load cells. Circuitry sums signals from the center plate load cell and the pair of side bearing load cells to provide a summed output corresponding to a weight of the railcar load. The summed output is conditioned and transmitted via a satellite and/or cable system to a remote receiving station.08-12-2010
20080230281PLATFORM FOR A BALANCE - A weighing lift has a single-piece platform for an electronic balance and a holder into which the platform can be plugged. The platform has a load-receiving area for an object to be weighed, a centering pin and a rotation-blocking element. The rotation-blocking element is arranged between the load-receiving area and the centering pin. The single-piece platform is preferably made from a sheet metal material. The platform can be plugged substantially without loose play into the holder. The holder has at its end a first coupling portion with a wedge-shaped groove serving to receive the rotation-blocking element. It also has a body in which a receiving seat is formed for the centering pin, which serves to position the platform parallel to the load direction of the object.09-25-2008
177129000 CONVERTIBLE 1
20090057037DEVICE FOR MEASURING AND ANNUNCIATING WEIGHT OF LUGGAGE ARTICLES - A device for measuring and annunciating weight of a luggage article having a carrying member includes a handle and a load measuring member which is operatively secured to the handle for generating an output signal. A hook shaped member is mounted for a vertical movement within the handle and applies force to the load measuring member when the luggage article is lifted, whereby the load measuring member is responsive to the applied load to generate the output signal which is indicative of the weight of such luggage article. A controller is mounted within the handle and has a processing member which is connected to a source of electrical power supply and which is responsive to receipt of the generated output signal to determine weight of the luggage article which is then displayed on a display which is operably connected to the processing member.03-05-2009
20110011649WEIGHT DETECTION APPARATUS - A weight detection apparatus includes a transfer mechanism configured to transfer a medium to be detected along a transfer path at a predetermined speed, a transducer configured to detect a kinetic energy of the medium transferred by the transfer mechanism, and convert the detected kinetic energy into a measurable physical quantity, and an operation section configured to calculate an weight of the medium on the basis of the physical quantity converted by the transducer and the predetermined speed.01-20-2011
20110220424Truck Scale with Removable Deck - A scale for weighing a vehicle which includes a removable platform supported by a plurality of load cells, the removable platform having a plurality of centering fixtures with each centering fixture having a cavity in its bottom section with a perimeter. The scale further including a plurality of centering projections having an outer surface which the perimeter of the cavity of the plurality of centering fixtures is guided upon lowering the removable platform onto the plurality of load cells.09-15-2011

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