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Fire extinguishers

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169043000 PROCESSES 216
169005000 FLUID SYSTEMS 131
169037000 SPRINKLER HEADS 68
20090173507SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR REMOVING SMOKE AND HEAT FROM A STRUCTURE - Certain embodiments of the present invention provide a ventilator system and method for transferring heat and smoke from within a structure to outside the structure during a fire. The ventilator may include a housing being configured to receive heat and smoke through an intake port and expel heat and smoke through and exhaust port. The housing may have a channel between the intake port and the exhaust port wherein a motor creates airflow from the direction of the intake port to the exhaust port. The ventilator may also include an extension member having a first end and a second end. The first end may be connected to the intake port of the housing and the second end is configured for insertion into the structure.07-09-2009
20090084562Filtered Cake Candle Extinguisher - A filtered cake candle extinguisher device comprises a filter, a mouthpiece connected to the filter and a decorative cover for covering filter. A sound generator may be provided to enhance the user's enjoyment while using the extinguisher device to blow out a candle or candles.04-02-2009
20080277126METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR SUPPRESSING SPARKS - A spark suppression device includes a plurality of blades or vanes that are mounted transversely in a duct of an air handling/dust collection system communicating with a spark source. A controlled flow of air carries sparks from the spark source through the spark suppression device. Sparks are suppressed by turbulence created in the airstream from the blades that have a downstream curvature. The turbulence strips away a hot air bubble surrounding a spark ember, thereby effectively cooling the spark and significantly reducing combustion at the spark ember. Other attributes of the invention contributing to spark suppression include an overlapping arrangement of the blades that results in high-velocity impact of the sparks against the blades, thereby breaking up the spark embers into smaller embers, and creation of rapid increased pressure within the spark suppression device that also helps to strip away the spark ember from the surrounding hot air bubble.11-13-2008
20110048748FILTERED CAKE CANDLE EXTINGUISHER - A filtered cake candle extinguisher device comprises a filter, a mouthpiece connected to the filter and a decorative cover for covering filter. A sound generator may be provided to enhance the user's enjoyment while using the extinguisher device to blow out a candle or candles.03-03-2011
20130168112Filtered Blower - A filtered blower for extinguishing candles on a dessert is provided. The filtered blower includes (1) a substantially tubular body having (a) a plurality of body sections adjoined to each other along their length to form a substantially hollow space, a mouthpiece, and a nozzle, (b) a raised lip surrounding the mouthpiece, and (c) a slot within the body, between the mouthpiece and nozzle, with a first portion and a second portion, wherein the first portion retains substantially unchanged dimensions, and the second portion narrows distally from the slot to the nozzle, and (2) a screen within the slot with holes sized for allowing passage of air while filtering passage of liquid and projectiles, whereby upon a person blowing air through the filtered blower, candles are extinguished while liquid and projectiles are prevented from reaching the dessert.07-04-2013
169023000 ALARMS 3
20080257565Fire alarm system/ using fireproofing material/UL listed - This alarm system has a constant source of AC/DC power source from an electrical cable fireproofed [see FIG. 10-23-2008
20110048745WATER FLOW DETECTION DEVICE - A water flow detection device is provided in which strength and water proof performance of the switch box that protects a switch or the like of the water flow detection device are improved and the workability of wiring work of signal line and checking work is good. In the water flow detection device, the inside of the main body has a check valve structure, and a signal output means for detecting opening of a valve body and outputting a signal is contained in a housing connected to the main body. The housing includes a base and a cover. The base includes a first surface that is a surface connecting to the main body and a second surface formed by extending and bending the first surface. The cover is engaged with an edge of the first surface opposite to the second surface and covers the signal output means. A fixing means of the cover is provided at one position in a marginal edge of the second surface.03-03-2011
20120247791ELECTRONIC PRESSURE GAUGE - A pressure gauge 10-04-2012
20100059235Cover for Protecting a Fusible Linkage in a Sprinkler Head - A combination of a cover and a sprinkler head. The sprinkler head includes a fusible linkage mounted within a frame and having a protruding portion. The cover includes a first member adjacent to the protruding portion of the fusible linkage. The first member has a first connecting end and a first fastening end opposite the first connecting end. A second member is opposite to the first member and has a second connecting end and a second fastening end opposite the second connecting end. The first and second connecting ends are coupled to each other. A first projection and a second projection extend from the first member toward the second member and are in spaced relation to each other for receiving the protruding portion of the fusible linkage.03-11-2010

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