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Wheelwright machines

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20110277942MACHINE FOR REGENERATION OF PNEUMATIC TYRES - There is described a machine (11-17-2011
20100300626PNEUMATIC TIRE TREAD - A pneumatic tire tread has tread elements formed by circumferential and/or lateral grooves. At least one tread element has a sipe that devolves from a constant width sipe having a three dimensional aspect in at least a portion of the radially outer portion of the sipe to a wider width groove at the base of the tread feature.12-02-2010
20120145334Method and Device for Making Blind Grooves in an Unvulcanized Tread - Method of manufacturing a tire comprising a tread strip in which blind radial cuts are arranged in the blocks of rubber that form the tread pattern, comprising a step during which the cuts (33) are made in the unvulcanized tread strip (3) intended to cap the green tire. One or more blades (22) are raised to a temperature higher than the vulcanization temperature of the material of which the tread strip (3) is made are caused to penetrate the radially internal face (32) of the tread strip (3) for a sufficient period of time that they superficially vulcanize the walls of the cut in contact with the blade (22) so as to prevent the faces from sticking back together once the blade has been withdrawn from the cut.06-14-2012
20120118512AIR COOLED SPACER FOR MULTI-BLADE ABRADING WHEEL - An abrading wheel such as a rasp hub for use in tire retreading machines includes two generally circular end, or side, plates with plural spaced mounting pins extending between and coupled to the two spaced plates. Rasp blades arranged in stacks which are arranged end-to-end about the wheel's circular circumference. Disposed between and engaging each pair of adjacent blades is a spacer, which is also attached to the mounting pins. Each spacer is curved lengthwise to match the curvature of the blades and includes plural spaced upper and lower recesses disposed immediately adjacent to its pair of adjacent blades to allow air to freely pass over the entire length of each blade as the hub is rotated at high speed to dissipate heat from the blades during operation for increased blade reliability and longevity.05-17-2012
20100326603CORRECTION FOR ASYMMETRICAL BUFFING - Methods, apparatus and computer programs for correcting a buff of tread from a crown of a tire, the steps of the method including measuring the distance between the tire crown surface and the belt at each of the plurality of locations; calculating a projected distance between the crown surface and the belt at each of the plurality of transverse locations across the crown using proposed buff radii, choosing a new position of the buffing radius origin from the one or more proposed origin positions; and buffing the tread from the tire crown along the arc described by the buff radius having the buffing radius origin at the new position.12-30-2010
20130037221ROLLER PLATFORM FOR TIRE INFLATION CAGE - A roller platform for use in a tire inflation cage includes a frame and at least one roller assembly and facilitates the rotation of a rim-wheel within the tire inflation cage. The roller platform includes a frame having members that are spaced so that the tire stop on a tire inflation cage fits between the frame members. The roller platform includes cross members that are spaced so that the cross members fit between adjacent bars of a tire inflation cage and so a bar fits between the cross members.02-14-2013
20130068395TYRE CAGE - A tyre cage 03-21-2013
20090242140JACK MOUNTED TIRE BEAD BUSTER - A tire removal tool for breaking the bead of the tire from the wheel rim is provided. The tool can include a bead member that is removably attachable to a distal end of a support member that is part of a trailer elevation jack. The elevation jack is rigidly attached to a trailer and has a jacking mechanism for retracting and extending the distal end of the support member. The bead member is dimensioned to fit adjacent to a rim and onto a tire bead, with the extension of the distal end of the support member resulting in pressure being applied down onto the tire bead. In this manner, the tire bead is separated from the wheel rim. The bead member can include a collar with an inlet end and a flange that is attached to the collar at a distance spaced apart from the inlet end. The inlet end is dimensioned to accept at least part of the distal end of the support member. In some instances, the collar has a rectangular shaped cross section, while in other instances the collar has a circular shaped cross section.10-01-2009
20090014129Installation Method and Guiding Structure for a Connection of a Tubeless Rim - An installation method and a guiding structure for a connector of a tubeless rim, wherein the method is to use one end of a wire to fix a magnetic attraction element, and the other end of the wire to hook at a connector by an elastic hook which can disengage from the connector after being forced to deform. With the abovementioned method and the structure, the present invention can use the wire to quickly position the connector and quickly detach the wire. Hence, the installation of the connector of a tubeless rim can be greatly simplified and the connector can not be restricted by the raw edge or the installation direction.01-15-2009
20090020231DEVICE FOR TRUING AND REGULATING THE TENSION OF SPOKED RUNNING WHEELS - A device for truing and regulating the tension of spoked running wheels includes a support device for stationarily clamping the hub of the running wheel, a measuring device for determining the lateral and top eccentricity of the rim, a device for fixing a motor-driven nipple wrench to the spoke nipple, a device for manually adjusting spoke tension. The hub of the running wheel is clamped for measuring symmetrical to the axial radial plane; both lateral and top eccentricity and rim anomalies on the same radial rim segment can be read out directly and electronically with or without the tires fitted. A wrench can be installed in existing devices; and is suitable for manual and motor-driven applications.01-22-2009
157003000 SPOKE SETTERS 1
20090050276Device for Mounting a Spoke on a Wheel Rim or Hub - A device for mounting a spoke (02-26-2009
157005000 TIRE SETTERS 1
20130213583SLIDE HAMMER FOR A TIRE SPOON AND METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION OF THE SAME - A slide hammer may be provided. The slide hammer may include: a body defining a through hole and a first attaching surface; an auxiliary weight having a second attaching surface configured to attach to the body at the first attaching surface, the auxiliary weight having a through hole located to align with the through hole in the body when the auxiliary weight is attached to the body; and a shaft located in the through holes in the body and auxiliary weight. A method of constructing a slide hammer is provided.08-22-2013

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