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144329000 PROCESS 151
144134100 SHAPING MACHINE 47
144218000 ROTARY CUTTER 32
144114100 PLANER 23
144286100 WORKBENCH 22
144208100 BARK ROSSER 10
144242100 FEEDER OR PRESSER 10
144253100 WORK GUIDE 6
144162100 SLICER 5
20110155282DRIVE SYSTEM FOR VENEER SLICER - A drive mechanism for reciprocating a flitch table (06-30-2011
20110114222DISK FLAKER KNIFE ASSEMBLY - A knife assembly includes a knife blade and a mounting assembly having a knife blade support portion extending along a longitudinal axis of the mounting assembly. The knife blade support portion is constructed and arranged to position a cutting edge of the knife blade distal to a leading edge of the mounting assembly. The mounting assembly also has a counter knife portion disposed at the leading edge of the mounting assembly that defines a set back distance with the knife blade. The set back distance is constructed and arranged to provide a travel path for a wafer.05-19-2011
20080223488Adjustable Wood Chip Flinger - An assembly for processing wood chips has a rotatable drum with a plurality of blades circumferentially spaced from one another fed by a feed chute assembly. The feed chute assembly comprises a moveable element mounted so as to be dynamically moveable between a first position and a second position. The feed chute assembly may include a downwardly angled feed chute and a redirecting wall disposed downstream thereof. The moveable element may be all or part of either or both of the main chute and the redirecting wall. Wood chips are directed toward the rotating drum at a rotational position that varies depending on the position of the moveable element. The wood chips fed to the drum are flung therefrom in a pattern that varies in a side view along the axis depending on the position of the element. There may be multiple moveable elements.09-18-2008
20080302444MULTI-APPLICATION WOOD WORKING KNIFE AND CLAMPING ASSEMBLY - A wood working knife for use in a wood working machine, comprising a knife body having a first cutting edge and an opposed second cutting edge, the knife body having a first clamping surface and a second clamping surface. The first clamping surface has opposed clamping features separated by a middle section, the opposed clamping features and the middle section being sized and shaped such that, upon the knife body being inserted into a clamping assembly, the clamping forces are localized towards the opposed cutting edges and away from the middle section.12-11-2008
20110180183VENEER SLICER - A veneer slicer includes a knife, a flitch table for supporting a flitch for movement relative to the knife to slice veneer from the flitch, a flitch table support for movably supporting the flitch table, and at least one of a fluid motor and an electric motor coupled between the flitch table and the flitch table support for moving the flitch table relative to the knife more slowly during one part of the cutting stroke and more rapidly during another part of the cutting stroke.07-28-2011
144209100 VENEER LATHE 4
20130074990ROLL ARRANGEMENT FOR A VENEER LATHE - A veneer lathe for peeling veneer from a log includes a first and a second support roll and a counter roll, all the rolls being parallel with the rotation axis of the log and having a length of substantially at least the length of the log. Each roll includes a shaft, with discs placed thereon having a width equaling to not more than the distance of the discs from each other in the longitudinal direction of the log. The discs have an outer diameter greater than that of their respective shaft and are concentric therewith. The discs of the second support roll and counter roll do not coincide in the longitudinal direction with the discs of the first support roll for enabling overlapping of the discs of the second support roll and the counter roll with the discs of the first support roll in the radial direction of the discs.03-28-2013
20120199247VENEER PEELING APPARATUS - The invention relates to a peeling station with means for rounding a block by peeling and means for producing veneers from the block by peeling The peeling station comprises a frame assembly provided with a rounding segment having first roller elements for accommodating and centering as well as rotating a block and a first knife element for peeling the block to become substantially circular in cross-section during its rotating motion; an interim storage segment for accommodating a rounded block; and a veneer peeling segment having second roller elements for accommodating and rotating the rounded block coming from the interim storage and a second knife element for peeling veneers from a block during its rotating motion.08-09-2012
20090078338VENEER SLICER - A method and apparatus for converting a flitch into sheets of veneer. The method and apparatus include providing a drive mechanism which causes relative motion of a knife in contact with the flitch. The relative motion is relatively slower during one part of the cutting stroke and is relatively faster during another part of the cutting stroke.03-26-2009
20080283149APPARATUS FOR SURFACING FLITCH - An apparatus for surfacing a flitch by cutting material from its radially outer surface to prepare the flitch for veneer slicing or other uses. The apparatus comprises a cutterhead rotatable about a cutterhead axis. The apparatus further comprises a carriage comprising a ring that rotates about a carriage axis and a pivot arm that carries the cutterhead and is coupled to the rotatable ring for pivoting movement about a pivot arm axis. The apparatus further comprises a flitch contour accommodation device coupled to the pivot arm and to the cutterhead to permit rotation of the cutterhead about a device axis that is generally transverse to the cutterhead axis.11-20-2008
20130048149Woodworking Machining Apparatus - A woodworking machining apparatus includes a bed, a machining assembly, a driving mechanism and a clamping mechanism. The clamping mechanism is mounted on the bed and is movable relative to the machining assembly. The clamping mechanism has a height adjuster and a holding adjuster. The height adjuster includes a height adjusting base, a sliding rod, first connecting rod, a second connecting rod, a height adjusting lever and a stabilizing board for stably lifting the holding adjuster. The holding adjuster includes a holding base, two clamping sheets and a holding lever for keeping a wood workpiece in a middle of the holding adjuster. The wood workpiece is clamped between the clamping sheets and is lifted by the height adjuster. Therefore, an axis of the wood workpiece can be aligned with the machining assembly.02-28-2013
20110226384PLANER CLAMP ASSEMBLY - A planer clamp assembly includes a pair of side rails, a pair of clamps having at least one hole and at least one bar. The bar is configured to be secured between the pair of side rails. Each of the holes included in the pair of clamps are configured to slidably accept the bar thereby allowing the pair of clamps to slide freely about the bar between the pair of side rails.09-22-2011
20080264520Method of holding a veneer sheet - The present invention is directed to a method of holding a veneer sheet which has been dried to a moisture content lower than the fiber saturation point and also heated to a temperature higher than an ambient temperature of an environment where the veneer sheet is held. The veneer sheet is bent in such way that at least a part of the veneer sheet in the longitudinal section thereof along the grain direction is curved and the same veneer sheet in any transverse section thereof perpendicular to the grain direction is substantially straight. The veneer sheet held bent is held for a predetermined period of time.10-30-2008
20120125484METHOD AND DEVICE FOR THE MOLDING OF WOOD FIBER BOARD - The invention relates to a method and device with which it is possible to arrange complicated shapes with considerable differences in height in wood fiber board, and in particular but not exclusively so called MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). The deformation of the wood fiber board which can be achieved is known in the art as extrusion, wherein a considerable plastic deformation takes place accompanied by flow and stretch of the material.05-24-2012
20080251154CLAMP TYPE MORTISING JIG - A clamp type mortising jig is described that allows the user to create a slot mortise in a workpiece clamped in the jig, using a plunge router. The jig includes a clamp that includes a movable jaw assembly and a fixed jaw with a template carriage slidably mounted between them. Router guide templates can be replaceably mounted in the template carriage.10-16-2008
20110232805Carpenter's portable, compact, and flat construction work station - An integrated work surface and tool storage system. There is shown a plurality of panels, forming a box-like shape, having a support structure, supporting at least the edges of the box-like shape formed by the plurality of panels; and a plurality of hinges coupled to the support structure, that enable the plurality of panels to have a storable position state that fold the panels into a box-like shape, and a deployable panel state where the panels form a flat work surface located above the support structure. There is shown a motorized system, coupled to the support structure, to be activated to cause the tool box to move. This design would include at least two wheels located on either side of the tool box, wherein at least one wheel is coupled to the motorized system. In addition, there is shown a first and second flexible continuous track coupled around each of the two wheels located on either side of the tool box. A radio frequency remote control device is taught that is electrically coupled, via radio frequency, to the motorized system, designed to enable a user to remotely control the movement of the tool box.09-29-2011
144092000 BORING MACHINE 1
20090145520JOIST DRILL - A power tool for drilling a hole in a workpiece made of wood or a wood material. The power tool generally includes a tool housing defining a handle and a motor contained within the tool housing that includes an output shaft that spins about a motor axis. A gear housing is connected to the tool housing. An output spindle is supported for rotation about a spindle axis in the gear housing. The spindle axis is disposed about ninety degrees from the motor axis. A gear portion on the output shaft is engaged to a gear portion on the output spindle. The motor and the gear portions are configured to rotate the output spindle at a speed in range from about five thousand revolutions per minute to about twenty-five thousand revolutions per minute. A cutting member is connected to the output spindle. The cutting member includes fluted cutting blades. A carriage assembly includes a base member and a head member connected by a first post having a first compliant member and a second post. The head member slides relative to the first and second posts and against a force exerted by the first compliant member when the head member is moved toward the base member to pass the cutting member through the base member to engage the workpiece. The base member includes a generally planar face on a bottom surface of the base member that is generally perpendicular to the spindle axis.06-11-2009
144251100 CUTTER GUARD 1
20080202634Shaper Guard - A shaper guard includes a fixture assembly having a sleeve adapted to be statically fixed on a shaper and a rotating member pivotally connected with the sleeve. A first guard panel has a connecting portion connected with the sleeve. A second guard panel has a connecting portion connected with the rotating member and is pivotable in concert with the rotating member with respect to the sleeve and the first guard panel. The second guard panel is biasable by the workpiece fabricated on the shaper and that has a simple structure.08-28-2008
20100180986ELONGATED CAM, SELF-LOCKING, BOARD STRAIGHTENING DEVICE - A board straightening tool able to provide the force to straighten bent boards by simultaneously maintaining a grasping connection to both the joist being used to support the straightening device and the board being fastened to that joist, and maintaining a clearance between the straightening tool and board for the use of an Install the fastening device on the same joist that the tool is using for support is required to obtain the straightest installed boards possible and to maintain the maximum straightness of the deck board after the straightening device is released. The grasping pins are constructed either from a knurled metal for more grasp power or have a smooth surface providing for a reduction of marring of the joist. The tool also provides the force required to maintain consistently spaced gaps between the boards for a more desirable appearance.07-22-2010
20110094624ADZER SKID ASSEMBLY AND METHOD OF USE - An adzer skid assembly having a frame and a base plate attached to the frame. The base plate has an adzer unit attached thereto. The frame has a receptacle for slidably attaching the frame to a railroad track maintenance machine so that up and down motion of the railroad track maintenance machine does not produce up and down motion of the adzer skid assembly. Hydraulic cylinders are attached to the baseplate and are attached to skids, wherein the hydraulic cylinders raise and lower the skids relative to the frame and baseplate and determine the cutting depth of the adzer unit. During the adze cutting process the adzer unit is supported entirely by the skids as the skids move across railroad crossties.04-28-2011
20110132496Apparatus for making tenons and forming shoulders on wood ends - Apparatus for making tenons and forming shoulders on wood ends with a stand having two opposing sides and a attachable stand top, a two piece router bracket that accepts different diameter router motors, a threaded rod bracket with at least 3 apertures for receiving a threaded rod, a threaded rod with a square tapered end, a tube connector that receives and secures smaller round diameter tubing and bolts to the top of the router bracket, a round steel slide pole, a wooden work piece holder with a round tube with a square tube attached at a 90 degree angle a a square tube with a fixed stud at one end. A preferred embodiment includes the curved thread engaging clip moves slidably on a steel rod. A preferred embodiment includes locking collars used as adjustable stops positioning the curved engaging clip in a engaging and disengaging location on the threaded rod.06-09-2011
20080257452Guiding apparatus for tenon fabrication machines - The invention having a chassis includes a transverse guiding plate located at the front side of the chassis and two sliding rods running through a sliding member which is run through by two rods from the front side to the rear side. A moving cap that the two rods run through is provided to cover the sliding member having a slant plate at the front side. An anchor slat which is run through by a moving bar having a rear end movable along the jagged teeth of the guiding plate at the bottom is provided in front of the moving cap to be pivotally coupled with a handle bar having a rear end coupled with rollers which press the slant plate. By depressing the handle bar downwards, the moving cap can be moved forwards to make the moving bar to escape the jagged teeth of the guiding plate to be repositioned.10-23-2008

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