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140111000 JOINING WIRE 29
140123000 IMPLEMENTS 18
140093000 APPLYING WIRE 12
140102000 LOOP FORMING 7
140105000 CRIMPING 6
20120186688SAFETY WIRE PLIER - A safety wire plier includes a pair of plier arms with each of the arms including a jaw end and a handle. The plier arms of the safety wire plier are pivotally connected to each other for movement in either an open or closed position. The safety wire plier also includes a sealed lock for releasably locking the safety wire plier in the closed position.07-26-2012
20100163133CONSUMABLES AUTHENTICATION - A receptacle for a consumable material, such as a wire spool (07-01-2010
20120042984AUTOMATIC WIRE CUTTING AND TWISTING APPARATUS - An automatic wire cutting and twisting apparatus includes a chassis board on which a start-terminal mounting rack, an end-terminal mounting rack, and a mounting track are mounted. The start-terminal mounting rack opposes a start terminal of the mounting track. The end-terminal mounting rack is position-adjustably coupled to an end terminal of the mounting track. A wire cutting mechanism is mounted on the start-terminal mounting rack and forms ingress and egress for wires. A wire twisting mechanism includes start-terminal and end-terminal rotation sections respectively mounted on the start-terminal and end-terminal mounting racks. A wire dragging mechanism includes a start-terminal dragging section mounted on the chassis board and a slidable dragging section movable above the mounting track. A wire pick-up mechanism is position-adjustably mounted on the mounting track. A cutting and twisting control mechanism is electrically connected to the wire cutting mechanism, the wire twisting mechanism, and the wire dragging mechanism.02-23-2012
20130186508SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES FOR THE PRODUCTION OF METALLIC FRAMES - Systems and methods for producing metallic frames from wire or strip or other material of prismatic cross section, which material may subjected to plastic bending, and the ends of which are joined together. The production process for metallic frames occurs in three phases, in three separate positions, which may function independently of one another. In the first position the wire or strip (07-25-2013
140149000 WIRE TWISTING 4
20130025737Twisting Device Adapted To Simultaneously Twist A Plurality of Electric Bar Conductors For Making A Stator Or Rotor Winding For An Electric Machine And An Extractor Assembly Suitable For Cooperating With Said Twisting Device - A twisting device (01-31-2013
20110011486Method and Device for Manufacturing a Cable Comprising Two Layers of the In Situ Compound Type - Method of manufacturing a metal cable having two layers (Ci, Ce) of construction M+N, comprising an inner layer (Ci) having M wires of diameter d01-20-2011
20100258212Method and apparatus for applying tension to flexible items - An apparatus and method for applying tension to flexible items, including wire, barbed wire, cable, or rope, are described herein. A stationary clamping member is fixedly attached to a first end of a guide bar, extending outwardly therefrom, while a non-stationary clamping member is movably mounted to and extending outward from the guide bar substantially parallel to the stationary clamping member. The free end of a first flexible item is secured in the stationary clamping member, while the free end of a second flexible item is secured in the non-stationary clamping member. A tensioning assembly, such as a ratchet-like assembly engaging notches in the guide bar, is used to move the non-stationary clamping member away from the stationary clamping member, thereby tensioning one or both flexible items. Once the flexible items have been tensioned, they can be twisted together to form a connection without losing tension.10-14-2010
20120055578WIRE TWISTING TOOLS AND METHODS - A wire twisting tool provides a rotatable jaw housing defining an interior cavity and a housing slot shaped for receiving one or more strands of wire. One or more jaw members are disposed in the interior cavity of the jaw housing. The jaw housing is generally rotatable relative at least one jaw member. At least one jaw member advances inwardly during jaw housing rotation and is operable to engage the wire. One or more jaw members can be rotated simultaneously with the jaw housing for twisting the wire. Methods of twisting wire using a wire twisting tool are also provided.03-08-2012
140003000 FABRIC MAKING 2
20090272458APPARATUS FOR PROJECTING WIRE - An apparatus (11-05-2009
20090272457WIRE TWISTING APPARATUS - A rotatable member (11-05-2009
20080314473Electric wire delivery apparatus and electric wire sizing-cutting apparatus including the same - An electric wire sizing-cutting apparatus including an electric wire delivery apparatus, which is easily handled and can smoothly supply the electric wire without generating a kink, is provided. The electric wire delivery apparatus includes: a transfer means transferring an electric wire, which is delivered from an electric wire reel, along a longitudinal direction of the electric wire; a correcting means arranged between the electric wire reel and the transfer means and correcting a bending habit of the electric wire by allowing the electric wire to pass through between a plurality of rollers arranged zigzag; and a rotation controlling means arranged on an upstream-side of the correcting means and putting the electric wire between a pair of rollers biased in a direction approaching each other.12-25-2008
20110240169STRAIGHTENING AND CUTTING-OFF MACHINE - A straightening and cutting-off machine for the production of straightened elements of predeterminable length from a wire-shaped material, in particular for the production of straightened bars from reinforced-concrete steel wire, has a feed device for drawing in material from a material stock, a preferably rotating straightening device for straightening the material conveyed into a working range of the straightening device by the feed device, a cutting device, following the straightening device, for separating a portion of predeterminable length from the straightened material to produce the straightened element, a length measurement system for measuring the length of the material and for generating a measurement signal representing the length, and a control device for activating the cutting device on the basis of the measurement signal. The measurement system is a contactlessly operating optical measurement system, in particular a laser measurement system, which allows length measurement continuously with high measurement accuracy even at high run-through speeds.10-06-2011
20100132827STEEL STRAPPING TOOL WITH A PRESSING STRAP STRUCTURE - A steel strapping tool with a pressing strap structure is provided. The steel strapping tool includes a base which has a pivot block extending from a front side thereof. A cutting unit is disposed on the base. The cutting unit includes a fixing seat which has an accommodating trough therein, a top engaging rod unit disposed in the accommodating trough, a cutting assembly having one end coupled to the top engaging rod unit and received in the accommodating trough. The cutting assembly includes a cutting body and a connecting member which extends frontward from one side of the cutting body and passes through the fixing seat. The connecting member is pivotally connected with the pivot block of the base. Between the cutting body and the base defines an included angle. Thereby, the front end of the cutting body holds against a steel strap which is inserted in the steel strapping tool, and then the cutting body is to press the steel strap entirely so as to achieve a firm pressing effect.06-03-2010

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