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Stone working

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125012000 SAWING 160
125002000 DRESSING 7
125036000 TOOLS 7
125035000 WORK SUPPORTS 6
125010000 TURNING 4
20080264401METHOD AND GRINDING MACHINE FOR DRESSING OF A GRINDING TOOL - The invention relates to a method and machine for the dressing of a grinding tool (10-30-2008
20100236537Curvic wheel dressing - A method of producing a grinding wheel is provided. An outer profile of an outer surface of the grinding wheel is formed with a rotary dresser element, so that the outer profile corresponds to a dressing profile of the rotary dresser element. An inner profile of an inner surface of the grinding wheel is formed with the rotary dresser element, so that the inner surface corresponds to the dressing profile of the rotary dresser element.09-23-2010
20110067683MACHINE FOR TRUING ABRASIVE WHEELS - A truing and dressing machine for profiling an abrasive wheel. The truing and dressing machine includes a truing wheel assembly for positioning the truing wheel relative to an abrasive wheel mounted on an abrasive wheel spindle. The truing wheel assembly includes a truing wheel swivel located between a truing wheel spindle housing and a reciprocation slide that is attached to an infeed slide. An infeed slide swivel is located between the infeed slide and a bottom support swivel plate which is rotatably connected to a base plate. Utilization of both an infeed slide swivel and a truing wheel swivel allows for dressing both sides and the face of the abrasive wheel without having to remove, flip, and reinsert the abrasive wheel into the machine.03-24-2011
20090320818Dressing Apparatus For Flex-Arm Mounted Grinding Wheel - An apparatus for dressing a grinding wheel mounted on a flex-arm, the apparatus including a base, a post, a dresser and a guide, wherein when the flex-arm is in an unengaged position with the apparatus, the flex-arm is capable of movement along at least two directional axes, and wherein when the flex-arm is in an engaged position with the apparatus, the flex-arm is restricted to movement along one directional axis.12-31-2009
20100252016TOOL FOR USE IN MARKING TILES - A tool suitable for holding a ruling tile (10-07-2010
20100132687ADJUSTABLE MATERIAL CUTTING GUIDE SYSTEM - A material cutting guide system for cutting predetermined widths of a material. The system includes a frame fixed in location and a pair of spaced apart parallel tracks. At least one horizontal member is movably affixed to the frame and has a distal end extending outwardly therefrom, the distal end being affixed to the tracks. The system includes a motive device adapted to move the tracks in a generally lateral direction to a new location toward the fixed frame in predetermined increments to change the location of the tracks.06-03-2010
20080223351Method of Producing Silicon Blocks and Silicon Wafers - In a method of producing silicon blocks by cutting a silicon ingot by the use of a silicon ingot cutting slurry containing abrasive grains and an alkaline substance so as to provide the silicon blocks that can be produced into silicon wafers each having a thin thickness with reduced substrate damage at the time of producing a solar battery, the content of said alkaline substance is at least 3.5 mass % with respect to the mass of the entire liquid components of said slurry, and said slurry contains an organic amine of from 0.5 to 5.0 by a mass ratio with respect to water in the liquid components of said slurry. Said slurry is used at a pH of 12 or more and at a temperature of from 65 to 95 degrees C.09-18-2008
125009000 PLANING 1
20110259315TABLE SAW - The present invention relates to a table saw, including: a work table, including a working surface for placing a workpiece; a fence, slidably arranged on said work table for support said work piece; a first motor, arranged below said working surface of the work table; a blade, driven by said first motor for cutting motion, and at least part of the blade is protruding out of the working surface of the work table in the cutting process, characterized in that: A planer detachably arranged on said work surface, said planer including a housing, a second motor located in said housing and a blade shaft driven by said second motor to rotate about its longitudinal axis.10-27-2011
125026000 BRICK CLEANING 1
20080276922Block Dressing Apparatus and Method - An apparatus and method for dressing marginal areas of externally viewable surfaces of a building block. The apparatus includes at least one chipper having rotational axis and a plurality of outwardly extending teeth randomly disposed thereabout. The chipper is positioned and oriented so that its teeth may effectively work a predetermined marginal area of interest. As the predetermined marginal area of interest and the teeth of the chipper are brought into contact with each other, portions of the marginal area are randomly impacted and fractured to form an erose or jagged surface that resembles hand dressing. The apparatus may also include additional chippers, each having a rotational axis and a plurality of teeth randomly disposed thereabout.11-13-2008

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