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Mechanical guns and projectors

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124080000 ELEMENT 270
124056000 FLUID PRESSURE 210
124016000 SPRING 197
124004000 CENTRIFUGAL 35
20120103317METERED BALL DELIVERY - Methods and apparatus, for metered ball delivery. An apparatus includes a secure enclosure housing a reservoir of tennis balls, a battery power supply and a battery powered portable tennis ball machine, the secure enclosure and tennis ball machine communicating via a wireless network to determine a location of the portable tennis ball machine.05-03-2012
20110303208APPARATUS FOR PROJECTING AN OBJECT - Apparatus for projecting an object such as a ball is described. The apparatus comprises a support for the object to be projected, an impeller assembly configured to transfer energy to the object to project it away from the apparatus; and an actuating mechanism operable by a user interaction with the apparatus. The impeller assembly may be driven mechanically by the actuating mechanism by transfer of energy input by the user interaction. The apparatus may be used for an animal and in particular a dog. The described apparatus removes the need for a further power supply and so avoids unnecessary energy consumption and provides advantages in relation to cost, reliability, and longevity. Embodiments of the invention are modular in nature which greatly assists in training the animal to use the apparatus.12-15-2011
20110303207SPORTS TRAINING APPARATUS FOR LAUNCHING SPORTS BALLS - A sports training apparatus for launching sports balls. The sports training apparatus has the ability to launch a sports ball, such as, for example, a soccer ball or a volleyball, at various power levels, at many different angles, with many different types of spin, and can be remotely controlled or programmed with a pre-determined launching pattern. The ball projecting mechanism launches a sports ball by way of a striking leg member which is powered by a compressible spring and detent rod assembly.12-15-2011
124010000 PINCH 1
20100258100BALL FEEDING DEVICE FOR A BALL PITCHING MACHINE AND METHOD OF USING THE SAME - A device for attachment to a chute of a ball pitching machine includes a ball feeder tube having a first end for receiving a first ball. A retaining member is fixed relative to the ball feeder tube and extends transversely to the ball feeder tube into the bore for selectively retaining the first ball in the bore. The retaining member is resiliently deformable toward the ball feeder tube for allowing the first ball to move past the retaining member toward the chute upon application of a predetermined force on the first ball. The ball feeder tube defines a bore having a diameter. The retaining member is spaced along the bore a first distance from the first end. The first distance is shorter than the diameter of the bore so that insertion of a second ball into the first end with the predetermined force displaces the first ball toward the chute.10-14-2010
20090205623DEVICE FOR ADJUSTING KINETIC ENERGY OF VEHICLES AND SIMILAR - A device includes elements for controlling longitudinal kinetic energy of vehicles, and further elements for controlling inertia during driving in any direction, including one or more pipes (08-20-2009

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