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122006000 INDUSTRIAL 39
122235110 WATER TUBE 38
122379000 CLEANING 35
122001000 PLANTS 26
122004000 MISCELLANEOUS 20
122451000 FEEDERS 13
122406100 CIRCULATION 13
122459000 STEAM TREATMENT 11
122510000 SUPPORTS 10
122440100 FIRE TUBE 10
122020000 SUBSIDIARY 8
122412000 FEED HEATERS 8
122209100 SECTIONAL 6
122135100 FLUE 5
20090272340Flue, and a Boiler Including Such a Flue - A flue offering reduced pluming is provided, the flue comprising a flue pipe for carrying flue gas and a liquid collector adapted to collect condensation from the interior of the flue pipe and to shield it from the flue gas.11-05-2009
20090199788Flue baffle for gas-fired hot water tanks - A flue baffle for use in a hot water tank flue pipe which is disposed to be in contact with water contained in an inner tank of the hot water heater. A burner chamber is provided at a lower end of the inner tank. The flue baffle is comprised of an elongated rectangular metal strip which has a plurality of spaced circular metal discs disposed substantially transverse to the strip and to the longitudinal axis of the flue pipe. The metal discs are dimensioned to be spaced from an inner surface of the flue pipe. Two or more spacing nipples protrude from a circumferential outer edge of the circular metal discs and are spaced apart from one another for slight frictional engagement with the inner surface of the flue pipe to maintain a substantially constant circumferential passage between the circumferential outer edge of the discs and the inner surface of the flue pipe.08-13-2009
20080230016Low maintenance fluid heater and method of firing same - A fluid heater constructed of rectangular tubing through which fluid to be heated is circulated in a circuitous path. The floor and walls of a combustion chamber of the heater are constructed of the rectangular tubing. A tubular coil stack is positioned over the combustion chamber and surrounded by coil stack chamber walls constructed of the rectangular tubing. Consequently, all surfaces of the fluid heater exposed directly to flame are constantly cooled by the fluid to be heated. A combustion unit of the fluid heater is removable to facilitate maintenance.09-25-2008
20110214622CONTINUOUS STEAM GENERATOR - A continuous steam generator with a combustion chamber having a number of burners for fossil fuel and an outside wall composed of steam generator pipes that are welded to each other gas-tight is provided. A vertical gas flue is connected downstream of the combustion chamber on the hot gas side in an upper area via a horizontal gas flue, wherein a part of the outside wall facing the vertical gas flue and below the horizontal gas flue is inclined inward and thus forms a nose projecting into the combustion chamber with the bottom of the adjacent horizontal gas flue. Support pipes are connected downstream of at least one part of the steam generator pipes of the nose at the upper end thereof on the flow medium side, wherein the support pipes are guided substantially vertically to the lower end of the nose.09-08-2011
20120055420SECTIONAL BOILER - A sectional boiler is described as being made of cast iron or aluminum, in particular a condensing boiler, having essentially annular sections, a front section, a cover-shaped rear section and at least one center section being provided, which form a combustion chamber having an essentially surrounding heat exchanger made of a sectional block, whose annular water chambers are connected to one another via at least one hub and which has gap-like heating gas flues, having a return port and a feed port in the upper area and at least two armature rods for holding the sectional block together. The present system is based on the objective of optimizing a sectional boiler made of cast iron or aluminum particularly with respect to compactness and robustness. In the present system, as heating gas flues the heat exchanger respectively has annular gaps between two adjacent sections having a mutually adapted geometry, which respectively run from the combustion chamber approximately radially outward and open into an exhaust gas collection chamber on the outside of the sections, and the individual sections are respectively divided on the heating water side into at least two flow channels.03-08-2012
20080251036SUBMERGED COMBUSTION VAPORIZER WITH LOW NOX - A submerged combustion vaporizer may include a premix burner with multiple integral mixers for forming premix and discharging the premix into the duct system that communicates the burner with the sparger tubes. The SCV may further include a NOx suppression system that injects a staged fuel stream into the exhaust in the duct system, and/or a NOx suppression system that mixes water with the premix.10-16-2008
20130145996MOBILE WATER HEATING APPARATUS - Mobile water heating systems for producing hot water are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a mobile water heating system includes a water heater having an oval-cylindrical shape. The water heater includes a shell, a lid and a water reservoir having a screen. A first heating coil and a second heating coil can extend between the screen and a first cone and a second cone, respectively. A first burner and a second burner can be configured to mix and combust fuel and air and direct the resulting flames through the heating coils. Pall rings can at least partially fill an interior volume of the water heater and the combustion of the fuel and air can heat the heating coils and the pall rings. Water can be heated by being directed through the heating coils and through a water manifold positioned to spray water on the pall rings.06-13-2013
20120031349Methods of Making Devices By Stacking Sheets and Processes of Conducting Unit Operations Using Such Devices - New designs, methods and processes are described that in which laminated devices and configured in a style named the “ortho” style. To form a device in the ortho style, plates or sheets are machined to have apertures and then stacked together such that the apertures connect and fluid can flow through the device in a direction that is substantially parallel to the direction of sheet thickness. Various laminated devices and processes using them are also described. For example, devices in which non-rectangular microchannels conform around reaction chambers or other bodies that need to be heated or cooled, are described. Features that separate or trip boundary layer and enhance heat transfer are also described.02-09-2012
20100263605METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR OPERATING A STEAM GENERATION FACILITY - A method for operating a steam generation facility includes inducing a motive force on water by channeling steam into at least one eductor to form a steam-driven cooling fluid stream. The method also includes channeling the steam-driven cooling fluid stream to at least one attemperator. The method further includes channeling steam from at least one steam source to the at least one attemperator. The method also includes injecting the steam-driven cooling fluid stream into the steam channeled through the at least one attemperator to facilitate cooling the steam channeled from the at least one steam source.10-21-2010
20120160187ZERO EMISSION STEAM GENERATION PROCESS - This invention provides a new process to generate steam directly from untreated water produced simultaneously with thermally recovered crude oil, and to inject the steam and combustion products into a hydrocarbon reservoir to recover hydrocarbons and to sequester a portion of the carbon dioxide produced during the creation of steam. The invention removes the ongoing additional water requirements for thermal oil recovery and the need for surface treating of produced water for re-use, yielding improved process efficiencies, reduced environmental impact, and improved economic value.06-28-2012
20100236500METHOD FOR BURNING COAL USING OXYGEN IN A RECYCLED FLUE GAS STREAM FOR CARBON DIOXIDE CAPTURE - A method of introducing oxygen into a boiler system for combustion with a prepared fuel in a furnace combustion chamber comprises providing a plurality of swirl-inducing elements to the air stream delivery lines, and a plurality of oxygen delivery jets adjacent the intake region and substantially surrounding the air stream delivery lines; igniting the fuel gas to create a flame; and delivering a stream of oxygen through the jets tangentially to the flame envelope to substantially shape and stabilize a swirling flow field for the flame, the oxygen concentration in the flame envelope gradually increasing towards an outer periphery of the flame envelope. A boiler system for using the method can be a new system or a retrofit to an existing system. The method and system provide advantages in reduced environmental impact and increased efficiency while addressing the safety factors involved in introducing oxygen to boiler systems.09-23-2010
20110315092 DUAL FUEL BOILER - A dual fuel boiler has a granular fuel burner and a fluid fuel burner. The fluid fuel burner is movable between a retracted stored position at a side of a combustion chamber-of the boiler and an extended operative position in which it extends out over a brazier of the granular fuel burner. Thus in the operative position substantially all of the flame and hot combustion gases generated by the fluid fuel burner in use are directed away from the brazier to prevent damage to the brazier.12-29-2011
20110265734FUEL PREPROCESS SYSTEM FOR COAL COMBUSTION BOILER - A fuel preprocess system for a coal combustion boiler is disclosed. The fuel preprocess system for a coal combustion boiler that dries biomass or refuse-derived fuel in accordance with the present invention can include: a dryer configured to dry the biomass or refuse-derived fuel by use of flue gas generated after combustion in the boiler; and a torrefier configured to devolatilize a fibrous component contained in the dried fuel from the fuel dried in the dryer by use of primary air that is heat-exchanged after the combustion in the boiler.11-03-2011
122011000 ROTARY 4
20090205587LIQUID OR LIQUIFIED GAS VAPORIZATION SYSTEM - This invention pertains to the vapourization of liquids or liquified gases off a heated surface. The invention forces the liquid to maintain thermal contact with the heated surface by imparting acceleration on the liquid and delivering the liquid into acceleration wells or liquid trap on or in the heated surface.08-20-2009
20090211539REACTION CHAMBER FOR A DIRECT CONTACT ROTATING STEAM GENERATOR - The present invention is an apparatus and method for producing a steam and CO08-27-2009
20110056442REACTION CHAMBER FOR A DIRECT CONTACT ROTATING STEAM GENERATOR - A direct contact rotating steam generator apparatus has an enclosure with an interior volume with a steam producing section. The enclosure has a water injection inlet and a steam outlet and a waste discharge outlet. The enclosure is mounted in an orientation in which the longitudinal axis is slightly inclined to horizontal. The water injection inlet is positioned at one end of the enclosure. The waste discharge outlet is positioned at an opposite end to enclosure. The interior volume has a controllable pressure therein. The enclosure is rotatable about the longitudinal axis thereof.03-10-2011
20100037835DIRECT CONTACT ROTATING STEAM GENERATOR USING LOW QUALITY WATER WITH ZERO LIQUID DISCHARGE - The present invention is a system for generating a mixture of steam and combustion gas in a direct contact rotating steam generator, using high solids content water and without waste liquid discharge. The invention includes a longitudinally pressurized rotatable drum, being mounted at a slope and having an energy injection section, a steam producing section, a water injection section and a discharge section. The discharge section is placed at an opposite end of the steam producing section and opposite the water injection section. There is an inlet in the combustion section of the rotatable drum, an outlet at an end of the rotatable drum, an injector for water at the highest point of the rotatable drum. There is also a discharge located at an end opposite said end of the rotatable drum. There are also pluralities of chains hanging within the rotatable drum.02-18-2010
122504000 SAFETY DEVICES 4
20110283958MONITORING MODULE FOR HOT WATER HEATER DIAGNOSTIC DEVICE - A monitoring module for connection to a diagnostic device having two or more light emitting sources for indicating operating fault conditions of an apparatus. The monitoring module feeds information signals to a communication link for reception at a remote location. The monitoring module is secured over a series of light emitting diodes of the diagnostic device and reproduces these for local access. The series of LED's indicate fault conditions of the apparatus which in this embodiment is a hot water heater. Accordingly, the operation of the hot water heater at its fault status can be monitored from a remote location and on site.11-24-2011
20130167783MONITORING APPARATUS FOR A STEAM PLANT AND A METHOD OF OPERATING SUCH AN APPARATUS - The invention relates to a monitoring apparatus for a steam plant, the apparatus comprising: a sensor unit (07-04-2013
20090056648Protection for Heat Transfer Oil Boiler - A heat transfer oil boiler protection to minimize heat loss and prevent heat transfer oil from deterioration includes a high-level tank disposed with vent and an oil-gas separator connected to the protection with a pipe work; and one or a plurality oil storage unit being connected in series between the high-level tank and the oil-gas separation; oil inlet pipe and oil outlet pipe to and from each oil storage unit being respectively disposed in the upper and the lower parts of the chamber therein; oil inlet pipe opening and oil outlet pipe opening being respectively provided in inverse trapezoid and trapezoid.03-05-2009
20090056649Boiler Protection Apparatus and Method - Apparatus and methods for protecting a boiler and heating system from damage comprising a control board having inputs and outputs, a processor having inputs and outputs, at least one ambient sensor in communication with the processor, at least one boiler sensor in communication with the processor, a power failure relay, the power failure relay being in communication with the processor wherein the power failure relay is capable of detecting power failure of the boiler, an alarm relay connected to the control board by the at least one output and which is capable of sending notification to an alarm system. When an ambient temperature detection event occurs the ambient sensor communicates with the processor and switches the control board from passive mode to monitoring mode. When a temperature detection event or a heating system malfunction occurs the boiler sensor or power failure relay or other types of sensors communicate with the processor and initiate an alarm pathway or provide a circulation mode for circulating water through a heating system of an enclosure to be heated by the boiler and heating system. The control board may provide for the boiler to return to normal function when the temperature detection event or the heating system malfunction ends. The apparatus may also be used to prevent boiler, heating system and enclosure damage by initiating other actions when a heating system malfunction occurs.03-05-2009
122494000 CASINGS 3
20130081582NON-METALLIC HUMIDIFICATION COMPONENT - An apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes: a humidification component configured for holding a water volume, the humidification component comprised entirely of a non-metallic material. The non-metallic material conducts heat to the water volume, the heat being received from a heating element.04-04-2013
20100263608INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE DRAWER OF THE EXHAUST FUMES FROM THE FLUE OF A BIO-MASS POWERED THERMAL BOILER - Inspection and maintenance drawer for the exhaust of fumes of the flue of a bio-mass powered thermal boiler, characterised by the fact that it has a closing and grasping element situated in the front part of the thermal boiler, and of an extended element which presents a compartment at its extremity, situated at the base of the flue of the thermal boiler.10-21-2010
20110146596BACK-VENTILATED REFRACTORY WALL FOR AN INCINERATOR - A fire-resistant wall intended in particular for use in an incinerator has a tube wall, composed of tubes connected by webs, and, placed in front and at a distance from the tube wall, a fire-resistant protective cladding composed of a plurality of fire-resistant tiles which are arranged next to and above one another and which are fastened to the webs of the tube wall via in each case at least one tile holder. The tiles are provided with continuous open grooves into which the tile holders engage. In the tube wall are provided inlet openings via which air can be introduced into the gap between the tube wall and the protective cladding. Also provided are outlet openings through which air can be removed from the wall. The air supply openings are arranged in the region of the open grooves of the tiles, with the result that the supplied air flows directly into the grooves and is distributed through these grooves over the entire wall. By incorporating the grooves into the air distribution system within the wall, the gap width between the tube wall and the protective cladding can be reduced to 5 mm, thereby considerably improving the heat transfer. It is possible at the same time to manage with relatively small air volumes and the pressure loss is considerably reduced, making possible considerable energy savings.06-23-2011
122023000 FLUID FUEL 3
20110073048PRESSURE GAIN COMBUSTION HEAT GENERATOR - Disclosed herein is an efficient heat generation device where fuel is burnt in a pressure gain combustion process. The heat generating system has an inner combustion chamber that is housed in heat exchangers. The combustion chamber walls, in one form, include fluid conduits. While different fluids could be utilized, water is most common and the term water herein is intended to define water and all functional equivalents. The water conduits (tubes) may be multi-pass longitudinal, parallel to the combustor axis or they may be winded around the combustion chamber in a spiral fashion. The combustion products exiting the combustion chamber enter the outer liner where water tube bundles extract the heat of the combustion. One embodiment also utilizes an air preheating stage. Heated water and steam generated in the heat exchanger stages wrapped around the combustor enters the final heating stage where it passes through the flame accelerators in the combustion chamber. The flame accelerators within the combustion chamber are in the hottest region in the combustor and therefore exchanging heat at high temperatures increases the efficiency of the steam generation cycle. It also increases the produced steam quality.03-31-2011
20120204814Pulse Detonation Combustor Heat Exchanger - The present application provides a pulse detonation combustor heat exchanger. The pulse detonation combustor heat exchanger may include one or more pulse detonation combustors creating combustion gases therein, one or more inner pathways positioned about the pulse detonation combustors, and a working medium flowing in the inner pathways so as to exchange heat with the combustion gases in the pulse detonation combustors.08-16-2012
20110220037Oxygen-Enriched Air Assisting System for Improving the Efficiency of Cogeneration System - Systems and methods for exhaust gas recirculation in which at least a desired effective oxygen concentration is maintained for stable combustion at increased recirculation rates. Oxygen-enriched gas is injected into the recirculated exhaust gas to achieve the desired effective oxygen concentration.09-15-2011
20120042838LIQUID SOURCE VAPORIZER - The present invention is one that is intended to prevent bubbles from being recombined to suppress the bubbles from being enlarged, and also homogenize a temperature distribution of a stored liquid source, and provided with: a liquid source container; a first heater that is provided on a side wall of the liquid source container and intended to heat the stored liquid source to a predetermined temperature; a second heater that is provided in an inside central part of the liquid source container and intended to heat the stored liquid source to the predetermined temperature; a plurality of bubble generators that are immersed into the stored liquid source, provided between the second heater and the side wall, and release carrier gas into the liquid source to perform bubbling; and a gas supply pipe that supplies the carrier gas to the bubble generators.02-23-2012
20120060773DUGOUT HEATING SYSTEM - A system for heating storage containers and bodies of water to prevent freezing and ice buildup. Heated fluid lines are utilized to achieve improved thermal transfer of heat energy to bodies of water.03-15-2012
20130014709INDIRECT STEAM GENERATION SYSTEM AND PROCESS - Embodiments relate to production of hydrocarbons from an underground formation. More specifically, embodiments relate to a system and method for generating steam for heavy hydrocarbon production process. The indirect steam generation system uses moving hot solids (e.g. sand, metal spheres, etc) to produce steam from non-treated (dirty) boiler feed water. The solids are then transported to another vessel (e.g.combustor) where they are reheated and cleaned of contaminants before being recycled back to the boiler to produce more steam.01-17-2013
122493000 BRACES AND STAYS 3
20110030624STEAM GENERATOR - A steam generator with a heating gas duct which in an approximately horizontal heating gas direction is exposed to throughflow of a heating medium is provided to ensure a reliable absorption of the mentioned loads, especially of the additional loads which are produced as a result of the design dependent internal pressure of the heating gas. The heating gas duct is enclosed by a plurality of support frames which are arranged one behind the other in the heating gas direction, wherein at least two of the support frames are interconnected via a plurality of horizontal batten plates.02-10-2011
20100154726Buckstay System - A buckstay system is described comprising horizontal buckstays for the walls of a steam generator, for example in plural vertically space assemblies tied with vertical buckstays, in which a buckstay extends generally horizontally across each wall such as to form a connected pair with an adjacent buckstay at each corner; an elongate tie bar formation extends across each wall such as to form a fixedly mounted pair with an adjacent tie bar formation at each corner; an anchor assembly associated with each buckstay and providing engagement means by which each buckstay engages with a respective tie bar; and each horizontal buckstay is split to comprise at least two rigid elongate buckstay elements mounted together to be relatively slideable in a buckstay longitudinal direction.06-24-2010
20110239960TUBE ARRANGEMENT FITTING FOR HEAT TRANSFER TUBES - Deflection (bend) in the length direction due to a difference in the heat expansion between two plate-like members, between which rows of heat transfer tubes are sandwiched, is reduced, and deflection (bend) of rows of heat transfer tubes is prevented. Two long plate-like members, in which a plurality of cutouts along the longitudinal direction are provided in one side the widthwise direction, are provided, and each of the cutouts includes two rectilinear sections that extend in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction axis of the plate-like members, and a semicircular section that links one end of the rectilinear sections together. The distance between the two rectilinear sections along the lengthwise direction axis of the plate-like members and the diameter of the semicircular section is set so as to be greater than the diameter of the heat transfer tubes that are contained within the cutouts. Tongue sections are provided both between adjacent cutouts and between the cutouts positioned at both end portions of the plate-like members in the length direction and both side surfaces of the plate-like members in the lengthwise direction.10-06-2011
122000000 SEPARATORS 3
20130087107Steam Generation Device and Household Electric Steam Box - A steam generation device includes a water tank, a steam-water separating device including a sealing cover and a base assembly, a guiding valve, at least one heat generating tube, wherein said water tank has a water returning inlet while said base assembly has a water returning tube connected to said water returning inlet, wherein said base assembly has a flat bottom wall and an inclined bottom wall formed at a bottom side of said base assembly at a position near said water returning tube, wherein said steam-water separating device has an air outlet, wherein said water tank further has a water outlet connected to said guiding valve through passage IV, wherein said steam-water separating device and said passage IV are connected with each other. The present invention also provides a household steaming device which is safe, energy efficient and water efficient.04-11-2013
20120031351STEAM WATER SEPARATOR, USE OF SUCH WATER STEAM SEPARATOR, AND METHOD FOR SEPARATING STEAM AND WATER - A steam water separator includes:—a vessel having a vessel wall delimiting an interior of the vessel, where the vessel is configured to contain steam in a steam zone and water in a water zone in the interior of the vessel,—at least one inlet for introducing steam and/or water in the vessel,—at least one steam outlet for taking steam out of the vessel,—at least one water outlet for taking water out of the vessel, and a wetting device configured to wet in the steam zone an inner surface of the vessel wall.02-09-2012
20130152878Regenerative Vapor/Particle Generator - The present invention discloses a regenerative particle/vapor separator to thermally convert various liquids used to treat stored agricultural products into vapor by: 1) Entraining the liquid in a turbulent mist and then effectuating a change of the liquid into a vapor intermixed with the mist; and, 2) Separating the vapor out of the mist while retaining the remaining mist for subsequent conversion to vapor. Some liquids used to treat stored agricultural products undergo the further step of thermally decomposing into beneficial gaseous byproducts which are also separated out of the mist. The vapor and/or gaseous byproducts are then applied to a stored mass of agricultural products to variously sanitize, clean, and chemically and biologically alter them.06-20-2013
122000000 REGULATION 2
20100116227SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROLLING A WATER HEATER - A control for a water heater is provided that comprises a pressure switch for sensing a predetermined level of airflow sufficient for maintaining proper burner operation, and a temperature sensing means for sensing the temperature of the water in the tank. The control further comprises a processor for controlling the operation of the burner to maintain the water temperature above a predetermined value. When the processor receives a signal from the pressure switch or temperature switch indicating a malfunction, the processor shuts down the burner and subsequently attempts to restart the burner. The processor will lock-out further burner operation after a predetermined number of consecutive shut downs occurs, and will communicate any malfunction information to a remote display device.05-13-2010
20120042839BOILER - There is provided a boiler capable of preventing occurrence of a trouble accompanying transition cancel while enabling the transition cancel between combustion stages, in the boiler that controls a combustion amount in multiple combustion stages. The boiler according to the present invention includes an air supply device capable of varying a supply amount of combustion air, a fuel supply device capable of varying a supply amount of fuel, and control means for controlling the air supply device and the fuel supply device so as to obtain the supply amounts in accordance with respective combustion stages in order to realize the multiple combustion stages, wherein the control means controls the air supply device and the fuel supply device so as to return to a predetermined combustion stage when a request for transition cancel is received during transition from the predetermined combustion stage to another combustion stage, and controls so as not to perform the transition to the other combustion stage until a recancel prohibition period has elapsed.02-23-2012
20090050078Flanged Boiler Tube - A boiler apparatus comprises a supply manifold which includes a first flange having a first aperture defined therein. A boiler tube, including a second flange having an aperture defined therein, is secured to the manifold. A releasable fastener maintains sealed engagement of the first flange with the second flange.02-26-2009
20100307430STEEL COMPOSITIONS FOR SPECIAL USES - The invention concerns steels having excellent resistance over time, in a corrosive atmosphere due to oxidizing environments such as, for example, fumes or water vapour, under high pressure and/or temperature. The invention concerns a steel composition for special applications, said composition containing, by weight, about 1.8 to 11% of chromium (and preferably between about 2.3 and 10% of chromium), less than 1% of silicon, and between 0.20 and 0.45% of manganese. It has been found that it is possible to adjust the contents of the composition based on a predetermined model, selected to obtain substantially optimal properties with respect to corrosion in specific conditions of high temperature performances. Said model can involve as additive of as residue at least one element selected among molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt, and nickel.12-09-2010
122037000 COMPARTMENT 2
20120216758STEAM GENERATOR - The present invention relates to steam generation equipments, and more particularly, to a steam generator. The steam generator includes a first container having a first chamber, and a heating device. The steam generator further includes a second sealed container disposed in the first chamber. The heating device is disposed in the second container, and a kind of low-melting-point (LMP) metal is filled between the heating device and an inner wall of the second container. As compared to the prior art, the heating device of the present invention make no direct contact with water, so it is less liable to damage and safe in use.08-30-2012
20100313827High-Efficiency Gas-Fired Forced-Draft Condensing Hot Water Boiler - A high-efficiency hot-water boiler for a heating system of a building is provided. The boiler includes a boiler enclosure that contains a furnace area compartment within an insulated sealed casing, a first watertube compartment within a sealed casing, a second watertube compartment within a sealed casing, and an air-to-air preheat exchanger within a sealed casing. A plurality of separate, closely-spaced watertubes extends within each of the compartments and provides paths for working fluid to flow through the compartments for purposes of transferring heat to the working fluid. A burner is located within the furnace area compartment for combusting an air/gas mixture. The casings include openings for directing the passage of the products of combustion to make a first pass through the furnace area compartment, a second pass through the first watertube compartment and a third pass through the second watertube compartment and then through the air-to-air preheat exchanger to preheat fresh combustion air before being exhausted from the enclosure via the flue. An air/gas mixer and a burner ignition system are also disclosed.12-16-2010
122035000 ACCUMULATOR 2
20100154725IMMEDIATE RESPONSE STEAM GENERATING SYSTEM AND METHOD - The method of generating immediate and thereafter continuous steam is used in a steam generating system comprising a steam accumulator, a steam outlet connected to the steam accumulator, an outlet valve at the steam outlet, and a quick response steam generator unit connected to the steam accumulator. The method comprises the steps of providing latent steam in the steam accumulator, opening the outlet valve to allow latent steam in the steam accumulator to exit through the steam outlet, feeding water to the steam generator unit, heating the water fed to the steam generator unit while the latent steam exits through the steam outlet and, before the latent steam has entirely exited the steam accumulator, generating steam with the steam generator unit to feed the steam accumulator and controlling the steam flow rate through the steam outlet to maintain it at a value which is essentially not greater than the steam flow rate from the steam generator unit to the steam accumulator. The steam generating system is capable of generating immediate and thereafter continuous steam from an initial steam generator unit cold condition due to the steam accumulator providing steam at the steam outlet while the steam generator unit heats the water fed therein.06-24-2010
20110197827Multi-layer heating apparatus - A multi-layer heating apparatus having a heating unit (08-18-2011
122005000 GAS-PRODUCER 2
20120227680SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR THERMAL CHEMICAL CONVERSION OF WASTE - A waste-to-energy conversion apparatus comprising a primary combustion chamber capable of holding a load of waste, and the primary combustion chamber further comprises a heat source to heat the waste and generate a syn gas stream, grates, within the primary chamber, capable of supporting the load of waste during heating, a mixing chamber wherein the syn gas is mixed with additional combustion gas, a multi-chambered secondary combustion chamber for combusting the mixture of syn gas and additional combustion gas, and an energy extraction system for extracting the heat energy generated by the combustion of the mixture of syn gas and additional combustion gas.09-13-2012
20090120379BOILER HAVING AN INTEGRATED OXYGEN PRODUCING DEVICE - A system is described wherein a boiler 05-14-2009
122040000 FLASHER 1
20130145997GENERATION OF STEAM BY IMPACT HEATING - Apparatus for generating steam, the apparatus including a source of liquid water, an injector in flow communication with the source of water for injecting liquid water from the source of water at a pressure of at least about 10,000 psia, and an impact chamber having a contact surface onto which the injected water is contacted. upon impact of the injected water with the contact surface of the impact chamber, the injected water undergoes a virtually instantaneous phase transition from the liquid state to a gaseous state following the contact of the water with the contact surface, thereby generating steam.06-13-2013
122021000 CHEMICAL 1
20130125837HEAT GENERATING DEVICE - A heat generating device 05-23-2013
122512000 TUBE SHEETS 1
20100101511TUBE SHIELD AND A METHOD FOR ATTACHING SUCH SHIELD TO A BOILER TUBE - A tube shield has a cylindrical shape and adapted to be attached with refractory cement (R) around an outer peripheral surface of a boiler tube (T). The tube shield has at least two tube shield parts for surrounding the boiler tube (T). The shield parts has complimentary parting surfaces for defining a gap between abutting complimentary parting surfaces of adjacent shield parts when the shield parts are attached with refractory cement (R) around the boiler tube (T). Each shield part encloses 140-220° of the total circumference of the boiler tube (T). Each complimentary parting surface is configured in a dovetail form such that one shield part is locking into the other shield part with dovetail protrusions (DP) located in dovetail slots (DS) in the other shield part.04-29-2010
20110126780PULVERIZED COAL BURNER FOR OXYFUEL COMBUSTION BOILER - In order to provide a pulverized coal burner for an oxyfuel combustion boiler which attains uniform combustion from a pulverized coal burner and which constrains a temperature rise of an oxygen injection nozzle, burner inner and outer cylinders are arranged to penetrate a wind box 06-02-2011
122366000 WICK 1
20110048341VAPOR CHAMBER AND METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING THE SAME - A vapor chamber includes a container, a wick structure attached to an inner surface of the container, and a supporting structure received in the container and abutting against opposite sidewalls of the container. The supporting structure is generally in the form of a metallic sheet and comprises a plurality of supporting members extending upwardly from thereof. A through hole is defined in the supporting member from top to bottom. An opening is defined between the adjoining supporting members. Opposite ends of the supporting members abut against the wick structure located at the opposite sidewalls of the container.03-03-2011

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