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116200000 INDICATORS 366
116028000 VEHICLE 48
116063000 STREET TRAFFIC 23
116022000 PERIODIC 10
116067000 ALARMS 5
20090277374APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR STORAGE TANK HATCH MONITORING IN AN INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - A method includes receiving information associated with a level of material in a tank, where the tank has a hatch. The method also includes determining whether the level of material in the tank experiences a specified variation within a critical zone associated with the hatch. The specified variation is indicative of the hatch being open while the tank is being filled. In addition, the method includes generating an alarm when the level of material in the tank experiences the specified variation. Determining whether the level of material in the tank experiences the specified variation could be based on an entrance level speed of the material, which identifies a rate at which the level of material in the tank is increasing when the material level crosses a lower bound of the critical zone. Also, no alarms could be generated when the level of material in the tank is outside the critical zone.11-12-2009
20100288181IMPACT SENSING MULTI-LAYERED PLASTIC MATERIAL - A method and apparatus for detecting encroachment of property perimeters or boundaries employing a multi-layer structure having an inner layer of polyvinylidene fluoride having piezoelectric properties disposed between and joined with two outer layers of an electrically conductive plastic material. The multi-layer structure is connected with an electrical signal detector and buried at a boundary or property perimeter. The buried multi-layer structure is monitored for generation of an electrical signal. Detection of an electrical signal corresponds to an encroachment of the property perimeter or boundary.11-18-2010
20100012016Selectable field motion detector - A detection field selectable motion sensor that includes a modulator having a output with a shaped response to received radiation emissions forming a detection field and a sensor configured to detect the output from the modulator. The motion sensor can be configured with a set of lenses that can be aligned with the sensor. Further, the motion sensor can be an active sensor that transmits electromagnetic radiation which is detected after reflection from a detection field. Infrared radiation is the preferred source of received and transmitted radiation but microwave or visible light can be used. For an active motion detection either coherent or incoherent radiation can be used. The motion sensor includes a means for mounting and a hinge or swivel for orientating the sensor.01-21-2010
20100288180Automotive Power Window Intrusion Detection - A system detects forced opening of a power window of a motor vehicle. An electric motor is responsive to a drive signal to provide a torque to selectably open or close the window. A regulator couples the electric motor to the window for transferring the torque into an opening or closing force on the window. A sensor is coupled to the electric motor responsive to a back voltage produced by the electric motor when an external force on the window glass opens the window glass when the drive signal is not present. A vehicle security system is coupled to the sensor for generating a perimeter alarm condition in response to detection of the back voltage by the voltage sensor.11-18-2010
20080202407Theft Deterrent System and a Device For Use in Said System - The invention concerns a theft deterrent device (08-28-2008
116148000 BELLS 4
20090235858Bell having one-way clapper - A bell includes a securing device for securing a bell member and a handle together, and a clapper device having an axle rotatably attached to the securing device for allowing the clapper device to be rotated relative to the securing device and to selectively strike onto the bell member in one direction, and a stop formed on the clapper device for engaging with the securing device and for limiting a rotational movement of the clapper device relative to the bell member and the securing device, and for preventing the clapper device from striking onto the bell member in an opposite direction and thus for allowing the sound generated by the clapper member and the bell member to be clearly heard by the users.09-24-2009
20100236469BICYCLE BELL IN THE VICINITY OF BRAKE LEVER - A bicycle bell includes a housing mounted on a handlebar and comprising a channel and an upward extending flange partially surrounding a top of the channel; a guide member secured to the housing; a drum secured to and covered the guide member; and a spring biased striking device mounted on the channel and comprising a bell lever and an opposite clapper extending through the flange to contact the guide member. Pivoting the bell lever about the channel will pivotably move the clapper to strike a first position on the drum after passing the guide member. Releasing the bell lever will return the clapper to its inoperative position after passing the guide member and striking an opposite second position on the drum. The bell is easy to manipulate with the same hand squeezing the brake lever.09-23-2010
20130199435ROLLING ELEMENT BELL - A bell that rings when the entire rolling element bell is shaken, includes a base section having a recess, and a bell section that is supported directly or indirectly by the base section, a rolling element that is adapted to roll in the recess, the rolling element hitting the base section when the entire rolling element bell has been shaken, and the rolling element has rolled to reach an edge of the recess of the base section, and the rolling element bell being configured so that sound produced by the rolling element bell is adjusted by adjusting a contact angle or a contact height of the rolling element with an inner wall of the bell section.08-08-2013
20090038533TOY DOOR KNOCKER, AND CONSTRUCTION AND EDUCATIONAL KITS INCLUDING A DOOR KNOCKER - Modular constructional toy kit and instructional story book, for use in forming a customized and personalized privacy guard in the form of a door knocker and learning the importance of protecting and respecting a persons right to privacy. The constructional toy kit allows children to build and decorate their own door knockers. Each door knocker has a base unit and a pivotal member hinged at one end to the base unit allowing the pivotal member to swing in a short arc away from the base unit. When released, the pivotal member swings back to make contact with the base unit emitting a loud sound. The constructional toy kit can also have an integrated holder to store written messages, integrated electronic recording and playback device for personalized audio messages, a smooth flat surface at the lower portion of the base unit suitable for imprinting a child's name, assorted decorations and attachable components to allow for the creation of animals or creatures, paints and commercially available hardware and adhesives.02-12-2009
116026000 NAUTICAL 4
20110203510Retractable Caution Flag for Mounting on a Vehicle - An apparatus includes a housing unit having a hollow cylinder shape with a longitudinal slot and a short section of slot situated at a right angle to the longitudinal slot. A flagpole is inserted into the housing unit for movement within the housing unit, where the flagpole is completely contained within the housing unit at a first position. A lower guide is joined to the flagpole for guiding movement of the flagpole. A caution flag is joined to the flagpole proximate a flagpole end. At least one bracket assembly joins the apparatus to a vehicle. A compressible spring is disposed within the housing unit for driving the flagpole in a first direction to a second position to display the flag. A trigger lever extends through the longitudinal slot where a placement of the trigger lever in the short section of slot prevents the compressible spring from moving the flagpole.08-25-2011
20130019793AUTOMATED FLAG DISPLAY SYSTEM - Systems and methods for displaying a marine signaling device are disclosed. A flag coupled to a top section of a telescoping shaft includes a folding arm pivotally coupled to the top section that folds upward to gather the flag into alignment with the telescoping shaft. A housing couples to a boat and supports the shaft in the display configuration and receives the shaft in the storage configuration. As the shaft is retracted, the folding arm contacts an upper surface of the housing and gathers the flag into alignment with the shaft. A motor automatically extends/retracts the shaft based on detected tension on a tow rope mount of the boat or a tow rope coupled to the boat. A tension switch detects tension and activates the motor based on the detected tension. The tension switch may include arms that rotate in response to tension to activate a limit switch.01-24-2013
20130167767NAUTICAL INSTRUMENT - A nautical instrument that can be repetitively mounted to and removed from a surface within a ship without the use of tools or other instruments. The nautical instrument incorporates a mounting system that achieves slidable locking engagement of the nautical instrument to a bulkhead plate that is permanently secured to the surface of the ship. In one embodiment, the invention is a nautical instrument comprising a housing having a bracket assembly comprising a downwardly extending overhang section that forms first and second channels between the overhang section and a rear surface of the back plate, the channels opposing one another in an angled orientation; and a mounting plate assembly connected to a front surface of a bulkhead plate, the mounting plate assembly having first and second angled edges adapted to be slidably inserted into the first and second channels of the bracket assembly.07-04-2013
20130092074SAFETY FLAG FOR A WATERCRAFT - The present invention provides a safety flag for a watercraft that comprises an elongated pole, a pennant flag and a connector having upper, intermediate and bottom portions. The upper portion of the connector has an aperture for receiving the bottom portion of the pole. The intermediate portion of the connector has a shoulder for abutting against the upper surface of wall. The bottom portion of the connector is at least partially made of a flexible elastomeric material such that, in use, a user can insert the bottom portion in a watercraft aperture by rotating or pressing the connector up to a position wherein the shoulder abuts a watercraft wall and the safety flag is maintained in a stand up position.04-18-2013
116147000 SIRENS 1
20120152164SIREN - A preferred siren including a base having a central axis and a peripheral wall circumscribed about the central axis to define an internal chamber. The peripheral wall includes a plurality of apertures in communication with the internal chamber. A rotor is disposed within the chamber and centrally aligned with the axis. The rotor includes a plurality of spaced apart fins radially disposed about the axis, each of the plurality of fins having an outermost portion at a peripheral edge of the rotor and an innermost portion located between the axis and the peripheral edge. An external housing cooperates with the base to enclose the rotor within the internal chamber, the external housing including a first plurality of ports and a second plurality of ports, the first and second plurality of ports being in fluid communication with the internal chamber of the base. A driver is coupled to the rotor and is powered by a supply of carbon-dioxide gas to rotate the rotor about the axis at a rotational speed such that external air is drawn through the first plurality of ports, into the chamber and out the second plurality of ports so as to generate an alarm sound having an intensity greater than 100 decibels (100 dB).06-21-2012

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