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112002000 SPECIAL MACHINES 204
112270000 ELEMENTS 112
112475010 METHOD OF SEWING 73
112154000 STITCH FORMING 38
112400000 PRODUCTS 19
20110048302SEWING MACHINE PROVIDED WITH AUXILIARY TABLE - A sewing machine includes a sewing machine bed, a flat-plate-shaped auxiliary table detachably attachable to the sewing machine bed, a guide member mounted on the bed and guiding the auxiliary table between a first position set at a rear side of the bed and where the auxiliary table is held in parallel to an upper surface of the bed and a second position set at a front side of the bed and where the auxiliary table is attached to and detached from the bed, and an engaging member mounted on the auxiliary table so as to movably engage the guide member. The guide member and the engaging member are engaged with each other, so that the inclination of the auxiliary table relative to the upper surface of the bed is limited in a predetermined angle range when the auxiliary table is positioned between the first and second positions.03-03-2011
20110048303AUXILIARY TABLE FOR SEWING MACHINE - An auxiliary table for a sewing machine includes a table body formed into a flat plate shape in a planar view and including one or a plurality of rectangular portions, the table body having a plurality of corners, an upper surface at an upper side in a direction of gravitational force and an underside at a lower side in the direction of gravitational force, a cloth-receiving member which is disposed on at least one of the corners of the table body so as to be located lower than the upper surface of the table body and supports the workpiece cloth placed on the upper surface side of the table body and hanging downward from the table body, and a supporting member which supports the cloth-receiving member so that an amount of protrusion of the cloth-receiving member from an outer edge of the table body is changeable.03-03-2011
20100018447METHODS AND APPARATUSES FOR ASSEMBLY OF A PERICARDIAL PROSTHETIC HEART VALVE - A method of assembling a prosthetic valve using sheets of material, such as pericardium material, polymer or bioengineered film, or other material. The method provides an accurate and repeatable system of making pericardial valves in which sheets or pieces of material are held securely in place relative to each other throughout the steps of assembling the valve. In addition, methods of the present invention include maintaining consistent alignment of the fixtures and pericardium material throughout the valve assembly process and utilize features that make the tooling components easy to assemble and handle. Certain aspects of the invention can be used to help establish a repeatable sewing and cutting technique for creating a pattern shape for valve leaflets, establishing stitch lengths, and determining the exact placement of stitches.01-28-2010

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