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111014000 DRILLING 226
111200000 MISCELLANEOUS 34
111130000 BROADCASTING 33
111100000 PLANT SETTING 25
111089000 DIBBLING 2
20100083885GRANULE DISPENSING TOOL - A granule dispensing device is provided and includes a chamber having a predetermined volume for housing granules and defining a flow path for a flow of granules, a valve assembly for controlling the flow path, and an actuator configured to actuate the valve assembly for dispensing the granules.04-08-2010
20110232551Earth working digging tool and system for digging holes in ground - This invention was intended to develop an earth working equipment and system for digging holes in ground particularly in agricultural soils for needs including but not limited to transplanting of seedlings of flowers, vegetables, fruits, bushes, and shrubs; and for making holes for other purposes where hollow-cylindrical shapes are desired. One very important feature of the equipment is the provision of a removable or embeddable cylindrical retaining wall around the hole being dug thus preventing hole-deforming avalanches of soils, common in trowel assisted hole digging that results in V-shaped rather than cylindrical shaped holes. This provision and other features of the equipment ensure formation of consistent hollow-cylindrical holes effectively, efficiently and economically. The equipment consists of a tilling tool to loosen the soil, a screw conveyor to dig into and transport the soil away, and a cylindrical retaining wall to maintain cylindrical shape of the hole by preventing soil avalanches.09-29-2011
20110271888Seed tape - A seed tape comprising an elongated pliable strip of paper material having seeds positioned thereon with fertilizer positioned therebetween or adjacent thereto. In the preferred embodiment, insecticide is also provided on the seed tape. The spacing and type of seeds on the strip is dependent on the location in a field where the strip will be planted. The type and amount of fertilizer is also positioned on the strip dependent upon the location in the field where that particular portion of the strip will be planted.11-10-2011
20130152836Seed Tape Planter - A system and method are disclosed for the planting of a seed tape. The system includes a frame configured for coupling to a tractor, a furrow opening device attached to the frame, and a furrow closing device attached to the frame. In one embodiment, a seed tape guide assembly is attached to the frame and has a tamping arm for guiding the seed tape. In another embodiment, a seed tape wheel is attached to the frame by a mounting arm and positioned within at least a portion of the furrow opening device. The mounting arm is biased by a biasing member and the seed tape wheel is forcibly pressed by the mounting arm into contact with the furrow.06-20-2013

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