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110341000 PROCESS 202
110233000 COMBINED 17
110336000 WALL STRUCTURE 10
110101000 FUEL FEEDERS 10
110182500 TUYERES 5
20090056600FURNACE - A furnace includes: a furnace housing defining a combustion chamber therein, the combustion chamber having a round cross-section, the furnace housing being formed with at least two air inlets that are in fluid communication with the combustion chamber and that are angularly displaced from each other; and an air pipeline including at least two branch pipes, each of which is connected to a respective one of the air inlets of the furnace housing and each of which extends in a tangential direction relative to the cross-section of the combustion chamber.03-05-2009
20130061786TUYERE STOCK ARRANGEMENT OF A BLAST FURNACE - Tuyere stock arrangement of a blast furnace including a tuyere body configured for installation in a shaft furnace wall, the tuyere body including a front face facing an interior of the shaft furnace and an opposite rear face, a tuyere channel extending from the rear face to the front face the tuyere stock arrangement further including a blowpipe connected between the rear face of the tuyere body and a hot blast air supply system, the blowpipe having a front portion connecting to the tuyere body and an opposite rear portion connecting to the hot blast air supply system where a fuel injection lance is provided for feeding fuel into the shaft furnace and a gas injection lance is provided for feeding an oxidizing gas to the shaft furnace, the fuel injection lance being arranged through the tuyere body and according to an important aspect of the invention, the gas injection lance is arranged in the rear portion of the blowpipe, the gas injection lance being arranged in such a way as to feed the oxidizing gas into a central portion of a stream of hot blast air fed through the blowpipe.03-14-2013
20110253017BUSTLE PIPE ARRANGEMENT - The present invention proposes a bustle pipe arrangement (10-20-2011
20110088600EDDY-FREE HIGH VELOCITY COOLER - A cooling system comprises serpentine cooling fluid passages cast into a work piece with carefully controlled turning radii and profiles. Individual interdigitated baffles are contoured in the plane of coolant flow to have walls that thicken and then round off at their distal ends. The outside radii at these turns is similarly rounded and controlled such that the coolant flow will not be swirled into eddies.04-21-2011
20080202394Air Nozzle With Fastening Means And Method For Fastening Of Said Nozzle - An air nozzle has an attachment arrangement for solid fuel burners with fluidized beds. The air nozzle has a body having an inlet and an outlet defined therein. A pipe end is inserted into the inlet. The attachment arrangement secures the pipe end inside the body. The attachment arrangement has a first part engaging a through hole of the body and a second perpendicular part that engages a cavity of the pipe end.08-28-2008
110338000 BRICK ELEMENT 4
20080271656Removable filler module - This invention relates to an industrial furnace roof filler element to allow replacement of a failed heat source during operation. The filler element can include a lower portion, a module, an aperture, a protuberance, a bore and/or a heat source. This invention also relates to a method of operation for an industrial furnace wherein a failed heat source is replaced during operation of the industrial furnace.11-06-2008
20100180806Refractory Brick and Tapered Mortar Joint - A refractory brick and mortar joint comprise a cold face of the refractory brick; a hot face of the refractory brick opposite the cold face, wherein the hot face is shorter in length than the cold face; and at least one tapered mortar joint extending from the hot face to the cold face, wherein the at least one tapered mortar joint is thicker at the hot face of the refractory brick than at the cold face of the refractory brick. A refractory brick comprises a cold face; a hot face opposite the cold face, wherein the hot face is shorter in length than the cold face; and at least one surface extending from the cold face to the hot face, wherein the at least one surface is angled to accommodate the difference in length between the cold face and the hot face.07-22-2010
20120304904REFRACTORY STRUCTURAL ELEMENT - A refractory structural element is provided that is useful for lining the inner surface of a construct typically used as a kiln or other high temperature system. An element includes a stem portion associated with a flared end block portion whereby the flared end block portion is compatible with other structural elements to form a substantially continuous tiled surface when a plurality of refractory structural elements are laid adjacent to each other. The stem portion optionally has a plurality of protrusions decorated on its outer surface that may serve to adjust heat dissipation from the element.12-06-2012
20100132599WIDE-RANGE ROUND-BOTTOM HEARTH-BRICK COMPRESSION SYSTEM - A brick hearth system comprises a rigid containment shell in which a concave bottom is lined with a hearth refractory sub-layer and hearth brick working layer. The outer perimeter of the hearth refractory is ringed with thrust blocks to compress the whole toward the center and to thereby deny gaps from forming between the separate bricks. Many individual thrust rods penetrate the outer bottom of the containment shell, and such are used to transmit compression forces generated outside the shell to be applied against the thrust blocks in unison. Each thrust rod receives an adjustable amount of inward force from a spring, acting either directly or through a beam or rocker arm. These are anchored to and use the hoop strength of the containment shell as leverage. As the hearth brick working layer grows during its service life, the ring of thrust blocks grows in diameter as well inside the margins provided within the containment shell. The individual thrust rod springs are periodically adjusted to keep the pressures in the optimal range.06-03-2010
20090293785COMBUSTION SYSTEM WITH CELLULAR CHAIN GRATE - A chain grate for a combustion system is disclosed, comprising a continuous belt of connected links. The links have a generally boxlike configuration open to below and comprise a substantially solid upper surface, and at least one downwardly projecting wall. At least some of said links comprise at least one vent open to said surface. The grate comprises an array of substantially isolated cells open to below and a substantially continuous upper surface defined by said links. The vents permit combustion gas to travel from the interior of said cells to said surface. The links are joined together in a linear array by a hinge structure at the opposing ends of the links. The grate is intended to be supported by a bed which includes one or more plenums which have a flat upper surface for supporting the grate. The grate rests upon the flat surface to effectively form a sealed, cellular structure defined by the interior spaces within the link bodies. Openings in the upper surface may be aligned with the vents in the links, thereby effectively permitting zonal distribution of combustion gasses across the grate.12-03-2009
20080314299FUEL-BURNING FURNACE WITH A CHUTE THAT EJECTS MATERIAL FROM THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER BY FORCE OF THE LOADING OF FUEL - A furnace includes a chute extending from the back of a combustion chamber to allow for the material in the combustion chamber to be pushed into the chute and ejected from the chute by the force of new fuel being pushed into the furnace. No time is lost in cleaning out the furnace as the cleaning of the furnace happens as a byproduct of fuel being loaded into the furnace. The ease and efficiency of operation, in that the cleaning happens by performing the necessary task of loading the furnace with fuel, will allow furnace operation in a more simple, convenient, and safe manner without requiring the furnace to be shut down.12-25-2008
20110120354FIRING PRODUCT FEED DEVICE FOR FURNACES WITH CAPACITIES LESS THAN 1 kW - A feed device for a granular firing product for furnaces with a minimum capacity of 1 kW, includes a conveyor screw disposed in a pipe for conveying a granular firing product. A central screw axis pipe has an outer wall with a volution mounted thereon and with the conveyor screw disposed in the pipe so that it can rotate and which is at least a quarter of the pipe diameter. The screw pipe axis has a conical shape at its tip, where a circular grating with a central circular hole and air feed openings on the outer region of the grating are horizontally disposed. The central circular hole is smaller than the diameter of the conveyor screw and a conically expanding funnel-shaped wall is guided downwardly from its edge as a sliding wall for a firing product to be conveyed. The conically expanding funnel-shaped wall runs substantially parallel to the cone of the upper end of the screw axis. The inside of the conveyor pipe is provided with a rough surface, preferably longitudinal ribs, so that the firing product is supported and does not rotate with the conveyor screw.05-26-2011
20110146545SOLID FUEL NOZZLE TIP ASSEMBLY - A solid fuel nozzle tip for issuing a flow of mixed solid fuel and air into a boiler or furnace includes an outer nozzle body having an outer flow channel extending therethrough from an inlet to an outlet of the outer nozzle body. An inner nozzle body has an inner flow channel extending therethrough from an inlet to an outlet of the inner nozzle body. The inner nozzle body is mounted within the outer nozzle body with the inner flow channel inboard of and substantially aligned with the outer flow channel. The inner and outer nozzle bodies are joined together so as to accommodate movement relative to one another due to thermal expansion and contraction of the outer and inner nozzle bodies.06-23-2011
20090056601FURNACE - A furnace includes: a furnace housing defining a combustion chamber therein and having a top end section that is provided with an emergent stack which defines a gas-releasing channel in fluid communication with said combustion chamber; and a safety valve mounted in the gas-releasing channel and including a shaft that is secured to the emergent stack, and opposite first and second covering plates that are pivoted to the shaft so as to be rotatable relative to the shaft for closing and opening the gas-releasing channel.03-05-2009
20090158975DEVICE FOR SECURING A FURNACE PROVIDED WITH A RAPID COOLING AND HEATING SYSTEM OPERATING UNDER CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE - A device enabling limitation of the risk of formation of an explosive atmosphere in the furnace of a continuous heat treatment line of metal strips the sections of which are under an atmosphere consisting of a mixture of inert gas and hydrogen the hydrogen volume content of which is between 5 and 100%, provided with a rapid induction heating section and a rapid cooling section comprising: a chamber (06-25-2009
20120055381FURNACE PROTECTOR - A furnace protector has a normally caged frame structured to accommodate at least one selected component of a furnace and also enables access to and visibility of the furnace components being protected. Legs and mounting tabs are used to install the furnace protector into a position wherein it encompasses at least one selected furnace component to provide for protection such as to inhibit damage thereto during normal operation.03-08-2012
20080302281Surface Treatment of Metallic Articles in an Atmospheric Furnace - A system for treating metallic articles in an atmospheric furnace while injecting at least one fluid material within the furnace and/or in a catalyst bed connected to the furnace.12-11-2008
20100139532Apparatus for generating heat through burning of solid fuel and method of controlling such an apparatus - An apparatus for generating heat and consisting of: a) a firebox; b) a combustor assembly; c) a fuel inlet; d) an air inlet through which air is delivered to a combustion location; e) an outlet for releasing heated air; f) an outlet damper assembly; and g) an inlet damper assembly. The inlet and outlet damper assemblies are constructed to both be placed or maintained in safety states in response to the apparatus being placed in certain predetermined states to thereby prevent, or smother, combustion of solid fuel within the apparatus.06-10-2010
20090000530WASTE OIL COMBUSTION APPARATUS - A waste oil combustion apparatus can use various kinds of waste oils and burn the same efficiently, and permits effective utilization of the thermal energy resulting from the combustion thereof. The apparatus includes a bottomed cylindrical combustion furnace, a waste oil supply unit for supplying waste oil into the furnace, an auxiliary-fuel supply unit for supplying auxiliary fuel for burning the waste oil in the furnace, an ignition burner for heating the furnace inside and the waste oil and auxiliary fuel to ignite the fuels, an air supply unit for supplying air to the furnace, and a controller for controlling each of the igniting burner, waste oil supply unit, auxiliary-fuel supply unit and air supply unit to act at a predetermined time and operate for a predetermined time. The waste oil is spirally swirled inside the furnace under the action of air from the air supply unit.01-01-2009
20090241815Heat Protection Body for a Protection System for an Interior Wall of a Furnace - A heat protection body for a protection system for an internal wall of a furnace includes a front, a rear, and edge sides that connect the front to the rear. The heat protection body is characterized in that at its rear it comprises at least one retaining element which is made from the same material as is the heat protection body. The heat protection body can be used within a protection system for a boiler tube wall as well as in a method for installing such a protection system.10-01-2009
20090293784Suspended refractory curtain - A vertically suspended refractory wall having at least two rows of refractory shapes. Each refractory shape of the upper row has a recess in a bottom portion or a lower portion of the refractory shape. Each refractory shape of the lower row has a head portion or an upper portion that lockingly engages within at least a portion of the recess of the refractory shape of the upper row. The interlocked and vertically suspended refractory wall can be used as refractory curtain, such as within an industrial furnace.12-03-2009
20100139535STEAM GENERATOR FOR PRODUCING SUPERHEATED STEAM IN A WASTE INCINERATION PLANT - A steam generator for producing superheated steam in a waste incineration plant, includes a boiler housing having a combustion chamber with walls having an evaporator. The evaporator has tubes carrying water and being acted upon by heat energy released during incineration of waste, for producing superheated steam. A wall superheater for increasing temperature of the superheated steam includes a plurality of tubes in a wall of the boiler housing for carrying superheated steam being protected against flue gas from an incineration process by plate-like elements formed of a corrosion-proof material. The boiler housing includes an evaporator housing section having the water-carrying tubes and a wall-superheater housing section spatially separated from the evaporator housing section and having the superheated steam-carrying tubes. The wall-superheater housing section is movable relative to and disposed downstream of the evaporator housing section in flue gas flow direction.06-10-2010
20120312205WOODKILN MOLDED COMBUSTION CHAMBER - The molded combustion chamber described herein is an improvement on prior art with a number of significant advantages. A single molded piece replaces many fabricated pieces of board and brick with uniformity of material and lower cost. It can be used by itself as a replacement for a grate in a wood/gas fireplace or as the key element of a metal or masonry fabricated fireplace. It can be molded up to 3″ in thickness, so that the focus can be on insulation and reflection rather than surface durability. The spherical baffle serves as a secondary combustion area, so that all flames are visible and significantly more heat is radiated into the living space. This design is more efficient and less costly than most EPA certified wood heaters with a secondary combustion chamber or catalytic converter. This design will also help a gas appliance meet the DOE efficiency goal. The absence of a grate and the insulating quality of the material used enable a very small coal bed to ignite new fuel. This is user friendly and facilitates the loading of a single large (all-nighter) log for a slow burn. The top of the chamber is flat for heating water and food. This design could be used in a large fireplace and would be particularly useful in underdeveloped parts of the world where there is no other means of cooking than a fire.12-13-2012
20090301363Self-contained Heating Unit and Drug-Supply Unit Employing Same - Heating units, drug supply units and drug delivery articles capable of rapid heating are disclosed. Heating units comprising a substrate and a solid fuel capable of undergoing an exothermic metal oxidation reaction disposed within the substrate are disclosed. These heating units can be actuated by electrical resistance, by optical ignition or by percussion. Drug supply units and drug delivery articles wherein a solid fuel is configured to heat a substrate to a temperature sufficient to rapidly thermally vaporize a drug disposed thereon are also disclosed.12-10-2009
20110185954OXYCOMBUSTION CHAMBER - The present invention relates to a combustion chamber comprising an enclosure (08-04-2011
110173000 DOORS 2
20080223264Door sealing device for industrial furnace - Each one of the side edges (09-18-2008
20130125797Vertical Heat Treating Furnace - The vertical heat treating furnace for the gas reaction includes an outer body, an inner body, a heating mechanism, gas supplying mechanism, and a controller. Using the controller to control the amount of gas supply effectively keeps the first pressure (P05-23-2013
20090320727Dust shield for refractory hanger - A shield for a refractory structure that houses refractory bricks. The refractory bricks are assembled with respect to each other to form a refractory wall, roof or another refractory structure. A hanger can be used to suspend or mount at least one refractory brick. In order to extend the service life of the hanger, a shield can cover at least a portion of the hanger, such as a hanger rod, to prevent dust particles from accumulating on the rod or another hanger element. Reducing or eliminating dust particles, particularly metal dust particles, can extend the service life of hanger components and can also reduce costs associated with maintenance and repair of refractory structures, particularly within industrial furnaces.12-31-2009
20080271655Apparatus and method for isolating zones of an industrial furnace - This invention relates to an apparatus and a method for at least partially isolating a zone of an industrial furnace. The apparatus includes a hanger block and a hanger clamp. The method includes removably mounting a hanger block with respect to a furnace structure. A hanger clamp is engaged with the hanger block. A curtain structure is mounted in the hanger block, and the hanger clamp is mounted to an adjustable support or mechanism.11-06-2008
20090205543COOLING PLATE FOR AN IRON- OR STEELMAKING FURNACE - A cooling plate for an iron and steelmaking furnace includes a copper cooling plate body having at least one cooling duct for a cooling medium extending essentially parallel with the back of the cooling plate body. The cooling plate body further includes a preformed, externally accessible recess into which the cooling duct opens. A connection piece is utilized as a cooling medium connection on the back of the cooling plate body, while a formed piece fitted within the externally accessible recess forms a deflection surface for the cooling medium flowing from the connection piece into the cooling duct, or from the cooling duct into the connection piece.08-20-2009
20090165684WATER-COOLING JACKET STRUCTURE FOR INSPECTION HOLE OF FLASH FURNACE - A water-cooling jacket structure 07-02-2009
110194000 CREMATORY 2
20100139533MOVABLE INTEGRATED CREMATION DEVICE - Disclosed herein is a movable integrated cremation device. The device has a trailer which can be towed and relocated, an incinerator for burning a corpse, a cooling unit for cooling waste heat emitted from the incinerator, a dust collector for eliminating dust and offensive odor from the waste heat which is discharged, a waste heat discharge unit for discharging waste heat from which the dust and the offensive odors were removed, a gas supply unit for supplying fuel required for combustion to the incinerator, and an electricity supply unit for supplying electricity used to operate the components. The device can be towed using a vehicle, cool the high temperature waste heat generated during cremation, and remove dust and offensive odors from the waste heat before it is discharged.06-10-2010
20130206045CREMATORIUM OVEN - The invention relates to a crematorium oven 08-15-2013
20110168065BURNER WITH SPLIT COMBUSTION AND EXHAUST INDUCTION AIR PATHS - A burner having a fuel tube, a heat recuperator disposed at least partially around the fuel tube, a cover disposed at least partially around the heat recuperator, and a housing coupled to the fuel tube. The housing has an air inlet, an exhaust outlet, and an eductor body. The eductor body has a first pathway for directing inlet air toward the heat recuperator and a second pathway directing inlet air into the exhaust outlet.07-14-2011

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