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Horizontally supported planar surfaces

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108500110 COMBINED 78
108115000 FOLDING 71
108025000 WITH RECEPTACLE 37
108011000 CONVERTIBLE 29
108020000 POWER DRIVEN 23
108033000 WITH HOUSING 22
108024000 WITH DRAIN 5
20090056595PORTABLE PARTY TABLE - A portable party table [03-05-2009
20100236453Seafood Table - A table and system for serving searfood and cleaning up afterwards. One purpose of the following invention and its embodiments is to be able to toss the refuse of the crawfish and crab shells right into the center of the table that will have a trash can under it. The top of the table may be made of bubbled/stippled aluminum for easy draining of the excess liquid from the seafood. At the center of the table is a removable strainer. The center of the table may slant down toward the center so that liquids can drain. There may be holes in the table to hook strainer into. Ridges are put on both sides of the hinges so the liquids doesn't drain through the cracks in the table except through the center of the table over a trashcan or other receiver.09-23-2010
20120210913Utility Table - A multi-purpose utility table includes a top portion having a recessed sink portion, a housing for slidably engaging a hose or tube, an opening formed through the top portion, and a sheath for holding a sharp implement used at the utility table. The sink portion further includes a drain and an overflow outlet. Support members collapse easily and nest in the top portion of the table to provide an easily transportable multi-purpose utility table.08-23-2012
20100275820Receiving apparatus - A receiving apparatus having a panel adapted to be disposed in a generally upwardly facing attitude substantially beneath a source of a fluid for receiving the fluid in rested relation thereon; and capturing members mounted on the panel operable to contain the fluid on the panel so as to prevent damage to the environs.11-04-2010
20130186306Portable Utility Table - The invention is a portable utility table, comprising, among other features, a table-top surface with a first integrally formed recessed portion forming a first sink, and a second integrally formed recessed portion forming a second sink, each sink also having an integrally formed drain aperture for exiting material; and collapsible legs capable of nesting in the bottom of the table.07-25-2013
20120152156SUPPORT ASSEMBLY - This invention relates to a table (06-21-2012
20090038517"Infini-Combo" - System of fully configurable and modular dining/conference tables - A modular and fully configurable dining/conference table system where consumer can chose any prefabricated and ready to ship pedestal base and combine with any prefabricated and ready to ship wood top, including formal tops which can be configured to any length without limit, allowing for a virtually limitless number of unique table combinations equal to the product of the total number of pedestal base designs, the total number of wood top designs, the total number of available sizes for each wood top design, and the total number of finishes each pedestal and wood top is available in. Regardless of the pedestal/wood top combination, assembly procedure is kept consistent using brackets and an “O” ring component under each wood top, which sits around the diameter of each pedestal, which is kept constant on all pedestal designs. In addition, the top of each prefabricated pedestal base is finished, some with carved designs, allowing the consumer to also use any glass top (within size and weight limits of each pedestal) instead of our prefabricated wood tops.02-12-2009
20110000405Portable Table Construction and Method for Making the same. - Disclosed herein is a portable table having numerous favorable characteristics. The table comprises a tabletop, a column connection, and a column. The tabletop includes a core, a thickness, a perimeter section, and a bottom surface. The column connection is positioned within the thickness of the core and within the tabletop, and includes a flange and a cylindrical sleeve having a first fastener. The column includes an insertion end that includes a second fastener shaped to removably engage the first fastener and secure the column to the column connection. The insertion end is shaped to removably fit within the cylindrical sleeve of the column connection.01-06-2011
20080196636COLLAPSIBLE PORTABLE TABLE - An improved collapsible portable table suitable for use in both outdoor and indoor environments and on both regular and irregular surfaces, having a tabletop and a two-part support leg comprised of a main support shaft and a stake in telescopic relationship to each other, and an optional stabilization base removably attachable to the stake. The improved collapsible portable table is easily disassembled for transport and storage with components which can be conveniently stored within themselves, is both light weight and durable, comprises safety features to prevent injury to users, and is easy and inexpensive to manufacture.08-21-2008
20100282135ASSEMBLED TABLE CARRIAGE - The present invention provides an assembled table carriage, including a vertical support and at least a grounding support. The grounding support is exposed transversely at the periphery of the vertical support, where a mating end and a protruding end are formed. An axial groove and axial rib are mated between the periphery of vertical support and the mating end of the grounding support, thus enabling the grounding support to be slid axially via the mated axial groove and axial rib and also positioned via a spacer. The shelving unit can be embedded into the vertical support for axial sliding, allowing to adjust the height of table with greater convenience and applicability.11-11-2010
20130042794Deck Ledge Table - A deck table is provided that includes a table section and a clamping mechanism that are attachable to a number of vertical posts in order to position the support surface on the posts in a horizontal position. The table section includes support surface and a bottom support that can be positioned against the posts and engaged by the clamping mechanism that extends between the posts. The clamping mechanism is rotatably attached to the table section and can be releasably engaged with the vertical posts to enable the table to be readily repositioned and/or removed from the posts, as desired, without disassembly of the component parts of the table.02-21-2013
20110297056Frame Type Table Assemblies - A furniture assembly comprising a frame for supporting an article of furniture, the frame including first and second spaced apart frame members, each frame member having a top end and a bottom end, the first and second frame members forming first and second substantially oppositely facing bearing surfaces along at least a portion thereof wherein the oppositely facing bearing surfaces are angled away from each other when moving from the top toward the bottom ends, at a first height, the oppositely facing bearing surfaces defining a first width dimension and a storage unit forming an opening defined by an opening rim including at least first and second substantially opposed bearing surfaces, the first and second opposed bearing surfaces defining a first length dimension that is similar to the first width dimension, wherein, the storage unit can be mounted to the frame by passing at least upper portions of the first and second frame members through the opening so that the first and second opposed bearing surfaces contact the first and second oppositely facing bearing surfaces at the first height.12-08-2011
20100000449SHELVING SYSTEMS AND COMPONENTS THEREFOR - A shelf apparatus according to one embodiment of the present invention includes first and second upstanding posts each having a plurality of horizontally-extending grooves in an external surface thereof, the grooves spaced vertically from one another. First and second shelf support clamps are supported by the first and second posts, respectively. The clamps each have a clamp body received only partially about its corresponding post, and the clamps each include a horizontally-extending protuberance such as a rib received in one of the grooves of its respective post. The apparatus further includes first and second shelf brackets supported by the first and second clamps, respectively, and a shelf supported by the first and second shelf brackets.01-07-2010
20120255466Computer Table for a Furniture - The invention relates to a fixing means for table top comprising a profile (10-11-2012
20090056596LAP PROTECTOR - The objective of the invention is to make laptop use more practical on the lap. Now, heat is generated and legs are uncomfortably hot, causing “computer burn”. Current products are not flexible, some require USB, and are not “user” friendly. This is a one-size-fits-all product.03-05-2009
20100064944PAD STRUCTURE - A pad structure is disposed on the bottom of a casing of an electronic device, which includes a skidproof piece and a slide piece. The skidproof piece is used for securing and supporting the electronic device on a plane. When the electronic device is at an oblique angle opposite to the plane, and drags the skidproof piece away from the plane, the slide piece contacts with the plane, and the electronic device is enabled to move on the plane by the slide piece.03-18-2010
20120031310Ergonomically designed large display multipurpose workstation - Apparatus for facilitating the operation of computer systems connected to very large display systems. The invention comprises monitor and keyboard supports which are independently adjustable vertically, horizontally, and angularly. The keyboard support is designed to allow the monitor to pass behind for any given vertical, horizontal, or angular orientation of the monitor relative to the keyboard. The invention is configurable to facilitate operators in the standing or sitting positions and can collapse to allow mobility through typical doorways.02-09-2012
20100107937Worktop for Household Appliances and Method of Making Same - The present Invention refers to a manufacturing method of a worktop (05-06-2010
20120111240TABLE - A pivotable folding utility table includes a table top having a pair of support pedestals pivotally attached thereto. A first pivotal support brace including a distal end and a proximal end attached to the first support pedestal. A second pivotal support brace including a distal end and a proximal end attached to the second support pedestal. The distal ends of the first and second pivotal support braces pivotally attached to a retaining assembly preferably mounted in relation to the table top. Specifically, the retaining assembly includes a cross-brace member operably disposed through openings formed in the distal ends of the first and second pivotal support braces, thus providing a pivotal engagement in relation to the table top. Alternatively, a second retaining assembly including a cross-brace member may be mounted in relation to the table top, wherein the distal end of the first pivotal support brace pivotally engages the first retaining member and the distal end of the second pivotal support brace pivotally engages the second retaining member. In addition, the first and second support pedestals may comprise at least one support leg, wherein each support leg of the first and second support pedestals are laterally offset from each other so as to permit an offset displacement of the support legs when the support pedestals are disposed in a collapsed position.05-10-2012
20080236456Table topology and arrangement - A seating table and arrangement includes a table which is preferable six sided, with two parallel sides and two main angled sides, along with two oppositely located abbreviated width sides and which provides a number of advantages including increased seating capacity and classroom quality enhancement. In a room arrangement of the tables, the larger of the two parallel sides are directed toward the podium with the tables preferably arranged in a somewhat evenly dispersed orientation with tables along the middle of the room angled straight toward the podium while tables to the side being angled slightly toward the centerline of the room.10-02-2008
20130081560TABLE WITH MOLDED PLASTIC TABLE TOP - A table may include a molded plastic table top with an upper surface, a lower surface and a hollow interior portion disposed between the upper surface and the lower surface. The upper surface, lower surface and hollow interior portion of the table top may be integrally formed during the molding process as part of a unitary, one-piece construction. The table may also include a side rail of a frame connected to the lower surface of the table top and a plurality of depressions disposed between the side rail and the upper surface of the table top. The plurality of depressions may be integrally formed in the lower surface of the table top during the molding process as part of the unitary, one-piece construction. The plurality of depressions may be sized and configured to support the portion of the table top disposed above the side rail of the frame.04-04-2013
20090064907Adjustable Holding Apparatus - An adjustable holding apparatus comprises a main frame section with at least two pneumatic wheels disposed at a bottom bifurcated portion therein, and another bifurcated portion having a pair of distally disposed stabilizing feet. A maneuvering portion is attached at right angles to an upper portion of the frame to aid in maneuvering the adjustable holding apparatus into position. A horizontal support arm and a vertical support arm distally attached from the handle portion to support a vertical adjustable arm and a horizontal adjustable arm. The support arms have adjustable sliding attachment ends that are positioned as needed. The horizontal and vertical support arms are moveably supported by a tilt adjustment plate that allows the arms to be positioned from 0 to 90 degrees. Clamping knobs provide adjustability.03-12-2009
108136000 BIASED SURFACE 2
20130036950Stabilisation of Objects - A stabilising arrangement to support an object (02-14-2013
20110315053LOAD COMPENSATOR FOR HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE TABLE - A table assembly, the assembly comprising a first member having a length dimension parallel to a substantially vertical extension axis, a second member supported by the first member for sliding motion along the extension axis between at least an extended position and a retracted position, the second member forming an internal passageway, a table top mounted to one end of one of the first and second members, a spring that generates a variable spring force that depends at least in part on the degree of spring loading, the spring having first and second ends, aligned substantially parallel to the vertical extension axis, located at least partially within the internal passage formed by the second member and linked to each of the first and second members and a rotatable cam member engaged with the spring, the cam member and spring applying a force between the first and second members tending to drive the second member into the extended position, the cam member rotating around an axis as the second member moves between the extended and retracted positions, the rate of cam member rotation changing in a non-linear fashion as the second member moves toward the extended position.12-29-2011

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