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Railway rolling stock

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105157100 TRUCKS 119
105238100 SPECIAL CAR BODIES 118
105260050 LOCOMOTIVES 77
105100400 TRAINS 28
105148000 SUSPENDED 26
105141000 MONORAIL 7
105422000 FLOORS 6
105443000 STEPS 4
20100251926Vehicle lifting apparatus - The present invention aims at providing an emergency staircase, whereby an operator can promptly and easily arrange the preparation of detrainment with the staircase in an emergency, and the passengers can detrain with a feeling of security.10-07-2010
20080250966Retractable Step - A retractable step for a rail vehicle includes a treadable region having lateral guides, a front edge, a guide region, a first roller disposed on the rail vehicle, and a second roller disposed in a guide. The guide has a configuration that is one or more of oblique, curved or bent. Also included is a transition area between the treadable region and the guide region. The transition area is configured to have one or more of a bend and a curvature and has an upwardly convex shape.10-16-2008
20110023747Portable Railcar Step and Railcar Therewith - A railcar step mounts to the stirrup of a rail vehicle. The railcar step comprises a support sized to support a rail worker. A coupling is supported in relation to an end of the support. The coupling is sized and configured to hold the support in fixed relation to the stirrup. The support is sized to extend outward beyond the rail vehicle and support a rail worker.02-03-2011
105456000 CABS 2
20130087068DRIVER'S CAB OF MAGNETICALLY LEVITATED TRAIN AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF - A driver's cab of a magnetically levitated train and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The manufacturing method comprises the steps of: processing and obtaining two-dimensional framework components, and then assembling the two-dimensional framework components into a three-dimensional framework; making a three-dimensional cover skin with a small curved surface die-less forming process; and assembling the three-dimensional cover skin on the three-dimensional framework. The driver's cab comprises a three-dimensional framework and a three-dimensional cover skin assembled on the three-dimensional framework, wherein a plurality of two-dimensional framework components are mutually connected together to form the three-dimensional framework. Forming the three-dimensional framework by assembling the two-dimensional framework components can efficiently simplify the manufacturing process, lower the manufacturing cost, and improve the carrying capacity of the driver's cab of a magnetically levitated train.04-11-2013
20090013900CAB ISOLATION SYSTEM FOR A LOCOMOTIVE - Provided is a cab isolation system for a locomotive is provided including a cab having a front and a rear. The cab isolation system further includes a pivot located generally near the rear of the cab and at least one spring generally located near the front of the cab. In another embodiment, dampers may further be provided and generally located near the front of the cab. In another embodiment, lateral links may further be provided and generally located near the front of the cab. This system may include any of the above elements, alone or in combination, to provide for a cab isolation system for isolating a locomotive cab from engine generated structure borne noise and vibration, while lower frequency track induced motions are not magnified.01-15-2009
105458000 SAFETY BRIDGES 2
20080276832TRAIN-TO-PLATFORM GAP MITIGATOR - An improved gap filler in the form of a single plate or a plurality of plates attached to the train car exterior or emanating from below train car vestibule floor which permits transit line system operator to utilize one device to obtain any desired gap minimization at every train car door in a trainset relative to its corresponding platform edge at all stations on its transit line regardless of platform and/or track configuration while simultaneously adhering to its gap clearance standards pertaining to safe passage of any train within its fleet through any station.11-13-2008
20090114116Coupling Muff Connection Comprising a Three-Part Adapter Supporting Plate - The invention relates to a convoy comprising at least two intercoupled rail vehicles between which an adapter is arranged, said adapter including at least two interconnectable sets of bellows which are respectively provided with a plurality of frames, in addition to adapter sheets, and a support for the adapter sheets, that can be displaced on a sliding plate arranged between the rail vehicles above a coupling device. At least one anti-catching device is provided on the intercoupled end regions of the rail vehicles, said anti-catching devices extending essentially over the entire width of the vehicle, and the two rail vehicle are intercoupled by a spiral sleeve. The sliding plate is embodied as three parts, part of the sliding plate arranged on the spiral sleeve being detachably connected to the coupling device.05-07-2009
20120240818SPRING ASSEMBLY FOR LEVEL CONTROL IN A VEHICLE - Disclosed is a spring assembly for level controlled support of a wagon body on a running gear of a vehicle, in particular of a railway vehicle, including a spring device and an actuator device, wherein the spring device takes up a first installation space, the actuator device takes up a second installation space, the spring device and the actuator device are connected to each other in a direction of action in a kinematically serial arrangement, and the actuator device is designed for at least partially compensating for a change in length of the spring device in the direction of action by a displacement at an actuator component in the direction of action, and wherein the first installation space and the second installation space overlap each other in the direction of action in an overlapping region. Also disclosed is a vehicle having such a spring assembly.09-27-2012
20120240817Membrane for secondary air suspension of a land or rail vehicle, method of manufacturing same, its suspension and vehicle incorporating same - The present invention relates to a membrane for secondary air suspension of a land or rail vehicle, in particular of heavy truck or passenger wagon type, this secondary suspension incorporating it, such a vehicle which is provided therewith, and the method for manufacturing this membrane.09-27-2012
105425000 PLATFORMS 2
20100043669Railway vehicle with movable platforms and running boards - This invention relates to a railway vehicle car of the type including a floor including at least one movable platform and a standard platform, the movable platform being located opposite a door in the railway vehicle, the movable platform being capable of moving linearly vertically so that the height of the movable platform can be varied to match the height of the said platform to the height of a station platform, at least one first running board which can move linearly vertically and in a transverse direction being provided to fill the gap between the movable platform and the station platform when the said running board is in a deployed position. The movable platform and the running board can move independently of each other.02-25-2010
20110265685Ladder attachment platform - A ladder attachment platform is provided that includes a base for attachment to a ladder that has first and second side rails and a plurality of rungs that extend between in a lateral direction. Also included is a user platform for having a user stand thereon that is carried by the base. The user platform may be positioned with respect to the ladder so that it is not located between a first plane that extends through the first side rail and is perpendicular to the lateral direction and a second plane that extends through the second side rail and is perpendicular to the lateral direction.11-03-2011
20120266777RAILROAD VEHICLE - The present invention provides a railroad vehicle having a truck structure in which soundproof effect can sufficiently be enhanced.10-25-2012
20090038502HUMAN POWERED RAIL BIKE - Disclosed herein is a human powered rail bike. The rail bike includes a chassis having a predetermined shape. Rail wheels comprising a pair of front wheels and rear wheels, roll along two rails of the track which are arranged side by side. A plurality of seats is mounted to the chassis. A one-way clutch capable of changing direction limits the rotating direction of an axle to one direction, that is, a forward direction or a backward direction. A plurality of crank pedals is rotatably mounted to the chassis, and is connected to the one-way clutch capable of changing direction via a chain. A direction conversion lever functions to convert the rotating direction of the one-way clutch. Further, a pair of brake units is provided to reduce the speed of the rail bike or stop the rail bike.02-12-2009

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