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082117000 LATHE 125
082046000 SEVERING OR CUT-OFF 11
082165000 WORK DRIVER 2
20120216659POTTERY HOLDING DEVICE AND METHOD - A pottery holding device and method for securely holding a workpiece during rotation and working of the workpiece on a wheelhead of a pottery wheel. The pottery holding device includes a wheelhead member and at least three holding members. The wheelhead member configured for attachment to the wheelhead of a pottery wheel. The at least three holding members and wheelhead member configured to allow selective locking of the at least three holding members in positions about the periphery of a workpiece. The device adapted to securely hold circular, non-circular symmetric and irregular, asymmetric or organic shaped workpieces. The device further adapted to securely hold workpieces in positions and orientations such that the center of the workpieces is aligned with the axis of rotation of the device, and positions and orientations such that the center of the workpieces is spaced from the axis of rotation of the device.08-30-2012
20120097000FACE DRIVER - A face driver has a body rotatable about an axis and a head rotationally fixed on the body and formed with a plurality of guides open axially forwardly toward a workpiece and radially offset from the axis. A centering rod axially shiftable in the body on the axis has a front-end point engageable with the face of the workpiece. A compression spring in the body urging the rod axially forward toward the workpiece, a driver disk has a front face engageable with the workpiece and a back face formed with a plurality of rearwardly open and radially extending grooves aligned with the guides. Respective support pins axially shiftable in the guides have heads engaged in the respective grooves so as to rotationally couple the driver disk rotationally to the body while permitting the driverd disk to tip with axial displacement of the pins.04-26-2012
20100107830BURR ELIMINATION DEVICE FOR CAMSHAFT - A burr elimination device for a camshaft according to the exemplary embodiment of the present invention may include: an operating cylinder configured to move a rod equipped in an end portion thereof in an up and down direction; an ascent/descent member connected to the rod of the operating cylinder; a rotation unit configured to rotate a camshaft that is held apart from the ascent/descent member and on which cam lobes are formed; a plurality of cylinder members disposed on the ascent/descent member corresponding to the cam lobes; a moving rod configured to be inserted into or drawn out of each of the cylinder members; a spring mounted inside each of the cylinder members and configured to elastically push the moving rod from the interior to the exterior of the cylinder member; and a burr elimination tool that is mounted on the end portion of the moving rod and that is configured to pivot in front/rear and left/right directions with respect to a predetermined center point for continuous elimination of a burr that is formed at an edge of a cam lobe.05-06-2010
20120325061MACHINING DEVICE - A machining device includes a support platform, a machining assembly, a clamping assembly, a driving assembly, and a controlling assembly. The support platform includes a first supporting member, a sliding rail mounted on the first supporting member, and a second supporting member mounted on the sliding rail. The machining assembly mounted on the second supporting member includes a machining tool. The clamping assembly is mounted on the first supporting member, for clamping and rotating the workpiece. The driving assembly is fixed to the second supporting member. The controlling assembly includes a connecting member mounted on the second supporting member and a resisting member mounted on the connecting member. The driving member drives the second supporting member to slide along the sliding rail, to make a gradual and increasing depth of contact by the machining tool on the workpiece, until a preset limit is reached.12-27-2012
20090301273On-Vehicle Brake Lathe with Indirect Drive - An on-vehicle disk brake lathe has a motor connected to a right-angle gearbox mounted to a body of the lathe, the gearbox in turn driving a spindle shaft through a flexible drive linkage such as a belt or chain. The spindle shaft extends parallel to a gearbox output shaft, and both are normal to an axis of rotation of the motor. The flexible drive linkage can be tensioned by adjustably mounting the gearbox to the lathe body or by use of an adjustably positioned tensioning element. A cover can enclose the flexible drive linkage. The separate gearbox allows the use of durable bearings for the spindle shaft, and allows these bearings to be spaced apart to provide a high degree of stability. The modular structure of the resulting lathe simplifies fabrication and repair, and allows use of a modular body for the lathe.12-10-2009
20120272797DEVICE FOR HOLDING AN ANCILLARY DEVICE AT RIGHT ANGLES TO AN IMAGINARY AXIS OF ROTATION - A device for holding a tool holder for face milling a brake disc present on a vehicle has a coupling section which can be connected to a shaft or hub rotating around the axis of rotation, as well as a support for supporting the ancillary device, and holding the ancillary device at right angles to the axis of rotation. The holder comprises a hinge construction, a first part of which having a sphere function and the second part of which having a scale function, one of the parts being connected to the coupling section and the other part being connected to the support.11-01-2012
082170000 CENTERER 2
20100139462CENTERING BUSHING FOR CENTERING MATERIAL BARS - The invention relates to a centering bushing for centering a material bar which is supplied to a chuck of a lathe. An outer construction and an inner construction arranged therein are rotatably arranged about the longitudinal axis of a material bar. The inner construction is arranged to be rotatable with respect to the outer construction. The outer construction has means to fix the inner construction with respect to the chuck. The outer construction has a centrifugal force device which produces a force corresponding to the rotational speed. The inner construction has a centering device which leads to a centering of the material bar due to a force exerted on the centering device. A force transmission unit is arranged between the outer construction and the inner construction and ensures that the inner construction can rotate, with respect to the outer construction, and transfers the force produced by the centrifugal force device to the centering device.06-10-2010
20100251863WORKPIECE GRIPPING METHOD AND WORKPIECE CENTERING APPARATUS - A workpiece centering apparatus 10-07-2010
082000000 TAPERS 1
20120180609BEVELLING APPARATUS FOR PIPE RE-FACING MACHINE - In an improvement to a pipe re-facing machine having a rotatable flange plate and a coaxially-mounted collar rotatable with and longitudinally movable relative to the flange plate, a support bracket projects from the flange plate, and a support block is retainingly mounted to and movable relative to the support bracket in an angled radial direction. The support block is adapted to receive a tool holder carrying a cutting element. An actuating mechanism is engageable with the support block such that longitudinal movement of the collar will move the support block relative to the support bracket. The actuating mechanism can thus move the cutting element in an angled direction relative to the axis of a tubular workpiece, thereby enabling machining of a bevelled edge on an annular shoulder of a tubular workpiece non-rotatably mounted to the re-facing machine by longitudinally moving the collar while rotating the flange plate.07-19-2012
20080216622SELF FEEDING DRILL PRESS LATHE ATTACHMENT - The present invention provides a self feeding drill press lathe attachment designed for rotating a workpiece along a horizontal axis to remove material from the workpiece to form it into a desired shape. The drill press lathe attachment comprises a base and a power transfer box along with components commonly found on a lathe, but without a motor. The drill press lathe attachment, or “motorless” lathe, may be mounted directly to the bed of an existing drill press thereby providing an alternative means of achieving turning operations without needing a traditional motor driven lathe.09-11-2008
20130087024MACHINE TOOL - A machine tool tier machining a bar-shaped workpiece loaded in a first orientation includes first and second chucks, first and second driving parts, a machining tool and a control part. Each of the first and second chucks has a workpiece drop opening that opens toward the outside in a radial direction from a middle portion of the first or second chuck. The first and second driving parts are respectively provided to rotate the first and second chucks. The machining tool is configured to machine the workpiece clamped by at least one of the first and second chucks. The control part is configured to control clamping of the workpiece by the first and second chucks and to control rotation angles of the first and second chucks by the first and second driving parts to change an orientation of the workpiece from the first orientation to a second orientation.04-11-2013

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