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081489000 HANDLE FOR TOOL 68
081020000 HAMMER 38
081900400 WIRE STRIPPER 28
081045000 SHINGLE TOOL 16
081485000 SPREADER 6
20100071514TOOL FOR ASSEMBLING AND DISASSEMBLING AND RESILENT COLLAR - According to the invention, the tool for assembling and disassembling an elastic collar includes first (03-25-2010
20100107823Hose Clamp Pliers - A pair of hose clamp pliers comprises a pair of hose clamp pliers and two clamping plates. The pliers include two clamping ends capable of moving toward or away from each other. The two clamping plates are fixedly connected to the two clamping ends, and the respective clamping plates are formed with at least one opening. When in use, the two clamping plates are used to clamp the hose clamp, and the hose clamp pliers are used to fix the positions of the two clamping ends, so that the user can position the hose clamp without exerting a continuous force.05-06-2010
20090199681HOSE CLAMP REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION TOOL - A hose clamp compression tool for engaging and compressing opposed or opposite end tangs of a hose clamp includes a first fixed plate and jaw and a second fixed plate spaced from the first fixed plate and jaw. The first and second plates are mounted on rails with a sliding plate and jaw also mounted on the rails and positioned between the fixed plates. The sliding plate is rotatably adjustable in spacing from the one fixed plate by means of a threaded rod journaled to the fixed plates and threaded to the sliding plate. The jaws each include both a transverse slot cooperative with an end tang of a band type hose clamp and a channel extending from the slot for engagement with the end tang of a ring or wire type hose clamp thereby enabling use of the tool for either a band type or a wire type hose clamp.08-13-2009
20090064823HOSE CLAMP PLIERS - A hose clamp pliers comprises first and second pliers bodies axially combined together by a pivot pillar for forming operating segments and working segments thereon including fitting seats disposed on the front ends thereof for fitting clamping members therein individually, the clamping members including positioning portions for accommodation various types of hose members mounted on one ends thereof, and including shanks with smaller diameters coupled on another ends thereof and inserting through the fitting seats respectively, the inner end surfaces of the positioning portions being biased against the inner end surfaces of the fitting seats respectively, and one ends of the shanks projecting out of the outer end surfaces of the fitting seats, the shanks including holes formed therein for receiving compression springs including balls placed on the free ends thereof and pushed out of the shanks thereby for being retained on the outer end surface of the fitting seats respectively, thus quickly replacing different sizes or shapes of clamping members.03-12-2009
20100058895Hose Clamp Pliers - A pair of hose clamp pliers comprises a pair of universal pliers and two clamping plates. The pliers include two clamping ends capable of moving toward or away from each other. The two clamping plates are fixedly connected to the two clamping ends, and the respective clamping plates are formed with at least one opening. When in use, the two clamping plates are used to clamp the hose clamp, and the universal pliers are used to fix the positions of the two clamping ends, so that the user can position the hose clamp without exerting a continuous force.03-11-2010
20090090221Device for Handling Pipes - The invention relates to a device for handling pipes, comprising a clamping device (04-09-2009
20090084227ROTARY TOOL - For accurate holding, easy attachment and detachment, and sufficient rotation force, a rotary tool has a holding and transmitting part 04-02-2009
20110000343WRENCH WITH RATCHET - A wrench with a ratchet, including: a handle held by a user; and a head coupled to the handle and accommodating and contacting a body to be rotated, wherein the head includes: a base portion connected to one end of the handle; a first jaw extending from a first end of the base portion and including a hanging portion; and a second jaw extending from a second end of the base portion and having a shape corresponding to the first jaw, and wherein a first ratchet member which is adjacent to the hanging portion and of which a portion is moved between an inside and an outside of a rotational path of the body to be rotated that is accommodated in the head.01-06-2011
20120304832ELECTRONIC TONG TORQUE SYSTEM AND RELATED METHODS OF USE - Disclosed is an apparatus for attachment to a line pull tong tubing joint make-up system on an oil rig, having tongs attached to two sections of pipe with one tong connected to a line pull apparatus, having a fluid-operated clutch connected to pressurized fluid source and the other tong connected to a piston-cylinder assembly. The apparatus has: a pressure transducer connected to the piston-cylinder assembly to sense the internal pressure in the piston-cylinder assembly and generate an output signal; a valve operable in response to a valve control signal, the valve located in the connection between the clutch and the pressurized fluid source movable between a first position, permitting fluid flow from the fluid source to the clutch and a second position interrupting flow between the fluid source and the clutch; and a controller operably connected to the valve and transducer, programmed to provide a valve control signal to move the valve between the first and second positions in response to the output signal from the pressure transducer, whereby the line pull apparatus is engaged and disengaged. The controller has a display, memory and clock.12-06-2012
20120085202HEX WRENCH - A hex wrench includes a main body, a handle connected with the main body, a rotary member, a lifting member, a driving member, and a matching member. The rotary member includes an operation portion and a shaft portion. The driving member includes six host driving members and six guest driving members. The matching member includes six matching blocks. The shaft portion passes through the main body. One end of the shaft portion is connected to the operation portion, the other opposite end is connected to the lifting member. One end of each host driving member is rotatably connected with the lifting member, the other end is rotatably connected with a middle portion of a corresponding guest driving member. One end of each guest driving member is rotatably connected with the main body, the other end is rotatably connected to a corresponding matching block.04-12-2012
20090308213MOTOR-DRIVEN MACHINE TOOL - A motor-driven machine tool with a tool that can be rotatably driven comprises a drive shaft and a tool shaft on which the tool is received, the rotational movement of the drive shaft being transmissible onto the tool shaft via a coupling device. The drive shaft is rotatably received in pivot bearings in the housing of the machine tool, the coupling device acting upon the drive shaft in the portion between the two pivot bearings.12-17-2009
20120096998Lifting device for self-adjusting locking pliers - A lifting device includes two opposite parallel rings; and a bridge member interconnecting the rings, the bridge member comprising a through hole having a diameter greater than that of a threaded shank of a thumb screw. Threaded shank of the thumb screw is adapted to drive through the through hole into a threaded hole in a rear end of a stationary handle of a self-adjusting locking pliers to rotatably retain the lifting device.04-26-2012
20090308212DUAL LOCK SYSTEM FOR A HAND TOOL - A dual locking system for a tool including a first actuator and a second actuator each of which are required to be actuated to unlock the tool. The system includes spring biased locking members individually and operatively associated with a button assembly.12-17-2009
20080236346UNIVERSAL PRIMARY LOCKING TOOL - A primary locking tool for use with first and second primary drive assemblies. The first primary drive assembly includes a first drive sprocket and a first input sprocket a first distance from one another. The second primary drive assembly includes a second drive sprocket and a second input sprocket a second distance from one another. The second distance is greater than the first distance. The primary locking tool includes a first side portion having a drive jaw configured to engage the first and second drive sprockets. A second side portion includes an input jaw configured to engage the first and second input sprockets. The first and second side portions are coupled together for movement between a retracted position and an extended position that engage and resist rotation of the first drive sprocket and first input sprocket and the second drive sprocket and second input sprocket, respectively.10-02-2008
20120073411HANDBRAKE TOOL FOR RAILROAD CAR - A tool for manipulating the hand brake controls on a railroad car by a user standing on the ground generally comprises an elongate handle and a split collar swivelly attached to the distal end of the handle. The collar includes split for passage of the rim of a brake wheel, and a central bore for retaining the rim while the user turns the brake wheel with the collar bearing against a spoke. A cavity in distal end of handle is adapted for engaging the free end of a brake release handle for moving it to release the brakes. Each side of the collar includes a concave portion adapted for engaging a spoke of the brake wheel for turning the wheel for final tightening of the brakes. Preferably, the handle includes a plurality of telescopingly coupled sections and locks for locking the handle at an extended position.03-29-2012
081150900 FOR LOCK OR LATCH 4
20100037733DOOR UN-LOCKING TOOL - A door unlocking tool capable of unlocking doors utilizing a lock requiring either a pushrod tip or a flathead tip for disengaging the lock mechanism through an aperture associated with the door knob. The door unlocking tool includes a flat elongated body that defines a first end and a second opposing end. The door unlocking tool also includes a first shaft extending from the first end of the flat elongated body. At the distal end of the first shaft is a pushrod tip. The door unlocking tool also includes a second shaft extending from the second end of the flat elongated body. The second shaft includes a distal end having a flathead tip. The flat elongated body includes an electrical component housing with an illumination device for use in the dark and in an emergency.02-18-2010
20090000427Vehicle Door Opening Tool - A vehicle door opening tool used to unlock a vehicle door from outside the vehicle. It is made from a rod with an angle bend off center toward the handle. The handle is made with its plane perpendicular to a plane passing through the angle bend and the axis of the rod. A hock is formed at an end opposite the handle for use with the inside door latch to open the vehicle door.01-01-2009
20120011968Door Handle Actuator For The Manual Release Of Electronically Controlled Door Lock - A U-shaped apparatus comprised of a tube with a hook on one end which can be actuated from the other end. The device is used to manipulate the lever mechanism of a locked door from outside of the locked room by sliding said device underneath a door, guiding the device into a position where the hook is above the door lever and pulling on a cable from the other end of the device. The cable being pulled causes the hook to descend grabbing the door lever, pulling it downward and releasing the lock mechanism. The use of the device allows for access to locked rooms when electronic locking devices fail or master keys are unavailable and access to locked rooms becomes necessary.01-19-2012
20120312127Device For Resetting Locks - A simple, handheld instrument 12-13-2012
20100101374Device for Opening and Closing a Valve of a Valve Assembly of a Combustion Engine as Well as for Adjusting the Stroke of the Valve - A device for actuating a valve of a valve assembly of an engine and for adjusting a stroke of the valve, may include a camshaft including a cam, a working curve member provided pivotably about the camshaft for actuating the valve, a lever holder which is provided pivotably about the camshaft, a lever, one end of which is spaced from the camshaft with a predetermined distance and pivotally coupled to the lever holder, and a connecting link pivotally connected to the lever and the working curve member.04-29-2010
20090107296Tappet Clearance Adjustment Device - An adjustment unit has a driver for turning an adjustment screw, a sleeve having a hexagonal hole connected to a rotating shaft, an insertion member connected to the upper end of the driver and of which a part is inserted in the sleeve, a pipe concentrically provided around the driver and having at its forward end a socket for rotating an adjustment nut, and a gear body provided concentric with the pipe and rotating the pipe. The sleeve has a short tiltable support section in contact with the hexagonal hole. A gap is provided between the hexagonal hole of the gear body and a hexagonal column section of the pipe. The driver and the pipe tilt about the tilting support section as the fulcrum.04-30-2009
20080236342PNEUMATIC TAPPET ADJUSTMENT TOOL - A tool for adjusting the tappet clearance in the valve actuation system of an internal combustion engine includes a screw adjustment portion that is driven by a pneumatic powered screw driver. The pneumatic power to the screw driver is regulated to cause the screw driver to position the screw so that the desired biasing force is present. The screw driver bit passes through the head portion of a torque limiting wrench which is used to loosen and tighten the jam nut that secures the tappet adjustment screw. The tool also has a pneumatic driven gripping mechanism to hold the screw driver bit in position and prevent inadvertent displacement of the tappet adjustment screw while the jam nut is tightened.10-02-2008
20090078096ADAPTER FOR A SURGICAL REAMER DRIVER - An adapter for a surgical reamer driver having one of a crossbar and a crossbridge reamer driver. The adapter includes a base having an interface for connecting with one of the crossbar and crossbridge reamer drivers. The adapter further includes at least one recess on the opposite end of the base opening in an axial direction. The recess is configured to receive a reamer of a style unlike the given style interface. A pair of hooks or tabs resiliently hold the reamer in place in the recesses.03-26-2009
20100263500MANIPULATOR TOOL AND HOLDING AND/OR EXPANDING TOOL WITH AT LEAST ONE MANIPULATOR TOOL - One or more embodiments of a flexible manipulator tools are provided. The flexible manipulator tool can include a distal end movable in at least one manipulation plane with respect to a proximal end. The flexible manipulator tool can also include at least two cheeks extending side by side to and spaced apart from each other.10-21-2010
20090193945TOOL FOR TORSION BAR REPAIR - A method and tool assembly (08-06-2009
20100175517BICYCLE TOOL - A bicycle tool comprises a tool body, wherein the tool body includes a magnetic material; a magnet; and a connector. The connector is movably coupled between the tool body and the magnet.07-15-2010
081300800 FUSE PULLERS 2
20090019971FUSE PULLER - A fuse puller is provided with a base component, and extracts a first fuse that is fitted in a first housing portion of a fuse box. The base component includes a first holding portion that is provided on one side of the base component and holds the first fuse inside the first housing portion, a gripping portion that is provided on the other side of the base component, and a second holding portion that holds a second fuse.01-22-2009
20110094342Fuse Barrel Component Handling Device - A fuse barrel component handling device is configured to engage and support both load break and non-load break fuse barrel components. The fuse barrel component handling device includes a hollow cavity capable of receiving a portion of a fuse barrel. In addition, the handling device has a projection bar, which may be integral with or attached to the device, and at least two slots and a notch within the wall of the device. The projection bar, at least two slots, and notch receive and support a fuse barrel component, e.g. a pull ring of a non-load break component or a hook member of a load-break component. The fuse barrel component handling device may be used with a hot stick to remove and/or install a fuse barrel.04-28-2011
20090260485Method and Device for Controlling a Hydraulically Operated Power Wrench - In a method for controlling a hydraulic power wrench with a pivotable lever pivoted by a piston-cylinder unit and a ratchet arrangement for stepwise rotation of a ratchet bushing by advancing and return strokes, parameters such as nominal torque or pre-load or screw parameters are entered into an electronic input unit. Nominal pressure corresponding to the parameters is determined by an electronic evaluation unit and generated by the pump. The piston-cylinder unit is pressure-loaded for performing a pre-stroke until the nominal pressure is reached followed immediately by a return stroke. A time interval from beginning of pressure loading until reaching nominal pressure or until reaching an initial pressure after pressure relief is measured. Pressure loading and measuring are repeated. The measured time intervals are compared. Pressure loading cycles are stopped when at least the last measured time interval is shorter than at least the penultimate measured time interval.10-22-2009
20110239826Lubrication wrench - A wrench tool having a wrench head which is removable from a hollow handle. A lubricant dispensing device is secured within the handle and a tube delivers lubricant to the wrench head.10-06-2011
20110067528MULTI-FUNCTION DECK TOOL - A multi-function deck tool is powered by a portable electric drill to remove old deck boards and nails and install new boards. Lifting forks remove deck boards. A built-in nail puller removes nails from the deck board supporting beam. An aligning arm attachment straightens and aligns new or loose boards with nailed-in boards and holds them in place, freeing the hands of the installer to nail in the new board.03-24-2011
20080229885Jar opener - A hand held, one touch jar opener can be placed on a jar and activated with a momentary touch of a button. An epicyclic gear train is set to sequentially provide a grip on a jar, and on a lid, followed by development of torque needed to move the lid in a counterclockwise direction with respect to the jar. The principles embodied in the opener shown can be realized in an opener which can be manually powered, or preferably motorised and possibly highly automated. A differential geartrain provides reduction of speed and increase in torque and then provides two balanced and opposing forces through the epicyclic gear assembly having sun and planet gears. This configuration enables a wide variety of screw-on lids and jars to be automatically closed to match the correct diameters, apply a gripping force and then apply torque in an opposing direction.09-25-2008
081006000 WATCHMAKERS' 1
20110277596TOOL SYSTEM FOR THE EXTRACTION OF WATCH BEZELS - The invention includes a tool system for extracting watch bezels, including a holding body arranged for cooperating with an expansion and retraction mechanism for operating a bell-chuck which is arranged to rest on the periphery of a bezel mounted on the middle part of a watch. The tool system includes thrust means, coaxially mounted inside the bell-chuck and arranged to rest on a crystal driven into the middle part, to exert on the crystal a sufficient thrust force to cause a relative displacement of the bell-chuck relative to the crystal.11-17-2011
20130087021TIRE CHAIN INSTALLATION RAMP - A tire chain installation ramp that may be easily assembled and disassembled without the use of tools. The tire chain installation ramp comprises a set of multiple lengthwise plates and a set of multiple crosswise plates. The lengthwise and crosswise plates are configured to interlock with each other to form a grid-style ramp suitable for supporting a tire off of the road surface as a tire chain is installed. After use, the lengthwise and crosswise plates may be disassembled, stacked face to face and conveniently stored in a space which is smaller in volume than the assembled ramp. An alternative embodiment is a tire chain installation kit comprising a ramp which can be assembled from lengthwise and crosswise plates as described above, plus a storage container. Another alternative embodiment is a method of installing or removing a tire chain. including providing a tire chain installation ramp or tire chain installation kit as described above.04-11-2013
081013000 BOLT HOLDERS 1
20120000319Backup Tool for Holding Nuts - A backup tool supports a nut from rotation. The tool has a socket opening having opposing faces that lie along adjacent sides of an equilateral triangle. A threaded opening in the tool has an axis that intersects a third side of this equilateral triangle, and an adjustable screw threads into this opening. To adjustably fit the tool on a nut, the socket opening disposes around the nut, and the screw threads in the opening until the screw's distal end engages one of the six sides of a hex nut. The opposing faces along the sides of the equilateral triangle then engage two alternating sides of the hex nut. To support the nut from rotation, a reaction surface of the tool engages against a supporting surface of another nut, an edge of a flange, or the like.01-05-2012

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