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Textiles: knitting

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Class / Patent application numberDescriptionNumber of patent applications / Date published
066116000 NEEDLES 19
066125000 FEEDING 18
066001000 MISCELLANEOUS 10
066114000 NEEDLE BEDS 4
20080282744Needle bed with cooling channel - A needle bed (11-20-2008
20090145171Needle bed with fluid channels - A needle bed (06-11-2009
20120006064KNITTING SYSTEM WITH FLATTENED GUIDE CHANNELS - A knitting device (01-12-2012
20120304702METHOD FOR MAKING A KNITTED MESH - A biocompatible surgical silk mesh prosthetic device employs a knit pattern that substantially prevents unraveling and preserves the stability of the mesh device, especially when the mesh device is cut. An example prosthetic device employs a knitted mesh including at least two yarns laid in a knit direction and engaging each other to define a plurality of nodes. The at least two yarns include a first yarn and a second yarn extending between and forming loops about two nodes. The second yarn has a higher tension at the two nodes than the first yarn. the second yarn substantially prevents the first yarn from moving at the two nodes and substantially prevents the knitted mesh from unraveling at the nodes.12-06-2012
066231000 PATTERN SYSTEM 3
20090019895Device, Method and Program for Designing Knit Product - A setting area is stored in association with the external shape of a knitted fabric, and the setting area is altered as the external shape is altered. A unit pattern is vertically copied repeatedly in the setting area. When setting patterns exist on both sides of the boundary between front and rear knitted fabrics, the boundary being a start point of circumferential formation, the setting pattern on the start section side is shifted upward by one course. The range for providing the setting pattern therein can be altered automatically when the external shape of the knitted fabric is altered. Furthermore, the setting pattern does not become discontinuous in a course direction at the boundary between the front and rear knitted fabrics.01-22-2009
20100180642METHOD OF FABRICATING TEXTILES - The invention describes a method of fabricating textile, comprising the steps of preparing a first plurality of cotton yarns, preparing a second plurality of non-cotton yarns, said first plurality of cotton yarns and said second plurality of non-cotton yarn forming warp threads of a fabric blank, warp knitting said fabric blank, characterized in that a proportion of cotton yarns is at least 65% by weight; and is characterized by forming a border of said fabric blank by intermeshing at least part of said first plurality of cotton yarns.07-22-2010
20120198894ISOELASTIC POROUS MESH - Isoelastic porous meshes useful in hernia repair have pores that remain open under physiological loads.08-09-2012
066157000 STOPPING 2
20120031148Method and apparatus for detecting accidental stops of the yarn on a knitting line - A knitting line comprises a plurality of yarn feeders from which a downstream machine draws respective yarns. The machine is provided with selection elements adapted to vary the state of selection of the yarn feeders in relation to the angular position of the machine. Each of the yarn feeders is provided with a stationary drum and with a yarn count sensor arranged to generate a pulse per each yarn loop unwound from the drum. A selection signal is periodically sent to the yarn feeders, which is indicative of the state of selection of the individual feeders in relation to the angular position of the machine. For each of the selected feeders, a threshold time interval is continuously calculated, which corresponds to the maximum interval between two successive pulses, above which it should be regarded that an accidental stop of the yarn has occurred, and is updated in real time as a function of the yarn-drawing speed, the delay from the last pulse is continuously measured and compared with the updated threshold time interval, and the downstream machine is stopped when the measured delay exceeds the updated threshold interval.02-09-2012
20090260402Monitoring apparatus - The present invention relates to an apparatus for monitoring the yarn or yarns in a carpet making machine or the like, a so-called tufting machine, in which the yarn or yarns are applied on a bed material, e.g. a bed weft, during movement of the yarn or yarns from a yarn magazine, e.g. a creel with a number of yarn bobbins (B) on a number of posts (S) in one or more storeys, to the bed material each through its transparent or translucent tube (R), e.g. a hose, at least one light emitter (10-22-2009

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