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056229000 CUTTING 164
056051000 CORNSTALK TYPE 68
056328100 FRUIT GATHERER 47
056400010 HAND RAKES 25
056006000 GANG 19
056028000 COTTON 14
056001000 MISCELLANEOUS 12
056008000 MARINE 11
056500000 STALK CHOPPERS 7
20090308041Altering the fatty acid composition of rice - The present invention relates to rice oil, rice bran and rice seeds which have altered levels of oleic acid, palmitic acid and/or linoleic acid. The present invention also provides methods for genetically modifying rice plants such that rice oil, rice bran and rice seeds produced therefrom have altered levels of oleic acid, palmitic acid and/or linoleic acid. Specifically this is achieved through modulation of Fad2 and/or FatB expression.12-17-2009
20100186363Seed Gathering Device For Use By An Agricultural Harvester - A work machine for harvesting a cane crop having a lower crop material gathering device, the work machine including a chassis and an upper crop material gathering device coupled to said chassis. The upper crop material gathering device including at least one moving device configured to substantially surround a stalk of a cane crop plant as said at least one moving device moves, and a stalk engaging device positioned proximate to the at least one moving device. The stalk engaging device being configured to pull the stalk from the at least one moving device, thereby stripping grain from a head of the cane crop plant.07-29-2010
20120186215Seed Pans - A seed pan apparatus has an elongated seed pan plate with parallel right and left edges, a curved configuration and a pointed front end. An engagement mechanism attaches the plate to a harvester cutting header such that the plate is above two adjacent guard fingers, such that an open slot is defined between the right edge of one plate and the left edge of an adjacent plate and the edges of the slot are in proximity to the outer edges of the guard fingers under the adjacent plates. The point is offset to make one front tapering edge forming the point longer than the other, and smoothes the passage of stalks into the slot. The inclination, height, and fore and aft position of the seed pan plate can be adjusted to suit varying conditions of crop, moisture, soil, and the like or to suit different harvesting machines.07-26-2012
20130167496METHOD FOR OBTAINING SUBSTANTIALLY PURE HYBRID CEREAL SEED AND MACHINE FOR USE THEREOF - The present invention relates to a method for obtaining substantially pure hybrid cereal seed and a machine for use thereof. In particular the invention describes a method for separating hybrid barley seed from a mixed population of inbred barley seed and hybrid barley seed on the basis of a difference which is detectable via the use of near infrared light.07-04-2013
20120180448ROTATING ASSEMBLY FOR GRASS TREATMENT DEVICE - A grass treatment device (07-19-2012
20100050586GRASS RAKING SYSTEM - A raking attachment for a riding mower supports raking elements in a forward path of a cutting deck of the riding lawnmower for raking grass just prior to it being cut by the cutting deck. The raking action raises the grass to a uniform height to promote uniform height lawn cutting. The raking attachment includes a forward extending frame formed by longitudinal frame members positioned with first ends rigidly attached to a riding mower frame and with a second end forming attaching points at a fixed height off the ground. A transverse frame is pivotally attached to the forward extending frame by pivot posts. A rake assembly with at least one row of flexible rake tines disposed across the entire transverse width of the cutting deck is attached to the transverse frame and pivots therewith to contact the ground surface for raking. The rake tines can be raised to a non-raking position or the downward force of the rake tines against the ground surface can be varied by varying the pivot angle of the transverse frame over a range of pivot angles.03-04-2010
20100326036Device for Landscape Care - A landscape care device has a first care tool embodied as a mowing device, a sweeping broom, or the like, and at least one second care tool in the form of a spring tine rake arranged in front of the first care tool and acting simultaneously or with time shift relative to the first care tool. A carriage with a front axle is provided, wherein only the spring tine rake is effective in front of the front axle of the carriage. The spring tine rake has spring tines and the spring line rake is designed such that the spring tines are effective by a substantially straight push movement exerted on the spring tine rake.12-30-2010
20110302898BRISTLE ASSEMBLY - A bristle assembly for performing a working operation, the bristle assembly comprising a central support defining an axis of rotation of the bristle assembly, an elongate bristle attachment member secured relative to the central support, and a plurality of bristles secured relative to the attachment member such that the bristles project outwardly from the central support.12-15-2011
056375000 HORSE RAKES 4
20080314015Raking Device Disposed Between Outer Raking Devices - An implement for raking a crop disposed on ground in a field has a frame adapted to be operatively attached to a prime mover, the frame having a front end and a rear end and being adapted to be moved in a forward direction by the prime mover. A first raking device has an inner end and an outer end, the first raking device being operatively attached to the frame for moving a crop inwardly towards the inner end thereof to form part of a first windrow. A second raking device has an inner end and an outer end, the second raking device being operatively attached to the frame for moving a crop inwardly towards the inner end thereof to form another part of the first windrow. The inner end of the first raking device is spaced from the inner end of the second raking device, thereby forming a space between the inner ends of the first and second raking devices, a front end of said first windrow being disposed at least partially in said space. A third raking device is disposed forwardly of the space between the first and second raking devices for moving a crop outwardly and to at least one side of the space to form a second windrow in front of and between the inner and outer ends of at least one of the first and second raking devices. The third raking device also forms a third windrow in front of and between the inner and outer ends of the other one of the first and second raking devices so that the third windrow will also form part of the first windrow as the implement moves forwardly through the field.12-25-2008
20130160421SIDE-DELIVERY RAKE - A side-delivery rake comprising a frame provided with at least a supporting arm to which a plurality of stellar wheels are associated. The supporting arm is pivoted to the frame so as to assume, by means of rotation around a pivoting element, at least a first working operating condition in which the stellar wheels carry out a gathering action, and a second transport operating condition, in which the stellar wheels are in a raised condition. Stop means are provided to determine the position of the supporting arms in the first operating condition. The stop means comprise an adjustment device which can be selectively associated with the frame in a finite plurality of predetermined discrete positions in order to define an adjustment of the position assumed by the supporting arm in the first operating condition.06-27-2013
20090145098AGRICULTURAL MACHINE FOR RAKING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS - An agricultural machine for raking an agricultural product, comprising a frame provided with a first part connected to a drawing means, and a second part connected to the first part in order to support a plurality of operating tools of a rotary type, each of which is positioned so as to define a determinate angle of incidence (α) with respect to the ground, in order to perform a determinate thrust action on the agricultural product. The agricultural machine also comprises an adjustment device provided with a pivoting member constrained both to the first part and also to the second part of the frame to allow the selective rotation of the second part with respect to the first part, around an axis of pivoting (X) substantially parallel to the ground, so as to selectively vary the amplitude of the angle of incidence (α) of the operating tools with respect to the ground.06-11-2009
20100037584Windrow merger - A windrow merger including three pickup and transfer units, a folding system, and a plurality of float mechanisms. The folding system employs simultaneous rearward, outward, and upward folding motion so as to ensure none of the units interfere with the other units while folding, and likewise while unfolding. The folding system can further fold and unfold each of the three pickup and transfer units at the same time. During merging operations, the plurality of float mechanisms of the windrow merger limits the range of motion of each pickup and transfer unit. The float mechanisms further transfer a portion of the weight of each pickup and transfer unit from the ground to the frame of the merger. The units of the windrow merger can also include a rub rail having a surface that reduces swirling or clumping of material as the material is conveyed toward an end of the windrow merger.02-18-2010
20090272089Cutter Head For Stalk-Like Harvested Crop With A Mechanism For The Selection Of The Length Of Cut - A cutter head for stalk-like harvested agricultural crop is provided including a number of pivoted knives arranged along side each other. Levers are associated with the knives and can be moved between an operating position in which they retain the knife associated with it in an active position, and a non-operating position in which they are preloaded by springs. A control shaft allows for the selection of the length of cut. An actuator, that is independent of the control shaft can move between a first position, in which all levers are brought into the non-operating position and a second position, in which the levers can reach the operating position and the control shaft retains the levers of the knives not selected in each case in the non-operating position.11-05-2009
20120023884BIOMASS HANDLING AND PROCESSING - Biomass handling and processing systems and methods are provided. In one embodiment, a method includes cutting biomass, transferring the cut biomass to an auger, utilizing the auger to form a row of biomass, and baling the row of biomass. The biomass is optionally transferred from the auger to the baler utilizing one or more conveyors. Additionally, one or more cleaning steps may be performed to separate contaminants from the biomass. In another embodiment, a biomass processing system includes a sickle, a pick-ups unit, and an auger. Biomass is cut by the sickle and transferred to the auger utilizing the pick-ups unit. The auger forms the biomass into a row. The row of biomass may then be transferred to a baler utilizing a conveyor. Systems also optionally include a rotor located between the pick-ups unit and the auger, and one or more grates that reduce contamination included with the biomass.02-02-2012
20120124956Method and Apparatus for Harvesting a Grain Crop - A method and an apparatus for harvesting grain crops wherein the crop (grain included) is first baled, then combined. All parts of the plant may be separated and baled according to value or the entire plant may be baled. The baled form remains until the grain is needed for delivery. Then, bales are combined by a quasi-stationary combine apparatus to separate the grain which is then conveyed and/or augered either to a storage bin or to a load-out bin under which a truck can drive and load. The remaining plant parts are re-baled by a baler associated with the quasi-stationery combine. The benefits of this method are many and include reduction in need for large combines, labor at harvest time, traffic on roads, wait time at elevators, and soil compaction in addition to providing grain marketing advantages.05-24-2012
20120279188MOWING MACHINE - A mowing machine includes a cutting unit, a conveying unit for conveying grass clippings away from the cutting unit, and a packing unit including a paper-rolling module and a paper-dispensing module. The paper-rolling module defines an accommodation space for collecting grass clippings from the conveying unit, and includes scrolling axles spaced apart from each other by a gap, and movable between an opened position, where the gap has a predetermined width for allowing passage of the grass clippings from the conveying unit through the gap into the accommodation space, and a closed position, where the scrolling axles rotate to pack the grass clippings with the paper dispensed from said paper-dispensing module.11-08-2012
20080314014Method and Apparatus for Topping Vegetables - A vegetable topping device comprises at least one rotatable blade and a plenum chamber and further comprises an outlet: characterised in that, in use, the rotating blade(s) generate an airflow which lifts the vegetable tops such that they are cut by the blade(s) and are then directed to the outlet from the plenum chamber by their entrainment in the airflow in combination with the plenum chambers inherent shape.12-25-2008
20120291411LEAF STRIPPER - The present invention relates to a leaf stripper for removing leaves from a plant. The leaf stripper includes a housing having an interior. The stripper has a grille supported by the housing and in communication with the interior. The grille is shaped to selectively enable the leaves to at least partially pass therethrough. The stripper has a stripping motor disposed within the interior of the housing and supported by the housing. The stripper has a rotatable string member operatively connected to the stripping motor. The string member is configured to create a partial vacuum within the interior of the housing for at least partially sucking the leaves through the grille when rotated and to at least partially shred the leaves at least partially passing through the grille.11-22-2012
20090320430APPARATUS FOR PICKING MUSHROOMS - An apparatus for picking mushrooms including a carriage, at least one picking head arranged to move back and forth horizontally, and a suction pad apparatus configured to grip mushrooms for picking. A movable camera or scanner may be arranged to image an area in which the mushrooms grow. A first member may be coupled to the picking head and arranged to move back and forth horizontally for moving the suction pad apparatus horizontally. A controlled parallelogram mechanism may lift and lower the suction pad apparatus and couple the suction pad apparatus to the first member, and which may be arranged to maintain a position of the suction pad apparatus irrespective of a height on which the suction pad apparatus is positioned.12-31-2009
20100011735DEFOLIATION DEVICE FOR BURIED PRODUCTS - Device for defoliating buried products such as beets, comprises a rotor having, on part or all of its length, tools suitable for removing the leaves in particular by a rotation of the rotor. Each tool comprises at least one endless belt having arrangements for applying a striking force at the top of the product to cause the simultaneous cutting of the leaves in combination with a limited angular movement of the belt(s) at the time of the strike.01-21-2010
20090013661Remote control system and apparatus for enabling accessing the interior of a chamber of a harvester - A remote control system and apparatus enabling safely accessing the interior of a cotton compacting chamber and other regions of a cotton harvester, and also operating aspects of the compacting apparatus contained therein and thereabout, and which system is optionally operable for operating other aspects of the harvester, for inspection, maintenance and/or service, as well as other purposes. The system requires initial steps, including to safely neutralize or lock out operating systems of the harvester, then enables accessing designated interior locations of the compactor and the ability to operate systems therein, including aspects of the compacting apparatus.01-15-2009
20120124958Square Baler with an Improved Bale Chute - A square baler comprises a bale chute for lowering completed bales onto the ground, wherein the bale chute has a leading end connected to the rear end of the baler for pivoting movement between a raised transport position and a lowered operating position about an axis transverse to the direction of travel of the baler, and a suspension is provided. The suspension is connected to the baler by way of a lever mechanism that is movable between a first position in which the bale chute is supported in the operating position and a second position in which the bale chute is inclined sufficiently to the horizontal to cause a bale resting on any part of the bale chute to slide under the action of gravity along the bale chute and to fall onto the ground from the trailing end of the bale chute.05-24-2012
20090107100CUSHIONED SWING CYLINDER FOR AGRICULTURAL MOWER - A swing cylinder such as those used to offset an agricultural implement may experience larges forces as it reaches the ends of its travel. A cushioning system to mitigate these forces comprises a piston with wear rings engaged thereto. The wear rings block off a usual passageway for the hydraulic fluid to flow, and provide their own, much smaller passageway. The flow of hydraulic fluid is thereby restricted in the neighborhood of the extremes of piston travel. An additional aspect of the invention is that the wear rings are pushed out of their position blocking the passageway when hydraulic fluid pressure is applied to move the piston away from the extreme position, thereby completely removing the restriction to flow in that direction.04-30-2009
20120210690EXTENDABLE JOINTED ARM FOR ENABLING A HAY BALER TO PULL A HAY RAKE DURING BOTH EASY TRANSPORT AND SIMULTANEOUS OPERATION OF THE HAY BALER AND THE HAY RAKE - An extendable jointed arm is disclosed, for enabling a hay baler to pull a hay rake during both easy transport, and simultaneous operation, of the hay baler and the hay rake. The extendable arm can be attached to a standard hay baler and a standard hay rake, and can be moved between an extended state ideal for simultaneous operation of the hay baler and hay rake, and a non-extended state ideal for easy transport of the hay baler and hay rake. The extendable arm includes at least a baler arm portion and a rake arm portion, and one or more arm extenders capable of pivoting the rake arm portion relative to the baler arm portion about an articulated joint. The extendable arm can also include a locking mechanism and/or supporting wheels. The extendable arm can also include a rake lifter for lifting the rake for easy transport.08-23-2012
056370000 TEDDERS 2
20120023888DUAL WINDROW CROP INVERTING AND COMBINING APPARATUS AND METHOD - Embodiments of the invention are directed to apparatus for selectively inverting one or more windrows of crop material on the ground as the apparatus is moved in a forward direction, each of the windrows having a lower surface and a generally defined width, the apparatus comprising, a frame for attachment to a vehicle, a first transport mechanism for picking up the crop material of a windrow, moving the crop material in a rearward direction, turning the crop material through a generally horizontal arc and depositing the turned crop material in an inverted condition, the first transport mechanism being movable between a raised non-operating position and a lowered operating position, a second transport mechanism having substantially the same structure and functionality as the first transport mechanism, and a hydraulic control system selectively moving the transport mechanisms between the raised and lowered positions and for driving the transport mechanisms.02-02-2012
20100175358Haymaking implement for displacing crop lying on the ground - A haymaking implement for displacing crop lying on the ground has a rotor and at least one tine arm, wherein the tine arm is pivotable with respect to the rotor about an associated pivot axis, for movement between a gripping position for gripping and taking along crop lying on the ground and a release position for releasing the crop. The tine arm has an outer arm portion carrying a plurality of tines, wherein each tine comprises a tine point for contact with the crop. In the gripping position, an innermost tine point positioned relatively closest to the rotor axis is located on or in front of the pivot axis with respect to the direction of rotation (R), while an outermost tine point positioned relatively distant from the rotor axis is located behind the pivot axis.07-15-2010
20110138764Crop lifter pans - A seed pan apparatus for attachment to a cutting header having a knife and cooperating knife guards mounted along a lower front edge thereof includes a seed pan adapted at a front portion thereof for attachment to a guard finger such that when attached, the seed pan extends upward and rearward from a front portion of the seed pan forward of the guard finger over the guard finger and knife to a rear end thereof located rearward of the knife. Side walls extend upward from side edges of the seed pan, and side edges of the seed pan diverge from a front end to the rear end. The seed pan is configured such that when the seed pan is attached to the guard finger, side edges of the seed pan are located between the attached guard finger and an adjacent guard finger on each side.06-16-2011
20090183483Crop lifter pans - A seed pan apparatus for attachment to a cutting header hang a knife and cooperating knife guards mounted along a lower front edge thereof includes a seed pan adapted at a front portion thereof for attachment to the cutting header such that when attached to the cutting header, the seed pan extends upward and rearward from a guard finger of a knife guard over the knife to a rear end thereof located rearward of the knife. Side walls extend upward from side edges of the seed pan, and right and left side edges of the seed pan diverge from a front end thereof to the rear end thereof such that the rear end of the seed pan is wider than the front end thereof.07-23-2009
056270500 TOBACCO 2
20120117933ALTERATION OF TOBACCO ALKALOID CONTENT THROUGH MODIFICATION OF SPECIFIC CYTOCHROME P450 GENES - Compositions and methods for reducing the level of nornicotine and N′-nitrosonornicotine (NNN) in 05-17-2012
20100175359Flywheel Fan For Supplying Pressurized Air For Cleaning Knotter Table - A large square baler is equipped with a plunger drive incorporating a flywheel configured as a fan which creates a flow of air within a housing disposed about the flywheel. A duct arrangement is coupled between the housing and a knotter table housing so that air is directed across and maintains a plurality of knotters located at the knotter table free of debris.07-15-2010
20090000263Harvesting and Threshing System - A harvesting device for harvesting agricultural crops being adapted to harvest an agricultural crops, to compress the agricultural crop into bales, and to strip loose material from at least a portion of the surface region of a bale of the agricultural crop.01-01-2009
056473500 CARRIERS 1
20100095647Threshed Material Collecting and Dumping Apparatus for a Combine - An apparatus for combines for the collection of threshed material discharged from the combine and automatically dumping the collected material when a predetermined weight of material is accumulated. The apparatus includes a threshed material collector attached to the combine for rotation about a horizontal axis that is closer to a forward end of the collector than a rearward end of the collector. The collector includes a plurality of horizontally spaced tines extending in a rearward direction and position to collect material discharged from the combine. A counter weight is attached to the collector for controlling the amount of material collected before the collector rotates under the weight of the collected material to a dumping position where the collected material is removed from the collector.04-22-2010
056002000 CONVERTIBLE 1
20100115901LAWN MOWER HAVING COLLECTING AND MULCHING MODES - A walk behind lawn mower has an exit tunnel that is opened and closed by a pivotal mulch door to convert the mower between collecting and mulching modes of operation. An operating handle fixed to the mulch door includes a vertically reciprocal push button for releasing locking tabs that engage detents for holding the mulch door in the open and closed positions thereof. The bottom wall of the exit tunnel has a steeply inclined rear ramp section that is angled upwardly relative to the horizontal at least approximately 45°. The rear discharge opening of the exit tunnel occupies approximately an upper quarter of the area of the rear face of the cutting deck. Grass clippings flow into the upper portion of a grass collector through this high, steeply angled exit tunnel to promote even and full filling of the grass collector in the collecting mode.05-13-2010
20080295476GRAIN REAPER - The present invention relates to a reaper for grains, specially for the bean grains. More specifically, the present invention refers to technical and functional improvements specially developed and introduced which configures a bean reaper that is classified as a trailer to carry out two different operations, the first one of which is gathering various plants, such as bean plants, peanuts and other grains, plants which are previously plucked and aligned, whereas the second function of which is to perform a whole cleaning process by separating the grains (seeds) from the remaining unwanted parts.12-04-2008

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