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042090000 IMPLEMENTS 539
042002000 BREECH LOADING 185
042710010 STOCKS 152
042100010 INDICATORS 58
042760010 BARRELS 39
042051000 MUZZLE LOADERS 20
042059000 REVOLVERS 14
042085000 GUN TRIMMINGS 12
20090119968WEAPON HAVING LETHAL AND NON-LETHAL DIRECTED ENERGY PORTIONS - A portable weapon comprises a non-lethal portion and a lethal portion. The lethal portion may comprise a rifle, and the non-lethal portion may comprise a millimeter-wave directed energy weapon. The non-lethal portion may comprise a kit to add non-lethal capability to a lethal weapon. The non-lethal portion may comprise an output antenna to generate a high-power millimeter-wave initial wavefront, a main reflector, and a sub-reflector to reflect the initial wavefront to the main reflector. The main reflector may direct the reflected wavefront in a bore-sighted direction toward a target. The wavefront directed by the main reflector may have a power density selected to deliver a non-lethal deterring effect on the target. In some embodiments, the non-lethal portion may include a replaceable energy-storage module.05-14-2009
20090049732System and method for cooling the barrel of a firearm - A system for cooling the barrel of a firearm thereby maintaining a more consistent barrel temperature and reducing thermal distortion of the barrel.02-26-2009
20090255162Range finder for weapons - A range finder includes housing, circuitry, a lens, a display, and a plurality of threaded apertures. The housing has a front end, a rear end, and a bottom portion extending between the front end and the rear end. The range finder circuitry is located within the housing. The lens is located at the front end of the housing. The display is located at the rear end of the housing. The plurality of threaded apertures are located in the bottom portion of the housing.10-15-2009
20110314718FIREARMS AND FIREARM COMPONENTS COMPRISING BONDED MULTI-METALLIC MATERIALS; METHODS OF MANUFACTURE - Firearms and firearm components are constructed from bonded multi-metallic base materials comprising at least two dissimilar metallic materials having different properties, such as weight, density, wear resistance, durability, hardness, and the like, bonded to one another. The components are fabricated such that the metallic material having higher impact- and wear-resistance is positioned at areas that experience impact, or that include bearing points, wear points, and interfaces with other components, while a lighter weight metallic material is positioned at component locations that don't have rigorous material property requirements. The bonded multi-metallic materials may be explosively bonded multi-metallic materials.12-29-2011
20130111799Alternative Handgun Accessory Mount - A method and apparatus for attaching a standard mounting rail to a handgun. Such method and apparatus providing for quicker and cheaper modification of the handgun and its accessories. This method and apparatus connects the standard mounting rail system to the handgun at two points rather than at the traditional one point, increasing reliability and stability.05-09-2013
20100251589UNDERWATER GUN COMPRISING A TURBINE-BASED BARREL SEAL - An apparatus and method for sealing the barrel of an underwater gun between firings is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a turbine that is disposed at the outlet of the muzzle of the gun. The turbine draws in water and, in various embodiments, either (a) vaporizes it, forming a vapor barrier along the spin axis that keeps water out of the barrel, (b) expels it radially, thereby re-directing it so that it does not enter the barrel, or (c) generates water jets that prevent water from entering the barrel.10-07-2010
20090320345Underwater Gun Comprising a Valve-Type Barrel-Seal - An apparatus and method for sealing the barrel of an underwater gun between firings is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a valve that is moved between a sealing and non-sealing state by a valve-actuator. In some embodiments, the valve actuator is driven by gases that result when a round is fired.12-31-2009
20100281730Underwater Gun Comprising a Passive Fluidic Barrel Seal - An apparatus and method for sealing the barrel of an underwater gun between firings is disclosed. The apparatus clears the barrel and/or prevents water from entering the barrel based on pressure variations.11-11-2010
20100281729Underwater Gun Comprising a Plate-Type Barrel Seal - An apparatus for sealing the barrel of an underwater gun between firings is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a magnetically-attractable water-impermeable disk. Via operation of a drive system, the disk is movable between a sealing position, wherein it prevents water from entering the barrel by moving into alignment with the first bore, and a firing position, wherein the first water-impermeable disk moves out of alignment with the first bore.11-11-2010
20100281728Underwater Gun Comprising a Barrel Adapter including a Barrel Seal - An apparatus and method for sealing the barrel of an underwater gun between firings is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an adapter that attaches to the barrel and includes a physical adaptation that is capable of sealing the barrel. In some embodiments, the physical adaptation is actuated to un-seal the barrel via combustion gases from firing of a round.11-11-2010
20090183413PORTABLE SELF-DEFENSE DEVICE - A non-lethal self-defense device that ejects two electrically charged streams of conductive fluid at a biological target for a period of time sufficient to have the liquid contacting both the target and the electrically charged device until incapacitation of the target occurs.07-23-2009
20090241394ELECTRIC STUN DEVICE - A method for controlling discharge of an electric stun device and an electric stun device. Status information is obtained from at least a second electric stun device via a wireless interface and a decision is taken, considering the status information, indicating if it is proper to discharge the electric stun device. An electric stun device comprising a wireless network interface capable of receiving authoritative information from at least another wireless device and a discharge control module that receives the authoritative information from the wireless network interface assesses whether the authoritative information indicates that the electric stun device is permitted to discharge.10-01-2009
20100146835Electric discharge weapon for use as forend grip of rifles - A TASER® and a vertical grip are combined to be attached to the stud post under the forend or the barrel of a conventional long arm. A TASER® may also be combined with the forend or barrel of a conventional long arm itself. Stud posts come standard on certain long arms like the M-16 rifle. Stud posts can be installed on single shot and pump action shotgun forends as well. The TASER® power supply can serve as a power source for a strobe lamp, which may be sighted by rescuers either visually or with infrared night viewing or other special viewing equipment for miles. The optical signal could be produced in the infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The signal lamp is inserted into a TASER®'s firing chamber in lieu of an ammunition cartridge.06-17-2010
20100325931Handheld weapons using tactile feedback to deliver silent status information - Handheld weapons using tactile feedback to deliver silent status information are described. One embodiment comprises a handheld weapon comprising: a housing comprising a user contactable region, a tactile element coupled to the user contactable region, and an actuator coupled to the tactile element and capable of outputting a haptic sensation localized to the tactile element.12-30-2010
20120279105Handgun - A versatile handgun comprised of a weapon frame with a grip and at least one gun barrel and comprised of at least one additional defense element differing from the actual firearm function that is arranged on the grip of the weapon or that is housed in the grip of the weapon. The handgun is capable of making help available in an emergency situation and is capable in so doing of covering a very broad range of dangerous situations. The additional defense element(s) and various other pieces of emergency equipment, medical devices and/or tools could be housed in a slide-in element and different types of barrels could be used.11-08-2012
042054000 TOY 4
20100077644Handcranked strip Cap popper - a Cap popper that allows popping caps as fast as you can turn a lever.04-01-2010
20100115816FIRE CONTROL DEVICE AND METHOD FOR A TOY GUN - A fire control device for a toy gun and a method therefor are provided. The device includes a trigger switching module, a firing mode selecting module, a control module, a power module and a motor module. Through a selection via the firing mode selecting module, the control module can control the time that the power module supplies the motor module, so that the lasting time period that the motor module drives a firing module to fire can be controlled, thereby multiple firing modes, single fire, 3-round burst, continuous fire and weapon safety, can be achieved.05-13-2010
20120233900SIMULATED FIREARM AND CARTRIDGE FOR SIMULATED FIREARM - Provided is a cartridge for an electrically-ignited simulated firearm and a simulated firearm using the cartridge remarkably similar to a real firearm and a cartridge used in a real firearm, wherein the simulated firearm emits a discharge sound similar to a real firearm, generates muzzle flash and smoke from a muzzle and is capable of loading and ejecting the cartridge, and the cartridge is safe and reusable. An inner member 09-20-2012
20080229642Body shell structure for toy gun - A body shell structure for toy gun (air soft gun BB-gun) formed of two half shells and defining therein a barrel-like upper chamber for accommodating a bullet firing unit and a lower chamber for accommodating a trigger, a transmission mechanism and a bullet supply unit, having horizontal coupling grooves and horizontal coupling ribs formed on the two half shells above the elevation of the barrel-like upper chamber and vertical engagement blocks and vertical engagement holes formed on the two half shells in front of the upper chamber such that the respective horizontal coupling ribs engage the respective horizontal coupling grooves and the respective vertical engagement blocks engage the respective vertical engagement holes to secure the two half shells firmly together against impact during forward stroke the piston of the bullet firing unit.09-25-2008
20100154278METHOD FOR ATTACHING A COMPENSATOR ASSEMBLY TO A FIREARM - A method for releasably attaching a compensator assembly adjacent a muzzle end of a barrel of a firearm. The compensator assembly includes an attachment means on its rear end. The barrel has a firing axis and includes a threaded end opposite the muzzle end and defines a recess formed adjacent the muzzle end. The firearm itself has a frame defining a threaded aperture. The method includes moving the attachment means into engagement with the recess; tensioning the attachment means within the recess in a direction substantially parallel to the firing axis; inserting a mating tool into the muzzle end of the barrel; rotating the barrel via the mating tool, thereby causing the threaded end of the barrel to threadedly engage with the threaded aperture; and halting the rotation of the barrel via the mating tool when a predetermined torque is achieved.06-24-2010
20110154711Mounting system for muzzle devices and firearms - A system for connecting an accessory to a firearm having a muzzle device has a plurality of swinging arms pivotally connected to a body. The swinging arms releasably engage a portion of the muzzle device. The swinging arms are operable for movement between a closed position and open position. The swinging arms have a retention feature sized to receive a rear portion of the muzzle device when the swinging arms are in the closed position. The swinging arms have a locking mechanism that releasably secures them together to prevent movement of the swinging arms to the open position, so that the accessory may be removed or installed when in the open position, and secured when in the closed position. A bore of the body may closely receive at least a portion of the muzzle device.06-30-2011
042086000 BAYONETS 1
20120079753BAYONET - This invention provides a bayonet (04-05-2012
20110265364Firearm apparatus to be worn on the user's forearm - A firearm apparatus to be worn on the user's forearm generally having a firearm body that includes a magazine pack and a power source box that extend on opposite sides of the firearm body for supporting the firearm on the wearer's forearm. The combination of a base surface of the gun body with the magazine pack and the power source box further defines an open sleeve that conforms to the wearer's forearm with first and second fastener material straps for securing the user's forearm for operation of the firearm apparatus. The gun body has an electrical wire that is electrically connected to the firearm's internal triggering assembly and the firearm's external triggering means. The electrical wire includes a first connect and a second connect such that the firearm apparatus is operable by touching the first connect with the second connect in order to complete the electrical circuit.11-03-2011

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