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037446000 DIGGING EDGE 102
037347000 DITCHER 49
037195000 PROCESSES 11
037462000 ENDLESS DIGGER 5
20120102791SHEAR RESISTANT EXCAVATION COMPONENT - An excavation component is disclosed herein. The excavation component includes a cutter structure carrier and a cutter structure carried by the cutter structure carrier. The excavation component also includes a fastener for securing the cutter structure to the cutter structure carrier. The cutter structure carrier and the cutter structure have an interlocking geometry for transferring shear between the cutter structure carrier and the cutter structure so as to reduce an amount of shear applied to the fastener during excavation operations.05-03-2012
20100011628Chain Assembly - In one aspect of the invention, a chain assembly comprises a boom comprising a sliding surface and a plurality of chain links adapted to slide along the sliding surface. At least one polycrystalline ceramic enhanced insert at an interface between the chain links and at least a portion of the sliding surface.01-21-2010
20110119966Operator propelled and/or guided portable trencher - An operator propelled and/or guided portable trencher is disclosed having a wheeled carriage with an operator manipulable handle bar mounted thereat. The carriage includes a wheel mounting base assembly and a drive frame assembly pivotably connected to each other. A trenching chain assembly is mounted to the drive frame assembly and has a chain maintained at a multi-sprocket chain guide. One sprocket of the chain guide is movably mounted and biased to tension the chain while allowing sprocket movement to partially relieve chain tension during chain use in case of debris entrainment at the chain. An operator manipulable support is connected with the mounting base assembly and is engageable at structure at the drive frame assembly providing operator selection of pivotable location of the drive frame assembly relative to the wheel mounting base assembly during trencher storage and use.05-26-2011
20110119965Trenching chain - Trenching chains and chain links are disclosed, the trenching chains including a plurality of chain link bodies joined at the ends thereof and a plurality of carriages each having one end pivotably attached at an end of a link body and an opposite end unengaged and freely pivotable. Cutting or trench sweeping implements are maintainable on the carriages. The carriages can thus be configured with lengths greater than the lengths of the link bodies.05-26-2011
20110113658Excavator and a method for constructing an underground continuous wall - A number of front working, trench filling face-compressing, inclinedly disposed sliders are arranged alternately with cutter bits on an endless chain of a trench-forming endless chain cutter on a transporting chassis, and driven with the chain by a drive means so that backward oriented, inclined facet portions of the sliders compress a filling in the trench toward and on a front working face of the wall being formed. An elongate, filling face-compressing shield is adapted to be extended down into the trench and supported with its underground portion on the underground portion of a guide post of the cutter or on the trench bottom for forward and backward oscillation by a drive means to compress the filling face adjacent to the shield. The compacted filling is in these ways being formed by horizontal pressure.05-19-2011
037189000 ROTARY DIGGER 4
20100024256EXCAVATION DEVICE - The invention relates to a device for excavating and transporting material, especially earth, said device comprising an excavation appliance that can be rotated about a rotational axis (y) in a rotational direction (u), and a longitudinal conveyor (02-04-2010
20080295363Extendable excavating screw unit equipped with hydraulic excavating auxiliary blades - An excavating screw unit equipped with a hydraulic excavating auxiliary blades has developed for an auger crane, comprising: an extension unit having auxiliary excavating blade, cylinder mounting hole, built-in fluid passages in extension unit, hydraulic cylinder, piston, and extension guiding rods; an excavation column formed a hollow center of a square-shaped to mount on top of extension unit; an extension rod having an outer square-shape to fit into the excavation column, a built-in hydraulic passages in the extension rod, at top portion of the extension rod, an inlet and outlet that is bent right angle at top portion of the hydraulic passages to connect to hydraulic tubes, the extension rod is sliding to extend or retract through the excavation column. The extended excavating auxiliary blades are maintained by the pressurized fluid to prevent retracting by digging resistance during the excavating. Thus, this mechanized excavating device is easily digging a burial hole for a utility pole and underbracing.12-04-2008
20090165338DRILLING TOOL - The invention relates to a drilling tool comprising: two pairs of rotary drums in axial alignment on parallel axes; motor means for driving rotation of said drums; support means; and a support structure on which said drums are mounted to rotate and serving to connect said drums to the support means; said tool being characterized in that said motor means are mounted inside the drums; and in that said support structure comprises a plate forming bearings at its bottom ends for said drum; and a mounting pad for fastening to the support means, the top edge face of the plate connecting said pad to the bearing-forming means.07-02-2009
20100037490Easy inter equipment - Devices by which certain types of units, such as posts, poles, pilings, anchors, caskets, burial containers, stanchions and the like may be picked up, gripped, maneuvered into a desired position and, pressed, rotated and agitated for the purpose of installing such units at nearly any angle, into earth, sand, snow or other receiving material on dry land, wet land or under water.02-18-2010
037142500 DITCH FILLER 3
20110277356SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PIPELINE PADDING - A method and apparatus are disclosed for padding a pipeline lying in a ditch by separating fine particles from coarse particles in the material excavated from the ditch and windrowed along the side of the ditch comprising moving a frame supporting a rotating separator drum at the desired distance above ground to engage windrowed material at the level required to obtain sufficient fines to pad the pipeline while rotating the separating drum to separate the fine and coarse material and conveying the fines laterally into the ditch.11-17-2011
20080313933Backfill attachment device - A hole filling or blast hole filling attachment machine that incorporates a separate vehicle for mobility and power to operate dirt of drill tailing gathering blades and a rotatable blade assembly. The assembly includes a circular housing with a central opening for access to a drilled hole in the ground. No less than six arcuate blades extend outwardly from the center of the circular housing. Two curved dirt gathering blades are mounted with hydraulic cylinders outside of the circular rotating blades and protective housing to pull more tailings toward the arcuate blades. An electromagnet is used to retrieve the primer cord and to raise it up and away from the moving blades. The machine incorporates a video camera and video monitor to observe the hole or blast hole to allow the operator to correctly position the machine over the hole.12-25-2008
20090031591Apparatus and a method for constructing an underground continuous filling wall and stratum - A number of slot filling-compressing members are inserted from a framework into and across a slot-shaped excavation at ahead of a frontal face of a continuous, compacted slot filling being formed along the slot, and moved with a drive means connected to the members for intermittently forcing portions of the members against the filling to compress the filling adjacent to the members longitudinally against the face. The compacted filling is in this way formed by longitudinal pressure. The members can be mounted for forward or reciprocating movement in directions along and across the face.02-05-2009
20080282586UPPER ROTATING BODY AND CONSTRUCTION MACHINE THEREWITH - The present invention is provided with a pair of vertical plates disposed on a rotating frame, a fuel tank and a working oil tank aligned on the rotating frame in the front-back direction, hydraulic pipes for coupling a control valve provided in the working oil tank and a working actuator, and a retaining tool for retaining the hydraulic pipes between the control valve and the actuator, and the hydraulic pipes are arranged from the control valve to the retaining tool through a clearance formed between the fuel tank and the working oil tank.11-20-2008
20100242313CONSTRUCTION MACHINE - An intermediate plate member (09-30-2010
20130185966Pulsed Supersonic Jet with Local High Speed Valve - A pulsed supersonic jet excavator uses a short duration blast of air to excavate using a minimum amount of air and a minimum reaction force. This device uses a fast acting valve to create a jet of air that lasts about as long as it takes to develop. The result is a device that works much more efficiently than existing air jet excavators. This device can be mounted on a small robot and allow it to dig, whereas a normal backhoe type excavator would just lift the robot when attempting to dig in packed earth.07-25-2013
037301000 LAND CLEARER 3
20110107623CLEARING BLADE - The invention relates to a device and a method for removal of root stumps with an excavator, the welding adapter of which has a hook (05-12-2011
20090211120Excavator stump shearing device - An excavator stump shearing device which is characterized by a blade assembly carried by various mount devices for attachment to an excavator bucket or to an excavator boom or bucket arm. In a first preferred embodiment the blade assembly is fixed to a blade mount drum which is removably gripped by the bucket and thumb of an excavator bucket to position the blade elements of the blade assembly for shearing a stump. In other embodiments the blade assembly mount devices are characterized by mount blocks, various blade mount boxes, a bucket tooth and tooth mount assembly and a bucket-engaging pad apparatus. The blade elements of the blade assembly include a bevelled shearing blade and a companion transverse wedge or stinger blade for engaging, splitting and shearing a stump responsive to operation of the excavator boom or arm and in some embodiments, the excavator bucket. In a preferred embodiment the blade assembly is designed for removably mounting on the excavator bucket boom or arm using a blade assembly housing or mount box having pins that removably engage a pin coupler mounted on the excavator boom or arm.08-27-2009
20090313860AUTOMATIC DEPTH CORRECTION BASED ON BLADE PITCH - A vehicle is disclosed that is configured to automatically maintain a depth of the blade during pitching of the blade. A method for utilizing the same is also disclosed.12-24-2009
037381000 ROAD GRADER-TYPE 2
20080263912Machine with automated blade positioning system - A system is provided for positioning a work implement. The system has at least one actuator for actuating a movement of a work implement. The system also has at least one sensor associated with the at least one actuator and configured to sense at least one parameter indicative of a position and an orientation of the work implement. Furtherrnore, the system has a controller configured to automatically create a travel path for the work implement and guide the work implement in response to the data received from the at least one sensor, wherein the controller is further configured to automatically modify the travel path when detecting an imminent collision between the work implement and an obstacle.10-30-2008
20090172977APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CUTTING A PATHWAY - A system and method is disclosed to cut a path in the ground with a path cutter. The path cutter includes a cutting edge to cut a path and loosen earth and a mull board angled such that any earth loosed by the mull board and the cutting edge is pushed towards the center of mull board. The width of the cut path is adjusted by an adjustment member attached to the cutting edge and the mull board. A first auger moves the earth, weeds, rocks and other material loosed by the cutting edge and the mull board to a front conveyor belt powered by a first orbit motor. The material on the first conveyor belt is transferred to a second conveyor belt by a second auger. The second conveyor belt is powered by a second orbit motor. The material on the second conveyor belt is discharged from the path cutter away from the cut path.07-09-2009
037300000 GRAVE DIGGER 1
20110225855Positioning and rotating apparatus for interring screw-in and self digging burial containers - Apparatus by which screw-in and self digging burial containers may be picked up, maneuvered into a desired position and pressed, rotated and or agitated for the purpose of interring such burial containers at nearly any angle into earth, sand, snow or other receiving material on dry land, wet land or under water.09-22-2011
20120285049HYDRAULIC BUCKET APPARATUS - A hydraulic clamshell bucket apparatus employs a frame that includes an upper lifting member that enables the frame to be lifted with a crane or other lifting device. First and second hydraulically powered jaws and jaw pivots are provided on the frame. First and second hydraulic cylinders pivot on the frame above the jaw pivots, each cylinder connected to the frame at an upper cylinder pivot. Each cylinder pivotally attaches to a jaw at a lower cylinder pivot. Each jaw has a concave surface. First and second digging implements are attached to the jaws. Each digging implement has a concave portion. Each digging implement is wider than the jaw to which it is attached so that each implement extends laterally away from the jaw to which it is attached. A pair of side panels is attached to each digging implement at positions spaced away from the jaws.11-15-2012
20120137546PEAT MOSS HARVESTING APPARATUS AND METHOD - A peat moss harvesting apparatus includes a conveyor mechanism and a cutting mechanism. The cutting mechanism is guided through a peat moss bed to cut a section of peat moss. The section of peat moss is progressively loaded onto the conveyor mechanism as the section of peat moss is being cut.06-07-2012

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