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Boots, shoes, and leggings

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036083000 BOOTS AND SHOES 1390
036025000 SOLES 418
036043000 INSOLES 155
036045000 UPPERS 117
036034000 HEELS 31
036072000 PROTECTORS 28
036010000 INSIDE SLIPPERS 13
036071000 PADS 6
036077000 TOE CAPS AND TIPS 4
20090145006SAFETY FOOTWEAR - In accordance with the present invention there is disclosed safety footwear comprising a unitarily moulded lower member having a sole portion and a toe cap portion. One or more protective elements are embedded in the unitarily moulded lower member so as to prevent breaches thereof.06-11-2009
20110185602TOE PROTECTION CAP AND FOOTGEAR COMPRISING TOE PROTECTION CAP - A toe cap for shoes comprises an arcuate peripheral wall capable of covering a front part and two side parts of the toe cap, a top wall and a bottom wall capable of covering top and bottom parts, respectively, of the toe cap and being connected to the arcuate peripheral wall. The wall defines a rear opening for a user's toes to be accommodated in a space defined by said walls, and the top wall comprises a rearside edge having the shape of a letter “S”. This abstract is neither intended to define the invention disclosed in this specification nor intended to limit the scope of the invention in any way.08-04-2011
20100236105PROTECTIVE TOE CAP FOR INDUSTRIAL FOOTWEAR - The invention relates to a one-piece protective toe cap for safety footwear, forming a concave frame consisting of a front wall with connected side walls, the upper edges of which are joined by a concave surface along the profile of the last. The contour or edge of the flange of the toe cap is provided with a recess in order to house a tab and provide comfort, as well as improving the appearance of the footwear (not shown in these documents). The design withstands impact tests of approximately 101.7 to 146.7 Joules (10.4 to 14.95 kgf−m), leaving clearance of approximately 11 mm to 14 mm in the capped shoe and not only at the tip of the cap.09-23-2010
20120167419TOE CAP FOR FOOTWEAR, AND OUTSOLE INTEGRATED WITH TOE CAP - The present invention relates to a toe cap for footwear which can improve the wearing feeling and the fitting feeling, and can protect toes from a strong external impact, and an outsole integrated with the same. Disclosed is a toe cap for footwear characterized by a first feature, wherein the toe cap is highest at a big toe region and gradually slopes downward toward the little toe; and a second feature, wherein the top cap has the shape of a circular arc along the outer shape of the toes and first to fourth grooves are formed at four positions between the five toes, respectively, so as to support each toe. In addition the outsole integrated with the toe cap is characterized by having a support groove which is formed at a front upper end surface to accommodate the bottom surface of at least one or more of the toes.07-05-2012
20090090023SNAKEBITE PROTECTIVE FOOTWEAR - Footwear assemblies that include a sole assembly and an upper portion secured to the sole assembly. The upper portion includes a tightening structure that extends up a portion of the height of the footwear assembly, and an extension of snakebite material positioned above the tightening arrangement. The extension of snakebite material is typically loose fit around the user's lower leg. The tightening arrangement provides adjustable tightening of the footwear assembly about the user's foot and lower leg at locations below the extension of snakebite material. The footwear assembly can include snakebite resistant material that covers substantially all of the surface area of the upper portion. Additional support, waterproofing, insulating and padding layers or materials can be used throughout the footwear assembly.04-09-2009
20090090024BOOTS FOR MINIMIZING INJURY FROM EXPLOSIVES - A boot for reducing injury from a close range explosion includes a sole unit, an upper, and a shin guard. The sole unit includes at least an outer sole, a shank sheet composite, a shank filler and an insole. At least the shank sheet composite includes a plurality of layers having a pyramid shape and is formed of a strong composite fiber. The upper is attached to the sole unit and is formed of a laminated canvas. The shin guard is connectable to the upper and protects an ankle and leg of a user. The shin guard is formed of a strong composite fiber.04-09-2009
20090049710INSERT FOR EXPANDING AN ARTICLE OF CLOTHING - Systems and methods associated with an insert for expanding an article of clothing, including an article of footwear, are described. Articles of clothing incorporating such inserts are also described. The insert includes a body portion defining a first edge, a second edge, and a perimeter. Fasteners are disposed along the first and second edges. The fasteners couple to fastening structures of the article of clothing, and the perimeter of the body increases a size or circumference of the article of the clothing. The material for the insert, fasteners, fastening structures, or portions thereof can be selected to be decorative or to match, complement, correspond to, or coordinate with articles of clothing and/or accessories.02-26-2009
20110078919Leg cover applied to a shoe or a foot providing warmth, protection, ankle support, and fashion style - The invention discloses a kind of movable addition or removable product, a leg cover, on top of any human feet, low top shoes, or open top shoes to protect against the dust, insects, harm from falling, and to provide warmth around the covered area, and to give ankle support via the ankle-laced area (with the product) and the bottom closure or attachment beneath the arch of a foot or the arc of the bottom of a shoe. The leg cover comprises: an upper portion, which extends from the instep and covers at least the ankle; and a stirrup bottom, which is footless and can be applied to a shoe by a bottom-securing strap beneath the outsole of said shoe or applied to a foot by said bottom-securing strap beneath the arch of said foot. The bottom-securing strap is removably and easily applied to a foot or the outsole of a shoe.04-07-2011
20130036626Versatile, Integrated Gaiter - An article of footwear includes a tongue, a collar located at an upper portion of the footwear, and a gaiter having a lower portion integrally fixed to the collar of the footwear. The tongue and the collar together define an opening, preferably sized to receive a wearer's foot. The gaiter includes first and second fastening flaps and a fastening device (or fastening means) located on the first and second fastening flaps. The gaiter is configured to switch between high and low positions, the high position being a position in which a substantial portion of the gaiter extends above the upper-most portion of the footwear, and the low position being a position in which a substantial portion of the gaiter is located below the upper-most portion of the footwear.02-14-2013
20120023778Footwear Incorporating Angled Tensile Strand Elements - An article of footwear may include various first strands and second strands. The cutting and second strands may extend from an area proximal to lace-receiving elements to an area proximal to the sole structure. The first strands may have a substantially vertical orientation and the second strands may have a rearwardly-angled orientation. The first strands may be located in a midfoot region of the footwear and the second strands may be located in both the midfoot region and a heel region of the footwear. Angles between the first strands and the second strands may be at least 40 degrees. Additionally, the second strands may have at least fifty percent greater tensile strength than the first strands.02-02-2012
20120117821Single Pull and Double Pull Fit Adjustment Systems for Shoes - Systems for securing shoes to the feet utilizing a one pull fit adjustment set of straps. The embodiments each utilize a number of straps, some fixed and some variable in length, positioned at select points across and around the top and sides of the shoe. At least one strap in the system provides an adjustable length whereby all straps may be drawn together to create a fit that tightens the shoe, preferably in both a horizontal and a vertical direction across the profile of the shoe. The systems use a variety of strong, but lightweight, nylon buckles, strips, anchor loops, and combinations thereof to permit the attachment and motion of the adjustment straps over the top and sides of the shoe. Three-point, as well as two-point attachment embodiments, most with a one pull adjustment are described. The systems are preferably on the medial side of the shoe.05-17-2012
20080235988SHOE GRIP - A device, kit, and method for securing a shoe to a foot employing a securement comprising a one-piece, flexible, elastic, and continuous loop which is independent of the shoe and which is devoid of hooks, slots, buttons, snaps, or other mechanisms for cooperation with any mechanism on the shoe for attachment10-02-2008
20100064551WATERPROOF BOOT APPAREL - A waterproof boot apparel adaptable for use with at least one leg of a user is disclosed. The boot apparel comprises a lower boot area that includes a heavy duty boot, and an upper boot area defined by a long cover and a flap, wherein the long cover can be rolled up to cover a thigh of a user or rolled down and tucked into a compartment or pouch formed by folding the flap over the long cover and attaching the flap to the lower boot area by means of a zipper or Velcro®.03-18-2010
20120210609Debris-free device for protection of footwear and wearer from exposure to unwanted materials - A debris-free device is described to protect the insides of footwear from invasive ingress of unwanted extraneous matter, such as particles, debris and fluids, in order to preserve the feet of the wearer and the inner linings and insoles of the footwear. A cover guard is disclosed made from a chosen material fabric and fastened and sealed using simple means such as elastic, Velcro and a button. The cover prevents dust, dirt, water droplets, sand, filings, wood-shavings etc. from entering and attaching to the inner linings of footwear, causing discomfort to the wearer.08-23-2012
20120324765Shoe Converters - A shoe converter comprising: an elongated tubular body; an upper opening of said elongated tubular body to receive a leg; a lower portion of said elongated tubular body covering a shoe; a fastening means attached to said lower portion on each side of said shoe; and a strap to connect said fastening means under said shoe wherein said elongated tubular body changes the appearance of said shoe and said lower portion is secured against said shoe by said fastening means and said strap.12-27-2012
20090183394Wrap Boot for a Wearer's Foot - A wrap boot for a wearer's foot comprising a shoe member and a legging. In use, the legging is wrapped a plurality of times around the lower part of the wearer's leg. The wrap boot may be manufactured from any conventional materials and the legging may be permanently or detachably affixed to the shoe-member. The legging may comprise a fastening means to prevent the wrap boot from unraveling.07-23-2009
20110308109Footwear With Integrated Biased Heel Fit Device - A shoe structure specifically designed to more securely fit a wider range of feet widths and proportions by providing an integrated resilient heel device in the rearfoot region of the upper. The heel device extends upward and rearward toward the back of the foot to avoid the bulbous end of the calcaneus but also to engage the area just above the heel bone. The heel device has opposing portions that are biased toward one another and provide a secure but comfortable engagement of the shoe onto the wearer's heel. The heel device is smaller than the size of the shoe into which it is incorporated to enhance the biasing effect of the opposing portions.12-22-2011
20120304491Heel Counter Structure for a Shoe - The heel counter structure includes a sole plate provided at least at the heel region of the shoe and having a peripheral portion. The peripheral portion is upraised along the heel region of the shoe so as to enclose the lower portion of the heel portion of the foot of the wearer. The heel structure also includes a pair of heel counter portions provided on the medial and lateral sides of the heel region of the shoe so as to sandwich the heel portion of the foot sideways. The heel counter portions are coupled to the peripheral portion of the sole plate at the lower ends of the heel counter portions so that the heel counter portions can tilt inwardly and outwardly independently of the sole plate. The heel counter portions are separated from the peripheral portion of the sole plate except the lower ends of the heel counter portions.12-06-2012
20090019725ELECTROMAGNETIC FITNESS SHOES WITH A CONDUCTOR STRUCTURE AND INSOLES - The present invention provides electromagnetic fitness shoes with a conductor structure and an insole. The shoes include a vamp, an inner space, a heel portion and a sole. The sole includes a big sole body, a middle sole and an insole. The insole is provided with conducting members, and the conductor structure electrically connects to a conducting member. The conducting member includes a conductive terminal and electric wire. The conductive terminal fitted with an electric connecting portion. The conductive terminal is assembled into the interleaving space formed by the heel portion and arranged along the interleaving space. The electric connecting portion is exposed upwards, and the conducting member of insole is made of conductive fabrics. The robustness is improved, and the service life of the electromagnetic fitness shoes is prolonged with better comfort and applicability.01-22-2009
20080263893Apparatus for use in footwear and the like - An apparatus for use in footwear and the like, the apparatus having a primary body adapted to be mounted on a work object operable to perform a task; and at least two secondary bodies mounted on the primary body and adapted selectively to be moved by the work object in the performance of the task.10-30-2008
20110265344STIMULUS TRAINING METHOD AND APPARATUS TO EFFECTUATE THERAPEUTIC TREATMENT - The invention provides a compactly contained multiple-component sensing device for detecting toe-walking and other physical conditions and providing repetitive positive reinforcement stimuli to correct the same. A comprehensive software system enables therapeutic management of the sensing and stimulus device and easy changes in therapy, stimulus content, stimulus frequency and other factors. A variety of circuit and housing arrangements allow adaptability to manufacture, user, and treatment professional demands.11-03-2011
036081000 FOOT ELEVATORS 1
20130192089NESTING MODULAR ELEVATORS FOR FOOTWEAR - The nesting modular elevators for footwear are a plurality of tapered, progressively wider units that assemble sequentially to one another and attach to the shoe of the wearer. Each unit has a generally oval planform and a hollow interior, permitting each successively smaller unit to be stored compactly within the next larger unit for storage. The base unit has a wide footprint that provides good stability for the assembly when in use. The larger or lowermost unit(s) may be omitted from the assembly when less than maximum height is required. In one embodiment, the units have mating laterally opposed channels and tracks respectively along the upper and lower edges thereof. In another embodiment, the units have mating opposed fore and aft tabs and slots respectively in the upper and lower edges thereof. These systems provide positive engagement of the units with one another, and preclude slippage between units.08-01-2013
036076000 SHANKS 1
20120000096Shank Guard - A novel removable boot attachment for protecting workboot shanks and soles.01-05-2012
036082000 WITH HEEL PLATE 1
20110167674Rearfoot Post for Orthotics - A rearfoot post comprises a stop segment and an elastic segment operatively coupled along an axis of rotation. The stop segment is fabricated from a firm or rigid material. The elastic segment compresses and expands in response to foot motion. The elastic segment can include an elastomer or a spring. In some embodiments, the stop segment and the elastic segment are operatively coupled by a hinge, and the axis of rotation coincides with the axis of the hinge. Depending on service applications, a plate can be attached to the bottom of the stop segment and to the bottom of the elastic segment. Embodiments of the rearfoot post also include a heel cup. A heel cup with a flat bottom is advantageous for controlling stability of the foot and reducing shock on the heel.07-14-2011

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