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030165000 CUTTING TOOLS 896
030032000 RAZORS 518
030151000 SHEATHED 237
030346000 BLADES 88
030026000 MANICURE 19
030324000 SPOONS 17
030400000 CAN OPENER 11
030122000 CONVERTIBLE 9
030114000 SEGMENTERS 9
030120100 SHELL OPENERS 9
030345000 MATERIALS 8
030030000 HAIR PLANERS 8
030322000 FORKS 6
030478000 BENCH PLANE 4
20100107428WOODWORKING PLANE WITH ADJUSTABLE HANDLE - An adjustable handle for a tool that can be pivoted “forward and backward,” or “side to side,” and locked in a desired position to facilitate use of the tool and handle, and a woodworking plane with such a handle. The plane may be a small scraping plane that, optionally, includes a camber screw for inducing a camber in the blade, or a lever cap thumb screw threaded into the plane body. The plane may also be a bench, block, shoulder, rabbet or other plane, and the handle may be configured in a wide variety of different shapes.05-06-2010
20090119936Plane blade adjustment improvement - A plane includes a plane body having an opening positioned in a bottom surface of the plane body, an angled support structure carried by the plane body, a blade supported by the angled support structure, the blade having an edge positionable to protrude from the opening, and a lateral stabilizer constructed and arranged to inhibit a lateral movement of the blade while permitting a longitudinal movement of the blade. The blade adjuster is operatively connected with the blade and longitudinally moves the blade so as to control a distance that the edge of the blade protrudes through the opening and laterally moves the blade so as to control an angle of the edge of the blade relative to the bottom surface of the plane body.05-14-2009
20080271326PLANING BLADE AXLE - The planing blade axle includes an axle body and blades assembled externally onto the axle body in a predefined pattern. Tapped holes are arranged onto the blade assembly surface of the axle body for assembly of blades. A pyramidal through-hole is placed centrally onto the blade, so that the blades screw securely into the tapped hole via the bolts with pyramidal end blade. An expanded shoulder is additionally placed at a top of the pyramidal through-hole, so that an expanded flange is placed opposite to the pyramidal end of the bolt. When the blade is screwed by the bolt, a definite and solid positioning effect will be achieved if the flange contacts the expanded shoulder of the blade. The present invention efficiently prevents excessive locking and subsequent cracking of the blade, increasing positioning area, leading to prolonged service life and a more stable locking state with improved applicability.11-06-2008
20110146088PLANE BLADE ADJUSTMENT IMPROVEMENT - A plane that includes a plane body having an opening positioned in a bottom surface of the plane body; an angled support structure carried by the plane body; a blade supported by the angled support structure, the blade having an edge positionable to protrude from the opening; a blade adjuster operatively connected with the blade; and a lateral stabilizer is provided. The lateral stabilizer is selectively adjustable to prevent or permit a lateral movement of the blade and the lateral stabilizer is configured to prevent lateral movement of the blade without preventing longitudinal adjustability of the blade. When the lateral stabilizer is configured to prevent lateral movement of the blade, the lateral stabilizer does not engage the blade.06-23-2011
030002000 CARTON OPENERS 4
20100269348AUTOMATICALLY RETRACTING SAFETY CARTON CUTTER - A preferred embodiment of a safety carton cutter comprises a first frame member pivotably connected to a second frame member to form a housing. Inside the housing mounted on the first frame member is a blade receptacle having a latch, a blade carrier, a biasing member and a follower. The follower is adapted to communicate with a cam profile located on a cam in the first frame member. The configuration of the follower and cam profile provides an extending and retracting mechanism that keeps the blade in a constant exposed position before and during the cutting process, and then allows the blade to retract immediately after the cutting process is complete.10-28-2010
20100154219Package Opener System - Generally, a box opener system which provides in a single device a configuration to generate the open condition of numerous and varied types of boxes. Specifically, a cutter element in a handle disposed between a blade element and an impact element which can be used to disengage the sealed outer flaps or the side wall between perforations or cut box liners to generate the open condition of a box.06-24-2010
20110232095Carton cutter - A device comprising a body having a back, two sides, and a bottom attached along edges to create a body that has open top and front sides. Located on the interior and extending between the two sides are a carton supporting shelf, a slide shelf and at least one, preferably two braces. Also attached to the interior is a carton shearing mechanism comprising a first cutting apparatus and a second cutting apparatus. The first cutting apparatus comprises a first pair of cutting blades, one attached to the back and one attached to a brace. The second cutting apparatus comprises a second pair of cutting blades, one attached to the slide shelf and one attached to a brace.09-29-2011
20130145622BOX OPENER PEN TOP - A foldable box opener is securable to a writing or pointing implement and has a blade mount having a collar attachable a top portion of the writing implement and a portion adjacent the collar, with the offset portion including an opening extending through the offset portion, a blade including a first blade edge and a second blade edge opposite the first blade edge, and a pin attached to the blade and the collar allowing rotation of the blade about the collar. The blade first edge is tapered to have a smaller thickness than the second edge, with the first edge thickness being sufficiently narrow to cut a cardboard box or packaging tape while being sufficiently wide to prevent a user's skin from being pierced or lacerated.06-13-2013
030475000 POWERED PLANER 3
20090300925Planer Cutting Tools - The invention of this application relates to a hand or power tool (12-10-2009
20120297633HAND HELD, ELECTRICALLY POWERED, WOOD PLANERS - A hand held, electrically powered, wood planer is able to shave small amounts of wood stock from a work piece, and has a housing in which is located an electric motor and a cylindrical planing tool rotatably mounted for rotation about a horizontal axis. The planing tool is supplied with power from the motor to cause its rotation, and has a minor portion which projects from an opening of the housing. In use, the minor portion of the planing tool impinges on a work piece located in a confined space and, with numerous passes against the work piece, shaves a required thickness of the wood stock. The planer also has a height adjustable base which, when operated, will adjust the distance to which the minor portion of the planing tool projects from the opening for varying the required thickness of shaved wood stock.11-29-2012
20100307013 IMPROVEMENT IN AND RELATING TO POWER TOOLS - To reduce the amount of time required to remove and replace a cover plate or cap (12-09-2010
20090019705Egg slicer - An apparatus for partitioning a food mass, such as a solidified egg, is disclosed including a base, a holder for supporting the food mass, and a plurality of cutting members for partitioning the food mass, wherein the holder is rotatable to permit the cutting members to partition the food mass in a first orientation and in a second orientation. The apparatus further includes a retainer positionable on a top surface of the food mass having passageways permitting the cutting members to pass through a portion thereof. The apparatus may include a cleaning plate receivable by portions of the holder in a position below the food mass, the cleaning plate being removable from the holder to remove food matter from between the support portions. The apparatus may include a lock for securing apparatus in a closed or lowest position for storage.01-22-2009
20100199500LAYER CUTTING APPARATUS - A layer cutting apparatus includes a tray having an interior defined by a bottom and sidewall. A sleeve is at least partially disposed in the interior of the tray, and a cutting line is attached to the sleeve. The cutting line is configured to be removed from the sleeve by pulling the line away from the tray at one point of the sidewall. In one form, the sleeve has a length less than the peripheral length of the sidewall and includes first and second pivotally connected flaps. The cutting line abuts with the sidewall within the space between the first and second flaps. In preferred aspects, the sleeve is disposed in the interior of the tray after baking of a food product in the interior of the tray. In other preferred aspects, the sleeve includes tabs inserted into slits in the bottom of the tray to prevent the sleeve from floating in the tray.08-12-2010
20090025230Candle renewer - An apparatus for one of cutting and chopping wax remnants of candles disposed in glass containers, such remnants cling to the sides of the glass container while such candle burns leaving a depression in a center portion of such candle. The apparatus comprises an elongated handle member having a predetermined shape and formed of a predetermined material and a cutting member engageable with a bottom portion of the elongated handle member for cutting and chopping such candle remnants clinging to the sides of such glass container. There is also a central opening disposed in the cutting member for fitting over the wick portion of such candle when such cutting member is used for cutting and chopping such candle remnants so as to not damage the wick.01-29-2009
20100281693BAYONET PLUG - An easily insertable and removable plug fitted to the barrel attachment hole to transform a bayonet knife into an efficient fighting knife that a Marine or Army soldier can use. This combined bayonet knife and plug within its barrel attachment hole provides for the protection afforded by standard fighting knife guards, that is, a forward guard for the thumb. When used as a fighting hand-held knife, the plug can be inserted into the barrel attachment hole from the handle side and if the bayonet needs to be placed back on the rifle, the plug can be popped out of the hole from the knife blade side of the barrel attachment.11-11-2010
20080201953Folding knife - A folding knife in exemplary embodimentsTong comprises a handle portion, a blade, a locking cross-bolt, and a motion limiting member coupled to the handle. When the blade is in the closed position, the motion limiting member is in a first position that prevents the cross-bolt from moving to its locked position. When pivoting the blade to the open position, the motion limiting member moves to a second position that does not prevent the cross-bolt from moving to its locked position. A biased safety mechanism can also be used to block the cross-bolt from moving to an unlocked position.08-28-2008
030121500 CORN STRIPPERS 2
20130047438CULINARY UTENSIL (CORN SCRAPER) - The present invention is concerned with a corn scraper. The scraper has a body including a cylindrical wall defining a channel with a first end and a second end opposite the first end. The channel is configured such that a core of a corn can pass. The second end is provided with a cutting edge for cutting into the roots of kernels adhered to the core, and the cylindrical wall defines an internal surface provided with a screw thread for guiding the core to rotatably pass through the cylindrical wall in a helical moving manner.02-28-2013
20100236074CORN STRIPPER - A corn stripper includes a handle and a tool head, the curved tool head having a curved blade and a brush. In the exemplary version, the tool head includes a blade with a sharpened edge that is generally orthogonal to the handle axis, rather than generally in line with the handle axis. Accordingly, in use the device is moved in a direction orthogonal to the handle rather than generally parallel to the handle.09-23-2010
20120233862SHRINK WRAP REMOVAL TOOL - A tool for removing shrink wrap from a product may include a first abrasive surface, a second abrasive surface, and a pressing surface, where the first and second abrasive surfaces are movable with respect to one another between an engaged position and a disengaged position, and where in the engaged position, the pressing surface presses the product into engagement with the first abrasive surface and the second abrasive surface. The first abrasive surface and the second abrasive surface may be located on a first arm and a second arm respectively. The first abrasive surface may be stationary relative to the first arm and the second abrasive surface may be stationary with respect to the second arm. The pressing surface may include a pressing element which is rotatable around an axis.09-20-2012
20110283544ICE CHOPPER - An ice chopper has an elongated handle terminating in a non-linear chopping element with a lower edge. The chopping element could be two L-shaped wings forming an angle of 45-150 degrees or could be arcuate.11-24-2011
20100186239TIP HOLDER FOR MANUAL CUTTER, AND MANUAL CUTTER HAVING THE TIP HOLDER - Provided is a manual cutter comprising a holder fitting unit (07-29-2010

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