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029900010 BURNISHING 17
029760100 FILING 3
20130091676LAWN MOWER BLADE SHARPENER AND METHOD OF USING SAME - A lawn mower blade sharpener and a method of sharpening a lawn mower blade attached to a lawn mower. The lawn mower blade sharpener includes a body having an opening that is disposed within the body along the length of the body, and a file within the opening, wherein the file includes a first file having an arcuate surface and a second file having a flat surface.04-18-2013
20130152352Method for Coding a Lock and a Blank for Same - A method for coding a key and a female lock part for a lock in a lock system, whereby a blank is separated into two parts by a separating cut that is guided perpendicular to the longitudinal axis and in the direction of the longitudinal axis of the blank. The cut forms a coding contour. The two parts are then post-processed to form the key and the female lock part or serve as coding disks that are affixed to a key and a female lock part.06-20-2013
20130139367DEVICE FOR MODELING (SHAPING) SURFACE OF FRET, FRET BOARD, OR FINGERBOARD OF STRING INSTRUMENT - Provided is a tool for polishing the surface of frets, a fretboard or a fingerboard of a stringed instrument, so as to shape and adjust the frets, the fretboard or the fingerboard to have a curve appropriate for the stringed instrument having a curve.06-06-2013
20100043193MASS PRODUCTION TYPE POSSIBLE AUTOMATIC RHINESTONE ADHESION APPARATUS - Disclosed is a mass-productive automatic rhinestone attachment apparatus. More particularly, disclosed is a mass-productive automatic rhinestone attachment apparatus capable of performing mass-productive processes for the attachment of symmetrical or asymmetrical rhinestone using a predetermined pattern. The mass-productive automatic rhinestone attachment apparatus includes a rhinestone feeding device including a plurality of feeding modules constituting a plurality of sets, each feeding module being configured to retain rhinestone sorted based on the size and color thereof, a drive device to operate the rhinestone feeding device in a longitudinal direction thereof, so as to move the respective feeding modules to associated rhinestone attachment devices, a multihead-type rhinestone attachment device provided per each feeding module of the rhinestone feeding device and used to attach the same rhinestone fed from the feeding module to the same position of respective rhinestone attachment materials, a working table provided close to the bottom of the rhinestone attachment device and adapted to be moved in X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis directions so as to allow the rhinestone to be attached at correct coordinates depending on a desired design, and a controller to control operations of the rhinestone feeding device, drive device, rhinestone attachment device, and working table.02-25-2010
20130055540AUTOCALIBRATION - A method for calibrating a miffing, cutting or grinding tool of a spectacle lens frame machining unit, for which a) in a first machining step, prior to shaping an edge or surface shape RF by the milling, cutting or grinding tool, the lens is measured by an optical measuring device, b) the shaping of an edge or surface shape RF is carried out by the milling, cutting or grinding tool, c) the generated edge or surface shape RF is measured by the optical measuring device, d) a deviation between the surface or edge shape RF so produced and the desired surface or edge shape target values is determined, and e) the tool is calibrated at least by adjusting the control variables. The invention further relates to a device for the initial working of edges, chamfers and/or grooves at the edges of lenses, wherein an optical measuring system for measuring surface or edge shapes RF and/or edges K of the lens prior to and/or after machining the lens is provided.03-07-2013
20080295312METAL INJECTION MOLDING OF SPINAL FIXATION SYSTEMS COMPONENTS - A method of making a component of a spinal fixation system. The method may comprise providing a mixture of a powder of at least one metal or metal alloy and a polymeric binder. A metal-injection-molding process may use the mixture to form a component for a spinal fixation system. The components may have varying flexibility across their cross-sections. Also, components are provided that are produced by this process, such as spinal fixation rods and plates.12-04-2008
20120167362GEMSTONE ALIGNMENT - An apparatus and method for aligning a gemstone such as diamond (07-05-2012
20100229360METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SETTING GEMSTONES - In accordance with one or more embodiments of the invention, a method and apparatus for setting gemstones. The apparatus includes a frame, an adjusting screw, and a substantially self-centering thimble. The method includes disposing at least a portion of a setting into a thimble cavity, disposing a gemstone into the prongs of the setting, disposing the thimble on a fixed jaw of a setting device, rotating the grip, and further actuating the forming tool towards the thimble to set the gemstone.09-16-2010
20080235925Gem setting having grooved channel walls and methods of setting gems - A gem setting for gemstones includes a channel with walls having grooves for holding a portion of a gem girdle, such that when a gem having a crown is set into the channel, the upper portion of the groove extends over the crown of the gem. The upper part of the channel above the groove can be permanently bent or rolled over the crown of the gem to secure the gem in the ring channel. A method of setting a gem in the channel includes inserting the gem girdle in the grooves, without permanently bending the channel walls, until the gem is positioned within the channel such that if the gem and ring together are placed in an upside down position, the gem will not fall out of the channel. Next, the upper part of each channel is permanently bent over the crown of the gem, to thereby secure the gem in the channel.10-02-2008
20080235924DECORATIVE SHEET METAL ORNAMENT - A three dimensional decorative spinner is formed of sheet metal by cutting from a flat metal sheet and, while the cut metal sheet remains flat and after it is coated by a powder coat covering layer which is baked, different color layer or layers of different patterns are silk screen printed onto the sheet on each side. The space between each strip and the next is sufficient that the printed covering layers on each side of the strip meet so as to also cover edges of the strips at the space with the covering layers on the each strip being separated from the covering layers on the next adjacent strip by the space between the strips. After the baking of the coating and printing of the colored layer or layers at least some of the strips are bent out of the flat plane of the metal sheet with the width of each strip at the area of bending of the strip being arranged such the bending occurs without cracking the covering layers.10-02-2008
20080263841Method for Production of Expanded Material and Cutting Device for the Same - In the production of expanded material from a sheet material strip (10-30-2008
20130180090METHOD OF MANUFACTURING A METAL FRAMING MEMBER - A framing member incorporates a series of web slots along a portion of the member that are expanded through the process of manufacture. The expansion of the web slots creates voids and metal web elements in the webbed portion of the member, which can be a stud. The voids created during the expansion process can become the voids for running wiring, plumbing and heating ducts. The web elements can be designed to minimize thermal transmission from the exterior to the interior of a wall including the member, as well as provide adequate structure properties required from the structural member. The expanded slots allow the part to enlarge without increasing the amount of raw material and therefore substantially reducing the cost to manufacture.07-18-2013
20110173786Cutting analytical instrument tubing - An apparatus for cutting analytical instrument tubing includes a blade for cutting a tube and a clamp assembly configured to securely hold at least a portion of the tube. The clamp assembly is movable between a first position to hold the tube in a first cutting location relative to the blade and a second position to hold the tube in a second cutting position relative to the blade. A tube advancement mechanism is operably connected to the clamp assembly. A method for cutting an analytical instrument tube having a first cross section and a second cross section proximal to the first cross section includes positioning the tube in a first cutting position relative to a cutting edge of a blade, at least partially cutting the tube across the first cross section to form a first cut surface, advancing the tube to a second cutting position relative to the cutting edge of the blade, and cutting the tube across the second cross section of the tube to form a second cut surface, the second cut surface having fewer imperfections than the first cut surface.07-21-2011
20130055537METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR HELICAL CUTTING OF A TUBULAR FILM - A method of helically cutting a tubular film of thermoplastic material, in which a film in lay flat form, discharged from a reel, is brought to rotate around the middle axis of the film by means of rotating unwind devices, and while the rotating tube proceeds over the mandrel it is cut to non-tubular form by a knife, the position of which is fixed in relation to the surroundings, and the cut film is taken off from the mandrel, characterized in that the inflated film while being forwarded towards the mandrel or while it passes the upstream end of the mandrel, or both, is supported by driven support means placed around the outside of the tubular film, the movement of the support means being adapted to fit with the combined rotation and forwarding movement of the film.03-07-2013
20120210548LITHIUM SECONDARY BATTERY, METHOD FOR PRODUCING POWER COLLECTION FOIL FOR SAME, AND POWER COLLECTION FOIL FOR SAME - The present invention provides a method for producing a lithium secondary battery in which peeling of an active substance can be prevented and the generation of metal powder can be prevented when a power collection foil is processed at an electrode production step. The method for producing the lithium secondary battery includes an electrode-producing step of producing a positive electrode and a negative electrode; a step of forming a group of electrodes by layering the positive electrode and the negative electrode on each other through a separator, or winding the positive electrode and the negative electrode through a separator; and a step of immersing the group of the electrodes in an electrolyte. The electrode-producing step has a boring step of forming a plurality of through-holes penetrating a power collection foil and having projected parts projected from at least a rear surface of the power collection foil and a mixed agent-forming step of forming a mixed agent layer on the power collection foil through which the through-holes have been formed. After the boring step finishes, the mixed agent-forming step is successively performed without winding the power collection foil through which the through-holes have been formed.08-23-2012
20100257711MACHINE TOOL AND METHODS FOR POINTING WIRE - A machine tool for pointing a plurality of wires is provided. The machine tool comprises a magazine, a base frame, a slide guide, a fixture, a grinder, and a numerical control system. The magazine is operable for holding the plurality of wires, to extend a wire end from the magazine and to allow relative freedom of rotation of the wires along their longitudinal axis. The slide guide is coupled to the base frame and extends from a loading station to a grinding station. The fixture has clamping sections operable to pivot toward each other to engage the wires therebetween. The numerical control system is operable to control the fixture and the grinder. The fixture is operable to translate along the slide guide to engage the wire end with the grinder. The fixture and the grinder cooperate to grind a desired number of facets into the wire end.10-14-2010
20100257712PROCESSING MODULE POSITIONING SYSTEM FOR WINDOW BLIND SLATS - A processing module positioning system for window blind slats utilizes a position adjustment assembly to move plural processing modules to predetermined positions. The position adjustment assembly includes a servo motor employed to drive a connecting strap. A position control frame is fixed on the connecting strap, so that when the connecting strap is driven to move, the position control frame will be moved by the connecting strap to drive the processing modules connected on the position control frame to move. The position control frame can be connected to and disconnected from the processing modules.10-14-2010
20090158568Installation tool for helical coil inserts - An installation tool includes two or more helical coil inserts having different outer diameters and each having a central extension, two or more driving shanks each having a compartment formed by a peripheral wall and each having one or more notches for engaging with the central extension of either helical coil insert and for installing the helical coil inserts into a hole of a work piece, and a handle or a driving mandrel may be used for rotating the driving shanks to install either of the helical coil inserts into the hole of the work piece. Two or more guiding members may be changeably attached to an outer sleeve for engaging with the driving shanks or the helical coil inserts.06-25-2009
20090158569INSTALLATION TOOL AND CORRECTION TOOL FOR HELICAL COIL INSERT - An installation tool is used when a helical coil insert having a diamond-shaped cross section is inserted into an internally threaded part. The installation tool (06-25-2009
20090293248TANGED INSERT INSERTION TOOL - A tanged insert insertion tool is able to be used with both manually driven systems and automatically driven systems while having a simple structure. This tanged insert insertion tool is comparatively low in cost and is able to reliably prevent pitch jump from occurring. A tanged insert insertion tool 12-03-2009
20100325857Retractable Prewinder Assembly With Infinite Adjustability For Installation Of Helically Coiled Wire Inserts - A prewinder apparatus attachable to a drive tool to install a helical coil insert includes a body connected to the drive tool. An adapter rotates and is releasably connected to the body at operator selected positions. A prewinder portion displaces in/out of the body. The prewinder portion translates into the body until a fastener engaged with the prewinder portion contacts a stop member defining a predetermined helical coil insert insertion depth. A mandrel axially extends from the prewinder portion when the prewinder portion moves into the body to rotatably insert the helical coil insert. A clutch engages/disengages the mandrel from a drive member. A second clutch or a stall device stalls the drive tool after coil insertion.12-30-2010
20120324689INSTALLATION TOOL FOR HELICAL THREADED INSERT - An installation tool for helical threaded insert includes a driving section, a series of driving shafts and a series of head tubes. When a user wants to rebuild a broken screw hole, the user can choose one driving shaft and head tube with suitable size for rebuilding the broken screw hole. Furthermore, a threaded hole of the head tube can adjust the size of the helical threaded insert for matching the broken screw hole so that the user can rebuild the screw hole easily.12-27-2012
20120272491INSERTION TOOL FOR TANGLESS SPIRAL COIL INSERT - To provide an insertion tool for a tangless spiral coil insert that is simple in structure and is also easy to manufacture and assemble, as compared with a conventional tool, accordingly that allows reduction in manufacturing cost, and besides that is excellent in operability.11-01-2012
20090113682Apparatus for fastening together materials, fabrics, cloths or articles of clothing - An apparatus used as a fastener of temporary and/or permanent button replacement. The use of the fastener is to be utilized but not limited to securing fabrics, cloth, material or articles of clothing together by means of the fastener. By sticking the pin/post portion of the apparatus through the fabric, cloth, material or clothing and securing the pin/post with the clasp on the other side of the fabric, cloth, material or article of clothing, allowing the fastener to hold itself in place on the fabric, cloth material or article of clothing. The user can use the fastener as a temporary and/or permanent button solution with or without buttonholes.05-07-2009
20090094815MACHINE TOOL APPARATUS - To provide a machine tool of which the operation rate ca be increased by reducing time for suspending an operation for machining an object to be machined during the object-machining operation using the machine tool. [MEANS FOR SOLVING THE PROBLEMS] A jigger comprises at least a first jig (04-16-2009
20090188092Jewelry Mandrel and Method of Using the Same - A jewelry mandrel having a tapered shaft with an axial groove in the surface of the shaft. The axial groove is capable of accepting one end of a metal wire at a pre-selected location and the depth and width of the groove are sized, such that the metal wire is not generally displaced axially from the pre-selected location as the wire is wound around the perimeter of a cross-section of the shaft.07-30-2009

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