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027002000 COFFINS 59
027001000 MISCELLANEOUS 52
20080256767Portable Shippable Morgue System - The present invention provides a portable shippable morgue system. The system may comprise (1) bottom, top and corner rails, and (2) corner fittings. Corner rails extend between bottom and top rails and connect them together to form a square and/or rectangular shaped frame. Bottom rails may include forklift engagement areas. Corner fittings are located at the connection point of the vertical corner rails and top rails. A top is positioned between the top rails and a bottom is positioned between the bottom rails. Vertically opposed end walls may be positioned between the top and bottom rails. The invention provides first and second spaced apart opposed vertical platforms, each in abutting engagement or engageable with a top rail and a bottom rail. The invention further provides a remains storage unit.10-23-2008
20100293768BROKEN HEART SHAPED VAULT - A vault having a rectangular cover, and a rectangular enclosure assembly having a rectangular bottom and a vertical side wall attached to the bottom essentially around the periphery thereof, a curved support base adapted to hold a heart shaped coffin, and four curved support members attached to the bottom and being adapted to support the curved support base vertically above the bottom.11-25-2010
20110107568CASKET VAULT - A casket vault comprises a base adapted to receive therein a casket containing remains of a deceased and a lid closable on the base. It can include a pair of wheels mounted to the base facilitating transport of the casket vault, a pair of handles formed in either or both of the base and lid facilitating transport of the casket vault, at least a pair of slots formed in an outward side of a bottom wall of the base adapted to receive and position lowering straps for lowering the casket vault into a grave and for facilitating removal of the straps from the casket vault after the casket vault has been completely lowered into the grave, a memorial record tube assembly disposed in the lid for containing a record of identification of a deceased in the casket vault, a pair of gaskets disposed between flanges of the base and lid, one gasket being a peripherally inner gasket and the other gasket being a peripherally outer gasket, fasteners positioned between the peripherally inner and outer gaskets securing the lid on the base, an extension extending peripherally outwardly from one or more of the bottom wall, one (or both) of the side walls, and one (or both) of the end walls to anchor the casket vault in a grave, and/or a cable ledge extending across each end wall and adapted to receive a length of cable positioned thereunder such that the cable can be used to raise the casket vault.05-12-2011
20120096693VAULT AND VAULT/CASKET DISPLAY - In one aspect, a vault comprises a vault base, a vault lid on the base, the lid including structure on an upper surface thereof for receiving memorialization panels, and at least one memorialization panel received by the receiving structure on the lid. In another aspect, a vault and casket display comprises a vault base, a pair of supports spanning the vault base, and a casket supported on the pair of supports.04-26-2012
20120042489Cinerary casket arrangement system - A cinerary casket arrangement system providing solid, light, and compact construction and attractive appearance to allow easy packaging, transportation, installation, and use is comprised of base, sideboard, top, lateral shelf, vertical partitioning board, lateral partitioning board, and door panel; sideboard being fixed to the top and the base; multiple sub-racks being formed by having vertical partitioning board abutted to lateral partitioning board by means of insertion slot disposed on each partitioning board; the bottom edge and the top edge of each partitioning board being respectively fixed to the base, the lateral shelf or the top.02-23-2012
20090007402TRANSPORTABLE CONTAMINATED REMAINS POUCH - A gas-tight, liquid-impervious, transportable contaminated remains pouch designed and configured for storage and/or movement of remains or other items such as evidence in forensic applications that have been or are suspected to have been contaminated.01-08-2009
20100263178LIGHTWEIGHT ABSORBENT BODY BAG - The present disclosure is a lightweight, absorbent body bag. The body bag is portable and disposable. The body bag has a backing substrate, an absorbent body, a cover with a recloseable flap that can be opened and closed to permit a body to be placed within and removed from the body bag, and gripping devices along the edges to permit easy transportation. A thermal seal may be applied continuously along a perimeter of the body bag to create a water-resistant body compartment. The present disclosure also includes a method for using the body bag and a body bag kit.10-21-2010
20110162178BODY BAG FOR WATER RETRIEVAL - A body bag for water retrieval of human remains is provided. The body bag is lightweight and disposable. The body bag is made of a material having a hole ratio per unit weight of material in a particular range that permits rapid water drainage yet provides sufficient strength and integrity to the body bag, and reduces cross-contamination. The body bag can have a skid pad on an exterior surface as an aid to lifting the body bag out of the water and over the gunwale or sides of a recovery vehicle. The body bag also can have large handles for ease of gripping and to attach buoyancy devices. The body bag further can have a snag line around its periphery.07-07-2011
20130174392Body Bag Having Absorbent Lining and Improved Peripheral Seal - A body bag (07-11-2013
20130086780MEMORIAL CARRIER - An apparatus including a mounting platform, wherein the mounting platform includes a substantially planar mounting surface; a clamping mechanism on the mounting surface; a memorial item retained by the clamping mechanism; and an arrangement of handles on a side of the mounting platform, wherein the side is substantially normal to the plane of the mounting surface.04-11-2013
20100212125COFFIN CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY - A Coffin Carriage assembly 08-26-2010
20110173785Urn vault transporting device - A device for transporting an urn vault is provided comprising a pair of spaced, parallel A-shaped frames, each having a pair of frame members pivotally joined at their upper end. The apex of each frame is joined to the apex of the other frame by an upper connecting member, and the lower ends of each frame member are connected to the lower end of one of the frame members of the other frame by a lower connecting member. A notch engaging member is located on the lower end of each frame member to engage and be received in notches defined in the edges of opposed vertical surfaces of the urn vault. A tension spring is connected between the frame member of each frame intermediate their upper and lower ends to draw the lower ends of each frame member together.07-21-2011
20090260204Apparatus for Lowering a Cinerary Urn - An apparatus for lowering an urn comprises a frame, a substantially horizontal platform for supporting the urn, and a lowering mechanism mounted to the frame that is releasably connected to the platform The lowering mechanism automatically releases the platform when the platform is in the bottom position. To releasably connect the lowering mechanism to the frame, four hangers may be used to releasably connect the platform to respective suspension straps. Each hanger may comprise a square body for insertion through a corresponding square hole in the platform. Each hanger may have a pivoting arm that pivots into a substantially horizontal posture to support the platform from underneath, the pivoting arm of the hanger comprising a counterweight to cause the pivoting arm to return to a substantially vertical posture when legs underneath the platform reach the bottom position.10-22-2009
20120084953UNIVERSAL CASKET AND VAULT LIFTING AND LOWERING DEVICE - A universal casket and vault lifting and lowering device comprises four corner posts, a pair of end tubes, one of which is connected between two of the corner posts at each end of the device, a pair of side tubes, one of which is connected between two of the corner posts at each side of the device, a pair of straps, each having opposite ends rotatably fixed to a respective one of the side tubes, a power transmission assembly for rotating the pair of side tubes in a first direction to wind the straps around the side tubes to take up slack in the straps and for rotating the pair of side tubes in a second direction to unwind the straps and create slack in the straps, and a gear mounted to one of the side tubes which, when rotated, rotates both of the side tubes in the first direction and bypasses a portion of the power transmission assembly.04-12-2012

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