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Miscellaneous hardware (e.g., bushing, carpet fastener, caster, door closer, panel hanger, attachable or adjunct handle, hinge, window sash balance, etc.)

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016221000 HINGE 863
016018000 CASTERS 131
016082000 CLOSURE CHECKS 87
016200100 BUSHING 82
016071000 CLOSERS 21
016193000 SASH BALANCES 18
20090165253Temporary device for spacing an opening element with respect to a fixed element - The invention relates to a temporary device (07-02-2009
20100242228Transistion escutcheon and method of use - A pair of transition escutcheons are provided to unobtrusively cover old mounting holes and provide a method of actually locating the placement of new mounting hole for cabinetry hardware. Each transition escutcheon is comprised of a generally flat body, having a projection extending from a bottom, a platform separated from a border by an annular indention, and a hole passing through the escutcheon located a set distance from the projection. The escutcheons are inserted into the old mounting holes and rotated until the holes are horizontally agreed. New mounting holes are drilled or locations further marked through the holes in the escutcheons. Once the new holes are drilled, the new hardware is mounted on the escutcheons with the and covering the old mounting holes.09-30-2010
20110061203Eye a door - A rectangular partial door cover, specifically design to cover the doorknob, surface locks, deadbolt locks, and chain locks of an entrance door to an apartment or house. The base of the rectangular device is attached to the entrance door with a set of screws. The device have four sides, and a sliding door with a knob. The door slides open when the knob is pulled back, and it closes when the knob is pushed forward.03-17-2011
20090000063Guard for vehicle door handles and keyholes - An apparatus for protecting a vehicle door handle, a keyhole and an area immediately surrounding such door handle. The apparatus comprises a guard member having each of a predetermined shape, a predetermined thickness and a predetermined color and formed of a predetermined material. The guard member is for engagement with one of such predetermined area around such door handle of such vehicle and such keyhole. An adhesive is disposed on an underside of the guard member for affixing the guard member to one of such predetermined area around such door handle of such vehicle and to such keyhole. A backing member is engageable with the adhesive disposed on the guard member for preventing the adhesive from sticking to other objects until ready for use.01-01-2009
20110225770Escutcheon Configuration for a Door - An escutcheon assembly for a door having two escutcheon members which may be applied to opposite sides of the door and can be attached to each other by at least one attachment system. The attachment system includes at least one first attachment member and at least one second attachment member, wherein the at least one first attachment member is located on the back of one of the escutcheon members and the at least one second attachment member is located on the back of the other escutcheon member, and wherein the at least one first attachment member can be firmly attached to the at least one second attachment member. The at least one second attachment member features an accommodating element into which the at least one first attachment member can be inserted. The accommodating element is reversibly deformable such that through the insertion of the at least one first attachment member, the at least one first attachment member can be firmly anchored in the accommodation element.09-22-2011
20120192382COUNTERBALANCE MECHANISM - A counterbalance mechanism including: a housing having a first aligned pair of through holes and a second aligned pair of through holes; a pivot nose having a third aligned pair of through holes, a fourth aligned pair of through holes and an aligned pair of arcuate slots; an energy storage device having first and second spring mounts and at least one spring, the first spring mount having at least one first flange and a pivot flange having a fifth through hole, the second spring mount having at least one second flange and a sixth through hole and the at least one spring includes first and second ends, the first end is secured to the at least one first flange and the second end is secured to the at least one second flange; a first pivot pin disposed in the first aligned pair of through holes and the third aligned pair of through holes; a stop member disposed in the second aligned pair of through holes and the aligned pair of arcuate slots; a second pivot pin disposed in the fourth aligned pair of through holes and the fifth through hole; a force magnitude adjuster arranged to control a force of the at least one spring; and, a force angle adjuster arranged to control a force direction of the at least one spring.08-02-2012
20100319164COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY - There is provided a mechanical arm assembly comprising: an arm rotatable about a pivot, a first force generating device for maintaining the arm at a datum, a second force generating device for compensating for the first generating device to maintain the arm in positions other than the datum.12-23-2010
20130061428COUNTERWEIGHT DEVICES AND SYSTEMS FOR PAINTBRUSHES AND OTHER HAND TOOLS - Counterweight devices and systems for a hand tool, such as a paintbrush, having a forward working end and a handle extending rearwardly along a longitudinal axis, having a distal end, with the hand tool having a center of gravity located on the axis forward of the midpoint between the working and distal ends, are disclosed. A counterweight device includes a counterweight body configured to be mounted to a portion of the handle, and one or more counterweights supported on the counterweight body. The counterweight device is thereby adapted to shift the center of gravity of the hand tool rearward along the axis of the handle to a predetermined extent when the counterweight body is mounted to the handle. A counterweight system includes a set of interchangeable counter counterweights each having a different weight and each configured to be removably attached either to the counterweight body or to a counterweight attached thereto.03-14-2013
20100263167Counter-balance apparatus and method for providing a stabilizing force - A counter-balance apparatus and method, including configurable weights, suspensions, and supports, upon which an external force can be exerted, and as a result, will react as a counter-balance to said external force as a means to provide force resistance and stability; wherein the construct may be encapsulated, varied in materials, size, and substance, enabling said counter-balance with a predictable and known effect to be produced at scale, readily installed, moved, or manipulated, to address a plethora of stabilization applications, and which further comprises fastener(s) and/or band(s) to secure it to immobile, mobile, or in-motion objects, and computational and communications capabilities to dynamically adjust to external factors.10-21-2010
20080295284Grip apparatus and method - A grip apparatus and method for use with hand held instruments and includes a hollow tubular section. An extension with a first end and a second end is connected with the hollow tubular section at the first end but not at the second end.12-04-2008
20080282501Annular Disc of Bent Sheet Material - The invention relates to an annular disc of bent sheet material (11-20-2008
20100064473Attachment Bolt And Tensioned Support System Using Same - Attachment bolts and tensioned support systems (e.g., aircraft access systems) are set forth herein. According to one embodiment, an attachment bolt for use in a tensioned support system includes a head portion and a shaft portion extending from the head portion. The head portion has an end face, and the shaft portion has at least one thread and a tip distal to the head portion. A cavity extends entirely through the head and shaft portions and has a linearly extruded segment, an extended diameter at the end face, and an enlarged diameter at the tip. The extended diameter is larger than a diameter of the linearly extruded segment, and the enlarged diameter is larger than the diameter of the linearly extruded segment.03-18-2010
20080222843Two-Part Protector for a Pipe End Which is Provided with an External or Internal Thread - A two-part protector for a pipe end provided with an external thread or internal thread has a substantially cylindrical thread part of plastic material that covers the thread of the pipe end and further has a sleeve of metal that is also substantially cylindrical and supports the threaded part rearwardly. The threaded part and the sleeve engage one another lockingly by locking projections and locking cutouts. The sleeve, with a terminal edge that is leading when realizing the locking action, is pressed at least near the locking recesses tightly against the threaded part.09-18-2008
016860100 GATE HANGERS 3
20130097807GUIDE ASSEMBLY - A guide assembly for a folding panel assembly or system, the guide assembly including a first body section for locating the assembly in a guide channel and a second body section for carrying a bolt that passes through a hinge for attachment to a folding panel, wherein the second body section is pivotally mounted to the first body section so as to adopt either a left or right handed orientation relative to the first body section.04-25-2013
20090265886SLIDING ASSEMBLY FOR TRANSVERSAL SLIDING DOOR - A sliding assembly for a transversal sliding door comprises a positioning unit and a sliding device. One end of the positioning unit serves to assemble with a doorplate; and another end thereof serves to assemble with the sliding device. The sliding device includes a retaining portion and a rolling portion. The rolling portion includes a first combining portion, a second combining portion, a wheel shaft and a contact unit. The first combining portion and the second combining portion serve to clamp the wheel shaft and the contact unit. The contact unit is positioned at an outer side of the wheel shaft; and the wheel shaft is pivoted to the retaining seat. Thereby when the doorplate is pushed, the contact unit will suffer from a force so that the rolling portion will pivotally rotate with respect to the retaining portion so that the doorplate can move transversally.10-29-2009
20080222842GATE STABILIZER - The present invention relates to a gate stabilizer for reducing sag-inducing stress on a gate comprising a support member and a stabilizer assembly, said stabilizer assembly including a rotating member having a first end portion adapted to engage said support member and a fixed member. The present invention further relates to a fence system incorporating said gate stabilizer.09-18-2008
016210000 SASH-CORD GUIDES 1
20090188076Block for Window Block and Tackle Sash Balance - A block shaped to fit onto an end of a block and tackle window balance containment tube which controls excessive airflow into and out of the jamb channel of the window frame to assist with the insulating function of the window frame and to substantially prohibit the accumulation of dirt and dust within the balance containment tube. The block is secured to the end of the balance containment tube by a rigid or semi-rigid retainer. The block itself may consist of either a pliable or rigid material.07-30-2009
20110296651DOOR WITH GLASS INSERT AND METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING THE SAME - A door comprising first and second door skins secured to each other to form a cavity therebetween filled with expended foam. Each of the door skins has an opening therethrough for receiving a glass insert and a flange portion. Distal ends of the flange portions of the first and second door skins engage each other in an overlapping relationship by the expansion pressure of the expanded foam. The door further comprises a glazing rim member having a leg portion snap-locked between the flange portions of the first and second door skins. The method for assembling the door comprises the steps of filling the cavity between the door skins with foam material, then inserting the glass insert through the openings in the door skins and mounting the glazing rim member to the first door skin by snap-locking between the flange portions of the first and second door skins.12-08-2011
20120073081RUG HOLD DOWN CORNER - A rug hold down corner has a planar plate connecting to a base beneath. The plate and base have triangular forms, preferably a right triangle and alternatively an isosceles right triangle. The triangular forms include two edges intersecting at a common point and a hypotenuse opposite the common point. The plate connects to the base using mechanical fasteners preferably upon the edges and alternatively upon the interior of the plate and the base. The plate may have various geometric patterns formed therein while the base generally remains solid and includes at least one felt pad, generally opposite the plate. The felt pad contacts a floor surface or other carpet beneath the rug. In a further alternate embodiment, the edges of the plate extend outwardly and downwardly so the edges extend over and down the periphery of a rug's corner.03-29-2012

Patent applications in class Miscellaneous hardware (e.g., bushing, carpet fastener, caster, door closer, panel hanger, attachable or adjunct handle, hinge, window sash balance, etc.)

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