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Brushing, scrubbing, and general cleaning

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015003000 MACHINES 1868
015104001 IMPLEMENTS 1537
015246000 ATTACHMENTS 532
015257010 ACCESSORIES 65
20080271270PROBE CLEANING TUBE - A probe cleaning tube cleans a probe in a cleaning tub of an endoscope reprocessor having a water supply nozzle for supplying liquid for reprocessing, and is made of at least a soft resin tube. An aperture is made in a side of the soft resin tube, and has a diameter larger than an outer diameter of the probe. A removable water supply nozzle attachment is provided at one end of the soft resin tube for coupling to the water supply nozzle. A drain unit has a drain port at another end of the soft resin tube to stop passage of the probe.11-06-2008
20090241274METHOD OF REMOVING PARTICLES ON PHOTOMASK - Provided is a method of removing particles on a photomask. The method includes fabricating a photomask formed with a thin film pattern over a transparent substrate; identifying positions of particles on the photomask by inspecting the photomask; and removing the particles using a nanotweezer.10-01-2009
20080229526System for cleaning a wafer - A system for cleaning a wafer. At least one first chuck roller is connected to a first roller base and includes a first annular groove. A second roller base opposes the first roller base. At least one second chuck roller is connected to the second roller base and includes a second annular groove. A sensing chuck roller is connected to the second roller base and includes a third annular groove corresponding to the first and second annular grooves. A cleaning member covers the third annular groove. A circumferential edge of the wafer is positioned in the first and second annular grooves and abuts the cleaning member. The first and second chuck rollers rotate the wafer, enabling the circumferential edge thereof to rub against the cleaning member.09-25-2008
20090133203CAPTURE AND REMOVAL CLEANING SYSTEM - Example embodiments of the invention include a cleaning system having both daily cleaning tasks and periodic cleaning tasks for cleaning and dusting a room. By utilizing less inventory and more biocompatible, “bio-safe” products than traditional systems, embodiments of the cleaning system requires less tools yet, allows its users to combine cleaning processes in a time-saving feature. The invention further includes the use of an inventive cleaning brush apparatus for which allows dirt and dust to be swept into gaps between rows of bristles, which are attached to a handle via metal rails. Accordingly, dust is concurrently collected into a row of suction holes without requiring separate steps to sweep and collect the dust. As such, the spacing of the inner and outer bristles allows for dust to be trapped in the gaps rather than permanently dispersing into the breathing air.05-28-2009
015268000 WORK SUPPORTS 2
20130160229Worktable Apparatus - Disclosed is worktable apparatus on which cleaning can be executed. The worktable apparatus includes a worktable, a washing unit and a supporting unit. The worktable includes a horizontal board supported on posts. The washing unit includes a sink and a valve. The sink includes an opening defined in an upper portion and a drain defined in a lower portion. The valve is connected to the sink so that the drain is in communication with and under control of the valve. The supporting unit includes two rails, a tray and casters. The rails are connected to the worktable under the sink. The tray is placed between the rails. The casters are divided into two groups each connected to a respective one of two lateral edges of the tray and movably supported on a respective one of the rails.06-27-2013
20130007978Boot and Bicycle Tire Bath - A boot and bicycle tire bath and method of using the same for facilitating the removal of undesirable material, such as from rubber or synthetic material, including cleaning snow and ice with grit from the soles of footwear and/or the tires of bicycles. Footwear may be dipped in a fluid in the bath, removing grit and other material, and thereafter left to dry on optional heel and/or toe holds. A bicycle tire, optionally supported by spaced apart rollers, may likewise be rotated through the fluid for cleaning01-10-2013

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