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014073000 DECK 22
014200400 TRANSPORTABLE 14
014018000 SUSPENSION 10
014075000 PIER 6
014003000 TRUSS 5
20100299851ENCLOSED BRIDGE - Enclosed bridge, which comprises at least one outer tube (12-02-2010
20100043153Bridge structure - A bridge supports any desired loading capacity to cross rivers, ravines, highways, wetlands, and other areas where traffic or pedestrians conveniently access the opposite side. The structure is assembled in a number of ways at the bridge site, using smaller equipment and less time than is normally required. The prefabricated and trial fitted elements can be assembled at ground level and the structure can be launched on rollers across the area that is to be crossed, or can be assembled sequentially from one or both sides. The structure includes two or more box trusses supporting the bridge deck which is integrated into the structure. The upper portion of the trusses form the side barriers of the bridge and the deck with integrated cross members is fastened to the lower portion of the trusses, both of which are sized to accommodate the load bearing capacity of the traffic using the structure.02-25-2010
20100017975Reinforced Mine Ventilation Device - A mine ventilation and bridge structure incorporating a bridge feature enabling a mine vehicle to cross over the structure. The structure comprises a pair of generally parallel and spaced-apart side walls defining opposing side walls and a plurality of elongate deck panels extending between the side walls. At least one deck panel of the plurality of deck panels is a reinforced bridge deck panel constructed to support the weight of a vehicle crossing over the mine ventilation and bridge structure.01-28-2010
20110047722Hoop Truss Bridge - A tubular truss bridge structure comprising a plurality of interconnected angularly interrelated hoop shaped cross members having a common longitudinal central axis and forming alternately inverted triangular spaces along the length of the tubular truss and having a plurality of spaced apart longitudinal stringer members that interconnect the hoop shaped cross members.03-03-2011
20090183321Flared leg precast concrete bridge system - A concrete building system includes a set of parallel spaced apart strip footers and one or more precast concrete sections supported by the footers in a predetermined alignment. Each precast concrete section has a top slab integrally connected to a pair of equally flared legs. Each leg depends from an end of the top slab at an effective flare angle to form a corner. The precast section includes haunch sections formed between the top slab and each leg resulting in a corner thickness greater than the uniform thickness of the angled leg to which it is integrally formed and the top member. The length of the effective span of each section varies between 60 and 90 percent of the distance between the bottom-of-leg span. The sections can be used to construct bridges, culverts, underground storage units, fluid detention units and dam structures.07-23-2009
014740500 GIRDER 4
20110191967RIGID CONNECTION STRUCTURE OF BRIDGE PIER AND CONCRETE GIRDER - The present invention provides a rigid connection structure of a bridge pier and a concrete girder capable of drastically reducing bridging cost and reducing total quantity of steel material to be used compared to a rigid-frame bridge using steel girders and capable of flexibly forming concrete girders into a shape corresponding to a bridging site without shape restriction for steel girders. In the rigid connection structure of a bridge pier 08-11-2011
20080209646Self-Supporting Precast Slab - Light, self-supporting precast slab that can be quickly assembled on prefabricated girders of the type used in the construction of viaducts, bridges and similar constructions, characterized by projections located in the bottom part to increase the effective edge, thereby giving the bridge larger spans and enabling the installation inside the girder of conduits or pipes with large diameters, enabling it to be handled and transported by road in compliance with current legislation regulating the transporting of large loads.09-04-2008
20090282625Method and Apparatus for Bridge Construction - The present invention is directed to an apparatus for use in constructing a bridge comprised of a superstructure and a substructure that supports the superstructure and is comprised of foundations and piers. In one embodiment, the apparatus is comprised of a truss structure, a trolley that is supported by the truss structure and used to move materials used to build the bridge along at least a portion of the truss, a support structure for supporting the truss structure, and rotatable lead that can receive a substructure related element from the trolley and be used to rotate the element to a desired position to further the construction of the bridge.11-19-2009
20130205518Upper Structure for Bridge - An upper structure for a bridge includes a coping placed on the top end of a pier, and a girder held by the coping, wherein a side surface of the coping and an end surface of the girder are configured as inclined surfaces (or vertical surfaces), wherein a shear key protrudes on one of the inclined surfaces (or vertical surfaces), and a shear key slot is formed in another one of the inclined surfaces (or vertical surfaces) so as to be engaged with the shear key. The present disclosure can reduce the construction cost, can realize improved structural efficiency of the bridge upper structure, can realize an easy installation of the girders, can easily combine the girders with the coping without plastering or fixing with mortar by site work, and can efficiently resist to a shear stress that may be generated in the bridge.08-15-2013
014027000 FLOATING 2
20120137450Construction of a Walkway - A flexible, floating walkway (06-07-2012
20100281634BRIDGING SYSTEM - A modular bridging system comprising modules (11-11-2010
20110252583ANTI-EXPANSION JOINT BRIDGE CONSTRUCTED THROUGH DETAILED SURVEY FOR BRIDGE - Disclosed herein is an anti-expansion joint bridge which eliminates an expansion joint structure from an upper structure thereof, and includes a plurality of slidable steel plates to cover a space between girders or floor slabs expanding and contracting on piers and asphalt concrete pavement on the steel plates, so that expansion and contraction of the girders occurring on the piers is prevented from affecting the pavement, thereby ensuring smooth travel of vehicles thereon. The anti-expansion joint bridge includes a pair of expandable/contractible girders separated from each other while constituting an upper structure of the bridge, a plurality of sliding plates overlapping each other on the girders while covering a gap between the girders, and an ascon part covering the pair of girders together with the sliding plates.10-20-2011
20120060306DAMAGE RESISTANT BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION - A bridge assembly is made up of stackable components that are arranged together to span substantially any size and type of geological formation. At least some of the bridge components can accommodate variations in their positioning relative to one another so that the bridge can still function after limited damage or shifting, or so that it can be readily repaired or rebuilt after being partially toppled. The bridge components can be pre-formed out of concrete, and can typically be assembled using primarily unskilled labor.03-15-2012
20110131740ENERGY STORAGE BRIDGE - An energy storage bridge includes a plurality of bridge girders and a bridge deck. The bridge girders include multiple steel pipes for carrying loads and storing energy in a form of compressed air contained therein and a plurality of web plates. The bridge deck is disposed on top of the bridge girders and configured for loading live loads. The steel pipes are assembled in at least a row aligned vertically. Each web plate connects a row of the steel pipes at a center line separating the steel pipes into two halves. Alternatively, a steel pipe is connected by two webs at the two sides of the pipe. Each bridge girder forms an energy storage unit between two consecutive movement joints of the energy storage bridge. Every two consecutive storage units are joined by a high pressure flexible pipe to form a giant energy storage unit. Each energy storage unit is provided with inlet and outlet pipes to in-take compressed air from electric compressors driven by the grid power or by regenerated powers, and to release the compressed air to generate electricity. The bridge girders are disposed at a predetermined transverse spacing across the width of the bridge deck and configured for supporting the bridge deck as a roadway surface.06-09-2011
20130091640SUPPORT ELEMENT - Provided is a wood splitter having a support element, a first elongated element, a second elongated element, and wood splitting components. A support element may be a first elongated element and a second elongated element engaged to the first elongated element. The first elongated element may be subject to a first pre-stress load. The first pre-stress load may be a first moment. The second elongated element may be engaged to the first elongated element and may be subject to a second pre-stress load. Wood splitting components may be engaged with at least one of a first elongated element or a second elongated element, may be adapted to operate to split wood, and may be adapted to apply an operational load during operation to the first elongated element. The operational load may at least partially relax the first moment.04-18-2013
014002000 TRUSS AND ARCH 1
20100281632Tunable Load Sharing Arch Bridge - A method and apparatus for adjusting the live and dead load balance between the arches of an arch bridge and the truss girder that supports the bridge deck. The method is achieved by providing hanger rods disposed between the arches and the top chords of the truss girder whose compression may be adjusted. In which the arch truss counter act the compression in the top chord of the truss. This interaction adds to the strength and safety of both elements of the structure. With this interaction there are no critical members which can cause catastrophic failure of the bridge by failing. By combining two of these bridges side by side, and then connected with the lateral members, both at top and bottom chord of trusses, it is possible to carry vehicular, train, and pedestrian lanes separated and accommodated with safety; all without a critical member.11-11-2010
014024000 ARCH 1
20090126129Precast Arch-Shaped Overfilled Structure - An arch structure for use in forming an overfilled structure includes at least one footing and at least one precast concrete bridge element forming an open bottom arch structure that is supported on the at least one footing. The arch structure has an upper portion, that may be formed by a first half-ellipse shape, and a lower portion, that may be formed by part of a second half-ellipse shape. The upper portion and lower portion meet at an elevation along the rise of the arch structure, and such elevation defines the largest span of the arch structure. The arch structure includes lower ends that come back inward toward each other, such that the span at the bottom of the arch structure is less than the largest span.05-21-2009

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